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1994 Chevy calivar car turned over but would not start got a new fuel relay switch car started right up next day started went one block then died and won't start then it blew its main fuse fixed that but still won't start turns over and I can hear the fuel pump working need help please and thank you

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Could have worn timing chain engine slipped time or could have faulty ignition module or CKP sensor.
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Honda accord 1993 car was running on the freeway 101 and the car start to slow down and die. during troubleshooting new battery installed,replace ignitor and all 4 spark plugs has ignition. the car still wont start. just crank but will not turn over. check the fuel line with ignition on and fuel comes out normal. so the fuel pump works. we even spray fuel starter in the intake and pass to butterfly to be able to turn it over the engine but engine just crank. wont turn over. what is wrong. why th

Hello! I need to understand the problem...Just a couple of questions to get started...When you say that you changed the igniter, do you mean the ignition coil? Have you checked for spark (hold plug to ground)...If there is a strong spark and fuel, th ... Honda Accord

Went to get gas, shut car off and removed keys. filled gas, inserted keys and security light is now blinking and car will not turn over, has full power to all accessories, but wont turn. If I bypass the ignition the starter turns over but car still doesn't start - the fuel pump still has no power. How do I reset the Anti-theft key device? I've cleaned, dried and tried both keys, waited 3 hours now and still wont start! Have cleaned all battery/coil/distributer/starter connections and te

Did you clean in the ing. lock cyl. Maybe pocket lint or something blocking. ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

Was getting onto highway and car just stalled. Got the car towed home checked the t-belt and checked good. I shot some starter fluid into throttle body and car just sputtered a little. I pulled the back seat out to listen for fuel pump to turn on with when key is turned. It hummed for just a fraction of second. Replaced the fuel filter and pump still wont do a full prime. Unhooked harness checked for voltage and there is constant 11 volts when key is on. Replaced fuel pump. Still no start. Conne

It sounds like you may have a bad crank sensor.Before you replace it I would test it first.Any electrical part can be tested for proper operation.I would let a service station test the sensor and replace it if it is bad.Im sorry I don't ... 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I ran my car out of gas and after putting gas in it still wouldnt start. i got told to change the fuel filter...i did and still wont start even thou it wants to...it trys to turn over but still wont start...someone said i need to pressureize the fuel line, how do i do this

You don't pressurize anything\015\012You didn't have to change the filter either\015\012\015\012You need to check to see if the fuel pump\015\012comes on at all,in the start position when cranking\015\012\015\012If ... Ford Escort

2002 Pontiac Grand Am Se 3.4L turning over like brand new, but not starting. Tryied the key trick, the fuel pump relay is fine and ran fine since last september untill I went to my girlfriends last night and as I was going to leave, I hit the auto start a couple times and didn't here the car start like normal. So went outside and tryied it by the key and still does nothing but turn over but still wont start. I know that you cant always hear the fuel pump on newer vehicles, but its a 2002. I

It sounds exactly like the fuel pump. Are you positive you're getting spark at the plugs? If so change the fuel pump. Good Luck! ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Car trouble, first off acr was a little low on gas but even before that it had started to run uneven,popping,misfiring and since has become worse to the point where the car will not start or even fire up its a fuel injected1992 vp holden calais 3.8 v6 that i have never had a problem with up until now,car turns over and has spark and fuel and have done flashcode test,new sparkplugs,cleaned injectors and fuel rails checked filters,coilpacks,ignition leads,,,,and still the ***** wont start ,can you

... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

Hi !! my 1991 honda civic 2 door hatch back wont start. When the ignition key is turned on; the he check engine lite stays on. On a normal day, when i turned the ignition on, i would hear a click, the check engine lite goes off and the car would start superbly. I repalced the ignition coil in the distributor, but the problem still persists. I loosened the fuel line at the fuel filter on the inlet side and turned the ignition on, no fuel bled. My fuel tank in full. Please help. Thanks

... 1991 Honda Civic

88 190E has been sitting for over a year, wont start. Have cleaned out the fuel, still wont start. An amituir mechanic said it needed a fuel pump and or a fuel relay. (Very costly) Any advice? The car ran and started fine when parked. It will turn over.

Thats not very costly the relay is cheap. The tune up you probably need is what will be costly. Coil, Cap, Rotor, Wires and plugs also maybe the OVP relay. Can you hear the fuel pumps when you try and start it? It doesnt have to turn over they sh ... 1988 Mercedes-Benz 190

88 190E has been sitting for over a year, wont start. Have cleaned out the fuel, still wont start. An amituir mechanic said it needed a fuel pump and or a fuel relay. (Very costly) Any advice? The car ran and started fine when parked. It will turn over.

What is the fuel pressure reading, bet it's zero. replace the fuel pump and the fuel filter. when fuel gets old it gums up the pump and it won't spin and produce pressure, very common complaint on stored cars, i.e. no fuel pressure. ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

88 190E has been sitting for over a year, wont start. Have cleaned out the fuel, still wont start. An amituir mechanic said it needed a fuel pump and or a fuel relay. (Very costly) Any advice? The car ran and started fine when parked. It will turn over.

When a vehicle has been left for a long time without being started it will need the following: New fuel, New battery, change of engine oil, possibly transmission oil and brake fluid as well. All fluids in the engine will tend to settle and separate o ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Fuel i have a 1989 buick regal i have changed fuel filter, pump, spark plugs.the car wont start sometimes when i turn it off, it stop twice while driving i pulled over and cranked it a few times and it started or i would have to let it sit for a few min when it stop the car was still on it was like it was out of gas but there was plenty. i also wanted to tell you i changed the fuel pump 2 times could it be the fuel pump relay or is it something else?

Try ignition module go to this site to show you how.\015\012\015\012mhttp://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?\015\012pageId=0900c15280067bbc ... 1989 Buick Electra

1996 sport Whenever I try to start the engine the car turns over but it wont 'catch'. The garage managed to start it by manually pumping through the diesel, that seem ed to clear the fault for about a week. but, the next time I filled up with diesel, it started doing it again. The car still wont start, I dont know what to do next, I dont know how to pump the fuel through myself. It's recently had a new ignition coil, head gasket, radiator and battery. HELP PLEASE.

Hellie11-\015\012\015\012Well, I came up empty handed in my attempts to get detailed tech information on the 2.5 turbo-diesel, but I do have some ideas based on my general diesel experience and from your description of the problem.\ ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country

I have a Hyundai Lantra '92 with a 1.5 4cyl manual engine.was going fine but now the car will turn over but wont start.I have done the following procedures and eliminated the following. FUEL-Car has petrol in tank and fuel pump is delivering petrol through system.Fuel is seen in carburettor when accelerator pump is depressed so fuel is not an issue STARTER MOTOR-Turns over with no problems ELECTRICAL-Started by taking out No.1 spark plug still attached to lead to see if spark would 'jum

I would start by eliminating the distributor.Normally the ignition control module will be built into the distributor.Replace the distributor and this should fix the no-spark condition. Make sure you mark the position of the rotor button before remova ... Hyundai Elantra

Starting problum my car will turn over but it wont start new fuel pump we bypassed the fuel pump relay but still wont fire. moter is 3.1 fuel injected

... 1991 Chevrolet Corsica

I have a 1994 mustang gt will turn over but wont start fuel pump was not making any noise so i replaced and still the same car turns over but wont start

Are you getting spark? the crank sensor or camshaft sensor maybe faulty.... also does your fuel pump have a relay besides a fuse. the relay box is normally located right by the battery. if you look inside you might be able to swap relays with the he ... 1994 Ford Mustang

Wont start I went to start my car today and I am not getting fuel or a spark. So I went to the junk yard and got a used (CCRM) and that didn't fix it. I can rig a jumper wire from my pos batt terminal and my fuel pump will pump but it's still not getting any spark. The car will turn over and I have checked the inertia switch. What could be the problem?

Inertia switch might have been pressed of you car has one or the ignition switch can be bad ... 1993 Ford Taurus

Car wont turn over to start got really cold fuel line froze and busted changed fuel lin and still wont turn over do i need to do a diagnostic test

Sounds like the engine is frozen aswel? ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Ford ED falcon wagon. Car turns over can hear fuel pump but wont start. Also blows fuse beside battery that leads to radio and cigarette lighter. Pulled the main fuse out and the fuse beside battery doesnt blow and car turns over but still wont fire

... 1994 Ford Econoline

Turn the ignition and it doesnt start , has gas..havent had a tune up in almost three years., car just died, turns out batterie wasnt good anymore, replaced it, but car still wont start. it trys, but no respoce...was told could be control madual??dont know?was also told they checked fuel pump and the fireing and its okay, but doesnt firre out???

Cam sensor,\015\012crank sensor,\015\012theft system ... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Ive had alot of issues with my car. it began when the car didnt want to pull its self up hills and didnt want to go once i stopped. then it went further to where if i turned the wheel when i was trying to go from a dead stop it would die. then it just stopped starting. thought it was the fuel pump, replaced it and still wont start. hooked it up to a computer and it said that it wasnt getting a signal from the ecm or pcm. got a new brain for it and still did nothing. now they say that the infecto


Turn the ignition and it doesnt start has gas..havent had a tune up in almost three years. Car just died turns out batterie wasnt good anymore replaced it but car still wont start. It trys but no respoce...was told could be control madual??dont know?was also told they checked fuel pump and the fireing and its okay but doesnt firre out???

Replace plugs an wires! ... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

2003 Acura RSX type s. Car wont start, it will turn over but wont start. Spark is good, and Replaced fuel pump and still wont start. Does factory alarms have something to do with it?

... 2003 Acura RSX

My 2000 kia sephia is not starting i bought a new battery, new fuel pump, new coils also wires and spark plugs, but still wont start. I also check the starter and took it to O' Railly Auto parts and starter still works!!! what could it be?!?!?!!! the starter, it has the sound like, "VROOMMMMM'' when I turn the key in the ignition sometimes attempting it, the engine almost gets to start but fails agian..!!!?!!! '''''''' BUT IF I PUSH START THE CAR...100% IT WILL START!!!'''''''''' I'M CLUELESS OF

Sounds like either the teeth on the flywheel or on the starter itself are missing a few gears or the sylinoid is not ingaging the starter enough ... 2000 Kia Sephia

Wont start 1998 dodge 2500 pickup. It is a 2500 Gasline, fuel injected v-10. Lately, The truck has (occasionally) not been starting, after it has been turned off. It turns over, just won't fire, getting plenty of fuel. This last from 5 min to one hour. It turns over but will never start, Now, I backed into parking stall, truck went dead while it was still iddling; Gas lite came on, and it will not start. Put in gas, even though it still had plenty. Still turns over really great, just wont fire.

Most likely the fuel pump went bad. But, just in case, check for spark. Sometimes a worn out fuel pump will intermittently lose pressure or stop pumping. Fuel pressure can be checked by valve on the FUEL RAIL. The valve will look like the same size a ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Hi Car wont start .Spark plugs are new checked each one and have good spark.New fuel filter .Fuel pump is fine getting clean fuel to the injectors.Got a new air filter which I disconnected and sprayed ether into air intake ,turned starter over still didnt fire.Then I took plugs out and sprayed a bit into cylinder still to no avail.I do not have a pressure guage to check compression but do you think this could be timing belt maybe? I have spark ,clean air and fuel and cannot think of anything els

Sounds like it could be. (without checking to see if you have a "pulse" at the injectors) You can usully hear a difference in the way it turns over with a cam belt issue. ... Nissan NX
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