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I have a 99 vw beetle tdi alh diesel engine, manual transmission. I am replacing my original dual mass flywheel with a single mass flywheel. The new bolts that came with the single mass flywheel/clutch kit have a coating, probably locktight??? What torque wrench setting do I use on the new bolts to bolt the flywheel to the crankshaft, I don't know if these new bolts are stretch bolts or not, the supplier of the new single mass flywheel couldn't tell me if they were stretch type bolts or not

... Volkswagen Beetle

How many bolts hold Mitsubishi 2.0 head on?The reason I ask is because there are 3 bolts in the middle of the head that are a different size than the other 12 bolts?Do these bolts need to come off to remove the head?Or is the head held down by the 12 bolts only?The repair book I have doesn't say anything about the 3 bolts in the middle.

There are only 10 head bolts on that engine. the 3 bolts your talking about, aren't bolts they are plugs and shouldn't be removed.\015\012 ... Mitsubishi Galant

1994 4runner, six cyl. putting rebuilt heads on, toyota head gaskets, new head bolts "tvs 10.9". Torqued bolts in pattern to 33 foot pounds. another 1/4 turn in the pattern. and into my next and final 1/4 turn (required by toyota book), 3 different bolts acted like they stripped. They still have torque to them(more than 33 foot pounds I checked) but it seems that they "gave way" going into the final turn. I can't imagine the bolts stripping, but they aren't from toyota. I did oil the bolts prior


Timing Tensioner Hi Again, Well I found out it's not a rod bearing going out, the timing tensioner bolt broke. Now my problem is, how do i get the rest of the bolt out? I bought a new tensioner and bolt to replace it, also a new water pump and timing belt. My husband drilled the old bolt and used an easy out, but the old bolt isn't budging, he sprayed it with ez blaster to try and loosen it but that didn't work either, sooo anyone got any other suggestions? Thanks a bunch for any help.

It has been necessary to heat(hot) the old stud in order to free it, try a bolt extractor rather than an easy out worse case scenario would be to drill out the bolt to almost the diameter of the hole, if you damage the threads you may have to chase n ... 1994 Dodge Caravan

I installed a 2001 4.3 engine that came without the bell housing bolts or a starter in a 1997 Blazer. The old bolts bell housing bolts would not fit so I found new bolts. The starter from the 1997 bolts up to the new engine but would like to know if I should buy a 2001 starter to install instead to avoide any problems with gear mesh later on?

Yes I would for the starters design is totally different so problems will occur ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Why can't i get the bottom bolt off of an alternator on a 93 geo storm? I removed the top bolt and then got the bottom bolt loose. When I try to pull the bottom bolt out it stops on the tire well. I have tried wiggling but the bolt is just longer than the space. Please help!

You may not have remove the bolt completely to get the alternator out. Try removing the alternator with the bolt out as far as it will go, or, remove the bracket that the bolt is in. Failing that, try sticking a 2 by 4 down between the engine and t ... Geo Storm

8 bolts holding the grill on, the nuts are running, you can't put a wrench on the head of the bolt to keep the bolt from turning. I can cut the bolts off but will I be able to replace the bolts?

The solution is pretty much within your question also.When you replace the bolts,will you be able to get the head of the wrench on for tightening?I do not know the size space you have to work with for the backside.If you have the exact size wrench ne ... 2006 Lincoln Mark LT

I have a 2003 FX4 and the coolant crossover manifold is leaking. I removed all attachments and the two top bolts and two bottom bolts on the right side thin I removed the two long bolts that hold the thermostat housing and two bolts from the bottom and it moves but doesent seem to be free am I missing a bolt?

... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

Im changing a wheel bearing on 92 isuzu rodeo with c locks on the axle. i took the differential back plate of and drained the fluid. i went to take the pinion shaft lock bolt off and i broke the bolt in the center of the bolt. now i cant get the rest of the bolt and pin out. what can i do to get the bolt and pin out of the pinion shaft.

... 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

I fitted an induction kit to my Swift the other day, everything went fine apart from the final instruction was to put the 4 bolts that held the airbox in place back in their correct holes. I had 5 bolts and stupidly put the last one in the hole just to the right of the dipstick, being the wrong size the bolt head sheared and is now stuck in place. A friend tried drilling the bolt out but just made it worse. Is it possible to replace the part the bolt is stuck in? thanx much.

Hello, the short answer to your question is yes. Some considerations though are how much will the replacement part cost. Without seeing where the bolt is, I am not sure what part you will need to replace. If it's in a major component such as the cyli ... Suzuki Swift

I have a broken bolt (passenger side) on the thermostat housing and need to replace the thermostat. I've tried drilling out the bolt and extracting it with an easy out but no luck. Th remaining bolt kept it from leaking until I cleaned everything up but now I can't get a good seal and don't want to risk breaking the stud with bolt attached on the right side because an important bracket is attached to that stud and also to a throttle mechanism. any suggestions as to how to remove the bolt or

There is a new kind of easy out .. the old left hand spiral design doesnt work somtimes .. the new one is much better (more of a straight rib) ... use penitrating oil a few hours before attempting to remove .. \015\012\015\012in an emerge ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Chevy Impala rear brakes in removing the brake caliper bolt / pins the hex head of the lower bolts on each wheel were rounded off and very tight to remove I purchased new bolts from the local auto parts store and notice that they are different (one has a turned down end with a neoprene sleeve the other is metal one diameter to the end). I am wondering if the bolts had been reversed during a previous install. what is the correct position for these bolts?

The bolt with the bushing attached to the end goes down. This prevents the brakes from making a clicking noise when applying and releasing the brakes. ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

I am replacing an oil pan for a 2005 Hyundai tuscon. need to know the bolt size of the pan bolts - 12 to 14 of them. what size bolts connect the front exhaust manifold bracket to the 'y' pipe? what size bolts hold the rear exhaust pipe to the 'y' pipe? need to disconnect both to get at the pan bolts. thanks tom

... 2005 Hyundai Tucson

Underdrive Pulley Geo Metro - 1996 the bottom pully is lose and u can move it back and forth there is no bolts holding it in place just the frame and engine i need to know what kind of bolts to get to put in it to bolt it back on the bolt in the middle is there but it doesnt seem to be for holding it in place thanks for your help

There should be at least three bolts holding it onto the balancer. Take the pulley off and check the holes to make sure they were not damaged, If they are, use a tap to repair threads. then get a few bolts and see what fits.If you needed a tap use ta ... 1996 Geo Metro

How do you remove the powersteering belt on a 2000 nissan sentra gxe (1.8L) ? i've loosened the lock nut on the tensioner and the tensioning bolt. no movement. then i found 2 bolts on the tensioner plate a 10mm and 12mm and removed the 10mm bolt. i left the 12mm bolt in but loose. help. all ive never had this much trouble with belts.

... 2000 Nissan Sentra

1995 F-250 7.5L torque specs for camshaft sprocket bolt,harmonic balancer crank bolt, timing cover bolts and water pump bolts?

... 1995 Ford F250

Starter removal I am trying to remove the starter from a Chrysler Town and Country 3.8 L. I have found 2 bolts but not the 3rd bolt that the Haynes manual says should be there. There is a 3rd bolt but it is much larger and goes through a bracket that looks to be a engine mounting bracket. Do you know how many bolts there are and where they are? Thanks, Tom

Believe it or not, your last statement is not untrue. I had a long talk with an engineer from ford some years back. You would not believe the amount of testing they do to make sure that parts DO NOT last beyond a specified lifespan. (you would think ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

6.5 Diesel Thermostat Housing Bolt Access: Gentlemen, I have marveled at the idiocy of the alternator bracket housing, cursed long and loud over the near psychosis of the water pump mounting, and have detoured into the perplexing case of the gigantic Torx bolt on the belt tensioner. I am now faced with the lower bolts on the dual thermostat housing. How, pray tell, does one remove these hidden treasures. I am but a simple shade tree novice, raised on the silly old 2 bolt thermostat housing.

GM Full-Size Trucks 1988-1998 Repair Information\015\012Thermostat - REMOVAL & INSTALLATIONDiesel Engines1988-95 models\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... GMC K1500

Trying to install a starter for a 1966 thunderbird. I am unable to get the third bolt (at the top of starter) into the starter because of the lack of space. How can i revolve this issue? I have installed the started utilizing just the two bolts, however the vehicle will attempt to start but i hear a slight knocking sound, then it will not start anymore. Is it because the third bolt is not in place? I do have the other two bolts very tight and secure.

I would try to get the other one in with an extendable magnet, or a 4 claw grabber tool. Also, you might try to put some grease or glue in a socket that fits the bolt, to get the bolt up in there. ... Ford Thunderbird

Headlight assembly The headlights on my '95 Eclipse are in need of replacement. I have replacement headlights but have ran into a snag with a single bolt that holds the light in place. I am able to remove all bolts with the exception of the lower most bolt that seats under the headlight. The area is very difficult to get to. Is there an easy or routine way to get to the bolt for removal and intallation. Any advise would be helpful. I am unable to get any direction from a HANES manual and have no

A swivel for the socket may be necessary, sometimes it may take more than one swivel. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I removed the brake line from the front brakes on my 1998 Taurus. It had a bolt going though a suare metal piece where it bolted onto the brake cylinder. There is a brass washer on the bolt. When I bolted it back onto the cylinder....it won;t stop leaking. Any suggestions?.....Can I get what I need at an auto parts store?

Ther should be 2 copper washers one ethier side of metal block you may have dropped one\015\012\015\012take a sample washer to the parts store and they will match it up buy 2 to be safe only be couple of dollars ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Alternator bolts i want to change my alternator on 2001 hyundai santa fe . but when i came to bottom bolt the bolt that makes it swivel it is blocked by a brackect the bracket looks like its for the tire arm how do i get this bolt ouy without taking the steering rod out?

The mounting bracket that the bolt goes through is slotted. It will be a little tight but if you can pry the alternator upwards it will disengage the slot and come off. The bolt does not have to come out. ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

I need to know which starter bolt to get for the bottom bolt of my starter. 1994 Ford F150 5.0 engine. There are 2 bolts in the parts book...a long one and a short one. I need to know which one is the bottom bolt. I'm not near the truck so I can't look for myself. Thank you for your help. Ron

BOTTOM BOLT IS THE LONG ONE ... 1994 Ford F150 Styleside Supercab

Hydraulic P20 tranny with hasport hydraulic > cable conversion. The arm that attaches to the TOB arm came out and the clutch stopped working. When i popped the hood and looked i found the bolt that attaches to the TOB arm came through the arm due to no washer being on the bolt. I put a washer on the bolt and re installed the bolt through the TOB arm to the hasport long arm. I restarted the engine and pressed the clutch petal but it dosen't feel like it's engaging the clutch. I double checked the

The throw out bearing arm was on the outside of the clutch actuator arm. The throw out bearing arm should go into the clutch actuator arm with a bolt going into the clutch actuator arm through the throw out bearing arm. I used some blue locktite to m ... 1991 Honda CRX
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