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Water leak?

\015 My '06 honda civic seems to be leaking water, I've only noticed it after I've parked up, i.e a small trail of water up my drive. I have no warning lights flashing up.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Is it the air conditioner draining ?
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Water leak im a young DIY guy. im struggling to find the water leak, my next move is the gasket and thermostat. even possible water pump seal? water is not mixing with oil, water seems to be leaking out the block. is it possible cause of the gasket is just leaking from the water side and not oil? pipes fine, radiator fine, the experience.== that i went through 2 nights ago i checked the water it was a bit low but did not fill it up cause it was hot.(rather fill up on a cold block) filled it u


1990 couger has a few problems at the moment im tring.to.get fixed the importain one at the moment is a water leak from the passanger side of the water pump at least thats where it looks like it comming from. Back in december i replaced the water pump and no leaks but it seems that there are leakes only when the car is running im wounder what is around the water pump other the hoses that could be leaking or is ti possible the water pump went out again

If the pump leaks when it is running it indicates a failed water pump seal. Ther is a drain hole in the housing that allows water to run out before it damages the bearing. Check for corrosion holes in the pump body under the impellor. It is not good ... Cars & Trucks

2001 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L - 4 months ago the water pump was leaking from the weephole behind the pulley. I replaced the water pump with one from NAPA, timing belt, etc. It ran great for a couple days until the brand new water pump began to leak from its weephole. I figured it was a faulty pump, took it off, put a new one on - same thing! New water pump leaking from the weephole! I did it once more with a new water pump from OReilly, same thing!! Finally I got fed up and ordered an OE Water

The only thing I can think on is belt tension. You are turning the tensioner counterclockwise and aligning the arrow with the cut out on the head right? But this is a guess only, even if the belt was too tight it should make noise and go longer tha ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

My 1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer is leaking water badly from under the front end, it just started two days ago, was driving it when it started to overheat, drove it about 3 miles home, it was hissing and leaked a big puddle of water. I added more water and coolant and it is still leaking in a small stream mostly when it is on. It starts and runs fine but keeps leaking water.

... 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have a 2002 infiniti I35 which leaks water on the passenger side floor whenever it rains. I see the water comes down along the firewall inside of the car. I would appreciate any suggestions in locating the cause of this leak and fixing the leak. If I pour water down the plastic grill in front of the windshield I see water leaking into the cabin along the firewall. Is there any sort of drian that could be clogged? It also occured to me that maybe some area of the metal below the plastic grill

... 2004 Infiniti I35

Water leak I have an ongoing water leak coming from the roof passenger side of the van. Everytime it rains, water leaks a lot and sometimes from center console and even the driver side. When I hit the breaks, the water comes forward and leaks. The van does have a sun roof.

... 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan

There is a water leak somewhere in my 98 toyota camry that leaks into my passenger side floor. There is no sun roof and no visible leaks from the windows or doors. Any thoughts? A/C leak maybe? water leak ,drivers side,carpet is very,very wet especially in the rear.no sun roof & all door & window moldings are excellent. the car is parked.Also water in drivers rear quarter panel. Could it be the vent holes where the wipers are attached??

I am the original owner of camry xle 1998 with wet floors. In 2000 I had drivers side door seal leaking at welt. Removed old door seal and new weather strip on drivers side installed. The door panel was never wet, but wet at bottom of door where ther ... 1999 Toyota Camry

I have a 1993 chrysler lebaron that leaks antifreeze out of both sides of the motor onto the ground. I just had the tube that comes out of the water pump replaced since it had some corrosion along with the o rings and the necessary hoses. I don't think the water pump is leaking because the leaks are on both sides of the motor. Can a pressure test be done with the manifold off so I can see where the leak is coming from? What else could be leaking since the only things down there are the water pum

Go to the auto parts store and get the good stop leak.....get the one in the round tube (silver). Your already 450 dollars into it. If it is just small leaks, this will or should stop it. This stop leak also lubes your water pump, and is good stu ... 1987 Chrysler LeBaron

Water Leak i have water leaking onto the floors of my 1995 camry. i also have a windshield leak but it jus drips from the top. the back driver floor is always puddled with water after rain but the other floors r just damp. i cant feel or see any water on the panels there is no water on the backseats and i dont have a sunroof. can somebody help me? thankx

Thank u so much... i will let you kno ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Overheating first thing noticed was the over heating. cheaked for coolent leval and noticed it was low. added antifreeze, but keeped losing coolant. found leak in radiator/cracked radiator. changed and still losing cooolant.no water in oil, no water on ground. found water leak on rear of engine. leaking intake manifold gasket. changed gasket, did tune up, replaced thermostat, still over heating. changed water pump, still over heating, help please

It could be your head gasket. ... 2001 Chevrolet Express

Leaking Fluid Clear/light brownish, odorless fluid leaking into floorboard on passenger side. Floorboard is soaked. Was left out in the rain during a huge storm, could this be water somehow getting through? It's leaking from under the dashboard on that side, it's not a window or door letting water in. I read that it could simply be water from the A/C, but if its light brownish, can it still be water or is it some type of fluid, like transmission fluid? Help!

Hi Sarah, I'm glad to help!\012\012Lets address your question first. No it can't be any type of fluids from the Transmission or Engine. The reason the fluid is a brownish color is because the water coming in is washing dirt and debris into th ... 1994 Ford Escort

1999 saturn sl1 wagon has overheating problem. Had a leak in the reservoir so I replaced that. During that time had added stop leak several times. Reservoir is now new, but still losing water at speeds over 60. Radiator seems fine, hoses are ok, heater core not leaking, water pump is ok. How do I find out where water is leaking to?

If you cant see any water coming out anywhere then the only choice is a blown head gasket. \015\012\015\012The reason the resorvior had a leak was the pressure from the engine got into the coolant and blew up the reservior bottle. This i ... 1999 Saturn SL

My car's fanbelt broken on high speed and I saw the temperature raised so I stopped immediately before it could overheat but then I saw the water leak out.After replacing the fanbelt I put Water in again but no leak and drove on.Why does the water come out,don't know where?Ithought the waterpump might have a leak but nothing,no leak

Hi, You did well by shutting down quickly. Why did the water come out when you stopped after the fan belt broke??? Residual engine heat. The engine has fiery explosions going on in the cylinders. Very hot. Antifreeze flowing t ... Mazda MX-6

I have water leaking problem i installed brand new radiator but water is still leaking this started after i filled radiator with 3 liter of antifreeze every day I'm filling radiator with half liters of water i don't see any visual water leaking my car is BMW 318is 1995 coup

Does the vehicle have white smoke from exhaust while running? If so could have a head gasket leaking or cracked cylinder head. Pressure test the cooling system, you may be able to find a leak ... 1996 BMW 318

How do I replace the surge tank on 2002 GMC Yukon. Need to check for a leak in tank. Could leak be in hose from surge tank to water puml? Can not see any water leaking except for water on right side in front of tire. Could surge tank cap be bad and force water out over flow hose?

... GMC Yukon

Leaking Fluid Clear/light brownish, odorless fluid leaking into floorboard on passenger side. Floorboard is soaked. Was left out in the rain during a huge storm, could this be water somehow getting through? It's leaking from under the dashboard on that side, it's not a window or door letting water in. I read that it could simply be water from the A/C, but if its light brownish, can it still be water or is it some type of fluid, like transmission fluid? Help!

Hi Sarah, I'm glad to help!\012\012Sarah, you can rule out the A/C because the A/C wasn't running when the problem occurred. You can also rule out any fluids from the engine are transmission for they only leak on the ground not inside the veh ... 1994 Ford Escort

94 Subaru lagacy 2.2L. The radiator is using water, but I don't see where it is going. I filled the overflow full, run the engine at fast idle for 15 min. Then check the overflow and its almost empty. No excess water coming out of exhaust(except for usual exhaust smoke), no leaks in hoses, no leaks in radiator. Took it for a short drive, when I returned, I checked fluid level, had to put almost 1/2 gallon of water in. The heater core isn't leaking either. To loose that much water, you woul

... 1994 Subaru Legacy Outdoor


I am sure it is the water pump, the water is leaking from the pump and running down the hose. The pumps on these engines seem to last around 60-70,000 miles. ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Leak in rear of car, the leak appears to be linked to ac. no leak detected unless ac is on high. if on low there is no leak I have a water leak coming from the front passenger side of the car. It is a slightly oily leak, but mostly water. Am I in danger of being stranded?

This water is condensation . it comes from the evaporitor on the dash of the car. and there is a tube from the ac system that is there just to remove the water build up. only leaks you need to be worried about would be oil or antifreeze ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

1991 ford explorer 4.0L push rod type engine Im leaking water from underneath, but not all the time usually once or twice a week. But when it decides to leak it just pours out, so i let it cool then when I add water it starts pouring out again. (after it cools?) weird Anyway if its not the water pump is there anything else it could be? I changed the thermostat already. It looks the the water is comming from behind the water pump. Is that possible? I dont see any water from the weep hole, b

Very difficult because from your description of the area i would say waterpump ,but it could be a core plug or even a hose split and it moves causing the leak ,who knows its impossible to say without getting my oily fingers under the bonnet ,please ... Ford Explorer

Coolant leak when parked near water pump on 1998 Ford Taurus GL near the water pump Still leaking after I had a cracked cylinder head, still leaks near water pump

Run pressure test on coolant system, tighten all hoses, has water pump been changed? ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Radiator Flush I have drained the radiator and need to know what do from here. Do I leave the valve open while the engine is running and keep water from the hose introducing fluid into the cooling system? Or should I be going about this differently? Ultimately, I have a small leak in my head gasket and will be adding Bar's Leaks to fill the viod. The jeep has never overheated and loses water. I have to add water about every 4 days. I have checked the coolant system for leaks and found none. No w

There is no right or wrong for this one but on a car w/ no gasket leaks you can leave that valve open.Keep a CLOSE eye one the temp gauge and oil gauge while your doing it.Change that oil for sure after you flush & refill w/ anti freeze. Since yo ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

BMW E46 1999 320i water leaking. A mechanic mentioned that it is possible head issues! But there is water leaking. Doesn't over heat nor smoke. If Driving for a couple of km and then leaving the car for a couple of hours, the water leaks out. I replaced the radiator in December no leakage from there.

... BMW 323

My ford taurus 01 is leaking coolant. I already replaced the water pump, and still leaking. How can I find where the leak is at? I need the repair manual. I was told it has 3 water seals besides the water pump.

Go to your local auto parts store and rent a coolant pressure tester, it's a hand pump with a radiator cap on the end, so you simply install it instead of the radiator cap, pump it up to about 10psi and visually look for the leak, should be easy to f ... 2001 Ford Taurus

2003 saturn vue 3.0 engine, replaced timing belt, tensioner, plugs, water pump. drove car for 4 days, noticed water leaking wnder car, took to dealership pulled front cover off, telling me that water is leaking behind pump, but they do not know where it is coming from, unless it is a head gasket. car did not leak prior to this. waht is the problem?

You could have a leaking water pump gasket. Did you put sealant on it when you replaced it? were ALL surfaces totally clean? ... 2003 Saturn VUE
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