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Answer to jumble puzzle in st louis post dispatch april 19, 2013

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Answer to jumble puzzle in st louis post dispatch april 19, 2013

... Cars & Trucks

Still trying to get help with the car not starting. I have gotten answers,but they aren't the problem. Need help asap. Thanks. Please review previous posts. I have posted same problem,but gotten same WRONG answers...I am not mechanically inclined,but do know what I have already fixed. Thanks.

Can not locate you previous posting, if you can reply with posting I will try and help you,will be waiting. ... Ford Escort

My Fixya question is simply this, why do you have so many un-answered questions posted clouding up every internet search engine? Its realy disapointing when i do a search for an issue and the 1st 3 to 5 links are Fixya posts with no answers. To be honest there realy need be an Internet Garbage Co. picking up and clearing all of Fixya's wasted web space.

Just a minute.. I come on here periodically looking at questions, trying to answer them, so I know there are some questions that have been on here for years. I also wish the older questions could just disappear after a period of time. Older, unanswe ... 1997 Acura CL

I posted a question here on this page and had a very rude person call me back at 9:43 pm my time and was trying to sell me a warranty for my vehicle and when i told him i only posted a question about my trooper he told me he does not answer any questions and told me to ask someone else and hung up the phone without saying anything else, which was rude in itself. so in short i had a very bad experience with this site and somehow he got my phone number when i did not post it in my question. hmm

Are you sure they were related? Your profile doesn't give any personal information. I have had people call my cell constantly about buying an extended warrantee, but not from this sight. ... Isuzu Trooper

I posted a question yesterday and received two responses. One didn't answer my question and the other answer has been disputed by an auto parts distributor. I have a 1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.0 with a bad AC and a bad AC belt tensioner. Can I bypass the AC and remove the tensioner so that a replacement belt serves only the fan and alternator? It seems to be a question that eludes a definitive answer. If it CANNOT be bypassed I would like to know why not.

I have checked with a friend in Kenya and if you need to, you can make up an adjusting bracket for the alternator(for belt adjustment) \012and remove the ac.NO PROBLEM.as when they go wrong they also take them off, when fitted. hey guys,this is ... 1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

95 4cly camry sometimes shuts off when gas peadl is depressed. new sparkplugs and wires, new distributor cap and rotor. new fuel filter, pulled code from the computer it said TPS problem replaced that to and still have the same problem. checked fuel when i replaced filter fuel pump working ok. Reply to this post 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Add Comments Please type the numbers below to complete your post: Can't read it? Try a different one. Type the numbers here: OK Need additional assistance? ?Get Answers fro

Bad ignition coil. Replace. ... 1995 Toyota Camry

I am new to computers and new to this sight. I posted a question -- where do I find the answers posted?

I'va always waited for the answers to come to my email that I gave when I signed up. ... Cars & Trucks

Propercrankpositionfor correctbelttiming is there a timing mark onthe crank pulley for refrence to line up with a notch on the engine ,besides the flyweel mark? i am puzzled because i have already bent some valves & dont want to repeat my mistake. i have put the #1 piston at TDC, flat with deck ''0'' deck is this right or should it be slightly below ''0'' deck hight and or should the key way be at 12:00 position. please help me P.S, this a 89 honda accord 2.0 carb.3V A20A1 engine

Send me your email address and I will send you the proper timing positions. I can copy them from mitchel and email it.... ... 1989 Honda Accord 4 Door

I have the same exact problem as ajwilson from Apr 07, 2009: "The seat belt for the second row seat got wrapped around the head rest and now is stuck. I need to figure a way to either release the seat belt tension or remove the head rest. Any ideas?" I did not see the answer posted on your site. Is there an easier answer than unbolting the seat or cutting the belt? Thank you.

Dont cut the belt try to tighten more to release it or unbolt ... 2008 Toyota Highlander

Sr mr laprise the answer to my problem did not have an answer the the problem the vital piece of information that i needed to fix theproblem is not in the posting please help thank you

There is no question in this question ... Cars & Trucks

Your Question Solution #1 posted on Jun 28, 2008 TandN Rank: Wiz Rating: 85%, 179 votes This is your best and complete answer. It should be rated as a fixya. Give this person the fixya. You never said that you tried this but if you follow the steps you will get a professional style installation. Solution #2 posted on Jun 26, 2008

... BMW 545

Liitle break i posted my problem twice,no one sime to have the answer for my car i explained twice on the last post, one guy asked if i check the servo what is a servo????? and wher is located on a 95 ford countour

It is a round cylinder that is bolted to the firewall/bulkhead and the brake master cylinder is mounted on it. The servo has a largish vacuum pipe going to it from the inlet manifold on the engine. ... 1995 Ford Contour

I have a question about a post you posted a couple of years ago. I hope youre still answering questions. It reguards the ETM on a volvo s80. You said that if the recall software was upload and the problem returned that the dealer must replace the ETM Unit. How did you obtain this information. I only ask because I bought one used after the software update was done. years later the problem returned will they still replace the unit at not cost to me. if not it 1200 to get it replaced and I dont kee

I dont think they will replace the computer for nothinig after a couple of years ,best bet is to go to scrapyard and get one their complete with the chip out of the lkey and the transponder and the transponder read box as well ... Volvo S80

I posted a question. Brian Johnson moved it to level 3, what does this meanean. Where do I find a possible answer

The question you asked on Dec 11 has not been answered yet. It is in the list of questions under your name. ... Cars & Trucks

Crossword puzzle answers

... Cars & Trucks

Already posted problem where is answer???? - 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Here is how it works. We will use "You" to represent 'question askers' and "Me" to represent 'question catchers'. \015\012\015\012I am not Solution #1 provider, Sabydeelao. I posted a "clarification request" to your question.\01 ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Hello, I am looking for the complete technical maual for a CLK200 Cabrio 1998. I have the owner manual, but I am interested in more technical details (engine, ...). Were is possible to buy this technical manual? Thanks a lot in advance for your answer. Jean Louis Lecomte

You should look at Napa auto parts or similar stores and ask for a Hanes or a Chilton manual for your car, they are 2 companies that publish some pretty informative how to manuals for vehicles, they have a wide selection of vehicles they cover going ... 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK

Hello I have a 2002 dodge durango. 4.7 L Problem is po138 problem is i have no power going to either 0 2 senor. This system has only 2 o2 . not 4 my problem is my alldat info has the wrong wireing diagrams. they show in the pdc box a o2 heater relay, and a u fuse. i have empty pin cavitys. i have allway know chryler to power the o2 heater throught the asd relay with the coils and injectors. need to get a diagram or answer to where it get its power from thank you

Your best bet for a visual of the wiring diagrams is to buy a Haynes book for your truck at Autozone,they have a pretty complete set in the back of every book.$20.00 ... 2002 Dodge Durango

Hello, I have the same issue like bjmadm1234 posted. The solution suggested unfortunately does not work for my car (Dodge Grand Caravan 1997). We already exchanged the Oil pressure switch, after driving a few miles, the oil light still comes on when stopping the car and staying on the break, accompanied by chiming. When I shift into N or P the sound goes away as does the light, even though I am still on the break pedal. Do you have an answer for my problem? Thank you Susan

I would suspect that you have a weak or failing oil pump, however before condemning the pump I would do a physical oil pressure check with a gauge. Oil pumps are not easy to replace so lets make sure it is the problem before replacing it. For referen ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

Mine is VW Golf 05, I didn't use it for 4 days and the temp below 0 in Omaha. when my wife tried to use it today, the emergency alarm came on and the car doesn't want to start. the light are ok but we hear started clicking. I though it might be the immobilizer but there is no indication, also, the battery is ok "I guess" because of the front light, I replaced the keys and the problem still. if there is an answer for that, help please!

Sounds like a battery problem...just because the lights are on doesnt mean that the cca is there ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Looks like the answer to wiper problem is posted on here already as I have just found the battery bay full of water!!! However, could you tell me where the drain hole is? Is it under the batt??

There is none unfortunatly youl have to drill a hole in the battery box ... 2002 Audi A6

Automatic fluid Thanks so much for answering my question. The level seemed ok, there was still oil in it. I added a 1 litre and it started and i was i able to get it home - less that a 1kkm away but still running poorly. I have another 3litres of fluid that i could put in. It's done 112000 miles and was serviced in April. I think it has been leaking for a few days, maybe even up to two weeks - we have a gravel driveway so i didn't notice. What do you think. I LOVE this car!

Your seal between the engine and the tranmission maybe blown, thats why it's leaking, will cost you a bit to fix \015\012\015\012cheers\015\012\015\012chris ... 1995 Mazda MX-3

The a/c and air recirculator buttons continue to flash on my 1997 dodge grand caravan at the start up of the vehicle, and continue to do so for about 20-25min then they stop - this happens every time you start the vehicle. I've had 2 answers (which contradicted each other, but I tried them both) where I should depress the top/bottom of the 3 leftmost buttons to calibrate the system(one post says on cold, the other says on hot), and this seems to work, but at the end, the a/c and air recirc. con

1. Turn vehicle off. 2. Turn fan knob off. 3. Turn temperature knob all the way to the left (blue area.. 4. Turn vent knob to panel only setting (next to max. a/c.. 5. Hold down both air re-circulation button and a/c button wh ... Dodge Grand Caravan

Hi, Im not sure why a question i posted several months ago is being answered but I currently need assistance because my cigarette oighter in my expedion is no tworking it wont power my cell phone or the dvd players that simply sit on the head rest and plug into the cig lighter

Check the fuse if the fuse is good it's probably the cig lighter assembly it self ... 2003 Ford Expedition

Wont idle Already posted this once and got a solution of MAF sensor but i got a OBD2 diagnostic tool and there are no codes being tripped/shown. I have a 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 5.7 liter V8. It will start and then die after 3 seconds or even sooner. I have already replace the fuel filter and relay. I have a car starter installed so i can crawl underneath and hear the fuel pump turn on when it starts, so i dont think its the fuel pump. Any answers will be much appreciated!!! Thanks!

Try the brake booster hose it might be sucking air ... 1997 GMC Sierra
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