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63478 138 Betsy Ross Spinet piano A.B. Chase - can you tell me the age of the piano and approximate value in good condition

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63478 138 Betsy Ross Spinet piano A.B. Chase - can you tell me the age of the piano and approximate value in good condition

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Air Conditioning I have a 2000 VW Beetle. It has a 2 litre engine. I am currently having problems with the air conditioning. I had it checked out and the service person tells me that all components are working properly. He states that the problem could be with the relay switch. Can you tell me where the relay switch for the air conditioning is located? Checked all 5 fuses. changed fan control module. changed ambient temp sensor. clutch is good system is full.

Check this link http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/04/b6/71/0900823d8004b671/repairInfoPages.htm ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Just about to buy a 2002 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4WD, and heard some scary concerns about it. This truck has 56,000 and appears to be in really good condition. Can you tell me if this is a good idea to buy it for my daughter going to college?

I just read the consumer guide on it. It scored 36 out of 100. Its safety record would be my concern. If I were buying it for myself just to beat on off road yes. If this was for my daughter if she likes 4X4s and wants to fix it up sure. If not I wou ... Nissan Frontier

I have a 1990 corvette with what seems to be an un fixable problem. I've had 3 shops tell me they don't know what's wrong with it. They tell me , they can't set the timeing corectly due to when you unhook the wire from the computor to the distributor and line the rotor with number 1 top dead center the line on the harmonic balancer is out of site. They all rule out a timeing chain issue and said the distributor was in good condition. The car runs like **** , it misses and spits and sputters.

Replace the harmonic balancer so a mechanic can line it up correctly. If you take it to an expert (I know one here in Southern California) he should be able to set the timing by trial and error\015\012\015\012Here is a replacement:\ ... 1990 Chevrolet Corvette

Since the Low beam lights, heater blower and windshield wipers all stopped at the same time, is replacing the light switch plausable to solve all 3 conditions, additionally the daytime headlights which are on all the time are not on either. as I mentioned, by holding the blinker lever forward, the bright work, the blower blows and the windshield wiper start working. this would tell me that all the fuses are good. are they all tied together at the light switch? is this a protective function to t

This is a bad switch..replace it! ... 1995 Volkswagen Golf

Hi I have a Toyota 4runner with 2.4 22r engine which i bought with a blown headgasket. Can anyone tell me if this is a common problem or if there is anything else i should check on the vehicle to be safe .. it has about 220k on the clock and looks like it in good condition. are there any other common problems to look for????

Man that's alot of miles. I would check the trans. for shure.On the head gasket I would make sure that the block is worth rebuilding. You may be better off to get a used engine and trans combo for about the same money as getting someone to fix ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

My audi 90 year 89 from Italy is in good condition, although i came back from the airport tonight and couldnt find my keys!!!! I dont know if you can help me, but i have no extras and i need my car. Its now too late to call anywhere but i just want to come with an answer when i tell my dad tomorrow. Do you know where i could get an other set of my key ?

Dealership can cut a key from the VIN number ... 1994 Audi 90

VW beetle convertible 53 plate. the roof works one day and then not the next. It has never had a problem going back up but when you want it down some times works sometimes doesn't. Is there a easy solution to this. The car has done very few miles for its age and is in very good condition through out. Many thanks for your help Sam.

The beetle has also been recalled for a sunroof issue, I found this website:-http://newbeetle.org/forums/questions-issues-concerns-problems-new-beetle/43357-new-sunroof-recall.htmlWhere it says:- \015\012"Sorry if ... Volkswagen New Beetle

Im driving a 2001 Volkswagen Golf, Mark 4, and it has Volkswagen alloys on it. Problem is, I dont think they have EVER been cleaned. But are still in pretty good condition, Its the brake dust! Its mounted on and i just cant remove it without scrubbing for ages with the help of cilit bang or cif, But i think they will damage the metals. Also that still leaves small amounts that just wont come off. Can anybody give me something to remove this brake dust? Help much needed, Thanks!

Check the Yellow Pages in your town. There are companies that recondition wheels.\015\012\015\012They will have to be sand blasted.\015\012\015\012I had mine done for $35.00 each...they look new. ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

My battery is in good condition but, i'm having to jump my car every other day. could you tell me what the problem may be?

Make sure you connection on battery are clean and tight make sure battery is really not bad ... 1993 Cadillac DeVille

Have got a Roberts R707 radio serial number 29165 could you tell me if this is genuine, the age and the value

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Is there any value to a 1956 ford monarch owners manual .very good condition. monarch was not listed in choose a make, thank you

It must be worth some thing try putting it on ebay? there must be a collector who will pay good money for it,,,get it valued first so you have an idear of the price you wont for it,,,then put a reserve on it,,,so it dont sell off cheap ... Ford Granada

What is the current value for a 1988 Ford E350 Van in good condition?

... 1988 Ford Econoline

1999 SC2 42K just bought the car, ran beautifully when I test drove it and for about 75 miles after I bought it. SES just came on, P0303 code. someitmes runs nice/sometimes not help !! I have only put 97 miles on this car. bought as is due to the age, paid good money due to the mileage. please tell me this is not serious as it goes away sometimes...need help, salesman won't call back, big surprise

Hi, if it's intermittent, it is not serious. First check the plugs and change them if needed. If not the plugs, other possible causes are the ignition wire and a dirty injector. Run a can of injector cleaner thru the tank and if the problem contin ... 1998 Saturn SL

Air Conditioning I have a 2000 VW Beetle. It has a 2 litre engine. I am currently having problems with the air conditioning. I had it checked out and the service person tells me that all components are working properly. He states that the problem could be with the relay switch. Can you tell me where the relay switch for the air conditioning is located?

I have a 2002 passat wagon V6A/C blows cold for a while and then quitssometimes it can be cold all day and sometimes just 20minutes ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Mitsubishi Lancer 2002, Loss of RPMs, stalled within a half mile of starting restarted and drove the Lancer another half mile before it stalled again. Engine and transmission diagnostic proved both in good working condition. Spark plugs in good condition and properly gapped.

Check all ground connections, body to motor ground strap, battery to motor and body ground. Also change fuel filter if it has not been changed within 50,000 miles. ... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

1999 Towncar - Air suspension shocks in good condition and car rides level - no idicator light is on. The car just rides way too stiff. Even the slightest bump jolts the inside (rattles change in ash tray). This is even true on the interstate when crossing the highway expansion lines. I just paid to have all new shocks (at the advice of Fixya) and that is not the problem. The air suspension is suppose to be fairly new and again looks to be in very good condition. I do not want to change over to

I will check the shop manual, but the module does control ride for stiffness, increased stiffness at higher speeds, etc. If the bags are inflated, then the module cintrols how much air to allow in or out based on inputs to the module. See if you can ... Lincoln Town Car

I have a howling sound from my front left wheel. The sound increases and decreases with my speed. The tire is in good condition and balanced. The brake drum and pads are also in good condition. There is no clicking sound when I turn. Is it my CV joint or something else? Is there a wheel bearing in there somewhere? It sounds like a bearing is bad.

You are correct that would be a bad wheel bearing.if you raise the cars wheels off the ground and spin the wheels by hand you should be able to isolate the noise to a specific wheel. i do believe that particular vehicle you have to change the wheel h ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Not getting charge out of alternator and it is good alternator wiring seems to be in good shape what else could cause problem relays how can you tell if good

If you're not reading a charge(13+ volts)at the battery, but you have voltage output from the alternator. There are 2 fuseable links, 1 is in line with the red battery wire from the stud on the\015\012alternator to the starter. This link can be ... 1992 Pontiac Sunbird

85 gmc s15 2.8 choke light stays on after start up and runs rich intermitent problem-- some times starts and light stays off as it should. owners manual says--the light should come on when the key is on. but if it stays on after start up-- it indicates a open circut to the carburator heater. i have checked the circut and found the hot--cold sending unit good. the carb heater grid good. the silinoid relay on the drivers side fire wall is good. the main problem is something is not telling the s

... 1985 GMC S-15

Leaking Fluid I have a 2006 Kia Sedona..I constantly have a puddle under my van which they tell me is just fluid from the air conditioning/condensation.. i'm not even using the air conditioning for this to happen...apparently fan related as well..it is staining my driveway..if its just condensation then why the stain? No indicators come on telling me that fluids are low so I don't know if what they are telling me is correct. If so, then why aren't all cars leaking? Nothing should leak from a veh

I'd also assume that it's from your AC/defroster. Condensation will continue to drip even after the AC/car has been shut off. It may also be condensation coming from your exhaust tailpipe. Both of these are normal and thought it's only water, it may ... 2006 Kia Sedona

I am getting mercedes benz c 200 cdi 2002 modal for 495000 it is good or not and if good then how to check the car that it is in good condition or not and it is working properly or not

Hi and welcome to FixYa!Things to check before purchasing the car.- Check if there are oil leaks underneath and on the sides of the engine- Check the power steering fluid and hose if there are leaks- Check the emmi ... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Basically my car is santro Zip plus, 2001 model, run approx 80000kms purchased in Nov 2009. It was running good with an average of 13kms /ltr. But one thing that was irritating me was its' MILD vibrations in the steering wheel & dashboard felt ONLY IN THE IDLE / NON-MOVING conditions, when engine is on. In between steeering jerks in regular intervals , say a small in **** in every 4-5 seconds, rhythmically, were felt occassionally, this was also only in the idle conditions, in moving condition

... Hyundai Accent

Battery will not hold charge on my fox body mustang. battery is good, alternator is good, starter is good. had it checked at firestone. they tell me I have an open diode some place.

... 1992 Ford Mustang

1990 Mustang 5.0L, good pressure at the fuel rails good fire at the plugs, checked pugs, not flooded, no signs of fuel on plugs (no fuel pulsing at injectors), I've checked and replaced numerous parts(electronics),and had parts checked for good working conditions, I've done continuity checks, and also checked power to the injectors with (key on)it's got power. I will say that I don't have power to the inertia switch with key on, I've jump the inertia switch wire connector by inserting a jumper w

Do u have injector pulse, make sure with the key on u have 12 volts to the injectors, if not u may have a defective ignition switch, they were recalled for this problem, the actual electrical switch is at the base of the steering column and actuated ... Ford Mustang
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