Having problems with your BMW 325 ?

It turns over but some times takes time to start

\015 Just bought 325td l reg and found that some times it flating the battery when trying to start the car and sound like its a petrol car and flooded other times its fine heater light comes on and given it time to heat im going to get plugs checked but frightend in case its the fuel pump in tank as herd that it does happen in some 325 bmw please help\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Get all the heater plugs checked
\015\012also check the fuel line from tank to pump if there is any small leak all the fuel goes back to tank after shuting off the engine or do the pumping manually with hand pump on the fuel filter before starting the engine if it is hard there is no leak in the fuel line
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Before you start the car for the 1st time of the day, pump the gas pedal 4-5 times to push the fuel towards the engine. I had a car which needed many pedal pumps, which was common for the car but mine had a iced up carburettor. You car st ... 1995 Buick Skylark

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2 possible things, 1. the contacts in the solinoid on the starter are bad, it would still test good but wouldnt have enouph power to engage the flywheel, replace starter, or 2. bad flywheel, teeth on flywheel are worn or broken, both require removal ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 1987 Chevy Nova has a starting issue. About 50% of the time when I try and start it in the morning it won't turn over. If you keep trying eventually it will turn over. Once I get it started it will turn over on the first try the rest of the day. Sometimes it just takes me to hold the key in the start position for a minute or two. Other times it takes multiple attempts.

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Just took a big trip and it started jerking forward when I was stopped at the off ramp. This happened a couple of times and it stalled 2 or 3 times. After that the starter just clicks when I turn the key. Over the past few days I have turned the key and sometimes it starts up 5 times in a row. I just got back today and tried again and it wouldn't start, I turned the key about 5 times. I'm about to take another big trip starting tomorrow night. Any suggestions? I'm in another country with only en

I would have the battery tested, and also the alternator. Free at most Autozones ... 1994 Chrysler Town & Country

It takes three plus times turning the key to start before the starter turns the engine over. The engine starter clicks each time the key is turned to start but does not turn the engine over until the 3rd time. Cleaned the battery terminals, checked all wiring connection(s, unplugged and plugged fuse(s)that are related to ignition wiring harness. Battery has 13.8 volts while idling, lights are bright, etc.. Car will start on the 3rd time with the headlights on.

Take your car to your local parts store and have them load test the battery, this will be a pass or fail test\015\012\015\012If the battery passes the load test. Replace ground wire on battery all the way to the engine.\015\012 ... 1999 Subaru Legacy

My car will not start. I thought it was the battery because it startet to take a while to turn over and then it didnt turn over and i started it with another battery but i had to hold the key for a while before it would start and after it started i smelled burnt rubber of something then it worked fine for a week and then started to take a long time to turn over again and finally it did nothing but click when turning the key and now completley nothing when turning the key. battery has been tested

Sound like your starter has had it, the smell was the starter asking for to many amps to work, replace it and it will be fine. ... 1995 Buick Skylark

I own a 1996 328i BMW. Until recently the car started right up immedialtly. However, now it is taking longer and longer to start each day. Once it starts up the first time, it will start every time all day. When the car sits for a long while like overnight it then takes longer for it to start. Today it took about 7 tries of turning the key before it finally started. I'm worried that the next time it might not start at all. I was told be a friend it might be a fuel pump problem. If so how much co

If it is your fuel pump it can be around 150 to 250 if you do it yourself. A shop will charge you around 600 to 800. ... 1997 BMW 328

I have a 1994 Chevy Blazer 4.3 vortec 2 dr automatic. I am having new trouble that I've never experienced before. When turning the key it will kinda start but not all the way some times it takes 10 short key turns to actualy run. The fuel pump is working and it runs perfect after it starts but it use to always start on just the slight turn of the key. Relay issue? Distributor out of time? any help in trouble shooting will be great. Some times I have to manualy dump gas down the intake until it s

I had same problem what i found was fuel pressure regulator & it is under the intake ... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have a 93 f350 with a 7.3 diesel engine. Sometimes it won't start, other times it starts right away. It is completely random. It is not a fuel or temp. issue I'm sure of that. If it does not start with in 5 sec. of turning the key, Its not going to, continuing to crank will not ever make it start. I have to turn the ignition off, wait a minute and try again, again if it doesn't start within 5 sec. its not going to. Some times it will take 10-15 cycles of turning the ignition off and waiting a

Sounds like your having a glow plug issue. you can buy glow plugs at most auto parts store for about ten bucks each. they aren't that hard to replace. you can remove them with a deep socket. they are located at each cylinder you can see them right fr ... Ford F-350

I have a 2001 kia sportage ex 2wd-i have starting problems-in starting my car i turn the key all the way, sometimes it starts on the first try, sometimes it takes no more than three try. sometimes i can turn the key to the minimum position it starts every time but when i turn the key all the way, it takes more than one try to get started.

Get diagnostics done, as this situation can mean there is a problem with the engine management system, this can be a simple valve, solenoid problem, wiring issue, or even a simple thing like the key battery. ... Kia Sportage

I have a 93 f350 with a 7.3 diesel engine. Sometimes it won't start other times it starts right away. It is completely random. It is not a fuel or temp. Issue I'm sure of that. If it does not start with in 5 sec. Of turning the key Its not going to continuing to crank will not ever make it start. I have to turn the ignition off wait a minute and try again again if it doesn't start within 5 sec. Its not going to. Some times it will take 10-15 cycles of turning the ignition off and waiting a minut

Something real simple! cange ur cam position sensor! located just above the the harmonic balancer! on the right side! ... Cars & Trucks

My 2004 nissan quest is taking off in over drive. It takes a long time to get up to speed but if you stop the van and put it into park and turn off the engine then turn it back on some times it will then operate normally. However, some times when it acts up and you turn off the engine it has a hard time starting back up.

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96 pont grand prix has an intermedate starting oroblem. most times it starts fine but couple times a week when ya turn the key it does nothing. has new starter , new alternator, new battery. fuel pump hums when the key is on for couple seconds . lights do not dim when ya try to start it . when this happens i turn the key on/off til it starts, sometimes this takes up to a hundred times . please help me im stumped

There can be one problem among several parts on your car and it involves getting the starting signal to your starter.\015\012\015\012Working backwards from the starter there is a starter Solenoid and on some GM products it comes with the new ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix

2001 crown victoria running find when started. sometimes it doesn't start but sounds like it wants to. turned off once at a red light. turned off 3 times while making hard turns three months ago. Now it is getting worse and hard to start, takes a few times.

Check and make sure your battery connections havent been compromised. I once drove a car not at all similar to yours, but experienced the same problem, random killing, especially when braking, and turning. It turned out that the battery positive cab ... 2002 Ford Crown Victoria


Well ok, so now it won't start at all? So ok test fuel pressure should be at least 40 PSI check for spark and make sure you have NOID this is the pulsing of the fuel injectors you have to narrow down the MISSING item if you have low fuel pressure ... Mercury Marquis

Hyundai Coupe 2.7 V6 auto 2002 I have a problem starting my coupe. This is an intermittent problem and has no pattern. so frustrating :( She will turn over but will not start, it take 2-5 times of key turning then she fires up, other times it's first turn of the key There is however a slurping kind of noise as you first turn the key (kids make the same noise when finishing a drink through a straw) Has been in the garage no errors any idea? would like to get sorted before the warrenty runs out Th

Main fuel line from tank to fuel pump, Sounds like the pump is sucking the fuel and air is getting in also, only when the fuel system is pressurised and the return line is sending fuel back to the tank will the air pressure in the tank be higher than ... 1995 Hyundai Elantra

My 2002 cadillac keeps turning off while im driving. i thought it might be my sound system but i took it off and it still keeps turning off. most of the time it starts right away after it dies on me i just give it 5 to 10 seconds and it will start. sometimes it takes a long time for it to start but it will start after 30 minutes. when it dies on me it just shows the lil battery symbol on the display. also the battery read 14.2 volts ok, sometimes it goes down to 12.5 volts ok. battery terminals

Really is the battery symbol in the display, is not the "check engine" symbol?- Possibly the Oxygen sensor needs replacing as the sympton you describe is usually what happens when the O2 sensor malfunctions\015\012- Had the Oxygen ( ... 2002 Cadillac Deville

My 2005 cadillac cts doesnt start, the keys is locked in the ignition,when i turn the key it doesnt do anything. if i take the negative terminal off the battery and tap it to the negative side of the batt about 3 times then i connect it to the batt, and the cars then starts.then im able to shutt off and take the key out of the ignition. sometimes when i try to start again it starts but 99% of the time after leaving it off for more than a day the car doesnt start. the car was in an accident front

I need a little clarification.. You stated wen you take off the neg terminal and "tap" it to the neg side or the batt 3 times then connect it to the battery it starts (i don't really understand what that part is). Also you say when you disconnect th ... Cadillac CTS

2000 jeep wrangler turns over several times befors starting. runs grat on the road,never stalls out once you turn the engine off and go to start back up,it starts imediatley,if it sets long time then it takes for ever to start again

The in tank fuel pumps on these vehicles have check valves to hold fuel pressure. possible bad fuel pump check valve, Try turning the key to the on position three or four times to let fuel pressure build up and then see if it starts easier ... 2000 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 1991 mitsubishi 3000gt and it wont start. the motor turns but not sound of it even trying to start like turning over. i see the belts move but no sound as if its even starving for gas just belts moving. it started out wih me driving to work then all of a sudden it cuts out. i then try to start it numerous times then all of a sudden as if there were a loose metal in the motor makes a rattling noise. i take it back home and saw that the timing belt was loose so i figured that the tensione

Http://www.fixya.com/cars/r7030578-engine_turns_over_but_wont_start\012\012Here is a link to a tip I wrote nate. It sounds like your timing ... 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Engine problens prior to now the engine would sometimes turn over ,start, run 15 minutes and die. or it would start right up take off get 3 or 4 blocks and just die. wait 15 minutes and it wouls start run fine. other times it would just turn over not start all day go back 2 days later and start right up. and sometimes run 10 minutes then die start again and run ok foe long distance, turn off for a while go to start it and do all this all over again. I have replaced the fuel pump assymbly in tank

Have you had the fuel tank inspected/cleaned? This may have been done whent he fuel pump was being replaced and there was access to your tank interior.\015\012\015\012If you have crud in your tank, especially if it's leaves, paper or flak ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

I have a 94' s10. i think my starter is going out. when i turn the key it makes a click sound. it only does it once when i turn the key. sometimes it takes 4-5 times of turning the key before it will start. other times it will start on the first try. is this the starter? if not what could it be?

Having the same issue here. Was hoping that you might know if the starter is indeed on the passenger side in a 1994 s10. Also, I am thinking that it could be the contacts on the switch for the starter. Oddly, auto part stores saying they don't have t ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

S-430 2003 Both remote keys have stopped working at the same time. They do not lock/unlock the doors. When placed in ignition, nothing happens, cannot turn key to start, does not turn on. The car battery has been checked and no problems and the key batteries are fine too. At first the problem was minor, it would take a few minutes but then it would start, then it started taking longer and longer, and now all together the keys have completely stopped.

You will need to take your keys to mercedes and get them to re-programme the keys to work will the car alarm/immobliser as they seem to have stopped working, There is no way to program them yourself for security reason's, They should do it for a smal ... Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Maintenance Required I have had the oil changed in my Infiniti sereval times, but I haven't taken it to the Infiniti dealer. So every time I start the vehicle the Maintenance Required message pops up on the navigation screen. I have to turn that message off every time I start the vehicle and it gets old. Is there a trick to get it turned off? I just don't want to have to take it to Infiniti to have the oil changed and pay more for them to push a few buttons and make the maintenance message stop.

Read the Manual that came with the car. It will tell you how to turn the maintenance signal off. Cant remember, been a while since ive done it. But i know 100% its in the manual. ... 2003 Infiniti FX35

Does not happen all the time but quite often I go to start my car and it just kicks over sounds like flat battery but its not takes a few times to starts but it goes also engine light come on but eventually turns off also sometimes when I start I have no acceleration I must turn the car off and on to get acceleration back

Check your fuel pump you might be losing pressure when its parked for a while ... Cars & Trucks
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