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Why isn't my 2006 Volvo getting any power

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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I have a 1988 volvo 240 gl and my main fuel isnt getting power

There is a fuse up by the Battery alone in a white receptacle with red wires. It may not be blown but is corroded. Thoroughly clean it. This feeds the Fuel pump circuit.If tat is good the white fuel pump relay under the glove box may be bad. ... 1988 Volvo 240

I have a 1992 jeep cherokee 4.0 inline 6. i am having the same starting problem as everyone else. while driveing it shut off i got it started 15 mins later it did this til i got home. ever since it hasnt started i have replaced the distributer cap, coils, battery, ballast resistor, and camshaft sensor. i came to find out that my ignition coil isnt getting any power and neither is my block sensor that hooks up at the top of the engine on the driver side that runs into the car isnt getting power

Try unplugging the ECU wire harness from the ECU, clean the terminals and screw it back on tightly. Might be a bad connection at the ECU. Also, I have no idea what 'block sensor' you are talking about and that jeep 4.0 has a crankshaft sensor bolted ... 1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport

Hello I have a 2002 dodge durango. 4.7 L Problem is po138 problem is i have no power going to either 0 2 senor. This system has only 2 o2 . not 4 my problem is my alldat info has the wrong wireing diagrams. they show in the pdc box a o2 heater relay, and a u fuse. i have empty pin cavitys. i have allway know chryler to power the o2 heater throught the asd relay with the coils and injectors. need to get a diagram or answer to where it get its power from thank you

Your best bet for a visual of the wiring diagrams is to buy a Haynes book for your truck at Autozone,they have a pretty complete set in the back of every book.$20.00 ... 2002 Dodge Durango

I have a 2002 galant gitting code 0340 camshaft sensor malfunction replaced but still getting same code what could it be? I'm getting fire on 3-4 but not 1-2 also noticed getting power to 2 coil pack but when I turn key to start power goes to 0

Coil pack has failed change it. ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2004 acura rsx type s and i went to start it in the morning and it started for a second.then it just shut off. there isnt any power getting to the fuel pump. i hooked up direct wires to the battery to see if the fuel pump run and it does. and its not getting much spark. can someone please help me with this? what would make the power stop getting to the pump. the car cranks, but wont start. it will only fire up if i put starting fluid in it. but then it shuts back off. id appreciate anyo

If you have a vehicle that will turn over and over but will not start, I will tell you some things that you need to check. Every vehicle needs air, fuel, and fire to start. Now, the first thing you want to ... 2002 Acura RSX

Im get power to the pump but its not working. i hooked the pump up directly to the battery and it works. if im getting power to the pump shouldnt work. the pump is good. ive had it running several times but i have to hook it up directly to the battery. i check the pug to the pump and its getting 12volts like it should but isnt running. it is a 2 wheel drive 1998 s-10 tuck. it has a 2.2 sfi engine

Check the ground wires , ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

88 bmw 325is fuel pump relay is not getting full power to all 4 connections under relay box, ive spliced a lead wire from hot wire under relay since without it my pump wont work because fuse 11 isnt getting power, will this cause a problem

... BMW 325

Key stuck in ignition, no electrical power. I have a 2005 Volvo S40. When I put the key in the ignition I was able to turn it past 0, but upon doing that all power was lost and I was unable to return the key back to the 0 position and the automatic shifter locked in the park position. I have tried moving the steering wheel to all positions and also tried to jump start the vehicle. I am at a loss for what to do and there is no local dealership for me to consult with.

... 2005 Volvo S40 T5

2005 Chrysler town and country van has lose power. When driving it goes from 0-70 in about 15 seconds, it appears not to have much power when trying to get up to speed. If you press down on gas to try to get up to 40mph very quick, the RPM go up, but you must let off the gas for it to change gears. However, it eventually does change gears. The check engine light is on and the code reads p0404 and p0420. I replaced the EGR valve, still same problem. I disconnected the catalytic converter an

Change plugs, wires, and fuel filter. Get a cold air intake or at least a k&n air filter.\015\012Clean the throttle positions sensor. Check for any vacuum leaks. After every sensor that you replace you have to reset the computer or the code wil ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero, new battery and new alternator. Car loses charge while driving, can actually see the battery gauge going from 16 to 12 in ten minuets then gets to 8 and radio goes off and lights dim till it gets to 0 and dies...if I get a jump for 5 min. it will drive another 5-10 minuets before it does the same thing. If I charge it with a charger for 3 hours it will run for 20 minuets before starting to lose battery power and get's down to 12 by the time I get home, then it s

You need to check the charging system. Take a volt OHM meter and go to the positive and then the negative posts. It will tell you how many volts it is putting out. If it is not charging at least 13.9 volts, then you bought a faulty alternator. If ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

Why isnt my starter getting power

Fusible link burned out on single( small wire terminal) replace that wire/fusible link wire ... 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

96 Volvo 850 Turbo. Both headlights went out but the high beams work if I hold the switch back. Turn lights and running lights still work. Tested power to the fuse box and no power to high or low beams..checked power to the relay switch and it appears there is power getting to the light relay..any ideas?

Hi, the problem you are having is with the switch itself, this is a common problem so the switch is not expensive to buy.once you replace the switch the lights will work as normal.if it was just one light not working then you ... 1996 Volvo 850

My 89 volvo 740 has a bad miss and loss of power that comes and goes if i can get the rpm,s up past 2500 to 3000 i can get it to go but if i get on a hill forget it its four ways and 10 to 15 mph it don't do it all the time any help would be great.

Hi have you checked your Fuel Pump Relay and yor Injector(Radio Suppression Relay are operating correctly the are known to start failing on high mileage 740's ... 1989 Volvo 240

Hi all. I am at my wits ends with a problem with my saturn. i have owned it for 4 mths now and this problem i have been having has been about 3 mths now. let me start with my symptoms... i have RKE and i lock the door, come back to the car and the RKE isnt wroking. The stereo has no power, no interior lights, no real power for extras. but the car tries to start. i can get it started but it stalls shortly after and runs with a bad shake. im gathering that the "no power" is affecting the fuel pump

Hi,\015\012\015\012My sympothy goes out to you !\015\012\015\012First, things first....\015\012\015\012Ensure the battery is in full charge state (if not, fully charge it); disconnect battery cables, clean both cab ... 2001 Saturn SC

Have 1995 jeep cherokee v6 4,0 my jeep run sluggish loss of power cant get over 65 mph service engine light on took it to auto parts to get code read low fuel intake somebody told me also to start it 3 times then read the flashing light where can i get a list of information on the code names. what should i check for the low fuel intake? the fuel filter maybe the pressure tested please help

This sounds like you may have a problem with your oxygen(O2) sensors or a clogged component in your exhaust system. if you have a catalytic converter in your exhaust system, the filter element inside could break up and clog the exhaust pipe. you shou ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

Volvo V50 Power Service Urgent ... The regulator in the alternator has given in. Go to Volvo for a new one - costs half the price of new alternator. Big rip off. Or get the 120amp alternator fitted on

... 2005 Volvo S40

I have a 1986 Silverado. The inside tank selector switch isnt getting no power

There is a fuesable link that blew. you will spend days looking for it. I would just run a new wire from an aux fuse to the switch ... Cars & Trucks

I have an 83 volvo 244 dl, it is getting spark, its getting fuel to the fuel rail, but the injectors do not seem to be working. many things have been tried, fuel pump ran to a switch, different computers, the guy i bought it from and a friend confirmed it would run for a while with a new computer but after s 100 miles or so it would lose power and wouldn't restart.

1983 has two relays,for this replace your fuel pump relay,do both,because of age,check your changing system,1 batt,batt cables,then alt. ... 1988 Volvo 240

2003 1.9 tdi vw jetta has no power. bought a wastegate to put on turbo and cant get bolts off, rusted on. while looking for someone to get them off, car blew huge black smoke out tailpipe. tried turning car off and even took key out ran for another 25 ft. car will not start now and before this happened engine had 1 qt of oil low and now dip stick reads 0. please help!

... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

So, I just bought this car that had a 2.3L motor swapped out before, and a 5.0L put in. Not a hack job, done by Ford, and confirmed it was proper by Ford, I have some sticker on the rad. Anyways.... The car will start, crank over twice, and fire until its hot. Once it gets warm she dies, and takes for ever to start unless you let it cool off. The alternator isnt in top condition, but even with a battery charger hooked up it will still die, so it cant be the injectors losing power and getting

Some electrical component is overheating thats for sure but what and where ?? ... 1991 Ford Mustang

1988 bmw 325is fuel pump isnt getting power, relay has a problem wont power fuse 11 what could it be

Remove the fuse box, there is an in-line fuse underneath that protects fuse #11... Just had the same issue. ... 1988 BMW 3 Series

I have had my Volvo 960 '95 parked in the garage for 6 months. When I try to start it I get nothing. I bought a new battery but still car is dead. I am getting no power at all. Please help.


My 1999 volvo S70 will lose power as I am driving. The rpm goes down but does not stall. I have to pump the gas pedal to get the power back. Also once is a while the car will stall when I bring the car to a stop. Then in order to star it, I have to rev the engine very high..

This could also be the mass air flow meter ETS in your book---spray some brake cleaner into the airbox removes the oil from your meter so the car will no how much gas to shoot into the engine...im a volvo sales person ... 2000 Volvo S70

Hesitates after driving for awhile. Acts like it isnt getting enough fuel. I cleaned the 0-2 sensor, replaced thermostate, map sensor and spark plugs. When I am at a stop sign it acts like it is going to die. When put on puter it reads high input 0-2 sensor. 2000 cherokee jeep

You cant clean oxygen sensors, they need to be replaced, Also, remove your IAC and clean it out. ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

My drivers side power seat wont work and i cant find a fuse in either fuse box thats blown. I checked the plug and seat motor isnt getting juice, where is the fise for the power seats?

... 1998 Chrysler Sebring
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