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Change oil & filter in audi A3 2007 - A3 Audi Cars & Trucks

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Change oil & filter in audi A3 2007 - A3 Audi Cars & Trucks

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Hi I have a 1998 Audi A6 C5 2.8 Quattro with steptronic transmission. My car has gearbox problems, I changed the oil and filter (clean new Synthetic oil) cleaned all the sludge from the magnets. Oil was dark and dirty and burnt. It seemed the owner before me never serviced the gearbox. I went for a test drive after new oil and filter and car runs well and strong in 1st and 2nd gears but doesn't change into 3rd, 4th or 5th gears. At low speeds there is a whining gear noise, not sure if it's

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It violently shakes when parked or when stopped with brake applied, doesn't shake when moving though, rpms is like 500rpm constant so between 0 and 1 on the gauge. it also notice at night my lights stay dim till the car warms up and than they are bright, the car also runs sluggish till the car warms up, the belt squeals till warmed up also, i start running mid grade it helped a little with the sluggishness, has a new air filter, new oil change, new tranny oil change, new brakes, new brake fluid

If it shakes, it is normally either a bad motor mount (if the car runs fine) or your car is "missing" on one or more cylinders (misfire). The belt will squeal because they stretch with use. That can be solved by replacing the belt or tightening the b ... 2003 Kia Spectra

Oil warning light came on while driving home, then started flickering on / off for rest of journey 2mls. changed oil filter and oil used recomended Mobil 0 / 30. oil light went out on starting but would come on during gear change, added wynns oil treatment and light has gone out, work colleague advised that there is a sludge prob with these cars and that i should not drive ??

Oil light at idle is a sign of wear. If it only happens at low revs and this is an old car, I wouldn't fix it unless it got worse. If it's a newer car, get a new oil pump. ... Saab 9 3

My Audi A4, 1.8T from 2004 makes a loud noise when starting the car. The noise comes from the fuel pump in the back and it is there everytime I start the car. While driving the pump does not make any abnormal noise, only when starting the engine. Why is this? Is the pump going bad or is it something else? I have 65k miles on it, recently serviced oil, changed oil and air filters, replaced the coolant...not that I think this is related in but thought it might be useful information. Can it be

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Misfire hello, i've got a audi 80 2.6 v6 coupe, its misfiring badly and the rev's are jumping (1000rpms) at a time. this happens through the whole rev counter, it idles fine so this only happens when i give gas. But my problem has got worse now as the car wont even start. i've changed the plugs, oil, oil filter and fuel filter.

I would bring it down to the shop and have the timing checked and the timing belt or chain replaced....also check for vacuum leaks as this could be a problem..however you can usually check for bad vacuum leaks yourself by once you start teh vehicle p ... 1992 Audi 80

1993 Buick Roadmaster keeps on blowing fuel pump/ecm in-line 20 amp fuse. Car stalled out in a parking lot, would not start, no fuel. Changed fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump relay. Found fuel pump/ecm in-line 20A fuse keeps on blowing when I turn key on. Looked all over for shorts, disconnected oil pressure/ fuel pump cutoff switch, changed fuel pump relay, fuel pump is disconnected at tank at present, still blows fuse. Please help as I cannot afford to take car to shop and presently working

You said the fuel pump is disconnected at present and the fuse still blows so I am thinking you have a dead ground in the fuel circuit maybe a wire is pinched after the fuse and before the pump. Check along the frame for this and make sure all of you ... Cars & Trucks

Have a 1999 Z71 chev truck with 5.3 L engine that has fluctuating oil pressure. Started with low oil pressure after start with engine clak that disappeared after it warmed up. Changed oil and found sludge in crankcase. cleaned as best we could and blew back through oil filter housing. Now engine shows ''0'' oil pressure after start for about 10 seconds then goes to mid range on gauge. After it warms up, oil pressure starts to drop and engine appears to labour intermittitently.

In some cases where the oil is not changed properly, the oil pump screen maybe plugging or your oil filter is defective. Fram is a good filter. If there is no problem found, replace the pressure sensor. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I Just Bought A 1990 Audi V8 Quattro. I Changed The Oil And Filter Because It Was Losing Oil Pressure And The Oil Light Was Blinking Even Though It Was Right Up On The Oil Dipstick. Car Sounds And Runs Fine. No Valve Tapping No Noise At All But I Still Have The Problem. Oil Pressure And Everything Fine Until I Drive It For About Two Miles And Then My Oil Pressure Starts To Drop Again Does Anyone Out There Have Any Idea Why This Would Happen. I Have Been A Mechanic For A Good Number Of Years But


I Just Bought A 1990 Audi V8 Quattro. I Changed The Oil And Filter Because It Was Losing Oil Pressure And The Oil Light Was Blinking Even Though It Was Right Up On The Oil Dipstick. Car Sounds And Runs Fine. No Valve Tapping No Noise At All. But I Still Have The Same Problem. Oil Pressure And Everything Fine Until I Drive It For About Two Miles And Then My Oil Pressure Starts To Drop Again Does Anyone Out There Have Any Idea Why This Would Happen. I Have Been A Mechanic For Many Years But This I


Was changing the oil and filter,found that the wrong oil filter was installed,4 months ago when it was serviced,bought the truck from a dealer,the dealer had the oil and filter changed ,I have the receipt,with the wrong filter on the invoice with the VIN # of my truck,the differance is my truck has the short post with no spring housing,the shop installed a filter for a tall post with spring housing,I just started having trouble with the engines power,it has none,did having the wrong filter in st

I really need to know the year and motor, but if you look at the filter/housing combination, if the oil filter with spring has enough spring pressure to securely seat on its mating face(so that the oil can only pass through the filter)then it should ... Ford F-250

Buick Park Avenue 1999 with 100,000 miles. Car oil pressure is oscillating between normal (129 psi) and low (0 psi). I change oil, oil filter and oil strainer still problems continue???

Sound like a problem with the OIL PRESSURE SENDING UNIT, this device measures the engine oil pressure and sends this information to the oil pressure gauge. The oil pressure sending unit is located on the oil filter bracket about nine inc ... Buick Park Avenue

86, 1.6 liter, VW Golf, gas engine, 55KW, German Spec Car, Car mileage went from 24 to 5 MPG, I changed oil, oil filter, air filter, filled the tires to proper air pressure, changed the spark plugs and millege returned. I also placed a bottle of Gumout Carb cleaner in the gas tank. Now the car runs fine cold, when it warms up it hesitates at 40-60 KPH and kinda get stuck at that speed. It also seems to miss every 5-10 seconds but other than that runs fine. I also changed the fuel filter to

Check you're catalytic converter, Dont know how fast 40-60 KPH is but if it is near 40 miles per hour and has no power up hill that would be the first thing I would check. second would be Fuel pump... Hope this helps ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

My 2000 accent oil light begins to flicker as the engine warms up, and then it stays on constant after it is at running temp. I just changed my oil and filter, hoping that would solve the problem, since the car was past the due date for the oil change, but even though the engine runs better, the light problem continues.The car just recieved a oil change and a new oil filter.

... 2002 Hyundai Accent

Hi there i have a audi 500sel aka the audi a6 c4 my problem is that it shits fine into reverse gear as soon as i shift to drive or any other gears it just reves up any ideas just baught the car prev owner said he changed the oil and filter of the transmission wil start there

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My 1999 Subaru Impreza sport wagon had a misfire in cylinder 2, after I changed all four spark plugs and fuel filter the problem got worse. Now the throttle lags and misfires only happen when the car accellerates from 0 to 20, then the problem disappears. When I was changing the spark plugs, there was also oil completely coating the outside of the rubber gaskets that plug over the spark plug, is this due to a cracked valve cover gasket?

Check the firing order tu might have installed it differently, clean the Hi-TENSiON wire terminals on the distributor cap and to spark plugs, oxidation makes contacts to these points might have attributed to the problem!\012The oil must have leaked f ... Subaru Impreza

Locate a oil filter on a audi a4 1.9td 2003 - A4 Audi Cars & Trucks

See pictures below: \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... Audi A4

Audi a3 fsi has got an oil leak. I have changed the oil filter housing but car seems to still leak. Please assist

... 2005 Audi A3

I need to change the oil on my 2000 Hyundai Accent L. It is a new car to me, so I have never changed the oil on this car before, but have changed oil on numerous other cars I've owned in the past. The car came without a manual, so I dont know where the oil filter is, although I can probably find it, but most importantly I dont know how much oil the 1.5 L engine takes. If anyone can help with this information I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time. Regards, Trevor McNichols

Oil capicity is just under 5 litres with filter ,use a cheap oil and change it every 6000 miles and a oil filter every third oil change and it will last forever ,not bad cars these but a bit tinny feeling compared to a ford focus or a VW ,also the ma ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Car won't start; new battery, just had oil changed. the "oil can" light came on; went and had oil changed yesterday and car inspected. Drove car after oil and filter change. This evening, car wouldn't start. Noticed it was a little sluggish when I turned on in the afternoon, but then drove fine.

Make sure u still have oil, they may have left ur oil drain bolt,filter,or filler cap loose ... 2003 Toyota Camry

Dear sirs, Please be informed that I have bought one Tucson car automatic, diesel , manufactured in 6/9/2005 from a show room in Khartoum - Sudan. When I send the car to the cahange the Gear oil, the technical man ask me to buy Gear oil filter and and I did so, but when he opened the cover he did not find oil filter. The car is automatic , and we and the tehnician worried why no filter in this car and this is why I ask and request you please to inform us and how to change the Gear oil to keep th

Hi Ahmed. I'd remove the VIN number from you description, it's not really safe to publish that.The oil filter will be at the very bottom end of the engine, usually brightly colored. It will be just forward from the sump and is a screw on ... 2005 Hyundai Tucson

Oil leak? i have a 1988 cabriolet.. that goes through oil much faster than gas! it is coming from above the oil filter... i am now sure what the square metal box is called between the oil filter and the oil filter housing/ cooler is called.. i think that is what needs to be replaced.. i took my car for an oil change.. and that is when it was broken... is it possible some how to break that part, while changing the oil filter?? if so is that a hard thing to fix? and what am i fixing so i can get t

Sounds like the garage either installed a filter with a faulty gasket or the oil filter is not tightened, or there is trash under the oil filter gasket. \015\012\015\012I'd remove the oil filter, clean gasket seat on block, clean oil fil ... 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet

DRIVING WITHOUT OIL 2006 4.6 f-150 - I went to change oil the other night and found that I did not have the right oil filter, so I went to get the right one, by the time I got home it was about 9:30 pm so I decided to install the filter in the morning. When morning camw my wife decided to use my truck to dive the kids, the truck died about about one mile from the house. When I got the truck home I installed the filter and oil and prayed for the best. When I started it I didnt hear any major Rod

You could have some main & rod bearing wear due to no oil. First, put a Ford Motorcraft filter on it.\012\012report back. ... 2005 Ford F-150
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