Having problems with your Buick LeSabre ?


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U don't say what u are talking about or whom it is you are trying to communicate with, go to the original thread u posted and use that to contact whatever expert you were working with, u can find the post in your My Profile at the top right of any fixya screen.
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U don't say what u are talking about or whom it is you are trying to communicate with, go to the original thread u posted and use that to contact whatever expert you were working with, u can find the post in your My Profile at the top ri ... Buick LeSabre

1998 Ford Escort..removing C.V joints,,I had to remove the right side to get off the left side,using a screwdriver..when i hit the screwdriver the left side came off easy,,BUT the screwdriver fell out of the center of the tranny and the gear in the tranny fell down to the bottom of the tranny..Anybody know a easy way to get it back up,so i can put the C.V joint back in..Or do i have to take out the tranny now?

Most likely it'll have to be tore down and reassembled.sorry ... 1995 Ford Escort

Hi my v reg toyota hiace had problem with immobiliser normaly when i put the immobiliser key in to it takes two beeps and turn the key and car get start but now when i put the key in takes only one long beep and the light start flashing very fast but car does'nt start can ifix my self or how how mush it will cost me if i called some one qualified. thanks

... 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

I have a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4. I can not get it to go faster than 90 km/h but just getting it up to 60 km/h takes a long time, then even longer to get up to 90 km/h. It's revving a little higher than it normally does but not significantly higher. I tried putting it in 2nd to see if it would rev higher, it didn't but the check engine light went on. Any idea what the problem could be?

I would start by checking for a sticky brake. If one or more of the brakes are frozen, then your engine will have to work much harder to get up to speed. Raise the wheels one at a time off the ground and try to turn them. They should turn freely. ... 2001 Kia Sportage

2000 Nissan Altima. Starts easy but no power. Spark advance does not seem to advance when acclerator is pushed quickly? When acclerator is pushed slowly, the spark advances ok. I can get this vehicle to 60 mph but takes a long time to get there. Very hard to get up any incline on the road.Fuel and exhaust are ok.


Takes along time for the engine temp to build up in the winter gets -50 but at -10 still takes for ever. already replaced thermostate and put cardboard in front of the rad

Need a new thermosta or you are low on coolant ... 2007 Ford Freestar Limited Minivan

The car is getting any power when put into drive, it takes long to get power to move faster, i can also hear a loud noise when its in drive but when its in park the noise dissappears!


Idles great but if you try to give it gas to fast it will bog down but if you take nice and easy you can put it in gear and get up to 80mph but it has no pickup power and evently it will bog out. Let it coast for 5 seconds and you can take right back off engine never dies

Air filter , fuel filter, tune up. give me some more info and I can help. ... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

Starter engagement i'v been having a problem w/starters in my small block chevy 383 stroker. i put a ram flywheel-clutch-pressure plate assembly on this motor from the get go. i'v had nothing but trouble with starters ever since. i'v had the factory starter on---i'v had a gear reducer type starter on and i'v had a power master starter on. all of them just seem like they just want to catch the begining of the tooth on the ring gear and it dosen't take long to take the edge of the teeth off the ri

Yes it is. As for the starter issue the company/supplier of the crank and flywheel should be able to direct you to the proper starter to make up for that difference otherwise you will either keep having this issue or go back to the stock setup ... Chevrolet Lumina

I.have a 2003 Ford crown Vic police interceptor. Every time I turn the car on the temperature control panel gets real hot, like you can't put your finger there for a long time hot. The heat and AC work but it talked a long time for the AC to kick in. Please help before I take it to the dealership. I just had the intake manifold replaced, I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

The problem with the temp control panel is likely to be a bad earth causing high current draw. Most of these panels have lights ,which obviously need power, these can heat up to quite high temperatures. So, I would have a good look at the electrics b ... Cars & Trucks

My 2004 nissan quest is taking off in over drive. It takes a long time to get up to speed but if you stop the van and put it into park and turn off the engine then turn it back on some times it will then operate normally. However, some times when it acts up and you turn off the engine it has a hard time starting back up.

... 2004 Nissan Quest

My buick takes a long time to get up to speed after a stop lighht or getting on the interstate.could it be tranny filter?also my buddy dissconected the feul line to the fuel injectors and put it back on and now it really runs like @%[email protected] can I do?

... 1991 Buick Century

2004 Taurus I'm told this is what I have. Problem: car is running real crappy. starts ok, but put puts along, sometime is will go over 50 and sometimes is will be hard to get over 40. Take off is really slow until gear changes then builds up speed real slow. Noticed a hole being burned in the tube that extend's from the manifold on the rt hand side. My repair shop says they don't know what caused that and they don't know what the problem is. I patched the hole, which got big

Clogged gas filter or blocked exhaust converter,willcause it to barely get to 50mphThe tube sounds like the egr tube ,replace it,youcan't patch a rusted out steel tubeHow is it that repair shops by you are incompetant? ... Cars & Trucks

I am trying to put on seet covers for my 1999 plymouth voyager but they get stuck on the arm rests. Is there an easy way to take off the arm rests?

As i recall there should be a hole under the arm rest right were it connects to the seat should be 1 big bolt take it out and put back after you put on covers. you have to stick your finger in the hole to find the bolt ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 75 vw kommbi bus 1800cc I rebuilt the upper end of the motor new h/c heads new rings honed the bore all std . I put a new kit through the both the pdsit 34 carby's the kombi [is an auto ] befor the re build it got about 24mpg and could get up to 120ks . now it can still pull th120 but fuel consumption is now 15mpg as I hope to do some long distant travel I cant afford to run it I have balanced the carbies double checed timing and checked for vacuum leaks . the transmission has been che

Things to also check are the vacuum advance and centrifugal advance in the distributor. See that the vacuum unit is not leaking. Use a timing light and **** on the advance tube to see that it is funtioning(the timing wil change when sucking on the tu ... Volkswagen Camper

Hi! I've just installed my newly rebuilt 4 speed Toploader transmission into my 1966 Mustang. I had a mechanic take the tranny out, so I'm putting it back in. Here's my question: How do I adjust the linkage from the shifter to the transmission with shift rods. Is it as easy as placing them back on and sitting in the car with someone under the car to get the gear shifting correct?

... 1966 Ford Mustang

When my fuel runs low, approximately 1/4 tank, my car acts as if it's out of gas and dies. I originally thought broken gauge; obvious, right? However, when I filled it up; it didn't take a full tank. Sometimes I'm able to put in 12 gallons; while other times it 'runs out' after only 9 gallons. Either way, it's a 15 gallon tank. I used to be able to get 400 miles out of a fill-up, easy. Now, I find myself filling-up every 240; to avoid being stranded. I've checked for bulges in the tank,

Funny that you mention ' Dark Matter ' -- there is a possibility that you might have water contamination in the tank (?), you can try and get some gas additives that remove water from the fuel. also, there is the possibility that fuel pick up line ... 1999 Mercury Mystique

When engine is cold,when you give it gas to take off,it feels like it isn't getting fuel,you can put it to the floor and does not change,it's like the fuel pressure has to build up or something,a mile down the road and it does fine

Idle control sensor, or speed sensor ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2006 nissan sentra is missing badly and it takes too long to get started. Plugs have been replaced and a new starter has been put in

Good day, try to check the air filter, fuel pump and ignition coil. i hope this tips will help you. ... 2006 Nissan Sentra

Turbo repair/replacement I changed my Diverter Valves this weekend and found some oil in the chagerd air of the left DV, the right side was clean. I suspect the turbo might be leaking oil into the charged air system, Does anyone know how long does it take and how hard is it to get to the turbos of the Allroad. I have heard you have to remove/lower the whole engine. Thats a first for me, always had turbo cars where the turbo is very easy to remove.

Yes, you have to do this and yes it is a pin, would highly reccommend taking this to a ASE certified local mechanic who speciallizes in AUDI NOT a dealership ... 2001 Audi allroad

Long e le 6500 car alarmfrom e bay. the alarm simply won't work....easy install, no door locks etc...don't need engine disable......how can they market something like this....all fuses are good....put many alarms in..this takes the cake.......gosh what a piece of work....what the hell a I missing!

... Cars & Trucks

Hi I decided to change the spark plugs on my 2001 Kia Rio. First of all taking the boots of are no easy task, It's the first time i encounters these type of spark plug wires-the boot is about 6" long.- I struggled to get off just one. Now that it's off i tried replacing it just to see how it would go. Now the boot is about 1/8 of an inch higher than where it should be, it's not seating snugly on the head. Other that beating the **** out of this plug wire, is there something i'm missing? Is there

Its just the plug wire nothing else but i would only use kia plug wires after market ones are not made the same. just unplug them and plug the new ones in there is some grease you can put on the boot so next time they will not be so hard to take off ... 2001 Kia Rio

I have a 1981 ford bronco 351 with a holley carbureter ive had her for 10 yrs ever since i had motor pulled out at a ford work shop specialist for motor repairs 2 yrs ago & it came back as a black motor instead of color it was blue & since then hasnt got the power wen i put the gas on takes a long run for her to get up & go im thinking mabe my motor was swaped with another one how can i findout if that was done

Have a ford dealer run your vin number and see if the motor is the original. It should have a tag on the side somewhere. ... 1981 Ford Bronco

My 2005 malibu is taking a long time for me to get heat and it also seems that if I put it on max less heat comes out, could it be the thermostat or the coolant there is plenty of coolant in the reservoire so there defenetly is no leaks, also where is the thermostat located?

Follow the upper rad hose back to the motor there you will find the thermostat at the end onf the hose \015\012\015\012if you go t the deaLer they will usually show you the location and sell you the gasket and thermostat ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

My daughter's 2000 Dodge Neon's air conditioner wasn't cooling very sell so she took it in to have freon added. The shop drained all the freon out and then tried to add new freon but none will go into the system. The only way I could get it to take any was to relieve pressure from the high pressure side while putting freon in the low side. It?s like filling a jug with a hole in the bottom. The system builds pressure but will not cool. I checked the fusses . I don't believe the compressor is enga

... 2000 Dodge Neon
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