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Stumbling/hot no-start problem. When '88 735i gets warm it won't start until engine cools down(20-25 minutes?) Engine turns over but wont run, it acts like the timing is off(piffs and sputters and acts like its flooded?) After it cools down, it'll start but runs rough like it's got a couple fouled plugs!? Any ideas? I need some help PLEASE!!!! Thank You, Scott

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Answers :

Hello Scott. Begin by changing all of the plugs, and the fuel filter. Regarding the fact that it won't start when hot, look in the yellow pages under autoelectric shops. These shops have the diagnostic tools to check out your car's systems to see what is going on differently when hot, compared to when cold, to get to the bottom of your troubles. Joe
Several parts at \015\012this symptom, on the same engine. Manifold Pressure Valve, Fuel Pump, \015\012Fuel Filter and Crankshaft sensor.

An diagnostic tip: remove the \015\012vacuum hose that connects to the regulator and if you notice trace of \015\012fuel in the lines, than replace the regulator. I would not have replaced\015\012 the regulator had it not been for this diagnostic method. So possibly also check \015\012valve or injectors and injector seals.

Hot starting problems can also be caused by cooling problems\015\012that allow your engine to run too hot (the pistons swell up and\015\012may scuff the cylinder walls), or excessive resistance in the\015\012starter motor that causes the engine to crank slowly. A starter\015\012"amp draw" test can be used to check the condition of\015\012your starter. Also, many starters have small "heat shields"\015\012to protect them from heat radiating from nearby exhaust pipes\015\012or manifolds. If the shield is missing, the starter may get too\015\012hot and bind up.

Hope helps.
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Stumbling/hot no-start problem. When '88 735i gets warm it won't start until engine cools down(20-25 minutes?) Engine turns over but wont run, it acts like the timing is off(piffs and sputters and acts like its flooded?) After it cools down, it'll start but runs rough like it's got a couple fouled plugs!? Any ideas? I need some help PLEASE!!!! Thank You, Scott

Hello Scott. Begin by changing all of the plugs, and the fuel filter. Regarding the fact that it won't start when hot, look in the yellow pages under autoelectric shops. These shops have the diagnostic tools to check out your car's systems to see ... BMW X7 Series

Engine died as I came to stop off hiway on off ramp, tried to start and engine would not turn over. Acted like it was flooded. left to get help and found oil cap off under hood latch area when I returned. engine started up but died again when I got into driveway 3/4 mile away. let cool down and now it will not start, acts like it is flooded but did not pump pedal but few times. quit turning ignition as not to run battery down, Is there a fuse to this, Could this be a filter problem or fuel pump

Pumping the petal will not flood engine. Can u smell gas while trying to turn it over? can u pull a spark plug and smell fuel on it. You also do need to make sure you are getting fuel to the fuel rail first can u hear the pump come on when you turn k ... 1999 Dodge Caravan

Car wont start after overheating, trying to get home my car came to a stall. It was running great until it stopped. The engine would start after that but would act as if though it was misfiring. The engine would idle, but wobble like crazy. Brought the car home, changed the spark plug but wont start now. It's on a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo, 3.1 engine. Thinking maybe ie would be The ignition control module, but don't know how to check the module

... 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Truck starts cold perfect runs till gets warmed up 2-3miles then begins to act like starved for fuel check engine light flickers off and on then stays on truck back fires bangs and soon after engine stalls starts up again but must pump gas petal like crazy. finally starts and takes off starting the process over. Once cooled start up 1st crank. 1988 s-10 v6

Check your carburater. ... 1988 Chevrolet S-10

After a long drive, won't start when hot. Usually cranks after cooling down .Before this started,it ran hot but the temp guage was not reading hot.The motor shut down and would not start until the engine cooled off.We flushed the radiator and replaced the top and bottom hoses and the water pump.But it still seems to run hot and will not start for 2-3 hours.seems like it has no power and when it tries to crank up,it acts like it isnt getting any gas? HELP

Definatly crankshaft position sensor, had same problem hour ago and changed it and started right up.. crankshaft positions sensors are known to cause this problem, stays open circuit when hot. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

Starts and runs good when cold , shut engine off after motor gets hot , will not start back. After I let the engine cool down it will start back. When weather is cooler starting back is not a problem , runs and starts back great when weather is cooler. But in temps 60 and above problem occurs.Engine is 6 cylinder . 2 wheel drive.When starting and running problem occurs the engine acts like its not getting fire. Wants to start back but cant.This problem does not occur in winter months.

Sounds like the coil has gone bad. This is usually the syptoms of this. When it is in the non crand status cool the coil down quickly with ice and see if it doesnt crank. ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Cold start problem,engine took a while to start,cranked over fine but felt like it was missing or starving for fuel.once warmed up seemed fine but chick engine light was on,after driving awhile light went off.did this for two days,i changed the fuel filters but still wont start,acts like its starving for fuel.the dealership said it could be many problems ,i dont half to tell you how much they want just to hook this thing up to a computer to find out.if anyone could possibly help i would be very

... 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Suzuki JLX 97. 4dr. before, i had a problem, when engine gets hot like the middle in temp ( normal operating temp ) the problem starts to occur. I cant shift in to any gear. what i do is I turn off my engine and let it cool for 15-30 mins. and it will work and shift in like no problem, as it starts to heat up, it also starts getting in gears difficult until it wont shift in any gear at all. - a mechanic told me to replace the pressure plate. '' so i did'' and i did not fix the problem. then I no

Yes.. have you ever changed the fluid in the slade tank? ... 1994 Suzuki Sidekick

97 Toyota 4 runner 2.7 4wd auto. I did an engin shut oe swap and it ran great for about 2 weeks. The guy was heading to work and at suddenly it started acting like the fuel pump was bad and itff. After cooling it ran fine again till it got hot. It was acting like an ignition module, but after a few days it wouldn't start at all. Changed coils and fuel pump and crank and cam sensors, no spark noted, and I cant find a ignition module. What could the problem be?

Check for a wire laying on exhaust manifold or rubbing thrue somewhere. ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

Galant 94 vr6 wont start,,,it was working ok,,then 2weeks did not use,,,when ignition turn on,,,it will just act a it will start,,,the engine sound sound like it will start but it wont,,,pls help,......

... Mitsubishi Galant

After driving it doesnt want to start,acts like its not getting gas ....ive already changed the fuel pump,and the fuel pump relay,took it in for a diagnostic,but nothing is showing up,garage said they couldnt do anything unless it wasnt running.hence the problem,sometimes itll start right away,sometimes it wont,it can take up to a 1/2 hr after it stops running to 3hrs before itll start again.

My rodeo does the same thing now it wont start at all ... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

I hav a 94 chevy k1500 but it wont stay running. One morning i started it up, got it warm then while i was goin down the road it acted like it was running out of gas,would die then start back up then just finally died. It has a new crate engine in it with new wires,distributor,coil,rotor,plugs..etc when they start it, it runs for a little then shuts down. could it be my o2 sensor or throttle positioning sensor?what do you think? i hav a 94 chevy k1500 but it wont stay running. One morning i star

Turn on the key and listen by the fuel tank for the fuel pump to hum. A common problem is low fuel pressure. It will build pressure when the key is turned, use that fuel, and then the pressure drops. Kind of like when you're using a squirt gun tha ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

1991 F-150, 302 V-8, 5.0L acts like it has a vapor lock. Fuel injected so can't be vapor lock. After driving a while when I push on the gas there is no power. The engine starts to shake and chug like it isn't getting any fuel. I pull over to stop, let the truck sit for a couple of hours, the engine will fire right up. I have replaced the ignition coil, spark plugs, wires, dist cap, fuel filter, cleaned the throttle body. Flushed the cooling system and replaced the antifreeze. Seems to happen mo

It does seem like you have done a fair bit of work on this beast...just curious to see whether you had performed a cylinder head pressure test....???? If it is happpening more on hot days, it might be wise to check it whilst the engine is hot, i am s ... 1991 Ford F150

Wont start The engine will turn but the car wont start. I was driving and the car just cut off on me in the road. after I tried to crank it again it acted like it wanted to but didnt.

Check to see if the coil is still pluged in, or better yet try getting a spark tester(i got one at autozone for like $5) and disconnect one of the plug wires. if the coil if still working is should show at least a 1/2 inch spark. ... 1992 Honda Accord

My car wont start but acts like it wants to the engine rotates but wont start

As with any no start problem, someone will need to check for spark at the plugs and for fuel pressure to proceed. You have to know what is missing from the equation to know what to troubleshoot.On some models the EEC relay is a common fault. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

I replaced the engine on my 1976 chevy c-10 350. i put all new pumps. new altinator, new starter, new battery, new spark plugs, reset the timing, and all new fluids. But it wont start. It acts like it wants too when i crank it over but it just wont fire up. I checked all of my wires, hoses and plugs. And they are all good. I bumped the engine with all the spark plugs out to make sure there was nothing in the pistons. I put everything back the way its suppose too and double checked. But it still

Now it's time to become the gearhead in you and get this critter moving. The engine needs fuel, compression, and ignition (spark) to run. You must have heard the steady whuff, whuff, whuff of the cylinders pushing air out the sparkplug holes when y ... Chevrolet Classic

Engine light Check engine light came on and the car started to **** like it was misfiring real bad. Then I tried to punch the accelerator to pass another vehicle and the car was unresponsive. 2 days later the light goes off and the car acts normal again? The code reader said it was the camshaft sensor. Could it be anything else? Please advise. I have the same problem. but at times mine wont start after I have driven it. Mine is a Dodge Intreid 2002

It could be the camshaft sensor or your throttle position sensor ... 1998 Dodge Intrepid

1998 Saturn SL Overheated, then died. very little steam or smoke. No clunk, or grinding noise, but now wont start. Let it cool and filled coolant resevoir it was low. Oddly had to put in 2 qt of oil also. Waiting for the engine to cool all the way (another hour) and try to start it again. So odd, when I crank it, the starter goes, but it's like their is not spark or compression or fuel. rn The guy at Pep Boys when I bought the oil thought it may be that I lost the timing belt. I wonde

There's a few possibilities of what might have happened. If the motor got hot enough to warp the cylinder head then the head gasket could have failed between two or more cylinders which would allow the engine to crank over quite freely but not start. ... 1998 Saturn SL

88 Sable Wagon 45,000 original miles has started to overheat and act like vapor lock. Temperature has not been into the red on the gauge, highest is about 1/4 in from top of white, but too high I think. Can be driven for many miles (400-500), then starts to overheat and vapor lock til it quits, like it's out of gas, on a grade. Let it cool down and then it runs fine. The engine is very hot in the thermostat area. Had coolant tested and it has exhaust gases in coolant. Coolant seemed a littl

That car has a catalytic converter, it masks small water leaks. Since you have exhaust gases in the coolant then you have a punctured head gasket - more precisely one of the cylinder rigs isn't sealing properly and gases leak out. Since the thermosta ... 1988 Mercury Sable

Our 2000 LW engine died on the freeway, fortunatly we were able to coast off the road to a safe spot. After trying to start the car several times to no avail I just sat there a while and the car cooled off. Then it started and I took it to a mechanic. It did have the check engine soon light on at this point. Any suggestions? It acted like an the key had been turned off, not fuel as it shut off with sputtering.


Car starts fine maybe a couple of cranks but nothing serious, runs really good after starting, can drive it all day.But when you shut it off, it dosnt want to start,untill 5 or ten minutes go by than it will start . its like when it gets hot , or somthing else gets hot it wont start, and when time goes by or i figure cools down it starts again.any ideas???? also the engine light code is cam sensor but changed it , it didnt work. also changed computer and nothing changed. 2000 chev metro 1.3 lite

Hi and welcome to FixYa!As a first course of action, I strongly suggest that you replace the ignition coil. If the ignition coil gets hot the car may stall or may not start right away till it cools down. The ignition coil is surely faulty ... 2000 Chevrolet Metro

1998 mustang wont start, started acting up by not starting like it was flooded, then had to jump it to start it( but battery was fine) then engine would crank bit not turn over. put new fuel pump and filter, but it is not turning over now.

... 1998 Ford Mustang

Car would not start for wife she had it towed home I tried next morning it started first try and sounded fine, check engine light has been coming on when fueling it has gone out added injector cleaner stopped engine during fueling would not start, engine turns over acted like it was going to start idle was sluggish as though not enough gas after several attempts to start engine would not turn over as though the battery was drained also during starting it would act like the timeing was jumping I

My first thought is that you may have a fuel filter issue or a fuel pump starting to go south. The part about the battery could be a dirty terminal, loose cable or the battery is giving up. Clean the cables and check fuel pressure. I would try to ... 2003 Kia Sedona

Does not start. Acts like battery is dead but battery is strong. As the engine slowly turns over the tach will bounce all over. When the engine acts like the battery is dead and will not turn over the tach is pegged at the top end. Had an oil leak over the starter...loosened 13mm nuts and used contact cleaner to clean the wire contacts. Started fine for about 5 days then started acting up again. Now the engine just clicks as i turn the key to start it. Not a continuous click but one click when t

IT could be either. Remove the Starter and take it to Auto Zone or another parts store that offers free testing and have it tested. Most likely the oil leak in that area is fouling things for you. It should be sealed against that type of problem b ... 1995 Ford Taurus

Trouble starting my wife has a 2000 dodge durango v8 magnum and it has been having trouble starting. for the last month it has been progessivley getting worse, and last night it would not start. it acts like it is not getting any gas to the engine, wants to sart but wont fire. what could it be?

Check the fuel pressure sounds as if fuel pump quit ... 2000 Dodge Durango
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