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What happens if the fly wheel is not smooth? - Cars & Trucks

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It chows the friction plate big ti
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What happens if the fly wheel is not smooth? - Cars & Trucks

It chows the friction plate big ti ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2006 subaru Impreza, regular economy model (2.5i I think)... It was recently towed with the front wheels in the air and the back wheels on the ground. The back wheels rolled smoothly and it didn't look like anything was being damaged and the tow truck driver assured me it wouldn't do any damage. However the manul and everywhere else I've read says to never tow with only two wheels on the ground. The car feels like it drives fine, however I'm not sure if any damage was done or not. Pleas

That rule applies to automatic trans cars only,you did not say what trans you had, in any event if any damage was done the problem would show up right away. ... 2006 Subaru Impreza

I tried to charge my car battery with a Chicago Electric charger model 66783. I followed the directions for charging the battery in the vehicle. After selecting the charge rate of 10 AMPs, the ammeter pulsed back and forth between zero and about 9 AMPs. The 'Charge Complete' light cycled on and off also. This is not consistant with what the directions describe is supposed to happen. Do I have a charger problem or a battery problem? I have not driven my vehicle (1954 Chevy truck) for about 6 mont

Relax, the charger is working fine. What it is doing is charging the battery to 15.5V. During this time, the "charge complete" LED is off, and the current meter shows the needle going to the right. When 15.5 volts is reached, the current is shut of ... Chevrolet Classic

Clutch Hard to shift my six speed manual trans into 1st and reverse. Have to shut it off to get it into reverse and there is very little pedal almost all the way to the floor before it engages. The dealer in SLC Ut says I need new fly wheel that cost 1900 plus.This truck only has 31000 miles on it. I have driven standard trans. all my life, even as over the road operater and Driving instructer in the oil field. I have seen lots of trucks and cars with plenty of clutch abuse and never go out with

Mcdevito75 here, Sounds like you need the clutch adjusted. have your local shop check it out for you. ... 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

Towing 5500 lbs the front end of my 1999 Yukon Denali shakes the stering wheel aggresively around 62 mph. This does not happen when the truck is unloaded and is very smooth at 75 pmh. News tires, new shocks, ball joints are tight and this happens with or without a load distribution setup.

Some times bad wheel bearing can be one of the \015\012cause to wheel vibration; but, in this case have you checked the \015\012steering/ball joints first to see if any is worn (have the joints been \015\012regularly lubricated)? One other pos ... 1999 GMC Denali

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How do i make my steering wheel move smooth - Cars & Trucks

You must LUBE the steewing wheeel and see if o.k with the level oil. However you must test the front end completely,for to see what is wrong.see the diagram attached ... Cars & Trucks

I was unable to shift gears in my F150 This happened over night. I subsequently took it to a transmission shop to have it repaired, they replaced the slave cylinder, clutch set and turned the fly wheel. This solved that problem BUT since leaving the shop I discovered that the truck would not hold speed going up hill, regardless of being in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gears. The engine would suddenly drop 1000 or 2000 rpms then after down shifting It would gradually speed up then repeat the issue all over a

Most likely.. some garages do sloppy work in a hurry for a high turnover of jobs..you need to check all the wiring at that shop..make the mechanic show you what he did by pointing it out if the repair was just recently.. make sure all the under-truck ... Cars & Trucks

I was approaching a green light at the corner i had to turn right at and went to make my turn and the steering wheel just went to spinning and the car continue going straight thru intersection and had to stop before hitting a pole holding up eastbound traffic till police arrived and then tow truck. what the hec happened and how much is involved in fixing it? please help me, jim


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Front wheel drive?? doesnt have one ... Subaru Legacy

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Someone installed a blue wire and 20 amp fuse into the stereo slot of the fuse pannel and it arced on the stereo frame and now the car has no power except to the running lights. when i insert the key to the on or start position nothing happens at all? any suggestions? i have checked all the fuses under the dash and can not seem to find any others in the truck.

You have three more under the hood. follow the blue wire the find the blow out ... 1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

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I have a 2001 Audi A4 5-Speed Quattro. I think I have a clutch problem, but as an amateur to vehicle repairs, and a greenhorn to foreign cars, I need help figuring it out. The big symptom is that when I try to accelerate my tach flies but there is no extra power to the wheels. It used to shift smooth like a down comforter, and now feels jumpy when changing gears even with the most precise interchange of clutch and accelerator. I have to flutter the gas and ease it up to speed; most attempts

Hey ya buddy, sorry to hear of your sad experience, but from your description of the symptoms, you need a new clutch disc. The parts for this are usually a fraction of the labor, due to having to remove the transmission in order to replace the clutch ... 2001 Audi A4

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How to change a fly wheel. - 740 Volvo Cars & Trucks

My first question would be, why do you want to change the flywheel? It requires removing the transmission then loosening the bolts and sit it off the crankshaft. Let me know more information if you can. ... Volvo 740

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I own a 2005 chevy aveo. The car had been sitting out the majority of the day not being used and the temp outside was minus 23. I went to start my car and the key turned properly but nothing happened, no clicking noise no revving.... nothing. So I turned my wheel a bit and tried to start it and nothing happened. The problem is I turned the wheel again after that a little too hard and it put my car into LOCK. I was able to remove my keys just fine but now its in lock mode and i dont know how to g

So my understanding is you turned wheel and locked wheel and now cannot turn key ? need to turn the wheel some to remove the pressure off the lock and then turn key while holding wheel. ... 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

Battery good car won't start. Had Sonata 2007 towed to dealer. Car started right up. Brought it home the next day, same thing happened. I waited several hours tried again. Waited till next morning car wouldn't turn over. No choice but to call tow truck. Dealer had it for a week and was unable to replicate the problem, so I brought it home . . . again. Hasn't happened for five day, but I've lost confidence in this car. Where will I be, the next time it happens? Any one who experienced this probl

So sorry to hear about your issue... I feel your concern!... The problem is definitely in the 'Starting System Circuit'... difficult to isolate unless the cause 'stays broken'... Possible causes, Wire Harness Connectiors/pins, Ground(s), Fuse(s), Rel ... 2007 Hyundai Sonata Limited Sedan


Almost sounds like a possible valve spring problem, That is sending out harmonics to the computer to activate the rev limiter. good luck ... Dodge Stratus

1997 s10 2 wheel drive truck. 4.3L v6 makes a loud noise as the car accelerates fast or under load. When running 55 I can release the gas pedal and the noise is not audible. I can put the truck in neutral at 55 and rev the engine and the noise is not audible. THe noise starts around 20 mph - ? mph The noise is instantly noticeable when depressing the gas pedal, even if the truck hasn't yet accelerated at the same pace as the gas pedal is depressed. When floored, the car seems to bog down slightl

Your noise sounds like it is power train related,If you have eliminated the engine,Since it doesn't make the noise while moving and in neutral.It sounds like a universal joint in the drive shaft.Do you notice a vibrationalong with the no ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I accidently jacked my car which is a bmw 323i year 2000 manual vehicle by the rear passenger wheel which just so happens to be right near the gas tank on that vehicle which just so happened to damage the gas tank on that vehicle. Now i want to replace the gas tank by a new one because once the gas tank is at quarter full the car can kill out at anytime because the suction unit cannot get to the quarter tank remainning due to the massive dent in the tank this has already happened at a major inte

That sounds like your best bet to replace the fuel tank or try to have the dent removed, all cars have specific jacking points on the lower body to prevent such mishaps, consult your Owner's Manual for specific locations or ask a reputable mechanic ... Cars & Trucks

1. when driving the steering wheel keeps on shaking as the car moves and at first i thought it was the wheel alignment but i have sorted that out and the problem still persists. 2.when driving not on a smooth road i can feel the effects as if i am on a wheel barrow, could this be a signal that the shock absorbers needs replacement and which brand do you recommend? can they give me the comfort that you experince when driving expensive cars where you can not even feel a bumper on da road?

1. Shaking steering wheel... typically a sign that your wheels are out of balance. If not properly weighted during a highspeed balance adjustment, they will wobble during high speed driving. Get a proper alignment and highspeed balance job. \012 ... 2006 Ford Laser

Engine light came on truck ran ruff, light went out and it came to life, this happend 3 times in 2 days now it just wont run right, there are 4 plugs, 2 on each valve cover, if i un plug 1 on the driver side the truck almost dies, i do the same on the pass. side nothig happens? the truck still runs the same i checked the amps on both sides, the pass side is way lower amps than the driver side, so its only running on 4 cylinders, my injectors are not comeing on i asume cus of the low power going

Kinda confussed? what plug's are you talking about? the glow plugs? once started it should not make a difference if you disconnect them. the first thing you need to do is get the computer scanned to see why the check engine light came on and that wil ... Ford F-250
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