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My BMW X5 4.6is alternator light on the cluster is not switching off when the engine is on.The alternator is being replaced with the new one

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My BMW X5 4.6is alternator light on the cluster is not switching off when the engine is on.The alternator is being replaced with the new one

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Toyota hilux diesel 1988 mk2, 2.446cc, had the oil light come on, turned of the engine.Check oil level which was on the top mark of the dip stick so,i replaced the oil pressure sender switch with a new one £22.77, re-started the engine' oil light still on after 5 seconds, turned of the engine removed the new sender unit re-started the engine found no oil at sender unit point, turned of the engine again. Removed the sump pan for a visual inspection all seems to be in order, any ideas as to what t

... 1988 Toyota 4Runner

Intermittent Problem vehicle looses power, service engine light comes on and stabilizer system light, also when you turn the a/c switch one notch off of cold it blows hot. Vehicle completely broke down within 5 minutes of the dealership saying there was nothing wrong. They replaced the catalytic converters, switch and plugs. Problem continued. They divided the wiring into 5 separate circuits and put a new load center on it, within two days same problem occured, low power and engine lights came o

Not sure if my situation helps or not, but here you go.....\015\012\015\012I have a 2006 H3 that has 21,000 miles, last week my husband was driving and lost power, service engine came on, and it kept flashing stabilization problem. Calle ... 2006 Hummer H3

NISSAN MAXIMA SEDAN 1993 Electrical Problem? Everything had bee working perfectly on the car, engine running smoothly etc. I noticed that the 'transmission mode switch" lights were not operating, so i replaced the old transmission mode switch with a new one and the car started and worked perfectly, as well as the mode lights on the mode switch. A short time later, the car alarm system then activated the alarm siren and the car would not start. Also, the transmission mode switch lights would

... 1993 Nissan Maxima

I have a 1998 Ford one ton van that will run about five minutes after jumping it then the engine will die. Had the alternator checked three times and it checked out ok. Replaced the battery and the problem still is there. The battery indicator light is on. also replaced both battery terminals with new ones. After jumping the voltsge meter shows about 14 amps. runs five minutes and the voltage meter starts to drop. when it hits eight volts the engine stalls. Is it possible the starter or thwe sol

No on the starter but a yes on a poss wiring issue. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1996 Mazda MPV where the engine fuse keep blowing. This happens after the battery was removed. Here is what happen. The alternator die one day. I replace the alternator and everything work fine. The next day when I drive the car I found the ABS light turns on every time I press on the accelerator. Somebody told me that the alternator that I put in may be defect. To find out if the new alternator is working, I shoudl removed the battery after the car is started. if the engine still

There is a diode in the alternator that you fried the instant you disconnected the battery....go get a new alternator. This was an acceptable test on much older cars, but not these days...... ... 1996 Mazda MPV

Battery light came on alternator was bad replaced it with new one also replaced battery light comes on after 3 minutes and engine revs up 2003 ford taurus dohc

Try replacing your timing belt have it inspected to make sure first though ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Replace the battery with a new one, car won't start. Have lights on dashboard and they are not dimmed. No firing/ignition from the engine. Don't know if its the starter motor or something else. Also, the alternator was checked when new battery was replaced. I believe its not blockage from the fuel. Check the fuel filter and not dirty and no signs while driving.

Hi, I'll try to help. Why was the battery replaced?? Was the vehicle starting fine before the battery replacement??? How many miles are on the vehicle??? Was any work done before this problem occured? ... 2002 Kia Sportage

Electrical problem My battery is new, my alternator is 2 years old. My car doesn't start sometimes. It won't crank...no clicking noise...lights work, radio windshield wipers too. Wait about 30 minutes then it will start. it is very embarassing at the gas station because I can't move the vehicle for another one to pump gas. Is it the alternator...no check engine light is on. Is it the starter relay? I've replaced door lock relays and window motor and relays. How much is the starter relay?

Chances are it is the starter itself ... 2000 Ford Contour

The speed sensor in my Hyundai XG 300 has to be replaced and I dont know where it is in my engine or which one to purchase. I put in a brand new battery and replaced the alternator belt but now the check engine, battery, and brake lights are lit up on my dashboard

I had this same problem on an old Toyota after I had changed the battery. I learned from a mechanic that the small cable which attaches to the positive terminal of the battery was broken. I reattached the wire to the battery, and all the lights wen ... 2001 Hyundai XG300

Van running rough at first starting. drove to work shut it off, end of shift would not start. turned over but did not start. Replaced fuel pump twice (2 New Ones) Still no gas to engine. No electric to pump motor. Switched relays still no juice to pump motor. I need help here. motor spins just fine just no gas from tank. Switched relays, new pump relay, even though not sure needed, I need fresh ideas. Second damn Ford I have owened & got rid of for gas problem Motor light on all the time does no

Check to see if FUEL SHUT OFF SWITCH Went BAD..............Located in Passenger side kick panel. will have red button on top. Unplug it. take paper clip and complete circut. If car starts , then replace fuel cut off switch.It is an INERTIA SWITCH,sim ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Ignition switch i own a 1997 chevy blazer, 4x4, and my ignition switch/ lock cylinder keeps blowing, resulting in i cannot get my key out of the ignition, and my check engine light is on, and my blazer does not start in first gear, when i go, it starts out in 2nd or third gear. The switch blew about three months ago, and i replaced it with a brand new one, and it blew again, so i am looking for a reason why it keeps blowing on me. any ideas?

You wrote ignition switch/lock cylinder. Which part did you replace? The ignition switch or the ignition lock cylinder? The electrical ignition switch is what is bad. ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

My alternator went bad on my 2000 hyundai elantra and left us stranded at a stoplight. We had to be pushed off of the road. I replaced the alternator with a brand new one and it hasn't been on the car for 2 weeks yet and my car did the same thing again. The alternator tested bad again. I don't know if there could be something wrong with the wiring system in this car or what but it's aggrevating. Also, I can't get the check engine light to go off either. I have reset the computer and it stays off

Quality of parts is always key. An electrical component can go bad 6 seconds after installation. These aftermarket rebuilds have tendency to fail prematurely. Unless there have been any aftermarket stereos, amps, wiring, etc., installed, highly unlik ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

2006 suzuki XL-7 my battery light is on I just replaced for a new one and still is on when I drive for about 5 minutes after that time the light got off but everyday when I start the car the light comes on can you tell me the problem please. I dont have problems to start the engine and I took the car to check and the battery is ok and the alternator too so I dont know please tell me what could be the problem tanks for your help.

Check the alternator belt. it should be tight enough to prevent slippage ... Suzuki XL7

1999 Camry: The battery light had been going on intermittently for a couple weeks. Whenever I revved the engine up to at least 2500 RPMs, the light would go out. Finally, I replaced the battery - no change. I then got the alternator checked, and yes, it was bad. I bought & installed a new one, and it seemed to fix the problem for about a day & a half - then the battery slowly started draining as I was driving (the clock dimmed to nothing, then the airbag light came on, etc.). After I stopped I h

Yes you do need a mechanic to check it out who installed your alternator ... Toyota Camry

Spark plug have 97 sunfire with a 2.2 in it but put in motor from a 96 2.2 was wondering if the gapping inthe plugs is different also haveuing probs with the cooling fan when put new motor in it worked for while then engine light came on hasnet worked since , noticed the realy switch was backwards bought new one replaced fan temp gage sensor still nothing will come on if you unplug the gauge sensor but shuts off when you plug it back , any ideas.

It may be a problem with either the computer or the temp gauge is rated to low or high ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2004 Ford Focus Z-Tec engine. I just replaced the alternator twice in one week, had Ford updates, and a new the battery. It will not hold a charge. I am told now it might be a wiring problem. It started with the battery light coming on. One website stated that only a silver calcium alloy battery should be used. Not sure who to take it too now.

I have similar problem, I repaired the alternator using a voltage regulator and brushholder (new) taken from a new alternator for a Ford Fiesta (I think) when I refitted it the charging light still stayed on. I cleaned the multiplug where it goes t ... 2004 Ford Focus

I have a 2002 Kia Optima 2.7l v6. The car was shifting at high rpm's, check engine light was on. When driving steady at 30 and 40mph the car jerked in and out of gears. Auto Trans. I have had a tune up which included: Ignition coil, plugs, wires. I had the IAC and TPS Switches replaced. New battery and alternator. Alternator was bad. Car is still doing same thing as when I brought it in. HELP!!

The problems you are having are not addressed by the repairs you have had done. The shifting problem is going to be in the transmission. Without opening the transmission and looking I would have the say you have a bad solenoid in the Transmission ... 2002 Kia Optima

2003 crown victoria randomly (either right or way or 2 days later) engine cuts of while stopped at a red ligt. The front end was taken off so wires could be inspected. The vehicle has a new alternator, battery, fuel pump,fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter, sensor on air filter housing, lighting box under dash (at times the headlights would flicker before vehicle shut off), tried a new egr but same end result. Oxygen sensors were replaced. Other than this one problem the vehicle runs good. As t

Several things to try, but computer should have coded. If your style intake has a metal airhorn, remove its 8 bolts and clean under the gasket. Then replace the gasket.\015\012Check with Autozone or similar and see if there is an extra water t ... 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

When I am sitting at an idle, my lights flicker and I get power surges. Sometimes alternator doesn't charge. By racing the engine, it usually goes back to charging. I found a blown fuse for the OBD2 plug. Cleaned all ground wires that I could find and replaced the alternator. I tried a new battery, made no difference. I have one code that says fuel gage (P0465) If you have any ideas, it would be appreciated. Thanks Ron

It sounds like you're idle speed is too slow, it should be in the 600 RPM neighborhood. The first thing to do is clean the throttle body and throttle plate. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

Hello thank you for pointing me in the right way. i replaced the alternator with a new one and that fixed the light switch over heating and light flickering. Now today i was driving my discovery and the idle goes up and down and sometimes it stays on 1200 rpm's and doesn't want to come down unless i turn off the vehicle and then when turned back on the idle goes back to normal until a couple of minutes it starts doing it again. Do you think it's my idles speed control sensor or is it the throttl

I believe it is the throttle sensor..So please try replacing it and check your car..Check whether you have a vacuum leak. With the hood opened and the engine \015\012running, listen for a loud hissing noise. Often times as these mot ... Land Rover Discovery

Ran the codes on the check engine light. It said mass air sensor. Car would shut off going down the road like you turned off the switch. i replaced it sensor with a new one. Now after starting and stopping the engine u have to wait a few minuets to start again.

After replacing the sensor you need to reset/clear the error code.Have you done this?If not the car's ECU would not read any changes..It works just like a computer but here you need to clear the error codes.Once done if there is any oither fault your ... Volvo 850

Okay this may be kinda long so bear with me: initially my check engine light came on and when I took my car in for inspection they discovered it was a faulty gas cap (it was cracked on the inside) and gave me a new one that fixed the problem immediately. Since I like having a locking gas cap I bought a new one and replaced the gas cap Goodyear gave me with that one. About a week later the check engine light came on again. I took the gas cap on and off several times and the light remained on. Th

Have vehicle scanned for codes at Autozone its free and do the repairs the codes list. ... 2005 Ford Taurus

My dash lights wont come on. when you try to turn on dome switch, the four ways and hight beam indicator lights come on and the seat belt light. I tried replaceing the dome and head light switch, but every time I plug in the new one or old one I get different light problems and still no dash lights. All external lights work fine. also when lights are on and I turn on turn singal my fuel gage goes up and down. all fuse are fine. can any one help? 1988 chevy s-10 pickup

Bad ground , check ground at headlight switch, or behind dash ... Chevrolet S 10

I replaced the EGR Value because the error code indicated and said EGR Value insufficient flow. The engine light went off for about a week and came back on. I replaced the EGR valve with another new one thinking the first one was defective but the engine light did not go out. I noticed that when I increase a vehicle's engine speed by pressing down on the gas pedal or advancing the throttle while the vehicle is stationary it misfires. Please advise.

How does it run under a load ?IN DRIVE WITH THE BRAKES ON AND ABOUT 1/2 THROTTLE? Better or worse? Do you have a hole in the muffler or any bad exhaust leaks? ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala
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