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The airbag light has come on on the dash for no reason, is this a big promlem with the car? And what needs to be done about it? Thanks

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The first thing you need to do is check all the fuses labled air bag if they are still good then you have an air bag sensor problem
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The airbag light has come on on the dash for no reason, is this a big promlem with the car? And what needs to be done about it? Thanks

The first thing you need to do is check all the fuses labled air bag if they are still good then you have an air bag sensor problem ... Audi A3

My 2002 Montero started to emit high pitched sounds with no consistancy .coming from the driver side dash area,.driving , turning braking...no rhyme or reason, my mechanic checked it over but he can's simulate the sound when the car is on the lift to figure out what causes it. Also and possibly related the anti loc break light comes on when I start the car as it always did but the abs alarm sound goes off then both light and alarm stop . I never had the abs alarm sound before . Do I need to go t

... 2005 Mitsubishi Montero

I have a Ford Escape XLT, 6 cylinder, 2002 model, and this warning light comes on, on the dash. The problem is, that it only comes on intermittedly after the car has been started, but once it's on, it says on for a long period of time. I have been advised by a mechanic that the Oxygen Sensors could need to be replaced, and apparently in this model of car there are two of these sensors. Do you agree with this, or do you think it may be something else? The car has done over 200,000 kms.

Hello! No, I disagree...The warning light is the Check Engine Light (CEL)...When it comes on it is the computer telling you that a trouble code/codes have been stored...There is a lengthy list of codes...Take the vehicle to an auto parts store and ha ... Ford Escape

A code APPEARED ON THE DASH IT WAS P1684 done. I need to know what that means. The car has been turning it self off, sometimes the oil light comes on but the car has had a recent oil change. It cranks but does not fire. After sitting a while it will start again. HELP

P1684 is "the battery has been disconnected within the last 50 starts".. I would start by inspecting your battery cables and have the battery itself tested. ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

Engine light Hi, I really need help, I got my car close to a year a go (1998 Ford Contour SE), the problem is the engine light is all ways on, and for that reason has not pass the smog check in California, I have taken the car many times to a mechanic and when I go to pick it up the light is off, but in my way to my house witch is about 5 miles a way, the light comes on again, can you please help me out, I don;t have more money for mechanics, I'm a single mom that needs the car, the car ru

There are a couple simple options. The first thing I would do is check ur gas tank cap and possibly change it out that is a very common problem for newer cars that the gas tank pressuse isnt right because of a gas cap, I would replace it and see if i ... 1998 Ford Contour

94 chev. Cavalier 4 cyl. auto. Had problems with key stuck in ignition. Now key comes out, car starts, sometimes is fine, other times shuts right off. Many times dash idiot lights go crazy while running. Need new ignition switch??? How much should it cost to have it done?

Yes probly need new 1 u can do it urself to save sum cash. its not too hard ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

Not sure if cambelt has been replaced on my 1999 vw golf gti it has just turned 100.000 km and was imported at 70.000km . I have just bought the car . Is there a light that comes on on the dash board to let u know it needs done? thanks regards Kev

No light for that. This is a fairly expensive procedure on most VWs so it probably has not been changed. I hesitate to suggest this, but the timing belt will probably be ok long past 100,000 km. My current timing belt on a Ford F150 has well over 2 ... Volkswagen Golf

Bizarre car my acura legend ls 1989 model will not start up, I have replaced to starter,the altanator,battery and had a $69 fuel service done plus the deluxe oil change and new front breaks....need i continue too many things to mention? I am at a loss, it may be a main relay problem,cilinoid or other electrical problem what are my options to narrow the field? I am stressed over it and have limited options, the symtoms are as follows if there is a light on the dash it comes on! (Batery+ -, Check

Make sure you try putting in a new main relay. You install in under the dash to the left of the steering wheel. ... 1989 Acura Legend

Replaced 2007 Mitisubishi raider truck speedomerter cluster - was having problems with engine light, abs brake lights coming on for no reason.. Took the truck in several times for this problem. Finally the mechanic said the speedometer cluster was bad and needed replacing which we had done. We are still having the same problem after replacing the speedometer cluster. The lights come on for no reason and they go off and will stay off for several days and then they come back on. Any suggestion

Clean the abs censor and check wiring at brake end might just be **** on the censor ... 2007 Mitsubishi Raider LS

When I crank my 1996 Ford Taurus up there is no lights on the dash. I think someone could have disconncted the fuse so the check engine light will not show.i just bought the car and I need an emission test done. But they can't test the car because no lights are working on the inside dash. Thanks Tilly

Replace the fuse for dash light . ... Ford Taurus

88 Prelude - the S2 shift light is blinking on dash, the check engine light comes on at first start. no lights come on when I start the car the second time even after a few hours and it starts easily.. takes several seconds of cranking the engine to turn over on first try. Have replaced battery. Please help, single working mom needs car for work.

... 1988 Honda Prelude

You responded to my 2000 (actually its a 2001) olds Intrigue problem of all dash board lights coming on after the car is warm/hot.(about 30 minutes of driving before they come on) Codes were checked at GM dealer and it came back to the ABS breaks. Tech said he did a pin test and that I have a bad ABS module (EBCM)($1,100) and if that doesn't fix it I may also need a $1,300 hydralics valve assembly. and that should get the dash lights off. Breaks work fine otherwise. Also the steering gets "heav

Seems like you already know what's wrong, what you need is to fix it for less money. First, find out if your car came without abs. If so, you could then remove the system and install non abs system very cheaply. If it only came with abs then your oth ... Oldsmobile Intrigue

My 01 Alero's radio & dash lights(all) come back on after I've turned the car off, removed key, & exited the car. When put on a diagnostics machine "no codes" resulted. This continually happening has caused the battery to run down & need a jump if the car has been left overnight or for a few hours. Is there a fuse needing to be replaced? Need to be reset? Is this something I can fix or must it be serviced?

Vent selection knob on 2002 alero doesn't work ... Oldsmobile Alero

How do i bypass the security lock system? the seurity light went on and now after shutting my car off, the car wont start. all lights and sounds go on but when i go to turn on the ignition, nothing happens just the sound and the blinks of the lights on the dash and speedometer. i just recently replaced the fuel pump and starter, had 2 diagnostics done and everything showed up good w/the exception of the thermostat. pls. help, i need my car and im on a tight budget

You cannot by pass the factory immobilisor if you could every car thief would know how to steal it ,dealer only try the spare key ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

I was driving and all of a sudden engine light came on then shut off and then oil light come on as im losing power and steering wheel locked up then oil light went off. i pushed it to side turned on hazard lights. got a quart of oil put it in.. thats all it was low (although i am in need of oil change and last time it was changed it was done with synthetic and that is not what was put in my car when we added the quart it was not synthetic) had it towed to my house. then then my car had no power

From your explaination you have a bad alternator, with the new battery it will run until the battery drains, what happen was the alternator went bad engine stopped running when there was not enough voltage left,the oil light and steering problem is a ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

I have a very clean 89 Crown Victoria from Florida! An old lady owned it bought brand new! I resently replaced all external lights now when I turn on my lights all my front turn signal lights my dash lights & taillights go out until Ive to smack the dash just below the dimmer switch & the come on! Do I need to replace the dimmer switch? Please help! Ive got alot of money invested! I love this car!!

The dimmer switch for the headlights only affect the headlights. The dimmer control for the dash lights only affect the dash lights.So if the parking lights are going off too, I would say its the headlight switch. Thats about the only thing th ... Cars & Trucks

My taillight wiring is melted and i need to know what i need to replace them?i have a 1994 toyota camry and yesterday the tail lights caught on fire. about two weeks ago my right rear parking light went out. at the same time awarning light of a car with rays of lights coming out of it appeared on dash. Do you know what this means?

You need to call toyota and have them order you rear tail light pigtail wire harnesses cut the old ones out and wire in the new pigtails use shrinkrapable but connectors to splice the wires together if u dont no how to solder. What proly happened is ... 1994 Toyota Camry

I've been locked out of my Trailblazer 3 times, when I finally get into it the car won't start at all it is just dead, none of the dash lights even come on. I get a jump and the car's Service Engine Soon comes on. What the heck is wrong with my car???? The bad thing is is that I just bought it not even a month ago. Did I get sold a car that could possibly need a transmission???

You have to be diagnosed you car to come into conclusions, service engine soon have too much things in it to loking for, a diagnose give to you conclusions, go to the dealer and diagnose your car. only this just to know what runing in it. if you la ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 96 VW Jetta. Last night I tried to unlock the car with the key. The key would turn in the lock but the automatic locks did not disengage. A friend ran a wire down inside the door and pulled the lock up. This set off the alarm. Now the when the key is in the ignition and I try to start it, the dash lights come on but the car makes no effort to turn over. The hazard lights also begin flashing. Jumping the battery made no difference. I don't know what I need to do to start my car.

Hi! Please try this. Disconnect the battery connectors of the car and let it sit for 30mins. This should reset the car's system. Turn it on after 30mins and see how it goes. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

2003 4 cyl Camry 90,000 miles Headlights, dash lights etc. come on but car does not start or turn over (nor even make a click noise). Doesn't seem like its the battery as at no time did it turn over until the battery wore down. It was running perfectly then just wouldn't start. I noticed yesterday that it didn't start on first try (ie: lights & dash lights came on but nothing else) but did start normally on second try. Now doesn't start at all. Could this be a solenoid problem or maybe need a n

Yes sounds like youre starter motor or maybe try and shift it to nuetral may b e neutral safety switch gone bad ... 2003 Toyota Camry

When i press the brakes the back up lights on my dash beside the speedo come on along with battery lights. when i increase rpms the car gets a big boost of power and lights go out. my battey is testing over 12 v and my alt is putting out 10 amps and 12.6 v and a slow draw occurs until the car stalls. what would cause this sort of draw?

Looks like the alternator did not give enough output. you should have 13v++ and under load the output should increase to 14v to 16v depend on load. ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

Why is my check engine light on my 1991 honda accord? I replaced the throttle positon sensor on my car because i took it to the transmission place and they said the code came up that it needed to be replaced. ok i just spent $400 and the check engine light is still on, and the s light on the dash is still coming on. Even with 250,000 miles on my car it has to be a solution to my problem

The computer will reset itself after you drive it a while or take it to your local AutoZone and they will scan it for you for free and can reset the code or let you know if there are further problems, ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 1996 subaru impreza and the engine light keeps coming on. put into garage and they said that the air flow was needing replaced. have now done that and still the same. car runs perfect until it seems to heat up and engine light comes on then lack of power ? any idea thanks mike

Engine temp sender has gone?. ... 1995 Subaru Impreza

1999 Volvo S80 2.9 auto I hadn't used the car for 4 weeks & the battery had gone flat. Once charged I notice the heater/ AC didn't work & the console lights don't come on, also the drive selector lights (next to the gear stick)don't work. I read elsewhere that the ECM needs a reset & this is done by locking & unlocking the car using the remote key - this didn't work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanx

Try disconnecting both battery terminals and touching them together for about 30 seconds. This will drain capacitors and any stored power in the modules(or computers). When a battery goes dead and modules are deprived of proper voltage they make funn ... 2000 Volvo S80

'96 Chevy Astro van -- check engine light comes on and car starts to hold back and shake. replaced crankshaft sensor, air flow sensor, did extensive tune-up -- everything new -- wires, plugs, cap, rotor etc. -- timing - cleaned out distributor --runs good for a while -- then, usually at stop light with car running and foot on brake, for no reason, it starts to hold back and act like it is going to shut down. Mechanics are stymied. They have done everything and cannot find the problem. HELP

... Chevrolet Astro
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