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Gy6 reverse cable replasment prossger

\015 How to replace reverse cable gy6 157\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Gy6 reverse cable replasment prossger

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Manual transmission Reverse cable is broken from main linkage housing. Connector for the reverse cable is plastic and cannot find where this section broke away from.

This happened to my wife's 1998 beetle few months back. Took it to aamco transmission and they replaced the plastic connector, and reinforced it with a metal jacket. Repair cost $500\015\012 ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

I changed a dead battery in my 1989 Chevy suburban and hooked up the cables on reverse poles. There was a pretty good arc so I did not attach the cable to the battery. Thinking it might be a faulty alternator I disconnected the power to the alternator and tried to connect the cable to the battery( again - cable to + battery )there was a small arc but I screwed on the cable to the battery. I went in to try to start the truck and there was smoke coming out of my stereo amp.I immediately disconnect

First thing, is you want to put + on first. Then put on negative. If you have an acr, you very well blown an fusible link or fried the battery solenoid. ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I changed a dead battery in my 1998 Chevy suburban and hooked up the cables on reverse poles. There was a pretty good arc so I did not attach the cable to the battery. Thinking it might be a faulty alternator I disconnected the power to the alternator and tried to connect the cable to the battery( again - cable to + battery )there was a small arc but I screwed on the cable to the battery. I went in to try to start the truck and there was smoke coming out of my stereo amp.I immediately disconnec

The Fuel pump Fuse : Passenger Side - Under the hood - look around the heat / ac area - will be under a cover. The fuel pump is in the tank, you may try tracing the wiring from the fuel pump possibly have a short from excessive heat due to the revers ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

Gears of transmission doesn't always shift from park to reverse and then from reverse to drive .the shifter cable was replaced by a ford specialist,and a transmission specialist checked it 3-months ago.Now we seem to have the same poblems only worse ,it seems to shift from gear to gear sometimes and not all the time.they seem to have a mind of their own.when we have the low gears we have no reverse,when we have reverse we only have high gear,also seems tobe losing oil,more than often,have to add

Sounds like the bands could be streched i have a similar problem with my holden when we checked it it lines had a huge crack in them from the mechanic not tying them up which ment loosing a huge amount of fluid which then lead to it not changing gear ... 1995 Ford Aerostar

My car has (had!) a feature that in order to remove the key, it had to be in reverse (manual transmission). The other day my car would not go into reverse smoothly and the key would come out regardless what gear the car was in. In order to put the car into reverse I need to pull up on the collar, and shove it into reverse very hard and hold it there or else it will pop out. I have narrowed it down to the cable within the shifting mechinism on the right side. Any suggestions on how to repair

... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

1999 volkswagen jetta wont go into reverse reverse cable came off

Broken shifter clip at transmission end ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

I installed new shifter cables on my 2001 ford focus zx3 5 speed. All gears work except for reverse, is there a hook up or a reverse lock out that i am forgetting or overlooking. if so how do i fix it. I think the shifter is supposed to raise up to go into reverse if so mine doesnt

... 2005 Ford Focus

I just purchased a 1999 VW Cabrio ...as is... It is equipped with a 5 spd. manual transaxle . I picked it up dirt cheap because it has a major issue going into reverse , grinds and makes loud noises as described by the previous owners but shifts fine in foward gears . I have not tried it myself for I have not picked the car up yet. Since most manual reverses are nothing more than sliding in an internal reverse idling gear , I am hoping that this may be a bent or misaligned linkage or cable ?

It could be clutch problem reverse gear not fitted with synchro so inclined to grind more if clutch adjustment is out ... 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

2001 Saturn SC1 won't go into 2nd 4th or reverse, have replaced the shift cable several times and keep getting same issue, also replaced a clip on the cable toward the front of car, car will shift if cable under housing is held down, need more info on actual housing and clips needed, thank you

... 2001 Saturn SL

When shifting 95 lumina from park to reverse trans wants to skip pAST REVERSE AND GO into drive. the window for reverse has gotten smaller until now when you do find it the trans hangs up in park or the parking pawl is still partially engaged. all the cables and linkage seem sound.

... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Lost reverse gear in my mitsibushi fto manual, changed gear linkage cable bushes but still will not go into reverse, all other gear changes are good just lost reverse.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 Lexus LS430. The alternator seems to have died on it (wont run after jumping and cables removed - call cables are clean). When it was being jumped, my son reversed the cables. It starts no problem, but none of the seats, dash guages or lights work. Checked all fuses, and all seem OK. Is there a master fuse or other component to check to see if it is bad?

There should be a fuse box under the hood and in the car. The one under the hood is most likely to be the one with blown fuses after doing that. If thats not the problem you probably burned up a fusible link which is in the wire harness and can be a ... 2006 Lexus Ls 430

The emergency brake locked up, i cut the metal connecter that holds the cables together, now cables won't reach the new cable connecter, it feels like when i go forward or reverse it pulls, its a 4wd.

You will need to replace the connector ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

So I was driving home n my 97 eclipse gst n it wouldn't shift into 5th gear n the shifter seemed loose... when I went to park it wont reverse... all other gears 1-4 are good but a little loose. So reverse and 5th crapped out... BTW it does have a short throw in it but cables are stock... help

... 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

My 1997 Ford taurus transmission wont shift. I was driving and it stalled now it wont shift. If i put it in neutral i can push it and if i put it in park it wont move. If i put it in drive or reverse it wont go. The car turns on just fine. But if i put it in drive or reverse all it dose is rev up. I checked the shift cable and its good its shifts on the transmission but the car wont move.

Have you checked the transmission/gearbox fluid is at the correct level ? This will also cause this. Hope this is of help. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

This morning I shifted my 2003 Chevy Venture and it stopped in reverse and then the shifter itself slipped all the way to the right towards the floor without engaging any other gears. With it stuck in reverse I can't even start the car. It just kind of flops around. Is it a cable or a linkage somewhere? Please help. Thanks.

You will need to look at the top of the trany and see if the linkage is moving or if the cable is moving to determine the problem, look under the dash while moving the shifter to see if the bracket under the dash thats bolted to column come loose, if ... Chevrolet Chevy

2001 Pontiac Montana sticking throttle Parked vehicle, shifted into park and engine went into high rpm mode (2,500 -3,000), Tried shifting into drive, reverse, slowed to just above 1,000, but normally runs lower. Thought maybe throttle cable, but not able to find replacement cable, so maybe uses alternative method of throttle control? Whats going on?

... 2001 Pontiac Montana

My heat started blowing out warm air. I reversed and forward flushed the system several times, still the same. I bought a Heat Control Valve and replaced the vacuum hose, still the same. I bought a Climate control Head, still the same. I took it to a mechanic and put a new radiator, cap, thermostat and heater core, still the same. He said that the Climate Control Cable could be stretched and not allowing the door to work properly. I took the cable off the Head & held the case while pulling on th

Hello, my name is Ben. Since you stated it got a little hotter when you manually pulled on the cable, it is possible that the plastic where the cable ends hook could be worn excessively. Have you tried to manipulate the door by hand, totally eliminat ... 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager

No reverse gear if you put the car in reverse you actually are in neutral but the cable is not the problem. there is however possibly a problem with the neutral safety switch. you don't have to put the brake on to get the car to go into gears

The neutral safety switch is only there to inhibet starting while the car is in gear can u select reverse gear at the gearbox with the cable disconnected ... 2000 Kia Sephia


My best guess is it would be the fuse able link. It's installed as a fault protector in cases like this to prevent further damage to the vehicle. Follow the positive battery cable to the power distribution box under the hood and check in there. Th ... Kia Sportage

My girlfriends 2001 SC1 would only start in neutral and when put into park would still roll. I do not know if the recall for the transmission shift cable adjustment clip was done or not. It would not go into reverse yesterday and now will not even start. I believe the neutral safety switch is preventing it from starting because the gears are not in correct alignment. Is this the transmission, shift cable adjustment clip, valve body, or solenoids?

Hi, Sorry to here you're having problems. You idea is exactly right. Most automatic cars today and all sold in the USA have what is called a 'lock pin.' This pin engages when you place the car in park as well as the neutral safety s ... Saturn SC1

The shift cable is loose at the wand and only has a range of Reverse, Nuetral, Drive and Second. Recently it has limited to Reverse, Nuetral, and Drive. Today, a small metal rod shape piece about 3/16 diameter by 1" long , with a machine grooved end and a broken end, dropped out of the column and I lost the ability to shift into drive. The wand is total slop! How hard is this to install? Special tools? Dealer only part? Availble on Sunday in Riverside California?? Thank you for your he

... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

Some one trying to help connected jumper cables in reverse ,noticed smoke by ground and disconnected . put the cables the right way and started the truck.Replaced battery. have power until i try to start then no power at all.

Check the fuse and/or relay for your starter. If that's good, check the starter and its solenoid. ... 1994 Ford F150 Styleside Supercab

My 2001 dodge caravan while in reverse i heard a snapping sound. you can put the shifter into reverse and drive but the van will not move forward or backwards. there are two cables above the engine one i believe is the throttle but the other one i'm not sure but it is loose. what could it be? thank you.

That would be the kickdown for passing gear it sopunds like either an axle broke or the transmission is bad ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan
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