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Bentley battery charging

\015 I have a 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur and want to keep it charged while I am away. I have a XS7000 CTEK charger which has a single plug,( not 2 wires with clips), but there is no plug socket on the left above the battery on my model (there is a power out socket on the right-rear), maybe that is only on later models. I looked inside at the battery and there is no obvious suitable socket there and the positive terminal has a solid cover on it. How can I charge this battery while I am away? Thanks\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Bentley battery charging

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My spouse had to get out 1996 ford explorer boosted while i was at work,so that evening i tested the battery it had a charge of 12.4 and is about 5 years old so i bought a new battery ,i put the new battery in it had a charge of only 12.36 so i went for a drive came back and tested the battery it had a charge of 13.32, i checked it again about 1 hour later the charge was at 12.7,the next morning itested the battery it was at 12.4,i unhooked the battery cables took the battery out it ,tested i

A new battery should have approx 12.62 fully charged\015\012It could be slightly more\015\012If you ever see 13 volts, on an old battery, it is gone\015\012\015\012You need a min of 12.5, to do any testing of your vehicle, or ... Ford Explorer

My saab 9-3 2003 Turbo does not charge the battery (it reads 11.3V when the engine is running and if I disconnect any of the two wires to the battery the engine dies), but the battery dies after a few hours and I need to charge it with my charger. No battery light or message on SID indicates that the battery is not charging or any other malfunction. Any ideas what is going on? Why this car does not have a battery charge light like all other cars? And if it has it, where is it? Thanks, -Cdl

The Superior Voltage warning is the Voltmeter. You normally have 13.2 to 13.6 Volts as the stand alone Voltage. Charging can reach a maximum of about 14.2 Volts. When you have less than 12 Volt you have a problem.If you are at idle, with m ... 2003 Saab 9-3

1990 JAGUAR XJ6 STARTER PROBLEM: RECENT HISTORY Car is not used much, and generally needs a battery charge to get it going. If it sits for more than a week, battery charge needed. IF driven regularly and not a long distance, no charging is necessary. Alternator shows a good steady charge and battery shows around 14V after charging. Belts are good and snug. It is now giving me a clicking sound and not starting.....I charge the battery and sometimes it starts and other times nothing. NO patter

First I would have a battery load test done for free at a local auto parts store, after cofirming that the battery is good the connections to the starter and battery must be checked and cleaned. If the problem persists replace the starter. ... Jaguar XJ6

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It is the alternater as the alternater is responsable for charging the battery when the battery need charging.It should run you about 60 dollars fro the alternator plus about 50 for the labor ... 1999 Plymouth Neon

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Thanks. Is it better to put it on trickle charge or fast charge? ... 2004 GMC Sierra

Replaced battery checked for short 3.3 amp draw checked charging system 12.5 volt battery with engine running rpm raised still 12.5 volt using continuity light from positive to negative I'm getting a dim light horn dimmer fuse seemed to recreate situation - otherwise everything appears to work fine Just getting no charge out of battery - what would stop alt from charging a new battery? Replaced battery checked for short 3.3 amp draw checked charging system

The alternator may be bad,check the output on the alternator,the large wire,with engine running,it should read 13.65 volts,to 14.25 volts out put,if it is not,replace the alternator,if it is reading this at the back of the alternator,use the same siz ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I was charging my flat car battery using a selmar gaurdian professional battery charger, the fully charged light came on after about halfe an hour, i don't know if the battery is charged as i have not put it back in the car yet and i don't have anything to test it with someone gace me the charger and i don't know if it is working properly although all the led lights came on, could the battery have charged that quickly?

If the charger is rated at 10 amps or more yes,it received a 'quick charge' enough to render it serviceable.the charger should be 'overcharge protected' so you could give the battery another 'zap' just prior to installation. ... Ford Escape

Volts Light I started my car one morning and it wouldn't start and then i charged the batter and it started. I kept it running with out the battery charger then I turned it off then back on it started to i turned the car off so the battery can charge. I tried the same thing when the battery was charged and it wouldn't start. So i put the battery cahrger on the next day and let it charge for a while and took off the positive jumper cable off and it stayed on so i bought a new batter. My car start

If the light is on the charging system is not charging properly.. it should be over 13v running the most likely reason is a bad alternator.. ... 1996 Chevrolet Lumina Mini

2002 Mitsubishi diamante battery won't stay charged. I had Sears check it out and they said the charging system works just fine and charged the battery. Didn,t drive car for 2 days - it was in a nice warm garage and had battery checked again by auto zone and they said it had only 4 volts left. does the diamante have charging problems? or is something causing the battery to drain

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I'm having the same problem...:( ... 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante

I was charging my flat car battery using a selmar gaurdian professional battery charger, the fully charged light came on after about halfe an hour, i don't know if the battery is charged as i have not put it back in the car yet and i don't have anything to test it with someone gace me the charger and i don't know if it is working properly although all the led lights came on, could the battery have charged that quickly?

If it was stone dead it would not charge over 1/2 hr. Probably bad battery. Take it to pep boys/auto zone, they usually test batteries out of the car 4 free at the parts counter ... 1998 Ford Escort

No power to anything - how do I reset anti-theft system? Checked battery at Wal-mart - print out says okay low on charge. Charged battery for several hours on slow charge and then fast charge. Battery seems to have power. Checked all fuses-- all okay. Problem started after rainfall -- next morning wouldn't start just clicking inside passenger compartment. Now when I connect the battery I get a clicking and the red light on top of the dash blinks in sync with the clicking -- leaning toward the an

No... no power to anything means like the headlights are inop and suchin that case its a battery or battery cable issueassuming you have headlights and power to accessories and the vehicle still will not start AND the theft li ... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

2000 escort zx2 dies when ac or defrost is t turned on... Kills the battery. Had the battery tested and was all good. Re- charged the battery, tested alternator by taking negative off: was fine. Turn the nob to the right to select defrost, car died and battery was dead and had to be charged again. Car will run but if you touch the nob to defrost or turn ac on - dies instantly and the battery is done until re-charged.

It's your alternator that may be the problem. Your thinking of the battery is wrong because everything on a running car is run off the alternator. Only if the alternator dies will the car continue to run off the battery-but not for long if any acces ... Cars & Trucks

Battery recharging I have a 1992 Diesel Nissan Serena van, having problem with the battery charging. Heard a shorting sound from behind Glovebox, this made warrning lights flash, after a while my car died. it can be push/ jumped started, have charged the 5 month old battery out of the car and once i put it back in the car starts up with no problems, apparently altenators fine too. problem is battery wont charge up in the car.Is there battery relay switch? if so, where? can anyone help?

You may have a burned out 'fuse link' in the heavy wire running from the alternator to the starter solenoid (+ battery cable side). Check for proper charging by measuring the battery voltage with engine running--it should measure 13.5 volts DC to 14. ... 1990 Nissan Minivan

I have a 2002 grand cheroke limited and it only has 80,000 miles on it, the battery keeps getting drained we replaced the battery, same problem would not start after sitting a day or 2 no lights nothing, charged battery it starts, if it sits for a day it won't start, we have replaced the altenator and it ran fine for a week and now that it sat for a day it will not start, unless we charge the battery. the battery we replaced we put on a charger and it is holding a charge just fine now that its

You need a test light to check for current draw--remove the negative battery connector, make sure the battery is charged, and rig the test light to complete the circuit between the negative battery post and the negative battery connector so that the ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

The alternator will not charge the battery but AutoZone tested the alternator good then they said it could be the battery well it also tested good. I called a mechanic and he said it could be the wire in the back of the alternator that charges the battery. he told me to run a wire from that post on the back of the alternator to the battery which I did still the battery light is on and it is not charging can someone help me please!!!!

You need someone to test the charging system on the truck.The warning light is on when the alternator is not producing power. The yellow white wire going to the alternator is on a 15amp fuse and it could be dead. ... 1995 Ford Explorer 4.0

Charging system My "check charging sytem" message went on a week ago on my 06 fusion. Then a few days ago it didn't start unless I charged the batteries.I had the alternator and battery tested. The alternator was fine but I needed to replace the battery and so I did.Now the "check charging system" message is still there and I don't think I fixed the problem.What else could it be?Sometimes when I charged the battery it would last a few trips and then not work again.

It could still be the alternator it may have warn brushes or bad reg ... 2008 Ford Fusion

1997 catera On some starups( maybe 10 out of 50) the battery will not charge, lights are dim and idling is rougher. Giving it a little gas starts the charging. If you drive away without giving gas when this occurs it will not charge. Restarting starts the charging. Otherwise the charging is fine according to the gauge.. However it has gone through 3 batteries in the last 2 years. Good day. I bought this MBZ on ebay (cheap), and it has a nerve wrecking issue. Presently the car has a new battery

Well Marie the reason your vehicle is acting this way is because even though you put new battery in you still have to have a viable altenator to run the vehicle. the battery is only used to start the vehicle and run the radio and lights and other acc ... 1987 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 190 Class

I have a 2000 BMW 323i anaysd my charging system is not charging my battery . i removed the alternator from car and had it bench tested and it PASSED the charging test on the machine at the auto parts store . When installed on car the battery light stays on and there is no charging taking place . You only get a reading of battery voltage with the car runing . I INSPECTED ALL CONNECTORS AND WIRING . CAN YOU HELP . DO YOU HAVE THE TROBLESHOOTING INFO FOR THE CHARGING SYSTEM , ALONG WITH THE SCHIMA

If you plan to diagnose this yourself you can go to alldata.com or mitchell1diy (search) and you can get all the info you need. \015\012\015\012The charging system is computer controlled. If you have 12volts on the big wire then the fu ... BMW 323

Today my saab 97x's battery is dead so i went to ask my friend 2 charge the battery for me, but he messed up with the position for the battery instead charge the + and - on the battery he charged

Hi Yamin, Sorry guy, replace the battery! Regards John ... Saab 9 7X

How do I remove the left battery on a 205 Bentley Continental GT

I have the same problem..Called dealer who told me yuu need to remove fuse panel above and disconnect all the wires on the positive lead bracket to be able to puch out of the way. Also there is a small metal tiedown on the panel in front of the ba ... 2003 Bentley Continental GT
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