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I found a hose that is plugged into the head gasket but the other end of the hose wasn't attached to anything. Is this hose supposed to be atached to something? And where?

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I found a hose that is plugged into the head gasket but the other end of the hose wasn't attached to anything. Is this hose supposed to be atached to something? And where?

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The car is leaking water right underthe driver side and by the firewall when the heater is on. I removed part of the heat shield and found the end of a hose that the water was coming from. The hose was not attached to anything, but went up and attached to a fitting. The hose was about 6 to 8 in long. Is this a drain hose of some sort, or part of the heater core hoses

Hello! The AC evaporator drain line is clogged. This is the clear water that you see drip onto the ground when your AC is on.The evaporator is located behind the radiator...Follow it back towards the firewall and you will see a shor ... 2002 Jaguar S-Type

I have a pontiac sunfire(1999). All of a sudden the coolant leaked out and the car over-heated. When I looked at it a hose which is attached up by the coolant cap was not attached to anything (not sure if that is the way it is suppose to be). The hose to the engine and the rad are secure. I opened the cap and nearly all the coolant is gone. Should I buy more coolant and fill it up? Why would this do this?

Try removing the plastic cover that sits between the radiator and the nose section of the car to check your radiator it may have a crack in it on the top. Atleast thats the problem I had with my 97 sunfire ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Water leaking I noticed a puddle of water underneath my Neon (pretty near the front right tire). After opening the engine hood I was able to find the hose that was leaking. Well, it's not a simple crack or hole in the hose, but the hose seems to be "open ended". I don't know much about cars, but i figure that the open hose is either entirely cut or it is supposed to be attached to some part of the engine/cooling system. Is there any website where I could find pictures that would tell me, where

Hi, Its the ac/heater condensate hose and its supposed to be like that. A puddle of water under your car is normal especially when the weather is hot and humid. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

There are 2 hoses attached to a block that leads into the engine, the block has come unattached or is supposed to be attached, i cannot find any screws that would attach it, should this item be attached? it seems like it may be something that deals with the coolant, but i'm not sure

Need a little more info "block" the only thing I can think of is the heater core cover on the passengers side firewall under the hood. Sometimes mechanics lose the screws or just don't reattach it like they're suppose to. Is there any coo ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

I just bought a 2005 Grand Prix. There is a key fob for a remote starter. The sales person told me that it was probably de-activated. However, I found some sort of remote starter "hook-up" thing in the glove box. It looks like it is supposed to attach to something. The end of it looks sort of like a usb end. I'm wondering if I can just plug this back up & the remote starter will work...but I don't know where to plug it. The key fob has a FCC# NAHAS2402 and a web address of www.autostart.ca. I w

That plug in the glove box is for a memory stick with songs on it to play through the radio ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

Have a 93 altima with a high idle soon after starting. There is a hose that has a u bend at the end that is not connected to anything and I hear a vacuum leak from somewhere. Can't figure out where this hose attaches to.

... 1993 Nissan Altima

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima that I found one end of a vacuum line disconnected from somewhere. I can't find where it is supposed to be connected to! I looked all over with a flashlight and can't find anything. The other end is hooked to the top of the transmission. Looks sort of like it might be a vacuum line for some kind of solenoid on the tranny. Anyone out there know where this hose should be connected to? Thanks in advance.

If this is out ot the top of the tranny,it is a vent line ,for fluid expansion or when you add fluid ,as long as it is not plugged up ,it's fine ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I have a broken hose coming out from the back wall of the engine that has left the water stain. Is that supposed to go connected to the water reservoir? I found another coming from the reservoir that isnt attached to anything, but it doesnt reach the hose against the engine wall...

I think that is a heater hose ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The small two inch hose which is attached to the coolant bottle is not attached to anything else, is this how it is supposed to be? Only steam is coming ut of it and the engine is overheating.

I think you have a more serious problem if your engine is overheating?forget about the little hose for awhile and get this overheating problem sorted.adrian;;;; ... 2005 Nissan Frontier

Water dripping from 1 inch diameter hose on passenger side at back : nothing hooked to it hangs downward. Should there be something attached? There is a smaller hose beside it that runs to rad. I think. There doesn't seem to be anyother loose ends to hook up to it.

You may just seeing over from rad ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

Found a hose hanging off the underside of my 98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4, it's connected to the front wheel base or axle...can't find where the other end is supposed to attach? Looked under a similar truck and looked like it runs into the engine somewhere? Please help, thanks. Some say vacuum line, for 4x4? But almost positive it goes to engine, not sure????

That hose in concern is engine manifold vacuum on the very back it is T off. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 ford escape. the coolant is low. i have a small and large supply line and return line running to and from the reservoir. my question is i have another 6" line at the top of the reservoir near the cap. is that supposed to be connected to something or is it a vent???? i havent found anything to attach it to?

Yes, that's a vent/overflow. It should be going down to let overfolw out bottom of car. ... 2002 Ford Escape

AC Recharge I do not have cold air. I bought a can of R-134a and was going to do it myself but I cannot find a low pressure port. There is an attachment on the compressor. ( It's on the compressor, facing the battery) On the top of this attachment is the hose from the evaporator. Below this is a hex head fitting with a small hole in the end of the fitting. No cap. There is another hose on the top of the attachment that runs towards the front. Below this hose is a fitting that has a cap on it. Wi

As far as I know, the Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have a low side port. They usually have to pump it in through the high side with a high pressure pump. You can usually get 1 or 2 cans of R-134a in it through the high side, but it only makes a small ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I own a 1996 bereft z26 I am leaking coolant from behind the engine from a hose coming through the firewall......... The rubber hose is actually coming out of a metal hose........it is shaped like a spark plug wire end ........the one end hooks up to the metal tube and the other end hooks up to nothing? ........is it supposed to be that way?

There is a small metal radiator, called a heater core, which sits inside the car. air is blown over it to provide heat inside the car. it is connected to the cooling jacket of the engine by two rubber hoses, one to bring hot coolant in and the other ... 1996 Chevrolet Beretta

I found a 1/2 inch by1/8inch by 1/2 inch vaccum hose around back end of transmission with mt bracket attached one end still attached in harness loop ending in the area of the cab and bed split groupe

Sounds like your looking at the trans case vent ... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

I just bought a 1994 GMC Suburban and the front end seems to float. I was underneath it today when changing the oil and I noticed that on each side there is an arm that is attached to the frame curves up and then straightens out with a bolt hole on the end. I think it is the steering stabilizer arms? There is nothing attached to either of them? What is supposed to be attached to these horn looking things?

These bolts:\015\012\015\012 ... 1994 GMC Suburban

Heater hose The heater hose that goes to the engine needed replacing due to a leak at the connection at the engine end. I removed the clamp from the heater coil end but when I inspected the other end (withe the metal tubing)and where it connects to the engine something felt loose when I moved it it broke off at the engine. It looked like a 3/4 size connector that screwed into the engine manifold behind the carb. I have tried an easy out but it will not budge the remainder of it and actually it i

... 1990 Chevrolet K1500

A rogue unplugged wire behind my Subaru Impreza 2008 2.5i Sedan's engine air filter housing. Is it suppose to be attached to something?

Extra wire for somthing you do not have. ... 2008 Subaru Impreza Wrx

I had to rebuild the head. My problem now is that I can't identify all the hoses, or where they all belong. I need to know where the breather hose is suppose to go, a hose that is like the breather hose but longer, what hoses go on the vacuum hose connection, and there's a hose with a metal pipe on the end of it that I remember, but not it's purpose or where it belongs.

It's sometimes easier just to get a look at a similar car to locate hose connections.\015\012Otherwise....laying the hose with one end hooked up will usually show the route/distance it took to connect the other end. ... 1996 Dodge Avenger

Help, need to know the name of the part that attaches to the lower end of the high pressure steering hose, it has 2 wire running from it. We can not get that last part of, so have to replace and attach to new hose

It is the power steering pressure sensor. ... 1992 Isuzu Trooper

I have a 1988 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan and I and having trouble finding a high pressure hose for a vehicle this old. The hose attaches to the Master Cylinder on one end and the other attaches to the automatic braking system.

This should be a standard stock part at most auto parts stores. I checked www.oreillyauto.com and www.napaonl ... 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Large power steering leak in the line on drivers side The hose has metal on both ends and rubber in the middle i do not know what this hose is call. Leaking from the bottom part where it attaches to the metal part oh yea it has a rubber sleeve that moves over the harder rubber hose. Can anyone help with the name of this hose?

You go to a dealers parts dept & point to the hoseyou need on the computer screen ... Cars & Trucks

A/c hoses i just need to know what the name of the part is so i can order it, compare pricing, and get it fixed. my hose busted when the a/c was on and it's the hose that goes to the condenser/compressor? i do know that there are two hoses that are attached together via assembly, you can't buy them separate. it's for a 2000 pontiac firebird, v6... hope i've explained enough...it's the best i can do...i can't find anything on the internet to show me a diagram. thanks for your help paula

The part is called the AC compressor high and low pressure manifold hose assembly ... 2000 Pontiac Firebird

I have a 1986 ford ltd,6cill. small sedan,theres i guess a vacuum distributer on the driver side firewall. on the lower left port there was something, but i noticed there was no hose attached so i put a cap on it. does anybody know what hose goes there? also on the top right theres a hose going to the passanger firewall, it goes to a splitter one goes inside the car and one goes along the side to the front. that hose is broken and i dont what it goes to. does anybody know that one. help please!

The one you capped could have been capped from the factory. The hose that goes thru the firewall goes to the heater controls and the one that is tee'd to it should go to a vac can. It will be a plastic ball or a metal soup can. ... 1986 Ford LTD
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