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My clutch pedal feels so hard and it keeps on damaging the clutch plate springs...please help

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check or replace throw-out or release bearing
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My clutch pedal feels so hard and it keeps on damaging the clutch plate springs...please help

Check or replace throw-out or release bearing ... Cars & Trucks

Noise when I leave home or park the car, I have to do it slowly using the clutch pedal to control the speed when driving out of the garage or parking in a place where I need to control it with the clutch pedal, so I hear a noise, but I only hear it in that prcisely moment; a friend told me that it could be a clutch problem. but I am not sure. while the car is at iddle and I push the clutch pedal I hear nothing, what i feel now is that when i want to change of gear level,I feel it a little hard

Sounds like the clutch bearing gone bad. ... 1993 Toyota Tercel

My clutch pedal feels so hard 2press it down and it damages the springs always...what is the cause?

... Cars & Trucks

05 new shape passat.fitted new clutch kit with flywheel.on bleeding clutch pedal went hard approx 1 inch short of full travel,when pushed further it popped the seal on slave cylinder.refitted another slave cylinder pedal went hard again upon deeper investigation my mate pressed the pedal and popped the seal again ? was told there is two types of kit,my is a sach's.the kit i've fitted is a luk so is good quality,can anyone help ??? or had this problem ????

... 2006 Volkswagen Passat

On a 1970 VW Beetle, the clutch pedal keeps flopping forward every time I try to attach the rear end of the cable to the clutch arm. What helps keep the tension on the pedal??

... Cars & Trucks

98 nissan terrano, just fitted new clutch kit, and fully bled clutch. when engine is started wont go into gear. if engines off you can put it in and start it up. when you release the clutch it bites half way up the pedal. could the clutch plate be the wrong way round????? the larger side of the plate went into clutch not the flywheel. can anyone help????

Are you sure u bled the clutch properly ? cant be any air in the line ! check fluid level in master cylinder and pull guts out of slave cylinder 2 make sure there are no leaks ( splits in the rubber ) other than that ur clutch fork may not be on the ... 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

1998 Toyota Rav4 - Clutch problem - clutch engagement is very low, close to the floor - hard to shift smooth as must press pedal right to floor to have a chance at a nice shift - getting a "knotchy" feel in the gearbox when shifting - close to gear grinding feeling - which may be all about the poor clutch action - I know the clutch is supposed to engage much higher up...but what i need to know now is what it's gonna take to fix it...is there an adjustment, or am i looking at a complete clutch jo

It seems likely that is going to need a clutch kit and will probably run around $400-500 tops. If you shop around or plan to do it yourself you may be able to get it done for under $200. The timing belt will run about the same or less if you do it yo ... Toyota RAV4

1998 izusu rodeo clutch pedal sankto floor heard a pop then i drove shifting hard then parked pedal came up but really hard to press wont go in gear pressure feels hard

... Cars & Trucks

1999 2.0L TD Suzuki vitara the clutch pedal was low and grumpy when pressed and hard to select 1st or reverse. plenty of movement in clutch slave arm and no fluid leaks to be seen.so i removed the gearbox to fit new clutch hoping its a pressure plate? but found the end or pilot bearing had collapsed with only 4 ball bearings found rolling about.Could the missing bearings be the problem as they could of worked them self into the pressure plate springs & so on thanks

Pilot bearing (pressed into flywheel) or release bearing (presses against clutch pressure plate)?\015\012Regardless, the repair is the same. Replace clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing & pilot bearing. Most flywheels are available ... 1999 Suzuki Vitara

Hi, Ref, S4 manual, petrol, 6 plate Trying to find out if the pin from the clutch pedel to the clutch master cylinder should be straight or bent please? Have had an ongoing problem with the clutch pedel sticking and then obviously got to a point that car broke down as could get any gears moving. A mechanic said he hasn't seen a bent pin before when he looked under the pedel. Garage is now saying there is a centre plate and flywheel damage problem?? Help please Regards, Julian

Hi Julian,the pin should be straight.the only way it could get bent is if undue pressure was applied with limited travel.your mech will understand. ... Audi S4

When I release the clutch pedal, the clutch bites/engages immediately. There is hardly any travel and the pedal feels slack. Will I need a new clutch?

No it just needs adjusting. Don't adjust it very tight adjust until the preasure comes on the pedal about half way up or where you are comfortable with it. Cheer's ... 2000 Volkswagen Golf

The clutch pedal on my 1999 liberty (legacy) 2.0 wagon has an intermittent problem that occurs after driving for a while (roughly 10 minutes). the pedal loses nearly all feel and it appears that about 80% of the travel of the clutch pedal does nothing and the final 20% does all the work. very hard to explain since it doesn't happen all the time. I'm thinking a seal in the hydraulic system might be faulty and allowing fluid to bypass the piston when the system gets some heat in it howe

Hello, Not really well versed in your brand. I know that some clutch assist cylinders have a detailed method to change the fluid. There are probably some specs for the pressure coming out of the system hoses which will tell if the seals are bypasse ... 1999 Subaru Legacy

I have a 95 suzuki swift and i am having problems with my clutch cable it will not keep any tension on it? the nut at the end of the clutch cable is as tight as it can be and the hook that connects to the clutch pedal keeps popping off... once its all hooked up it still has too much slack in it to put it in 1st gear? if any one can help me with this, that would be great!

I had the same thing happen to me just last week in my 1992 ford ranger and it was my pressure plate that went out.. im not positive that thats wats wrong with yours but its a suggestion ... Suzuki Swift

1999 dodge ram 1500 5.2 4x4 when I drive it down the road it act like it's not getting gas then when I push the gas pedal down sometimes it will take off running fine and other times it will backfire try to stall. The map senser was bad so we replaced it.Now the truck has a hard time starting up and I have to keep my foot on the gas pedal to keep it running. I can not even drive it now and the only vehicleI I have. Is it my fuel pump maybe? The truck has 170,000 miles on it.Please Help!

Sounds to me like your over fueling. Are you sure you have the map connected correctly. Make sure with the engine running you have vacuum. A plugged vacuum line can cause your problems. Make sure no pins are bent in the connector. Listen with the eng ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Hi Experts, I have a 2011 exl 4wd pilot, it rides like I'm on a rutty dirt road, it also has a vibration that can be felt everywhere in the vehicle ex:steering wheel, seats, floorboard,gas pedal, console. When I go over railroad tracks at approximatly 10 mph the gas and brake pedals feel like they are being moved upwards, I also feel a engine vibration when I am stopped at a light. Also the drivers seat will not keep it's position. Can you help? Thanks, Crystal

Well If i were you, I would call the dealer and complain about it because its under warranty for 5 years or 100K miles and your car is new and you don't wanna play with it or let any Mechanic to touch it because that will screw the warranty. Problems ... 2011 Honda Pilot

My problem is with my 97 ford escort 2.0. Sometimes when I try to fully engage the clutch pedal while it's in 1st gear, the car rocks back and forth, like it won't stay in gear. Plus sometimes when I'm in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gear, I can feel the car slightly **** forward like it's trying to go into a lower gear. And the whole time this is happening I don't feel or hear anything abnormal with the clutch or the stick shift. Please help?

Its a fulty gear box it needs to be repaire or replased there is nothing you can do that will make it any better brop it into the shop for fixing ... Ford Escort

Hi, I just installed a new Throw-out bearing,pressure plate, clutch disc and dual mass flywheel on my 03 2.7 5 spd Tiburon. I can depress the clutch pedal half way and it becomes rock hard. I know if I press any harder it will break the master cylinder and /or the plastic end that connects to the pedal. I did this once before and remember having to undo the arm that connects to the throw -out bearing shaft (I think, really do not remember) All -Data shows nothing. Really would apprec

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. There is a little part located in your clutch slave cylinder\015\012called a "delay valve". The part has a small hole in it, and a spring. The clutch\015\012slave cylinder in ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

Hello I have a 1992 ford escort that I bought new. over the years you had to really push hard on the clutch pedal to get the engine to crank espectlly when it is cold out side. well today its very cold and the little guy wont crank I always thought it was the safety switch on the clutch pedal so i bypassed it. it did not help other than the starter what could it be?

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM BLEEDING \015\012\015\012Check that the brake master cylinder is at least 3?4 full during the entire bleeding process. \015\012Remove the bleeder screw cap from t ... 1992 Ford Escort 4 Door

1989 honda prelude s clutch problem, I can put the clutch pedal down, feels like its working ok, slave cylinder moves the clutch fork the normal distance, yet the clutch never disengages, i changed all the hydraulics and it still does the same thing, could the clutch itself have broke, maybe the pressure plate? the first time i noticed any problems was when i went to start the car up and the car was moving forward with thre clutch down, then it acted like something let go then it worked again, b

Prolly a hydraulic problem master os slave cylinder leak ck your fluid takes dot 3 brake fluid , also you can put in gear hold the pedal down usually if the fiber substance is gone from the clutch disk the car will not move while cranking if the car ... 1989 Honda Prelude

Honda reborn clutch pedal feels hard

... 2008 Honda Civic 1.8

New clutch doesn't feel right. Replaced clutch, master cyl and slave cyl and hydraulic line. Bled the line. Its still a little hard to get into gear. The clutch pedal engages the clutch very extremely close to the floor. Any adjustments for this?

If your sure you have gotten all the air out and all the components ie. clutch, pressure plate ect look to be ok, check the frame work that the clutch pedal is secured from (under the dash). when they break loose, it causes the pedal t ... 1993 Chevrolet C2500

1996 s10 4x4 4.3 i put a new clutch and pressure plate and slave cylinder in my truck and now it feels the same as it did before i replaced it the truck will jump up an down hard when i let the clutch out and there is allot of slack in the peddle and sometimes it will slip a little and this is an advance auto parts clutch. yeah a part so important why would i get it there still kicking myself he he any way my question is. can or should i bleed it should it fix the problem or ya think it may be c

$600.00 labor !?! Yikes !! \015\012That seem very exessive..\015\012\015\012Anyhow - it cant hurt to bleen it and is easy..\015\012There should be a bleed valve near the slave..\015\012Openit and let it drain not touchin ... Chevrolet S 10

Hi i have a 1999 suzuki grand vitara thats powered by the 2005 suzuki grand vitara 2.0 L engine, 5 speed manual transmission. this is the second time i have changed the clutch, as gears were hard to put in and clutch pedal slack. the second time clutch, pressure plate and release bearings were changed. however in a 3 day period, the problem is recurring. Could you give me any insight as to whats causing this?

... 1999 Suzuki Vitara

Made horrible noise. Wouldn't shift. Have had a clutch kit installed and clutch fork replaced. Now VERY Hard to shift. Also, when brake and clutch used together car feels like it's gonna die. HELP.

Sounds like clutch disc inner has seperated from outter disc by rivet or bonding failure..but have seen pressure plates fail by finger breakage,or the springs in disc come out and lodge in mix ... 1999 Saturn SL

We have a 2006 lexus rx 400h hybrid. we installed front brake pads and resurfaced the rotors.reinstalled the rotors and pads.now after only one pump of the brake pedal the abs light is on, anti lock and anti skid control light. we took everything apart again. even checked the wheel speed sensors to be sure nothing was damaged. everything seems perfect.the brake pedal is high and hard. and naturaly the 2008 genisus scan tool software will not handle a highbrid yet ???? help

You set 2 codes when you did the front brakes. Both are hydraulic malfunction codes for the front wheels. It set these as you pumped the brakes to get the pedal up the first time. All you need to do is clear the codes. It happens on all Toyota hybrid ... 1993 Geo Prizm
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