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I keep swooping batteries in my 2006 v50 Volvo but it keeps draining them

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Its obvious its your alternator
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I keep swooping batteries in my 2006 v50 Volvo but it keeps draining them

Its obvious its your alternator ... Cars & Trucks

91 Ford Tempo gls manual transmission battery keeps draining the machanics say its not the alternator has replaced battery 2x have a radio/cd player in it. I take the face off and a light keeps flashing constant could this be the problem. I dont know what to do 2 batteries already had to jump it yesterday.What could be draining the battery if every macanhic says its not the alternator?

You need a draw test done on the car to start to diagnois the problem.it can take a few days to find the problem and should be done by a tech that knows how to check for electrical draws as its not an easy job to do and if you don`t know how to do th ... 1991 Ford Tempo 4 Door

My 1998 Ford Taurus has a battery that keeps dying in about 1-2 days. The battery is new and I was having the same problem with the old battery as well. This battery drain is occuring when the car is turned off. Unless I am using the multimeter incorrectly, the drain is about 700 miliamps. When the battery is almost drained I can hear the faint clicking sound of the battery saver relay/battery isolater relay. This occurs when the car is not turned on. I replaced the battery saver relay, thinking

You obviously have a short. I think it may be your starter selinoid or starter relay. It could also be a mercury switch failure in your trunk or under the hood. They turn the lights on & off accordingly under the hoods. Have your starter checked ... 1998 Ford Taurus

2004 Dodge Durango cd player is draining my battery. Cds got stuck in 6 disc changer. Got them out but player keeps clicking like its stuck. Says the cds are still in there but they are not. Wont stop clicking and it keeps draining my battery. Is there a fuse just for the cd player? would really like to keep the radio going but can do without cd player for the time being.

... 2004 Dodge Durango

This is an additional inquiry regarding my Taurus. My 1998 Ford Taurus has a battery that keeps dying in about 1-2 days. The battery is new, and I was having the same problem with the old battery as well. This battery drain is occuring when the car is turned off. Unless I am using the multimeter incorrectly, the drain is about 500 miliamps. When the battery is almost drained I can hear the faint clicking sound of the battery saver relay/battery isolater relay. This clicking sound from the batter

The best way to check for a power drain or a "draw" on the battery is to dis-connect the negative, or "Neg" (-) side battery cable and then connect a test light not a meter, between the "Neg" (-) side battery post and the battery terminal at the end ... 1998 Ford Taurus

2005 Chev. Suburban 5.3L Vehicle has a full voltage drain on battery. I have pulled every fuse & circuit breaker with a volt meter between the neg. cable & terminal with no drop in battery drain. Also unplugged ABS module under car below drivers seat. Amp meter shows full charge while vehicle is running. Have to disconnect battery every night to keep it from draining. Installed new battery to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks, Ron

... 2005 Chevrolet Suburban

2001 Aztek battery drains overnight. Took to mechanic and he replaced the alternator and the computer. Battery has been replaced twice. I bought a charger to keep the battery up. I had a 1.9 amp drain until I removed the radio fuse. Now it dropped to 0.7 amp. Pulled under-hood fuse #48 and dropped to 0.4 amp. Cannot find any current flow from either fuse block now with both fuses removed, but still have 0.4 amp drain where the battery cable hooks up to the fuse block. Pulled all relays and fuses

... 2001 Pontiac Aztek

My battery keeps draining, i bought a new battery and alternator but still it keep draining.

Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5925550-dead_battery_troubleshooting . These are gener ... 1994 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 1998 for taurus and the battery keeps draining. The alternator and battery are both good. I have read on how to dete4rmine if there is a drain on your battery. I have disconnected the positive cable and put a multimeter on the + post and the cable when the car is off and i am getting a reading of 12 volts. I have pulled every fuse and relay in the car and none of them stopped the 12 volt "drain". Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to avoid taking it in and paying out th

I have a 1998 ford taurus. the battery and alternator are good. I found the problem to be a 175 amp mega fuse located behind the battery.It caused a short in the wires everytime I drove it. Rewired it and replaced fuse. Michael S ... 1996 Ford Contour

Battery in my 95 sable wagon keeps draining after a few day's of no use. The battery and alt are good but the wiring from the alt to the battery is old, what is that wire called so I can replace? Also my door locks go crazy at times so Im thinking it may also be a electric issue draining my battery,m how do I check for shorts? I really need to find out whats killing my battery. Please help!!

That wire would be called a primary wire. You are probably correct about the door locks.\015\012First, go to a Autozone or Oreillys and ask for a free scan for your system. Tell them about your battery concerns and the primary wire. Their g ... 1995 Mercury Sable

Battery Drain Bought a new battery for Volvo installed it and it started fine. I came back (2) days later and battery was dead even though I hadn't started the vehicle. What could be draining my battery.

It is either a short somewhere in the electrical system or your alternator is bad. If worse came to worse what I have done. Is installed a switch in the power cable and then you just pop your hood and basically disconnect the battery every time, the ... 1996 Volvo 850

Something keeps draining my battery! I had some problems with a dead battery, so I got a new one, and now the NEW battery is having the same issue. What could be draining my battery? It is garage kept.


Battery keeps draining but tests good and is only 2 yrs. old. alternator and starter also test good.i charge battery and will run for the day then dies overnight.someone mentioned a loose belt? would there be other problems associated with a loose belt? i do sometimes get a squealing sound when first starts up but only for a few seconds. which belt would it be and how can it drain a battery? RONI

Hello, This type of problem is usually easy to solve with a little investigation. First with the loose belt, usually there is only one belt, a Serpetine belt, which drives the Alternator. If your vehicle has this single belt system it has a part ca ... 1992 Subaru Legacy

The battery keeps draining and it sort of stutters when i go to turn on the engine. It charges right back up when i jump it but the minute i turn off the car the battery is drained again. the battery light also comes on when i drive.

This may be over-simplified, but to find the battery drain: Remove the positive battery cable from the battery and insert an ammeter in series beween battery and cable. If something is draining the battery, it will show on the ammeter. Remove fuse ... 1992 Chevrolet Corvette

I got a brand new battery and alternator. My 98 Plymouth neon keeps dying and completely draining the battery. What else could be draining the battery?

... Cars & Trucks

My battery keeps draining, already checked my alternator and its fine, already went over all electrical connections and they are fine as well, just put brand new battery in today, and its dead, why is my battery draining????

Do you leave anything plugged into the cigarette lighter over night? ... 1995 BMW 3 Series

I have a 2004 suzuki verona. something keeps draining the battery. took it to get tested at a parts store they said the battery and alternator were good, but when they ran another test for the check engine light, it came back as a throttle position sensor, and a couple of 02 sensors. would these cause the battery to drain?

They are not supposed to have battery feed when ignition is turned off but will bring the engine check light on ... 2004 Suzuki Verona

The fans run constantly and keep draining my battery. Is there a sensor or relay that could be out? I've disconnected the fans, and it still drains the battery. I've resorted to disconnecting the battery just so that I can make it to and from work. That's getting old. This is the first problem I've ever had with this car that left me stranded. I just want to fix it.

... 1996 Volkswagen GTI

My battery keeps being drained and i just bought a new battery and alternator and the battery still continues to be drained.

This is going to take time for you or whomever works on the car to find the problem. There are several methods to use, but the good news is that a simple Ohmmeter, Voltmeter, or testlight is all you need.\015\012\015\012First, I suggest ... Mercury Cougar

2007, Mercury Milan battery keeps draining =, car will not start, I have had the battery charged and checked, the alternator its fine. terminals a good and clean any ideas what might be draining the battery?

There can be electrical issues like lose wiring..check all the wiring.. there are not many reasons because of which a battery drains out.. ... 2007 Mercury Milan V6 AWD Sedan

My battery keeps draining after 2-3 days, I've had the alternator checked, in which it is working properly. What could drain a battery after that short time span. the battery has been replaced twice

For starters, make sure that you don't leave any electrical components on. If that is not the issue then check the cars wiring. Have an electrician check it for you. My hunch is that there is some wiring somewhere that is not properly grounded and/or ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

Battery good alternator good starter good but battery keeps draining? The only problaem i know of is the power window works sometimes sometimes it dont and the locks recently are not working you lock the car and it unlocks itself. please help seems to take a while for the battery to drain?

The proper way to troubleshoot a current drain is to disconnect one of your battery cables, and put an amp meter between the battery and the disconnected cable. Measure how much current is there, and then you can systematically pull fuses out of your ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 1992 mb 300e 4matic, something keeps draining the battery, i have tryed changing the battery, the alternator, unhooked electrical components tha have continuos power to them like, radio, alarm, clock, and still after about 4 days the battery is drained. No indicator lights come on so i can have it diagnost on a computer. Ive taken it to a mechanic, and they kept it for 4 days and could not figure it out. One suggestion I received was to get a new wiring harness! what are your thoughts?

This is how I diagnose a battery draw. Take a 12 volt test light, the kind that looks like a ice pick with a wire and alligator clip on it.Remove one of the battery cables (either one will work for this test) and ... 1992 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 300 Class

My 92 fifth avenue keeps draining the battery when it sits, the radio shows only the clock, the turn signals pull a big draw on the volt meter, a new battery was installed less than a year ago but without driving it for 3 months the battery has been so drained it won't hold a charge.

... 1992 Chrysler New Yorker

Battery drain my rav4 is keep draining battery and i put new battery still same can any one help please

Since you have replaced the battery, the next step is to make sure the alternator is charging the battery, and to look for a power drain.When the car is off, someone would remove the battery cable and using a test light as a jumper pull all of th ... 2008 Toyota RAV4
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