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How do i take ht lead off lupo

\015 Do they just pull off\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How do i take ht lead off lupo

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HI I HAVE A 1993 MAZDA PROCEED 2.6 G6 PETROL the motor goes but runs rough jumping like its down on 1 cylinder i have replaced the sparkplugs and checked there is spark to every lead all is good but when i take have the truck going if i take 2nd and 4th lead of moter the motor doesnt change at all but sparkplugs have spark i have checked the timming and all is good could it be possibley be the ecu thanks

Do you mean when the engine is running rough, you pull the 2nd lead out ther is no change in the roughness? If this s the case, then test the lead it might be faulty. ... Mazda B2600

Rite so lads two days ago the passat started misfiring...so i checked the leads lead 4 was broke inside and lead 3 wasnt giving a strong spark so i changed the boath of them running fine until last nyt started doin it again...so today i checked the spark plugs and thay look ok and fairly new...its giving a stong spark on all 4 cylinders...but its spluttering between 1000 and 2500rpm...takes of then and hits a few flat spots up through the revs???can any1 shine a light on this??

There are a number of reasons this can be happening here. The first to check would be the following...\015\012\015\0121) Spark Plugs\015\012I have a Jetta myself and had similar problems. The spark plugs were brand new, producing a perfe ... 1998 Volkswagen Passat

My daughter has a front side light bulb gone on her 51 plate vw lupo. having just read the manual it suggests taking it to an expert! is this correct... just to change a bulb? ps you dont have lupo in your cat. so i put fox!

There are two ways to change this light:One method is to get at it through the wheel well. You'll have to remove the plastic guard inside the wheel well. Then reach up and pinch the spring in ... Volkswagen Fox

I have an 89 VN Berlina that is running rough, i am able to take the lead off to cyl 3 and it has no effect on the running of the motor. Is this a cyl problem or coil pack or lead?

... Holden VN

Erratic idling hey everyone ..my sisters lupo is severly lacking in power and seems to be really struggling to tick over ..the plug leads are on tight and all connections are sound...the engine looks like its gonna shake itself out of the car .....its a vw lupo 1.1

Are the leads fitted correctly ... 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

I have a 2000 VT Commodore and its has been running up the ****, so iv change the plugs n leads n now it wont idol n missing bad double n tripple cheaked everything went back into correct place, the exhaust has a small hole but at 1500-2000rpm its got a super loud vibration in exhaust, i tried to drive after doing the leads and plugs but its just got nothing now, and how do u take the clips of the fuel filter to replace it is there a special tool or something?

Yes there is a special tool to release the clips.but you can also do this with out the special tool.For exact step by step procedure.Click the link below and follow the instructions :----- ... Holden VT

Car running rought when u press the throtle there is a nocking noise i think this is the nock senser if i take the ht leads off the spark plugs 1 at a time starting from left they all make a nocking noise other then the secound one in does this meen this is the the 1 with the problem or the other 3 i have check the leads spark plugs and changed the injectors still got a problem can u help thanks craig vauhall vectra 2.0 sri 140 vreg 2000

If you're getting ticking-type knock, I'd first look to the lifters. if it's a real hard knocking, it could be your main bearings on the lower end ... Cars & Trucks

Have a alarm system on Honda Civic SI 2003 will not start the car you want to bypassed alarm and just put the battery leads back on so I can start the car back up but I don't know which leads to take

Hey,, Actually its easier than that,, Locate the alarm module ,, its usually under the dashboard, anyway remove the wire connector from the alarm system.. and thats it..all that needs to be done to disable the alarm is just unplug it. ... Cars & Trucks

For the past year, some days the RA65 Celica clicks and the engine won't turn over or start. I patiently keep trying sometimes it only takes another go and eventually off she goes and is right for the day, but sometimes it takes upto 4 hours to get her to kick over? The mechanic has replaced all the leads and sparks, the fuses are OK and all the electrics appear fine. Can anyone suggest a solution to an issue like this?

This sounds like one of two possibilities:\015\012\015\012- Starter relay/solenoid has a burned contact\015\012\015\012- Starter itself has a bad winding or bad connection\015\012\015\012My bet is on the starter re ... Toyota Celica

My Hyundai Lantra Sportswagon died last week during a move. Oil must've shot out from the back of the motor but cant find any trace of where it came from. Car died immediately after that had happened. Started stripping off the tappet cover an saw nothing but dried up oil. Cranked the engine over and yes there is compression and all moving parts in the head works fine. Tried taking the spark leads off and had no luck with that. Plastic bits have melted the leads in an around the plugs 1,2 and 3 b

... Hyundai Lantra

Battery is draining when jump start then take the leads off the voltage is steady then put lead back on and the voltage droppeds it may be a earth on the seat belt stalk

Alternator sounds like its going bad ... Volvo 940

My 1993 Eurovan won't crank. I turn the key and nothing! Not even clicks. If I am lucky I get one click, but that is it. Here is what I have done so far - Changed the battery (the old one wouldn't hold a charge anyhow) Changed starters (when I was taking out the old one to get it checked one of the leads to the starter solenoid broke so I had to) Cleaned the leads from the battery cables, including the first ground hookup and all the little wires on both clamps. One time, after changing

I would say that you do not have a good ground/connection on your battery. I haven't looked at your clamps so I would say replace them, if you are sure they are still good. Then make sure they are tight and can not turn them when they are tight. Hope ... 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan

How to take of a honda lead carburetor

Need,year,make,model and engine size. ... Honda Cars & Trucks

I have a stock Honda cassette deck and if I try to put in a tape it only goes in as far as the eject position. I am just trying to use a cassette adapter for an mp3 player. If I have to take it all apart I'd just as soon just install a 1/8'' jack in the bezel. That leads to question number 2: Which pins or which color wires are the stereo inputs into the radio/amplifier

... 1997 Honda Civic

The pipe leading to the muffler snapped in half due to rust. Is this a "diy" project or is it best to take it in to my mechanic?

It is best to take it to the muffler shops , it is a under the car project and is very messy , lots of falling rust stuck (rusted together ) parts and it is almost impossible to refit the new pipes and there could be alterations to the hangers . save ... 1991 Honda Accord

Hey my 2000 mk4 golf gti 2.0 petrol starts but will not take any revs tried plugs, leads, coil, airflow meter and checked wiring from ecu to the coil and airflow meter.car seems to run better when airflow meter disconnected but not for long as car cuts out and wont start. please help. thanks


When turning over engine it takes 5seconds tostart new coil leads and plugs fitted

Starview key code for 10 12 2009 ... 2000 Ford Focus

My niece's '91 Ford tempo had the engine replaced quite some time ago. When the new engine was installed, the a/c was not hooked up. When this was brought to the mechanic's attention, he took a wire and hot-wired from a red w/yellow striped wire that lead to the a/c drier and wired that to the compressor. The a/c worked great until the red w/yellow wire died. Too much time has passed to take the car back to have the problem corrected by the mechanic so now we are trying to figure out if there is

Here's the electrical path:\015\012\015\012From fuse 17, 10 amp, currrent travels through white/lt blue stripe wire to the a/c switch on the a/c/heater controls.\015\012\015\012Coming out of control panel, a pink wire goes to ... 1991 Ford Tempo 4 Door

Hi,i really hope someone can help?? ive got a 2001 ford mondeo 2.0i,......now ive got a misfire on 1 and 3.....now ive put a new coil pack on with new leads and spark plugs and its still the same....ive put a new cam sensor on but no change!....when i take the injection plugs off 1 and 3 with the car running it just stays the same??!!.....so i thought to myself maybe the injecters were knackered so i swopped them over but there was no change??...but you could see 1 and 3 was dry no fuel coming o

Just a simple question, since you have made any changes to the car, like you explained you change spark plugs, coil etc,have you reset the ECU using a diagnostic tool?If not then you need to reset it else ECU will not recognise that you made any chan ... 2001 Ford Focus

A/c blower stays on while engine off on my 1999 chevy astro i even take off the relay and blower is still going any leads would help???????

... 2004 GMC Envoy

I have a 2006 Saturn Ion 2. My check engine light is on whit codes P0171 and P0106. My car is running rough, and likes to stall at lights, stop signs, traffic jams etc. (anytime it's idling). There is an audible hissing sound coming from the engine, leading me to believe that there is a vacuum leak. I can not find a leak and I don't have any money to take this to the dealer or a shop. Anyone know alikely spot to check for a vacuum leak?

Remove the housing that covers the engine block and look behind the engine block, up against the firewall towards the bottom of the block there are some vaccum hoses(this is easier to get too if the car is up in the air, or lifted on jack stands) get ... 2006 Saturn ION

Sparkplugs hi can u help, how do i change spark plugs i cant even see them when i take leads off

Pull the boots off and use an extension with your socket and "feel" for the socket to go over the spark plug, When you know have a good fit on the plug, use your ratchet and remove each one. Install the plug into the plug socket and again "feel" for ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Merc 190e hi i got a mercedes 190e it wont rev over 3000 revs it takes ages to get there ive changed the fuel pump and filter plugs and leads and still no help ...... ive been told told it could be in limp mode if so how do i get it sorted ........any help would be brill ...its h reg 90

You have to check your air filter, the mercedes are sensitive to air ratio. ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190

Takes 20 minutes to warm up prior driving is jerking and poor new plugs and leads and lambra sensor fitted?

Is the temperature gauge never reaching 90 or very hard? i had same problem high idle and engine not warming change thermostat and maybe sensor and that is it ... 2000 Alfa Romeo 156
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