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Got a 1990 Chevy z24 cavalier with 3.1 six cylinder car runs ok stop and car acts like it is not getting gas what chould it be

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Got a 1990 Chevy z24 cavalier with 3.1 six cylinder car runs ok stop and car acts like it is not getting gas what chould it be

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My car is acting like it wants to run out of gas every time i go over 45mph.. when i stop at a light or stop sign, before i get ready to go the car dies, i learned to fix the problem about when i stop.. i give the car a little gas while my foot is still on the brake to give it a little umph.. when i get ready to go.. help me... i brought it to an auto shop and talk to many mechanics.. they said it sounds like my throttle sensor..is that what it is?

I had the same problem! It took me 2 fuel filters to fix the problem temporary. Finally I ended up replacing the entire fuel pump (a mechanic told me one of the prongs holding it in was broken?) No problem ever since though! ... 2002 Pontiac Sunfire

Problems Running I have A 2000 Hyundia Sonata. When I stop to put gas in the car when I get back in to start the car it acts like it wi;; not start. After I do get it started it will not idle right for a few minutes. How can I solve this problem? It runs fine after that.

It is the evap purge soleniod when you fill the tank feul is getting past because it is open slightly. if you get a new one your problem will go away! ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

Hesitation When I am at a complete stop and then proceed, I can be giving it gas and it will bog down and it wont catch up with itself unless you punch the gas pedal. My car smells like it is running rich. To me, it is acting like it is not getting enough air or enough gas or to much of one. My check engine light is not on. PLEASE help.

Check fuel pressure, fuel filter or injectors clogged. Additionally, check air admission system sensors (MAF, IAC, MAP, etc). Confirm that you dont have vaccum leaks there.Hope helps. ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1997 Lexus LS400? The car started, then started to run rough and acted like it ran out of gas. Now the car will not run it acts like its not getting any fuel. It has been ran out of gas several times so i think it might be the fuel pump, as from what ive heard the fuel filter on these do not get clogged often.

Running out of gas several times will cause grit and grime to clog the Fuel Filter. If you have to replace the Fuel PUMP, the warranty is only good if you replace the Fuel Filter.\015\012Start by replacing the Fuel Filter and recheck operation. ... 1997 Lexus LS 400

Where do I start I bought 1990 Buick Century Custom its a V6 and it had been sitting for about 5 months. The car ran great the first day we had it then we were traveling and had been driving about 110 miles and stop to get some food turned the car off for only a few minutes. The car started fine but when we went to pull out and gave it gas it acted like it was going to stall out so we pulled over. Then the car would roll over but wouldn't start. It acted like it wasn't getting enough gas. So I r

To avoid replacing unnecessary parts, buy a chilton or haynes manual and a digital multi-meter. Follow the component tests outlined in the book and see what you find.Two items I'd check first is the MAP sensor and the vacuum hose that goes to it (che ... Buick Century

Car has been sitting for awhile--gas tank was less than 2 gallons-- put gas in car cranked right away but after idling for about 40 minutes died. car cranked back up and i drove it around the area for about 3 miles and put back in driveway and car died. recranked but ran for few seconds and died. repeated this process for 6 or 7 times and in each time it acted like car was running out of gas. I have fire and when gas in carb i get engine started but only runs short period of time. i suspect mayb


My car runs ok but when I try to take off from a stop light it acts like its getting no gas? I have no interior lights on, no check engine light.. please help!!

Fuel pump or filter/must check with gage.\015\012tim ... 2000 Mercury Cougar

Check engine light is on, car acts like its not getting enough gas or getting too much air flow. while excelarated car rides fine, when comes to a stop it act like its going to cut off

Year and model, and what are the trouble codes stored in the computer ? ... Ford Cars & Trucks

Stalls when take off in first gear and stalls or deism when stopped on hill taking off? What could it be please help if you can.I have a 1988 Ford festival lx 2 barrel carburetor 1.3 l 5speed my email is [email protected] please help the car has no power on take off from stop it is like it is not getting gas it shake and goes dead unless you ride clutch slowly out and steal wants to stall out. Gas pedal all the way down still no good. When it gets going runs like a top. But starting off is v

... 1988 Ford Festiva

My 2004 A4 Audi Cabriolet does not want to stay running when i turn the key, like its not getting gas. It took 1 hour for it to start. Dealership could not find problem. This is third time in 3 yrs. The other 2 times , I was driving and the car stop running, like it was not getting gas and shut down.

My husband is a mechanic at C.M. auto repair in Springfield Illinois and he is pretty good at figuring out the problems. Dont know where u are but we can help you1-217-553-8648 ... 2003 Audi A4 Cabriolet

The car runs fine when it starts. But when it has a hard time with starting. The whole system shuts down, all warning lights come on and panel does not operated properly. Then car starts running rough, gear shift lights go off. But warning lights are still on. However the car starts studdering and acting like no gas is getting into the system. The other day the car would not go into parking once I returned home. Finally after trying to get car in park for one hour, my son disconnect the batter

I would first have the computer checked for trouble codes AFTER the problem occurs.It will be very difficult for a mechanic to fix if the problem can not be duplicated. ... 2000 Volvo S80

My Chrysler 300m 2004. Inherited car from passing of father. Beautiful luxury car but some problems. I take the car on a run to the store but before I can get out of my neighborhood the car makes a sound rubbing sound which sounded like locked breaks. But it shifts to first then I have to apply a lot of gas to make it move at a slow rate. You let off the gas and it feels like you're mashing the breaks. It stop abruptly. I thought maybe trans or maybe electrical solenoid problem. After reading to

See if brake disk gets hot.clean the brakes ... Cars & Trucks

I am having problems. I just bought a 1990 pontiac 6000 le with a 3.1 V6. Yesterday, I test drove it and it drove like a champ. When I was taking it home it stopped running. Found out it was getting gas. Replaced the fuel filter and it started right up. Drove great until today. Going to get gas(to finally fill the gas tank) the car wouldnt start back up after getting the gas. Im getting the gas to the engine but it wont catch.Any suggestions?

... 1990 Pontiac 6000

06 cobalt cuts off when slowing or stopping, running the battery dead by having to restart, low power from car in reverse like not running and will cut off. car only really runs if giving it gas. having to drive it like a stick. Diagnostic said TPS but I can't get just a sensor. I have heard a couple people say fuel filter maybe.

... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

When you first start the car it acts like it isn't getting gas & it misses then when you do get it going it runs ok but then when you shut it off & start it up again it does the samt thing & now it will shut off like it isn't getting gas while you are driving.

Try changing the fuel filter. sounds like fuel problem. builds up fuel pressure when it runs loses when its cut off if fuel filter doesnt help probably the fuel pump needs replacing. ... 1993 Buick Century

I have a 1999 mazda protege 1.6 liter and the car was driving fine until about 4 days ago. it acts like its not getting gas especially on an inclined road. it jerks and acts like its gonna run out of gas or stall. my friends dad who is a mechanic told me that it may be the fuel filter but my fuel filter is on the fuel pump which is in the gas tank. so we checked it out and theres nothing wrong with the filter or pump. so im thinking that its the catalytic converter. whats up?

My car has a similar problem, if you take it to AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts they will usually scan it for codes at no charge. My problem is a bad Map Sensor. Hope this helps. ... Mazda Protege

Hi I have a 93 Cadillac sedan Seville 4.9 pfi and I've been having this problem since I bout the car about a month ago my car runs fine going down the road but once I get to a stop like it starts to Buck and **** and If I put it in neutral you can hear it seem like the gas surges to the engine and then it ready to go until I stop again and if I leave it in drive it cuts off everytime I have replaced fuel filter fuel pump and I had someone tell me it could be either a tune up or the tps and I'm t

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When starting off it acts as if it doesnt want to go, like it is not getting enough gas. the more i push the gas pedal down the slower it makes the car. Once u r able to get your speed above 35, 40ish the car will go but once you stop again the whole process starts over

Its a fuel problem, check fuel filter. if need be check plugs and wires. ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

P1494 and P0132 came up on the scanner for problems. The car acts like it's not getting enough gas. It is jerking and when I am at a red light you can feel it jerking like the gas in getting in too fast. I havae to keep both feet on the brake. After I go a few miles All the jerking, coughing and whatnot stops. What's wrong with my Jeep?

First, make sure that your battery is not being overcharged. max voltage running should be about 13.9V. The first code you listed is for the evaporative system test pump. second is for O2sensor malfunction. I'd look for the first problem first and a ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

My 1997 pontiac grand am has been giving me fits. It will run fine when the outside temperatures are cool, say 75 degrees and under, but as soon as the temperatures reach 80 or more it acts like it is not getting any fuel and dies. It is almost like it is gasping for fuel. It just stops running and the battery light and oil light come on, but not the engine light. also per the temperature guage the car is not overheating. As soon as I pull over and put the car in park and turn off the engine it

How many miles are on the vehicle? Also when having these problems. Did they use a diagnostic tool to pull the trouble codes? Autozone will do this for free as well. It may be your egr valve. It could be a lot of things at this point but I doubt it i ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

1992 Saturn is having a problem running on freeway at 70 for long periods of time. Car loses power when you push on gas and slows down and then dies. My car will run but sputters and spits and acts like it ain't getting gas when i push the throttle harder but only when going after 50 mphs for a medium time of being over 50 mphs. Just replaced the Fuel pump and alternator and serpentine belt. Thinking its the map sensor or fuel sensor any help please. Thank you for your time. Jesse E.

Possibly a clogged catalytic converter.I have seen many old saturns that the converter brick breaks up & clogs the mid pipe. ... 1992 Saturn SC

Hello, I have a 2002 nissan sentra, 1.8 ltr..and the car sundenly has started acting as if it is not getting fuel, sometimes it runs fine for about 15 minutes, stopping and going as it should, then it will die at a stop sign, and will start back up, however it then acts like its not getting enough fuel under acceleration, and begins to surge, and chug...though it will idle..but will not move under its own power..HELP..lol

You will need to run a fuel pressure test on it to see if your fuel pressure is correct. How many miles are on the car and when was the last time the fuel filter was replaced. ... 2002 Nissan Sentra

I have a 2006 Cobalt and I'm experiencing some problems with it. Suddenly, it's acting like there is an electrical surge going through it. When I'm stopped at a red light, the speedometer goes up to 120 and the radio surges and gets loud. I'm not even moving. Then when I go to take off, the car doesn't seem to want to go. If I hit the gas, the car cuts out and I have to let off the gas a few times before it goes normally. When I'm driving, all is fine.. it's just when I'm stopped that this

Chevy has a service recall on the cobalt this recall they will not send you anything about it only if you complain about it, The ecm is your problem go to your chevy dealer and talk to them about it and they should be able to help you. There is milea ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

I owned a 2005 Nissan Maxima and it has 96k miles on it. I had my transmission replaced like year and half ago. I was at a stop light last week and press on the gas pedal but the car did not move. I had to get the car towed and the repair shop stated it was transmission problem. Whatever makes the car go forward when it is in drive in not working. They stated the car does goes reverse. I took it to their transmission specialist and they say now the car is running problem and the code they get is

... Nissan Maxima
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