Having problems with your BMW 325e ?

1985 BMW 325e starts but will not continue to run

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1985 BMW 325e starts but will not continue to run

... BMW 325e

1986 bmw 325e starts and runs fine for about 5-10 minutes, then starts dieseling and dies. wont start for 5-10 minutes,and then will start fine.

I would suggest you check the fuel filter or fuel supply to the engine as it may be a venting problem of a clogged fuel filter.\015\012Cheers ... BMW 325

What could cause my 2002 BMW 330i to continue to run hot after replacing the cooling system, bleeding the system of air and chekcing for a head gasket problem. They said they car was fixed it drove great then got hot after 13 miles and cools down very quickly. I started the engine after it ran hot and it sit dead center for about 5 minutes before it started to climb again.

Check to see if the engine is truly hot. next time with the motor running find the upper radiater hose and gently place your hand on it. if its cool or just warm to the touch your heat senser is probable the problem. if its hot and hard like its unde ... 2004 BMW 3 Series

I have a 2000 BMW Z3 ROADSTER with a 2.5 6 cyl. Computer code was showing a defective cam shaft sensor circuit 1.During testing of the sensor,ohms and volts,the engine will now not start and all I did was disconnect the connector to test with. before that it would run, but would hesitate and stall at stops,sometimes it would take a little cranking to get started. I have installed a new cam sensor and still have no start.ohm meter showed a good ground continuity and i have a 5 volt reference from

You need to do a cmp/ckp relearnhowever, you will need a scan tool to do thislook in your yellow pages for a mobile technicianthis is someone who will come to you housethis might cost a few dollars more than a regular garage b ... BMW Z3

Check engie light is on my 1998 BMW Z3 . The car has around 145,000 miles. The gas tank has around a quarter of a tank. I was driving down the road and stopped at intersection and started to acceralate and the check engie light came on and the car started running ruff ... The car continued to go but not above 40 miles per hour.

If it is running that rough , I would not be driving it no farer then to a BMW Delership to have it scran, Before you do serious damage to the (Engine) Unless you have money to (Burn) ... Cars & Trucks

Nissan 2002 frontier 4cyl all guages dropped to 0, gas, temp, rpm, speed. then truck started chocking out but continued to run until i got home. turned it off tried to restart it and it wouldnt start. next day bought a new battery and no change

... 1998 Nissan Frontier

1994 BMW 318i just stopped running. I was able to restart and continue on my trip. 3 km further on it just stopped again. Would not restart. Towed to BMW Dealer where it would not restart for them until the next day - has not been a problem starting since then. Vehicle is still at the dealers as they are trying to figure it out.

Welcome to Fixya\015\012\015\012There are couple of things you need to check for car no start problem. This could be Fuel problem, electrical problem or other sources. It would be better if you have diagnostic scan tool and get the error ... 2002 BMW 3 Series

I have 97 Wrangler when running the battery gauge will drop to 0, if I continue to drive it will not start when i turn it off and resttart it. i have a new battery , the alternater is fine took it

It still sounds like an alternator issue when the vehicle is running you should be showing 14.4 volts going into the battery try a load on the system while checking this means turn everything on the blower the lights 4-ways the A/C everything then se ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 1985 BMW 325E that has a fuel problem. The car surges when at idle. What could be the problem? One fuel pump was replaced last fall, and the car still is running, and you can start it up. It just revs up while idling, then immediately goes back to normal, and then revs up again.

Sounds like a Temperature sensor is malfunctioning, or maybe the o2 sensor/lambda sensor. get a multimeter and check the sensors around the engine for open circuits.\015\012Its most likely (from exp) that it is a Temp Sensor.\015\012Ther ... BMW 325

No start.. started with starting fluid and continued to run... replaced fuel pump now starts with starting fluid but wont continue to run

Please use this link:http://www.autozone.com/addVehicleId,2311303/initialAct ... 1994 Chevrolet Astro

I have a 1993 chev blazer 4.3l v-6. After setting for a few hours or over night it will not start. When i spray starting fluid in the throttle body it fires right up and continues to run .It will continue to start up and run without starting fluid the rest of the day unles it sets for 3-4 hrs. I have DTC of 33 and 43. I need to know what to do past just a defination of the codes.

Trouble Code 33 indicates that the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor is reporting more air is entering the engine than makes sense based on RPM and TPS. The MAF sensor produces a frequency output; around 30 Hz at idle ... Chevrolet Blazer

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis I have installed the following: new fuel pump relay, fuel pump & filter, new distributor, coil, ignition switch, replaced two damaged lifters and lifter retainer and fuel pressure valve (located on the fuel rail). This is what is occurring. The engine tries to start, but does not. The fuel pump does not turn off once pressure is reached, continues to run. If the car starts, the fuel pump continues to run. The engine, when it runs, does so badly. Fairly recent plugs

Replace the fuel pump relay,if you can turn the key just to on,not start,and the fuel pump continues to run.If the new relay does the same thing,replace the ignition switch. ... Mercury Grand Marquis

1990 f-150 xlt lariat, 5.8l truck runs, check engine light comes on it runs rough and dies, i can hear the fuel pump in the back running erratic. If i turn the key a few times the pump will charge and stop, then the truck starts fine. it will run and the check engine light comes back on, and it dies again. when i turn the key forward the pump will continue to run and erratic, truck will not start. when i turn it forward and it runs and stops quickly it will start. I replaced the fuel pump relay

This seems more issue with the ignition switch than the fuel pump. Do you face any issue with the dashboard light while moving the key forward? \015\012check if the key worn out, \015\012get the it checked i think replacing the ignition s ... 1990 Ford F150

My 2000 Jimmy won't start, I can hear the fuel pump running and then shutting off before I attempt to start the engine. I also hear it running while I attemp to start the engine. The engine won't start until I put a little gas onto the butterfly in the intake. It may take several attempts before the engine continues to run. If you shutoff the engine, then restart it, it starts but don't wait 3 minutes or it won't start. Any Ideas?

The pump is working normally the reason it stops before you start the engine is it has built up enough preasure and cuts out. When you turn over the engine it starts up again as the preasure goes down when the carburator open's. The pump only helps t ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Does a fuel pump continue to pump fuel with ignition on when the fuel line is diconected from fuel filter The car wont start no codes found it has done this a few times this year it runs fine when running but I will shut it off then it wont start for weeks then it will start with out doing anything to it I have sent it in to a shop one time when it would not start they lowerd it off the truck at the shop and it started up and ran fine for a month then it done the same thing I got it running by u

You have a bad fuel pump it's in the tank and only comes on in these conditions.\015\0121. ignition switch turned to the run position turns on for two seconds. \015\0122. same as above b ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I have an 87 park avenue that has intermittent starting problems... my mechanics have replaced many sensors, a coil, and wires and plugs...it runs great when it runs yet periodically refuses to start. usually if i continue to try to start it will sometimes start after 30-40 minutes trying. again it runs fine at that point. kookie, huh? my mechanics have all but given up on it and they are awesome mechanics! any ideas? by the way it's a v-6... the car IS AN 87.....THE PRODUCT CATEGORY ONLY GOES T

It sounds like a faulty ignition module. ... 1989 Buick Park Avenue

1996 jeep grand Cherokee lerado, straight 6 cyl 4.0 l, auto, a/c, 2wd. the car sporadically loses spark. sometimes it won't start, sometimes it will start and run and die out and repeat this several times and will usually run ok after several of these cycles. sometimes it will die and not start back up for an hour of continuous trying and then it will start and run ok. sometimes it will die while driving and fire back up on it's own while coasting and other times you have to pop it in neutral an

I can not see the advise that was given by someone else, that is how this site works. Any way, what did you check from the advice given? Have to checked for DTC??? I would suspect the ignition coil at this point. How many miles are on the Jeep? ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I went to start my car today (2002 pontiac aztek) and it did not start. My husband jump started it. It started. Let it ran for 10 min. and then went down the rode to a market. I kept my car running. On my way back, the system started shuting down and my car stopped. Would not start. All this time the security light was on. My husband jumped started it again and got it home. He continued to let it run, turned it off, and it will not start. ShelbyA

Your problem is either the Alternator isent charging its 13.5 volts and the battery is flat or wont hold the charge SO do this.\015\012Jump start engine again let it run for 2 minutes then turn on lights,, the head lights should go bright at 1 ... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

1985 mercury grand marquis. Starts then stall, usually more then once. Once started motor surges and then may stall again when put in reverse. Motor surge continues as you begin to accelerate and proceed down the road. When stepping on the accelerator, no response for a few seconds, lift foot and press again, might respond. When stopped with foot on brake, motor continues to serge and must keep foot on accelerator and brake at the same time to keep running. Then sometimes, it runs like a t

Maps sensor ... 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis

Intermittent start/gauges 1998 Chrysler Concorde Lxi sometimes won't start---just nothing. Sometimes it starts and then dies after a few seconds. Sometimes it starts just fine and runs OK then the dash gauges go to zero and the check engine light comes on but continues to run. If I shut it off it may start with no gauges or it may not start. If I disconnect the cable plug out of the power center and plug it back in it usually starts. I have beat my head against this thing and I came up with

... 1998 Chrysler Concorde

I'm having an intermittent problem with my 07 Cadillac CTS. Car will crank but won't fire up and start. After 7-8 tries, it starts and runs perfect. Dealer claims they can't find the problem when in for service. Also, when attempting this start, I can turn the key forward to the start position, let go of it, and it will stay in the start position with the engine continuing to crank without starting. I have to manually turn the key backwards to stop the engine from continuing to crank.

... 2007 Cadillac CTS 3.6L

I brought my 98 Merc Villager van which was running great to the corner station to get oil changed. He put in a synthetic blend for older vehicles and changed the air filter. After picking it up it starts to stall when I accelerate . Its continual. I can't drive it down the street . Its like its chocking . It doesn't just stall and its done. It starts to stall runs, starts to stall again , runs etc. Any ideas ? Thanks

The mechanic probably left the MAF unplugged, open the hood and check for this at the air box ... 1998 Mercury Villager

1988 sunbird starts buy wont stay running can watch injector spray when key is turned to on position and will continue to cycle untill started or turn key off. when started runs but not getting enough gas to stay running has good fuel pres. and new filter.

Check for a vacumn hose that may have come off! ... 1988 Pontiac Sunbird

Won't start After letting my 1999 GEO sit for about 10 minutes, it will not restart. It will turn over and "diesel" but won't continue to run. After about a half hour it will start and run fine. It also starts running really rough and stalls in heavy stop & go traffic. I have just had a tuneup to include a new air and fuel filter.

Did you try to double check your battery. ... 1999 Chevrolet Metro

2003 oldsmobile alero wont start however if starting fluid is used it will and continue running smoothly once running it will run perfectly. However once turned off it will not restart unless start fluid is used.

U need to scan vehicle for bad codes--the system is runnin to lean at start caused by some sensor issue-while at a parts place take a look at a haynes manual ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero
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