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I am looking for PVC gear for my Bio 330 laminator. Any suggestion as to where I can find it?Thanks

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I am looking for PVC gear for my Bio 330 laminator. Any suggestion as to where I can find it?Thanks

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2002 2wd automatic 4 Runner +140,000 miles, all fluids and maintenance performed on a regular basis. Problem: After exceeding 45 mph, and then decreasing speed to 30-45 mph, upon acceleration the transmission sounds like it is stuck in the higher gear - sounds like a manual transmission that is on gear to high. If I drive with the overdrive button pushed to O/D OFF, The transmission sounds and acts just find. Any suggestions?

... 2002 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, i own a 2007 VW GTI Edition30 and recently i have experienced a strange reduction in the car's performance. If i accelerate hard in 4th or (especially) 5th gears the revs will climb to about 4500rpm and then drop off. Also, when in 6th gear the revs will simply not increase past about 4700rpm and the car stops accelerating at around 130mph. I have had the technicians at VW carry out a full diagnostic check on the car's systems but they could find "nothing" wrong. Do you have any suggestions?

Wow! Driving 130 on the track I hope. All European engines are governed to not exceed 130mph at the factory. Sounds like yours is set correctly. ... Volkswagen New Gti

I own a Audi a4 multitronic 2005. Recently i'v had the PRND flashing either individualy or all together and I think it's not going through all the gears and an intermittent failure to engage reverse gear, also the acoustic reverse bleeper has packed up. it's been suggested it could the gearbox ECU , ware do I find it ? please anyone.

I'm having a similar problem with my '05 A4 Multitronic with 75,000 miles on clock. PRNDS lights are all blocked out but not flashing (which I believe is worse). Car is driving ok after I had the EGR valve replaced by dealer at cost of £454. D ... 2005 Audi A4

I have a 99 Toyota Camry LE 4 cyl 2.2 liter. My shifting cable rusted out and snapped off so I cannot change gears. This is a very hard part to find but someone suggested that other years are interchangeable. How can I find out which camry years have interchangeable shifting parts?

... 1999 Toyota Camry

I have a 1994 Eclipse with 16v DOHC, non-turbo. replaced motor with 40,000 mi. Japanese motor a year ago. Just had tranny rebuilt and day after picking it up, seemed to have problem when backing in reverse. no problems in all forward gears, Tranny shop went through and checked, cant find anything wrong with tranny, said has to do with idol. Any suggestions?

... 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 2010 AUDI S4 (b8) with about 16000km on the clock.In Dynamic driving mode the transmission jerks uncomfortably when shifting up from 2nd and 3rd gears. This does not happen when in Comfort or Auto mode. I have sent the car to the Audi workshop but they couldn't find anything wrong and said it may be an inherent issue with this model. Can you suggest a solution? Many thanks. Nik Mohamed

In "Dynamic" driving mode the accelerator pedal MUST be pushed also in "Full Dynamic" mode to the floor. If not, choice the "Comfort" or "Auto" driving modes. \015\012This is the solution: when you select the "Dynamic" driving mode th ... 2010 Audi S4

My 1991 300 zx non-turbo automatic transmission is stuck in third gear. one day i started the car and when putting it in drive it is really slow on take off. it has 0 acceleration. i dropped it in first and nothing changed. reverse works fine. when on the highway going 60 the rpms are at 4000 the over drive on or off makes no difference. i got it up to 120 mph at 7000 rpms and it would not shift. letting off the gas the rpms fall as if it were a manuel transmission. any suggestions?

... 1991 Nissan 300ZX

I have a 1987 isuzu trooper ii ls. i have a problem with finding the clutch fluid. my clutch pedles is going to the floor and i cant get it in gear. any suggestion

The reservoir should be under the hood beside the brake master cylinder. ... 1987 Isuzu Trooper

4l80e not seeing signal to shift above 2nd gear. Its a problem with the electrical connector to the valve body. I push on it and it'll shift fine for a day. I unplug the connector to find the male part that comes out of the transmission is loose and I can push it into the transmission if I wanted... I dont know what is supposed to hold it there but somehting just seems wrong with a connector that I think should be tight in the the tranny... anyone have any suggestions or...? on what to do to get

Your going to have to replace the connector, if your transmission is close to needing a oil and filter change. Have the transmission shop ether replace the harness or tighten up the connection when the transmission pan is dropped. 99% of the time a t ... 1997 Chevrolet C/K 3500

1995 Honda Odyssey LX : The speedometer needle is erratic -- sometime it works and sometime it doesn't. Also D4 light is flashing)(Shift gear drive). check Engine light turns on Got the codes from the mechanic : 1, 4 7 , 8 & 17 Was told that needs new vehicle speed sensor. How many spewed sensor are there and where do they go. How can we find out the diagram. Your guidance and suggestions will be appreciated.

I have same **** ... 1995 Honda Odyssey

Key problems I just picked my car up from the repair shop after some body work had been finished up, and I drove the car home only to find out that my key was stuck in the ignition and no matter what I tried the key will not come out. I made sure that the vehicle was all the way in the park position on the gear shift, made sure that the key was in the right position to extract and tried this several times to make sure that it would not come out. Do you have any suggestions?

Take it back to the body shop. They broke it and will make it right I assure u. ... 2007 Ford Fusion I4 SEL Sedan

I have a 2001 Dakota Sport ex-cab 4x4 3.9 5 speed with 3.55 gears. I get about 15 mpg around town. About rite? pcm # is 56040232 ac. Is this the latest and greatist software or flash code? Looking to find gas milage somewhere. suggestions? 150,000 R265x70 x16

Unfortunialy 15 to 17 is about right.\015\012\015\012You can improve gas millage by adding a K&N filter also by putting flow master 50 series has a slight rummble but much more quite the 30 or 40 series. It will improve the **** power as well you ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

Ford Fusion 1.4 petrol durashift automatic - sudden intermittent powerloss unexpectedly when engaging 1st and moving off, engine speed stays at idle even with foot hard down car creeps out at 2mph, after a few secs power will return, but gearbox will stay stuck in 1st gear and revs fast, may eventually get into 2nd. No warning lights anywhere, engine or gearbox. Ford can't find a fault, but suggest gearbox fault

... 2004 Ford Fusion

Ford Taurus 2002 Ford Taurus wagon. 102,000 mi. past two years, unpredictable: anti-theft will start blinking when I insert key. I start engine. Engine starts but when in I put car in gear, car won't go. Device causes car to stall. Repeated attempts to drive, same: will not go. Wait at least two hours and starts fine-- no more problem. Has happened at least a dozen times. At first had car towed. By the time mechanic looked at it mechanic could find nothing wrong. Suggested magnetic in

Try replacing the cars computer with a known good one. It seems the computer or "brainbox" is deprogramed for some reason. ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

1999 Chrysler 300M, Dies on deceleration and at idle when warm. I can some time see the tach go to 0 rpm, with out the car actually dying I have had may suggestions, from EGR, throttle Body, fuel injectors, fuel pump, cam & crank sensors and more, I really would not prefere to just start replacing parts untill I find a solution. Has any body found a fix for this issue, I have seen many posts with similar conditions, but so far not a single one that says the problem was fixed...

For the price of a can of throttle body, spray cleaner, I'd remove the IAC motor , clean it, and port it came out of and try it and see what happens. It sure sounds like the same old dirty IAC problems that are frequent . Normally that will cure it, ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

Trying to find "Gear shifter/cable for a 1988 Mercury Cougar XR7 5.0 P/N E7SZ7E148A. Tried Ford on-line...they don't stock it....any suggestions?

... Mercury Cougar

My 2007 chrysler sebring only engages gear no.3 and reverse. The engine fan start spontaneously when the engine is run.(automatic,petrol,2.4,2x4wd) The garage took out the gearbox and put it back again.They replaced throttle body to no avail. Then they suggested it could be tipm.I disallowed them to continue.If it is tipm,do I need to replace it or it can be reprogrammed. If I need to replace it where can I find one at a reasonable price?

Check for water accumulation INSIDE the neutral safety switch.\015\012\015\012\015\012A professional will only suspect neutral safety on no start condition.\015\012A transmission pro will able to ID this problem as moisture problem inside ... 2007 Chrysler Sebring Sedan

Transaxle I have a 2002 Daewoo Lanos standard. I am needing to put fluid in the transaxle, but no one seems to be able to find it or a plug. I am assuming it's underneath the car and have had two people look that know and work on cars, but even they can't find it. I need to find it quick, because when I push in the clutch to shift gears, my car makes a winding noise and putting it into gear sometimes takes a minute to do and it seems to want to die every now and again and my car seems to be runn

Speedo cable goes in the back of the tranmission right side front near shift lever a ten millimeter a/f bolt holds it in if you undo it then pullout the speedo cable carefully you will see where the 90 grade final drive transaxle oil goes thanks mate ... 2002 Daewoo Lanos

Just bought a passat estate . when i first start off when the engine and box is cold know problems .but when the engine and gearbox are hot i find it hard to find reverse gear and a bit tight going thought the gears iv been told the gear oil is for life and should not need changing as its very costly there is a bit of vibration on the clutch pedal near the top when holding car . has any body got a clue. cheers antony

Dose the clutch pedal drive in gear 1" from the floor OR 1"" from the top when you let it out. if its drives when almost out and there is a vibration on the pedal then the clutch needs replacing and it has nothing to do with the gear box or oil ... 1998 Volkswagen Passat

Crunching Gears Hi, I recently bought a second hand Toyoto Yaris 2002 model which I've got about 5 months left on warranty. My problem is the reverse gear sometimes crunches (especially with a cold start) and 3rd gear is sometimes difficult to engage. A friend of mine suggested that before I engage reverse gear I should put the gear stick in & out off any other gear first as this will help to slow down the mechanism & make the gear change smoother...it worked. My concern is that th

Thats common for the reverse gear to grind if you go right for it i always go to fist then reverse. it sounds like you might have a week slave cylinder and the pressure is to low to go into a high gear does this happen in 5 ... Toyota Yaris

Thank you sir very much. The car is Tucson , diesel, automatic not Honda. You can find my message and complain below. Dear sirs, Please be informed that I have bought one Tucson car automatic, diesel , manufactured in 6/9/2005 from a show room in Khartoum - Sudan. When I send the car to the cahange the Gear oil, the technical man ask me to buy Gear oil filter and and I did so, but when he opened the cover he did not find oil filter. The car is automatic , and we and the tehnician worried w

... 2005 Hyundai Tucson

Transmission fault code "reverse solenoid fault" keeps me stuck in limp mode (stuck in third gear)keeps popping up! WHAT can cause this code to keep me in third gear???!!!! im a stay at home dad with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 turtles and a frickin stratus that satan himself refused! but its all we got for now so I HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK!!! please help me if I can find out the list of possible causes to make this reverse solenoid fault code happin i can find it and fix it and stop tearing thru gas and rp

The automatic transmissions of today's cars are electonically controlled by the ECM, when a problem arises the transmission will send a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) to your ECM. You will need to take your car to a mechanic to test and replace the Re ... 1996 Dodge Stratus

I am having trouble getting the thumb button to go in on the gear shift, some co-workers suggested putting some wd40 in the hole, this helps temporarily but it still keeps locking up. The vehicle has 150,000 miles on it, I called Ford dealer, they thought it might be the shift lock actuator, I have the brake completely depressed when I am trying to get the button to go in to change the gears. the vehicle is kept in the garage. Someone else suggested there may be a plastic rod inside the shaft wh

Your button is lifting a little lock under the shifter, it is metal to metal, you have to take the console out, not a big deal, find the link and grease it up. I found mine to be broken and had to weld it up. Check it out. ... 1999 Ford Escort

Transmission problems I need some suggestions on what to do.  I have 101,000 miles on my car and have noticed recently my transmission is not always shifting into the final gear.  It makes whining noises and has gotten worse over the past month.  It shifts into the first 2 gears ok, but then just won't shift into overdrive.  Most people I've asked suggest just driving it until it goes out completely - so that is what I am thinking about doing.  What should I expect when it goes out completely? W

First off, I'd try changing the fluid and filter in the transmission. I know a lot of cars claim "lifetime fluid" - it's BS. Believe me, even the lifetime fluids get very dirty. Change out the fluid and filter, and you could even add some Lucas st ... 2004 Cadillac CTS
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