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AudiTT wind deflector only goes up slightly

\015 The deflector goes up partly, higher on driver's side\015
Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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AudiTT wind deflector only goes up slightly

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I keep getting a winding noise and when i slow down and stop it winds down then goes bang when im stopped and the noise goes away for a while then comes back again but goes when i stop could it be the

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Wind deflector doesnt go up on passenger side

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How do i fold up the wind deflector, i have just brought a mini cooper convertable i i have managed to take the wind deflector out but hae no instructions on how to fold it up..

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I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee. When i crank the car, the oil pressure gauge goes all the way over to 80. It stays that way while I'm driving. Sometimes it will drop slightly as I accelerate , but goes right back to 80. I have also noticed a slight whistling sometimes when I accelerate. Thanks!

Whistling noise is prob. intake leak or emmissions air flow problem, the oil gauge, is either , oilpump screen clogged, or gauge prob. or if a lot of miles it could be the engine is just getting weak, or oil pump itself. check oil level, and sensor ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Temperture keeps rising when im only driving a few miles goes to 70 in ten mins and then goes to 90 and then goes back down, last night my car felt like it had lost power ,when i drove it this morning it seems ok but feels slightly slower ?

Sounds like the thermostat is gone in the cooling system,when this goes it does not allow cooler water from the radiator to be exchanged for the hot water around the engine block.the reason you lost power is because the pistons got too hot and starte ... Peugeot Liberte

Hi There, I have a 1987 Prelude 2.0 Ex Automatik (80kw -103ps) . Over the Last weeks when I start the Car in the Morning and Drive Off the Car seems to Stand Still although its moving. Its Stays in First Gear and When i take my Foot off the Petrol slightly, she finally goes over to the next Gear. As the Car Warms up it gets slightly better until I approach a Slight Hill or I need to Overtake a Car,I have that feeling again as if the Car is Standing Still. She even Kicks into Lower Gears but noth

Have you done a trans service sometimes the filter gets clogged [its just a little screen in the trans housing] any leaks? perhaps torque converter is faulty you should have pressures checked but if engine is strong its likely trans problems do tra ... 1989 Honda Prelude

I have a convertable 318i and the window on the drivers seat down and up on its own. It just goes down slightly then goes back up. I know on the convertables that happens when you open the door, but it is happening while I am driving.

Check the switch on the door pillow cause they do wear cuuseing the window to jump up and down ... 1996 BMW 318

Heat/Temperature gauge The temperature gauge goes up slightly when the car is sitting still, but when I am driving the temperature gauge goes down completely. The blower works great, but the car doesn't get warm. What is the problem?

The temp sensor sounds like it maybe bad and not responding the way it should.they are cheap 10 - 20 dollars and easy to replace. ... 1996 Saturn SL

Engine runs smooth. temp light goes midway, oil light off. After driving about 10 minutes, oil light comes on and slight knocking noise,templight normal. Rev rpm to 2000& oil light goes off knocking noise stops. ????

Sounds like a dirty oil pickup tube. Not enough pressure in the system until higher rpm's to get oil pumping into the pump, unless pump is weakening. Check all your oil pan and valve cover gaskets. If they look ok, and you have fresh clean 5w30 oil, ... 1995 Buick Regal

My focus has a light vibration and the rpm goes slightly up and down but it only does it when its on idle or when iam in a stop light. When it does that, my panel lights kind of dim out as the rpm goes up and down. I already put new motorcraft sparkplugs and new wires but still the same. I just went to check the alternator, they test it with the machine and they told me it was overcharging, they told me i need to fix the regulator. do you think that will fixed the problem? thanks

What about a vaccum leak or weak batterys. Check the fuel pressure from the fuel pump also. ... 2000 Ford Focus

1997 ford explorer overheating but no gurgling and cools back down when heater is turned on . not loosing any coolant. does not seem to do it at idle but as soon as you start moving it goes up and when it starts getting really hot you can turn the heat on and it goes back to around normal only slightly going up at lower speeds

Make sure the cooling fans are working when the engine reaches above normal temp,if they are not ,turn the ac on,and see if the cooling fans come on,if so,replace the coolant temp sensor,if it has a clutch fan,then replace it,for it is not staying en ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

When my car goes up a slight incline, it remains stationary and sounds as if it's in neutral...I shake my stick gear and then it goes. Same at a red light, when I go to drive again, it's stationary and the engine is revving as if it's in neutral..but then it kicks in.

If your vehicle has a manual transmission it will need the clutch replaced. If it is an automatic then the transmission has internal problems which will more than likely need to be addressed. That is about all I can tell you since you didn't specify ... 1989 Ford Festiva

Oil pressure I own a 97' wrangler w/ 197,000 plus miles. Recently I had the front brakes, rotor and caliper replaced. This will sound odd but, now the engine heats slightly above normal and when that happens the check gauges light and buzzer goes off and the oil pressure gauge bounces up and down while the vehicle is at stop. The oil pressure gauge remains constant till it reaches that slightly elevated temp. While driving the temp fluctuates from normal to a little warm. Two months ago I replac

I was having the same issue with oil pressure and i only had 55K on mine, i have since changed the cat and the exhaust manifold and the problem went away? might be a coiencedance but it makes since thinking like an exhaust brake would work ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

The Check Engine Light Comes for a while then goes off for a while... and when it goes off i can feel a slight bump...

The only real way to tell why the check engine light is on is to run an engine diagnostic scan which will pinpoint exact problem location. Many part stores will test it for free. Most shops charge $40 which is well worth it. It is likely a sensor or ... 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

Charging system The battery light, and the brake light will come on, glow at times, and then go out for miles. Then whilst this is happening, the charge rate at the battery posts goes up to 18 volts.  the engine actually slows down a little bit. The battery stays charged but I'm concerned the overall problem could get worse. Now the 'check engien light' comes on, but also goes aout after a bit.  I have checked and 'repaired' grounds, but no change. The code seems like it is very slight. [can't

Howdie sounds like the alt,is at fault just check the plug at alt, and see if it is loose ,and see if you pull the positive post and see if its still run smooth l,m old school try it it don,t cause any problems you don,t leave it off to long see if ... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer


The damper could be bad if it's the type with the rubber inbetween the pully and the the rest of the damper. check that and see if it is separated. if not looks like your crankshaft bearings could be bad ... 1995 Oldsmobile Silhouette

After the engine is hot, it is very hard to start, almost like the battery is dead. When it is cold, no problems and lately, it has started to give off a slight vibration at about 45mph that lasts for only seconds, goes away when you step on the gas, and then comes back when i let off the gas, but still comes and goes. any ideas?

Well it sound like timing isuse could be timing chain or you could have injector leak after you trun eng off and causing hydraulicking in till you push fuel out of cylinder hope this leads you some where but if you have timing light you can point it ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

I own a 1994 honda accord and the window pane jams and goes off alignment when I winding it up,atimes it will stop working and cant wind up. How do I fix it?

You'll need to remove screws that are by the door handle,\015\012arm rest, under door and side of door and then gently pull back on the\015\012panel as there will also be retaining clips attached and you don't want\015\012to break them. You'll need t ... 1994 Honda Accord

I have a 1998 grand cherokee laredo... recently i noticed a slight hiss noise while diving. when i put my foot on the bake its stops but after im done braking the hiss noise increases then slowly goes back to a slight hiss. i took a look at it and noticed the rubber around the pump was ripped.. what could be the problem??

Rubber around what pump is ripped? Wherever it's leaking you need to fix that. Locating the actual leak can be done by putting a short length of hose to your ear and using the other end as a probe. As you get nearer to the leak source the hose will a ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When I'm driving the gas pedal goes out kindof. If I press on the gas all the way I get nothing. If I press on it slightly I get a little gas until it eventually goes out completely. I let it sit for a few minutes then start the vehicle again. After driving for a short while it happens again.

Fuel filter age? (amount of mileage on it not always rule of thumb) is there any sort of check engine lamp on when this happens,if so have code reader attached to determine code # if not i would be looking at fuel pressure,is your electric fuel pump ... 1997 GMC Sierra

Steering issues New Highlander limited will not go straight. Constantly adjusting steering wheel slightly left and then slightly right. Driving me nuts! I want my old Land Cruiser back. Even my wife's Prius goes down the road :"straight".

Get this vehicle into an alignment shop and have the front end checked out before you kill someone ... 2008 Toyota Highlander

Winding noise when I am driving i can hear a winding, humming noise and it only goes on when im driving or push on the gas pedal

Is this noise coming from the rear of the vehicle, if so it "sounds" like a rear pinion bearing concern, this would make a winding noise when under a load(accelerating) and disappear at other times. Keep me posted ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

My car overheats when at idle or in heavy traffic. The temperate is fine at high speed driving. The fan is coming on as the temperature rises. If the temperature only goes slightly above normal the temperature drops when the car gets upto normal speed, but if the temperature goes well above normal the temperature then keeps rising,

The engine is kept cool by a liquid circulating through the engine to a radiator. In the radiator, the liquid is cooled by air passing through the radiator tubes. The coolant is circulated by a rotating water pump driven by the engine crankshaft. The ... Ford Taurus

Over heating I flushed radiator/coolling system, replaced thermostat.  And temp gage now goes higher than before!  Needle sits right at, and slightly to right of middle of gage.  Used to sit just left to middle of gage.  At times, surges up.... I slow down, turn heater on, shift to neutral and coast as far/long as possible, keep ECT on, and it comes down. Need to replace radiator, slight pin hole on top of radiator now, thinking time to replace water pump, hopefully it's easy enough to do mysel

The radiator needs to have a rot out or get replaced. Over time the water deposits build up inside radiator and affect heat transfer.Keep your thermostst in. If you remove it your gas miledge will drop because the coolant temp sensor will tell the co ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner
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