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I have a 99 Astro van. Just replaced the whiny power steering pump and followed all bleeding procedures (40 times left and right with wheels off ground while maintaining "full-cold" level in reservoir). Replace cap, no leaks...start van...no assist...at all. I have not done anything since. Thought I'd get some advice first...?

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Are the hoses on right?
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I have a 99 Astro van. Just replaced the whiny power steering pump and followed all bleeding procedures (40 times left and right with wheels off ground while maintaining "full-cold" level in reservoir). Replace cap, no leaks...start van...no assist...at all. I have not done anything since. Thought I'd get some advice first...?

Are the hoses on right? ... Cars & Trucks

My engine heat increased on a long trip. I noticed that the reservoir tank level was above the full mark at times of over heating. my radiator is a new one. my lower radiator hose busted twice in a single day, even after replacing with a new one. A mechanic said that the radiator cap could be too tight, so he released the cap valve a bit, using a wire. to my surprise this solved the problem. could it be the only problem?

Definitely replace this cap...my concern is the overheating on a long drive...this points to poor circulation, ie water pump, also check for sticking thermostat...replace and reseal. Hope this helps. ... Cars & Trucks

My haynes manual tells me that to check the coolant level, it should be at the cold full mark but my reservoir cap has a tube that only has a "coolant fill" mark on it. What should I be looking for?

Look down on the side of that plastic overflow tank and there should be a couple lines formed into the tank. The top line is the hot full mark and the bottom line is the cold fill mark. It is not on the tube but on the tank part of the overflow tank ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

Recent coolant problem. replaced thermostat because car would not blow warm air, temperature gauge seemed normal. seem to be fixed temporarily. couple weeks later temperature gauge increases to hot and blows cold air as if car is overheating or coolant level is low, and it is, then all of a sudden needle drops to normal and blows warm air. i have tried to purge the system by elevating the coolant reservoir and removing the cap and adding fluid as needed, i let the car run for about 30 minutes,

A compression test will tell you if your head gasket is gone.as far as the jumping gauge readings.just means you have air in the system.if no visible leaks are present it is either a cracked head or head gasket. ... Ford Taurus

I have just recently flushed out my 1999 Ford Tau ris.With premium Engine & Radiator Flush.Installed new Thermostat,Upper & Lower Hoses.Proceded to fill the engine with water & antifreeze as recommended.To the cold level on the reservoir.Then replaced the cap on the reservoir,then I started the engine,and let it run at idle,as recommend by the manufactor.I let it run for 20 minutes,checking for anykind of leaks.Which none were detected.So I drove the car about 11 miles,miles to my girlfriends,ho

When mounted for the first time the hoses are hard and the seal is assured by the pressure of the seal rings. After they are heated for the first time they will partially mold to the contours of the hose plug so a small gap will form - tighten the se ... Ford Taurus X

I have recently replaced my coolant reservoir due to old one having cracks. i have also replaced my thermastat. any time im on a uphill slope or going more than a 20 mile distant my 2002 taurus will overheat. coolant level is where it should be and there isnt any visible leaks. but coolant comes out of the cap. im not sure if its not holding pressure due to a blown gasket or what. there is no creamy substance on oil cap that insist its the gasket. the water pump is fine. im lost on figuring it o

I would do the cheap trouble shoot first , have your radiator flushed and see if clogs. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

Changed thermostat,radiator cap, flushed cooling system and replaced water pump. truck ran fine for a couple weeks and then overheated. coolant level didn't seem to change in radiator but level in overflow reservoir fluctuates. original problem was truck ran hot and boiled coolant out of radiator into overflow and I could hear it boiling/bubbling in overflow reservoir. had radiator checked and seemed fine. problem is off and on. not sure which way to proceed.

First thing would be what colour is the smoke coming out of the exhaust. is the check engine light on at all. and is that a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. if front wheel you would have electric fan(s). do they come on. also after the mo ... Toyota Tacoma

1987 Full Size Ford Bronco 302 Engine Surge/ Failed Emissions. Arizona NOX standard 5.50: Ours 9.65. HC: good CO: good Hi, My husbands Bronco is surging on idle and we just replaced the EGR valve, EGR Sensor, air filter, refueled with Premium Unleaded. It is still surging badly cold but not as bad warm. Fuel filter was replaced about three months ago and fuel pump was replaced about eight years ago. The engine was replaced also at that time. He passed emissions well below levels in 2

Make sure you have no vacuum leaks and check/replace the Idle Air Control valve, its located on the side of the thottle body. ... Ford Bronco

I have a VW Chico that is overheating. Have replaced all pipes, reservoir bottle , cap and fluid level indicator and also replaced the heat sensor. The only thing not replaced is the thermostat, relay and water pump. Fan is not coming on and the temp. gauger doesnt work. I suspect it could be the relay?... but I am not a mechanic and would appreciate any help with the problem.

Change your thermostat. it sounds like its not letting the water from the radiator to flow in the engine and where the water temp is at. ... Volkswagen Golf

I have a 92 ford bronco, about 138,000 miles on it, had a cracked head, gor it all fixed, i did a full tune up, fuel filter, thermostat, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, even a new distributor, the problem im having is, my trucks perfect when its cold, when it warms up and i turn it off for a few minutes i can barely start it, and when driving hot or cold, truck temp, it will spetter/miss, and loose power, i have tried replacing, the throtle position sensor, fuel pressure regulator, mass airflow sensor

I had the same model and guess what it was the fuel filter now this thing has 3 pumps and filters one under by the driver side door under neath and one in gas tank and another in the engine compartment Check those i sold my bronco for $1 ... Ford Bronco

For a couple of months, Coolant system way over pressurized, leaks out of the reservoir cap, no indication of head gasket leaking (no coolant in the oil or smoke from the exhaust) I have changed the t-stat, seems to have helped but coolant levels still dropping through cap,, could there be any other things I could check before I replace the head gaskets?

There is a combustion test to see if your compressing in your coolant\015\012fairly accurate and not to expensive to get done ... 2004 Ford F350

Our 2001 PT temperature gague has been fluctuating from cold to very hot. It goes down when the heat is put to full inside. Water pump was replaced in 2007. Radiator has also been replaced. Coolant was at the correct level. Could this be the thermostate?

The t-stat could be stuck or possibly an air lock ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Just replaced battery started car 2008 t&c touring van and very hot air started to blow out the front right side vents all other vents blow cold air checked freon level ..full any suggestings?

You may have to have the body computer "flashed" by a dealer scan tool. Sometimes the body computer looses data when the battery is disconnected. Sometimes it relearns itself after a few trips. ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

My 04 GMC Canyon Crew Cab, 3.5 5 cyl has a rough and irregular idle and a reoccurring engine light displayed. Light goes out when tank is full. Replaced gas cap already but no change. Fuel level is low, light reappears? Changed plugs and cleaned air filter and mass air flow sensor.

... 2004 GMC Canyon

Overheating problem for a 1993 VW Golf 1.9 TD engine code AAZ. I am worried that there is a leak of exhaust gas into the coolant jacket of the cylinders. Symptoms: Very high pressure felt by squeezing radiator hoses. With coolant reservoir cap off, bobbles shows up when engine runs. It overheats when run at higher speed. I can slow down and get the temperature to drop back to normal - howerver after some driving, the water level is very low. Lower radiator hose always cold (Thermostat never ope

Have you checked visually when hot, to see if coolant fan is running? it should be whirring like crazy if motor running hot! sounds like when you slow down the engine cools and does'nt need the fan. if the fan does'nt come on, there are 2 things to c ... 1993 Volkswagen Golf

My 2001 BMW 325ci overheats. Fluid level is always low and the reservoir is more than half full. I suspect a faulty thermostat as one cause. My heater does not work but the AC is fine. How do I diagnose a faulty thermostat? I wanted to make sure its a thermostat problem before I go ahead and replace it.

What thermostat does just a information for you initially:\015\012Thermostat\015\012\015\012Description: A typical thermostat consists of an outer body that houses a t ... BMW 325

HELP!!! I have a 1997 Honda accord, after about 45 minutes of driving it will over heat when i come to a stop buy as soon as i start driving it will cool down. Then when i park the car ill pop my hood and the reservoir will be over flowing. The fan kicks on, I've replaced the thermostat and radiator cap all fluids are at correct level and i even bleed the system incase it was air. PLEASE HELP! its driving me CRAZY!!!

My first thought is not enough air or coolant flow at idle.I would check air flow thru the radiator and coolant flow from the water pump. Are you sure the cooling fan is coming on at 220 degrees ? ... Cars & Trucks

1995 Dodge Intrepid no heat in cabin. Made sure there is not any air in the coolant system, replaced thermostat and radiator cap. The lower hose that comes out of bottom of radiator is cold. All other hoses are hot. Full of antifreeze/water and some times get some heat but most not. What could be the problem.

Radiator has a blockage, it can be removed and taken to a shop to be cleaned out, or a new one can be found on line for a little less than $100. ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

94 cavalier you left an answer about my car agreeing that it was the thermostat...i bought one but haven't installed it yet....another user also commented saying that i have air in my water line or a leak in the radiator or hoses... i know i have a leak in the water system somewhere. i popped the hood one day and saw that there was no coolant left in the reservoir. so i refilled it to full cold level. should i bleed the line now that i have done that then install the new thermostat or will it ma

Bleeding will def help but if the headgasket is bad,leaking internally or externally... there isn't much you can do but fix the issue. There is always the block sealers, i personally don't like them but in a bind..... ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country minimvan that has a 3.8L V-6 engine. Water gets out of radiator but no leaks are seen under vehicle. Water in reservoir tankstays full even though radiator is low of coolant. Occassionally the temperature hand inside the vehicle will rise almost to hot, but without any interference it drops quickly to normal. Heater, at times, temporarily blows cold air but soon returns to warm air. I have been adding coolant to radiator. Would replacing thermostat or radi

May be a bad head gasket check oil for signs of coolant mixing in there may be a cracked head or even a bad head gasket. Going by what you said that there is NO visible leak the only other way for you to be loosing coolant i ... 2004 Chrysler 300

My 94 ciera is running hot. I filled the overflow, but can't get the rad. cap open or figure out where to fill the rad., or check the level. The drain to the overflow is blowing small air bubbles into the overflow. Before replace something I just want to make sure the coolant system is full.

If you can get the rad. cap off then you will need to put anti-freeze into the radiator until it is totally full.problem solved!\015\012 ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Why does my 1994 geo prizm tend to almost overheat whenever i leave the car idle with the air conditioner on?? (needle passes the middle line on the temp.gauge but it has not reached the red area)when that happens it may fluctuate or i may have to turn on the heater full blast until the needle reaches below the middle line.i have already replaced the radiator, radiator cap,thermostat,water pump,added coolant,(was using water for 1 month due to the reservoir tank spitting out the coolant so i sto

... 1994 Geo Prizm

1998 jeep wrangler clutch pedal was hard to push in after removing cap of reservoir to check fluid level which was full it loosened back up is it possible there was a air bubble trapped ? or is there a problem that will soon surface?

... Jeep Wrangler

The car runs fine when cold but after driving 10 or 15 miles it acts like its hot even though gauge says normal--hesitation on acceleration and rough idling we've also been having trouble with the radiator over pressurizing pushing coolant into reservoir. When the engine cools it doesn't pull the coolant back into the radiator.so the next time you start up the coolant level is low. IT has a new radiator,new water pump,new radiator cap new intake gasket and there's no water in the oil.

Sounds like air in the cooling system.What year camaro?What engine size?Have vehicle running at operating temp and slightly open cooling system bleeder (if equiped) leave open until you get coolant only and no more air.If this doesnt work have coolin ... Chevrolet Camaro

I just replaced my thermostat, and had my heater core blown out for clogs etc, and my engine coolant is still at the right level in my reservoir, but I still getting cold air when I turn on my heat any help? I have a 1999 Lincoln Continental

Check to see if the heater control valve is not opening,feel bot hoses,and they should behot to the touch.Did you bleed the air out of the cooling system?Coolant will not circulate if this is not done. ... 1999 Lincoln Continental
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