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Briggs and stratton intek v-twin 21 hp, running on one cylinder, replaced both spark plugs, replaced one coil on the side thats not firing. what is it??

\015 Performed a compression test on both cylinders (150psi on both cylinders) replaced both spark plugs, replaced coil on the one cylinder.\012checked all wiring. It starts, and sounds like the muffler is out of it.\012ran perfect before this all happened. what am i missing??\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Briggs and stratton intek v-twin 21 hp, running on one cylinder, replaced both spark plugs, replaced one coil on the side thats not firing. what is it??

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Replaced all electircal parts under the hood when engine turns over i only get one spark from coil then no more can try again a few minutes later same thing one spark and thats all, no fire to the plugs at all this is on a 1976 dodge truck 318 motor thank you

Pull the cap off your distributer, and then turn your motor over while someone watches the distributer. Chances are with this year of truck you will have a broken timing chain or gears. ... 1983 Dodge Pickup

2002 escape miss fire on cylinder one. took coil from cylinder 5 and put on cyliner one coil did not fire on cylinder one. took coil from cylinder one put on cylinder 5 and it did fire. 160 lbs of compression plug is wet with fuel. replaced spark plugs

Power not reaching cylinder 1 ignition coil. check electrical connections and wiring for any damage. test for power and ground at cylinder 1.\015\012hope this helps. ... 2003 Ford Escape

2006 Ford F150 5.4Liter 3 valve 70,000 miles. Started running rough and whistling noise during acceleration or engine lugging, Missing and no power at shift points, engine would pop, NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. AutoZone scan showed bank one rich cylinder # 2 and #3 miss fire. Changed plugs (Thats Another Stroy) seems to be worse. Replaced #2 and #3 coil no change.Whistling noise or air pump noise form paasenger side exhaust sounds like cylinder #3. I'm lost. NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. PVC valve?? Hea

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My 2003 Kia optima 2.4L DOHC engine broke the timing belt & balance shaft belt. It broke one valve cylinder 4, bent two intake valves cylinder two. I had just replaced both coil packs and wires and plugs.I pulled the head and had it reconditioned. My compression is about 165 to 170 psi per cylinder. I fire tested both plugs with clip on spark tester. On one and three getting white fire, logic probed injectors getting firing pulse on all four injectors. With plugs out I smell fuel. Logic probed

Yea run a power balance test. \015\012Basially what you do is pressurize the fuel system and note the pressure. you can use a momentary pulse switch and aligator leads, and get it connected to power and ground. fire the injector and note how mu ... Kia Optima

Vehicle cranks but does not start have replaced crank sensors have replaced cam sensor and PCM only two of my coils fire u can use one of the working coils to check for spark at other coils plugs and there is none...wen starting the vehicle it sounds like its out of time sometimes and others it spens over fine....i am getting fuel to cylinder jus not spark to all cylinders.....at times vehicle will start and run fine for about 1 minute then die after that it wont restart.....can u please help me

Sounds like u need two coils ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2004 kia rio. I am not getting fire from the coil pack on 2&4,1&3 spark very well and I have replaced the spark plugs and wires on all and tried a new coil pack but still had the same problem with it so I went ahead and put the old one back on and took the new one back for a refund. Please if anyone can give me any solutions to this problem I would appreciate it.

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I have a 1987 dodge power ram 150 that will not get fire past the coil wire. I have replaced the wires, plugs, cap, rotor, distributor (single plate coil with no vaccuum advance) and battery (optima). OH and the coil, twice now. Neither of the new ones work and the old one doesn't either. If I turn the key to on and hop up in the engine I can run a wire from the neg of the coil to the ground of the engine and get a spark. If I run the coil wire to the ground and have my wife crank it, I get no s

You may have a bad ignition switch ... 1987 Dodge D150

I have a 97 dakota have no spark from coil power to one side i donot have flashing power to the other side of plug i replaced pcm both crank and cam sensor coil i dont if the pcm is geting power

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Bought a 94 trans am lt1 last year that barely ran.replaced opti spark distributer,plugs and plug wires.car ran greaqt for about three mouths,then started cutting out at high rpm,s with occasional back fire untill one day a no start.ended up being a rusted coil wire.Car then would run good for a week or so then i would have to replace coil wire again.PROBLEM care now run real rough after warming up and runs real rich.blows carbon and condensation out tail pipe.cann anyone give me some insight on

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I just had a head gasket blow on one side of the vortex motor. After he put it back together he said he can't get it to fire on Number 1 cylinder. He didn't have his tester with him, but will bring it tomorrow. It is not the spark plug or wire. I have the type of injector that has to replace all at same time (I believe it's referred to as "spider" type). He told me he converted his van from what I have to the type where you replace only the bad injector. I have 2 questions. First one is

If you dont have spark why is the mechanic worried about the fuel system. also are you sure it is in time. with the #1 cylinder all the way up the rotor should point to #1 plug wire make sure you look at the cap #1 might fire on the opposite side of ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

Engine problem I have a 1995 grand am with a quad four. It started running very hard one day so we put a new fuel filter and spark plugs in it but that didn't seem to help. We then took it to a friend?s garage and found out that the two right cylinders aren?t firing. We put in a new coil on that side and that didn't help. We know that there are sparks when the plugs are outside of the cylinder and that the cylinder is good because we did a compression check. If you have any idea of what the prob

I would look at the injectors being dirty or not coming on when theyre supposed to also older injectors cause alot of rough running probs ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

The spark plug coils keep having to be replaced, no one knows why they are going bad; the car has 100,000 miles on it with new jasper engine; all coils on left side of engine have now been replaced.

If you have a Jasper Engine - I must guess you have a high mileage car. If you only replaced them all once then you're not unusual on these types of newer cars. Look for a factory recall on yours by taking down the vin# and calling the local dealer. ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

I replaced the spark plugs, gaped at .35, replaced wiring, took each wire and replaced from the one I replace so the firing order should be correct, replaced the cap and rotor. The had been running before I did this. Now when I try to start the engine,it will only crank over, it acts like it having a hard time cranking over. I checked the spark, I did it by using a old spark plug and battery cable to the spark plug and neg on the battery, it showed there was a spark getting to the plug. Also

If the engine is balking or kicking back while you are cranking it over, chances are you may still have gotten the wires on the cap wrong. You may have the correct order but started in the wrong spot.Take a drinking straw and put it into the # ... Jeep Cherokee

1989 pickup 4.3liter 6banger i turned of the truck last night this morning wouldnt start turns over i replaced roter and distributor cap but not getting spark to plugs the distributor is rusted in side checked for coil only got one spark

Replace the distributor ... Chevrolet C1500

I have a 91 subaru loyale. I replaced the fuel pump on the bottom in front of the passenger rear tire. And the in-line filter under the hood in front of the drivers side fire wall. New spark plugs as well. It will start n run for a while then it sputters down n picks back up on and off. I have another filter but I don't know where to put it. I don't see one under the car but no brackets for under the hood. Is there another one or is it sumthing else?

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Your fuel system is regulated by a pressure regulator (likely part of the filter, on top of the fuel pump), the throttle position sensor and the map sensor. All sensors on your engine have some effect on fuel but to a lesser degree. However you can't ... 1991 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood

Hi i have a 302 clevland blue mmotor aprox late 70 early 80 model. have some spark issues, replaced coil, leadss and plugs. put in another second hand electronic distrubitor. still got stuff all spark. could it be a earth problem. also not sure of the firing order for my motor. i have been told a few different ones like 154 263 78 or 137 265 48. can u please help

Look at the the intake manifold that the carburator sits on. Hold your hand out spread all finers now look at intake see how it looks like your fingers that is called air intake ports at the end of the ports opisite carbourator the ends go the the c ... Ford F-100

I have 1999 Ford F-350 Super duty truck. I was driving the truck and it started to miss fire and back fire and lost all power and was not able to drive over 15 mph. It was not over heating but the temp guage was in the upper limits of normal. I got home and replace the 10 spark plugs and coils. The truck now starts right up, but when I take my foot of the gas it dies. When I rev the engin in nutral it wont go above 3000 rpm. It seems to be pushing alot of heat out of the L side of the engi

For backfire and miss fire problems check the EGR valve And Mass Air Flow sensor.\012For car dies if gas pedal is left this indicates problem with the IAC valve.They stick, have someone tap on it lightly and it should cure your problem. ... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

How do you replace the spark plugs on a 2005 chrysler 300? I can see three plugs with coils over them but where are the ones for theother side fothe engine? Are they under the intake?


Failed spark coils on my 1999 Lexus ES 300. Replaced one last March and two more last month. I read that fouled plugs could cause coil failure. Since the recommended schedule for ''hard driving conditions'' is to replace spark plugs at 60,000 miles I had them replaced last month also at 68,000 miles rather than at the ''normal'' maintenance schedule of 98,000 miles. Are the remaining coils likely to fail also or soon or are there significant differences in the locations, exposure to heat, etc

I would think it would be an opposite, coil failure will fail soon or later and that is common and have to be replace over time. I've seen new coil fail on new vehicle all the time, even new built modified race car fired up and run for 5 ... 1999 Lexus ES 300

Gfs car was lacking power big time seemed like an electrical or timinmg issue so i yanked off one plug wire from the coil no change in sound,yanked the one behind that same thing(right hand side of coil looking aft.tryed the same thing on the left side and either wire pulled killed the engine so i go buy a new coil from ford thinking its defective but it does the same thing so i pull the plugs they are fine.Im not getting fire on two cylinders and my coil and plugs/wires are fine....what is my p

It does sound like you have a plug lead out take one off the spark plug and plug another spark plug in to it place the plug to earth and crank the engine over there should be a spark there\015\012also get a compression test done because if ther ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have 1994 super cab the cylinder on the passenger side when i remove the plug wires the engine does not change its idle if i remove any one wire on the other bank the engine lopes and stalls. The truck lacks power and doesnt shift well anymore i have replaced spark plug and new plugs wires I have voltage to the injectors and spark at the plugs on the passenger side. I just had the head gasket replaced and still no fix. I am with out a clue now help please

I have had the coilpack for that side burn out before where you can still see visible spark at a plug, but when in the cylinder and under compression it wouldn't spark. It fooled me for a bit but ended up being a bad ignition coil.. ... 1994 Ford Ranger Supercab

Coil pack on the drivers side wont put out a spark but the passenger side coil pack puts out a spark i have replaced the control module and the timing sensor and the spark plug wires and the spark plugs


1994 toyota camery 2.2 eng. no spark at plugs. I have already replaced ignition module, still no spark. Everything else seems to be ok, eng. turns over good timing belt is intact ect... The car just shut off one day. I have also replaced cap & rotor also spark plugs. what would be the next guess? Distributor & Coil seem to be one unit.

Had the same problem, replaced coil problem was solved ... 1994 Toyota Camry
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