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Change in the price level of similar goods - Cars & Trucks

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I would like to know what is the meaning of the price of the alternative goods
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Change in the price level of similar goods - Cars & Trucks

I would like to know what is the meaning of the price of the alternative goods ... Cars & Trucks

Transaxle noise at 25mph+ on a 2001 Buick Park Avenue.The noise is similar to a very aggressive treaded tire road noise, loudest at 55mph. Coasting in Neutral at the same speeds has no change in noise. Engine RPM has no affect either. Shifting is normal. Fluid level is good, no leaks. Mileage on car is 69000.

Try weaving side to side slowly while driving if the noise changes you have a bad wheel bearing. Also you can jack up the front end and check wheel play by placing hands at top and bottom. Hope this helps. ... 2000 Buick Park Avenue

1999 Towncar - Air suspension shocks in good condition and car rides level - no idicator light is on. The car just rides way too stiff. Even the slightest bump jolts the inside (rattles change in ash tray). This is even true on the interstate when crossing the highway expansion lines. I just paid to have all new shocks (at the advice of Fixya) and that is not the problem. The air suspension is suppose to be fairly new and again looks to be in very good condition. I do not want to change over to

I will check the shop manual, but the module does control ride for stiffness, increased stiffness at higher speeds, etc. If the bags are inflated, then the module cintrols how much air to allow in or out based on inputs to the module. See if you can ... Lincoln Town Car

Steering rack I bought 2002 BMW 530i from the auction. Today after I took the car to be inspected by BMW dealer he told me that I need to change the steering rack because it's leaking. I spent hours on the net try to find a good source for a rebuild steering rack but honesty I was so confused between names and prices. The price range from $400-$1200.00. I need your help to find a good reliable and moderate price. Thank you

Hello , first i should congratulate you , the 530i 2002 is really a great choice , and what i can advise you with is try to take a look in our products section , or in the realated links in our sit ... BMW 530

Change oil light came on, car had oil change 1000 miles ago, checked levels all good. a few days later check guage light comes on, wife takes to regular shop. Down 2 quarts oil. When that happened oil pressure dropped to bottom. 2 quarts oil in runs fine then check gauge light on again pressure down again. check oil level and it looks fine? @002 Trailblazer has 220,000 miles on it. regular maintenance runs like a champ. Ideas?

Get oil pressure test done and check for codes in PCM ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Ford Ranger 1994 Truck 3.0, Fuel injection, was running fine, was low on gas, filled tank to full, and added a liquid booster, left gas station and truck stalled somewhere several miles later and has never started again. We have changed the coil, checked spark plugs, changed the EGM, checking fuel for contaminants, checked the fuel injection, there are sparks on every plug, battery and Alt, are good. it has been a week, car was towed back to home and it remains a total mystery as what to consi

Fuel pump quit ... Ford Ranger

I have a leak somewhere obviously..but the coolant level never goes low and the temperature never changes in the car, we were thinking that the thermostat might be getting stuck. we see coolant under the car sometimes and the like a line of water as i am backing out. like I said the coolant level is good in the tank.

Are you sure its coolant on the ground, it could be condensation from your air conditioner.\015\012\015\012If your not have a drop in your radiator level, and not having cooling problems.\015\012Then I doubt it is coolant on the gro ... Kia Sorento LX

Suspenision Im having a problem with my air suspension on my 2000 lincoln continental. I had my compressor changed , my suspension computer changed and my lines check which were good. The compressor is not coming on like its suppose to as if its not recieving the right signal. It came on when the car was jacked up a little and it put air into the bags just a little. What can i do to make my compressor come on when supposed to and rise the car to the proper level. Im wondering could it be my main

Check the leveling valve& linkage, sorry don't know location. ner wheels for sure ... 2000 Lincoln Continental

2002 aurora, ticking/buzzing noise from front of car. louder with increased vehicle speed, but not affected by engine rpm. checked brakes, calipers, pads, tires, all look good. transaxle fluid level good. noise does not change with brakes applied except for speed reduction from braking action. I drove about 30 miles to get home last night and I do not think the noise level increased much with time. The noise was faint to start but increased to its loudest over a distance of about twenty fiv

So it has some to do with rotation. you can jack one front wheel up, set parking brakes, start the car and put in drive. which ever side make noise, that's the one you need to inspect cv-axle, wheel bearing, ect.\015\012check any thing that tur ... 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

Changed car stereo to a after marktet car stereo and I touched the break wire from the stereo (brown) to the dash wire from the car and now niether factory stereo will turn on or the after market one. I checked the fuse for the radio amp and it checked out good . I took a cumputer safe test light to the wire harness and there is no positive power

Hi dear this is noram problem your stereo is working but check your car electic cable voltage and check onther one stereo with your card that is your car cabaling problem related your wallage issue ........check and repaly me ok ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

I have a 2007 MB C230 Sport with 21,000 miles loaded with options and in very good condition. The car is great except for the interior noise level. My F150 4WD truck is quiter than this car. You can really hear the tires on the road during all stages of driving (accelaration, braking, ect.) I have been told it is the tires what do you think? Front Michelin Primacy Pilot 225/45 R17 91W 1/2 tread left Rear Michelin Primacy Pilot 245/40 R17 91W 3/8 tread left I love this car but the inter

Hello: Run your hand flat on the tread of your tires and it is bumpy (not smooth) it is the tires. the only way to get rid of the noise is to replace the tires or if you have a good tire shop you could have the tires trued. (They cut some of the rub ... 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sedan

My 94 XJ6 shifts hard only in range of shifting from 30mph to 32mph. that one gear is slaming when it changes to that gear. Sometimes it shifts smooth and other times it slams. Do i need a rebuild? good fluid level-just changed fluid and filter and had metal debris. Still shifts hard sometimes. What do I do and what price range is the repair for this problem?

Hi, if you have the ZF unit fitted there are no "easy" fixes. The shifts are ECU controlled and to be honest, it would be to your advantage to have a shop that is rated for working on that model of Jaguar hook it up to a computer and run a print out. ... 1994 Jaguar XJ6

Oil light flashing on intermittently when at temperature and only at idle. Car 2008 Mitsubishi van Have had vehicle into Mitsubishi Agent and 2nd mechanic who all say vehicle in very good condition (55,000 kms) Have had oil changed, sensor changed, oil pump tested, motor flushed all to no avail. Engine not burning any oil. Have filled oil to above oil level - no difference. Using 10W 40 oil. Can we use 10W 50 without damaging motor? What else could it be?

Well technically you should be using a 10W-30 with a vehicle like that unless it calls for a heavier grade. If the oil level is good (don't overfill it otherwise it can cause the light to go off) check the oil pressure switch and the oil sender unit. ... Mitsubishi Cargo

Hi , i just changed the engine oil , and i used 15w40 , is it good for my car ?? the problem i feel the motor become very heavy after the new oil ,,, i cant accelerate as quick as the past before the new oil ,,, i feel the car is like a truck . thanks alot for your help

That a good oil for hot climates... Its not over filled is it??? ... 2003 Toyota Camry

I have a 1991 toyota 4runner V6 4wd. Lately driving my toyota 4runner around its been kinda guttless and its getting horrible gas mileage, like below 8 mpg! this is not good, my truck is running kindof rough for what it is, but i know it's a really nice truck, i recently have gave it an oil change, new plug wires, cap, and roter. Decreased my tire size from 33 in to 31 in. I have been smelling gas after driving my car several times but i have not found any leak. Can it be my Fuel pump, catalytic

Timing belt could be going bad, Also the vacuum line coming from the air box could be leaking. Check vacuum lines first. Open the air filter box and check the airflow sensor door by reaching underneath and see if you can move it. It could be stuck. A ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

After runing 7-10 minutes oil light will come on and will start to tic and get increcingly worse? this all started after going thru an auto car wash? if you shut the car down and let it sit for awhile you can start it up and all is fine for 7-10 more minutes? just had oil change 3 weeks ago mobil 1 5-30 syn. level is good. 103,500 mi. 2.3t motor

There may sign you oil pump is getting weak and you may have a bad cowl pack as well are the pickup tube for the oil coming from the oil pan is plug the best thing i can suggest you is stop by you Saab dealership in the parts department and they will ... 2002 Saab 9-5

I have a 2001 Eldorado Cadillac. A message came on , Check Oil Level. I took it the dealer and had the oil changed, they said it was 1/2 quart low. I get the oil changed every 3,000 mi. So why did it say that? What could be wrong? Thank You, Annette Davis I bought the car brand new and have taken really good care of it.

... 2001 Cadillac Eldorado

Hi michael here i have just purchased a 2000 hyundai santa fe and it is going into limp home mode. there are no engine light coming on or is there any warnig when it is ging to happen.when it does it it will change into 3rd gear (auto trans) and will stay in that gear can change manually it to second but that is it. if you turn the car off and restart it it will shift back into third and stay there or it might drive perfect. oil levels are good had it to a mechanic and put a computer on it and i

Well it my be yuor tran is sliping or it the siser on the tran i hope you could raed this sorry my spell **** but that what was wroung with my ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a 2004 Regal that was partialy submerged in a canal. The water level was almost to the top of the driver door panel w/the car paralell to the canal. The engine was still running fine. A tow truck removed the car and when they got to my home with it, the ignition would not turn over. I stripped the enterior and everything dried completely. All of the fuses in the dash and under the hood look good. When the key is turned on you can here the fuel pump cycle in the rear, but the lights

This sounds strongly like a faulty ECU. I would start calling junk yards in your area. If the dash at all got wet on the driver's side, you may be replacing the body control module which should be located on the very side of the dash and include all ... Buick Regal

I have recently purchased a Audi A6 1.8t petrol auto 2003 the problem i can see with it is the rev counter moves erraticly when you turn on the fan/use the electrics or just turn the steering while stationary. also has a knocking sound when turning right. the car is 1 day old from a dealer with warranty. gave asking price on the deal that he serviced the car from audi and changed all the necessary and gave it in good working order.

I would not hesitate to return this car back to the dealer for repairs ... 2003 Audi A6

93 chevy suburban: started out with low voltage reading. checked battery ok changed alternator (faulty reading 30 amps from auto store check) also for good measure changed cap, rotor, plugs. now low voltage reading on truck and voltage meter 12.58 from brand new alternator. any suggestions would be helpful.

You have a bare wire leading form the alt too the field prob right at the intake manifold!! ... 1993 Chevrolet Suburban

No heat in car blower works,thermostat was changed coolant level good car runs hot

Problem could be in the mode switch + check fuse to heater and ac mode switch.if blown your air door wont open and let heat enter inside car.if fuse look good you could have faulty mode switch.if you have climate control if you have a bad in vechicl ... 2003 Nissan Altima

My engine was knocking so I thought I just needed an oil change. After $200 for good oil change, transmission flush and new oil, transverse case flush, it still knocked. In fact on that same day, it got so loud, it started smoking really bad and it died and never started again. It said "coolant low", but looking under the car, all the oil (at least it looked that way to me) was on the pavement. Do you think I blew it up. It is a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition. Really nice truck b

First find out where the oil came from, if its from the filter whoever replaced it is liable, if its a hole in the side of the engine then it threw a rod and you are out of luck, let me know what you find ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I need to change both supension arms for my VW R5 2004, so I need to get a place in USA to buy them...I do not life in the USA so I need this parts be sent to the Republic of Panama by a corrier (i.e DHL). Pay with VISA- Please advice a good place to buy spare parts and accesories for my car....with good prices ...thank you---

Discountautoparts.com ... 2005 Volkswagen Touareg

My tire is tilted slightly inward at the top on out toward the bottom, makes a noise similar to brake pads rubbing ( Yes, I have changed my brake pads... ;-)) and feels like the car is being held back from rolling. It rolls when I press the accelerator, just feels tight. I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8L V6(Non-Turbo/Supercharged). I generally work on my car myself, but I am not very good at pin-pointing the problem at hand. I'm thinking Strut or Inner Wheel Bearing...Before I take it

Worn wheel bearing, jack up front to allow wheel to spin. Hold wheel and try to rocck it top to bottom and left to right. get someone under car to look at any play at suspension ball joints or bewaring. ... Cars & Trucks
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