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Replace fuel pump pt cruiser - Cars & Trucks

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Cars Hello, 2500 chevy diesel truck seems to randomly shut off, seems starved for fuel, always cranks back up so far but sometimes quickly and sometimes it takes a while. Fuel pump is working, we recently replaced alternator. Suspecting fuel injection pump or is there another fuel pump in fuel tank that could make it do this? Replaced fuel filter, added fuel cleaner. Appreciate any info.

There is a second fuel pump on the channel frame. It looks like a fuel filter but, if you look closely you will see the wires. ... 1996 Chevrolet C/K 2500

Replace 1999 toyota land cruiser fuel pump - Cars & Trucks

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Replace fuel pump pt cruiser - Cars & Trucks

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I gotton a fuel pump replaced in my 2001 ford explorer twice using a O'reily part, but not a original Ford part. Each time my car has stop on the highway, stop pulling, engine turned off, and it would not stay crunk do to fuel pump burning out again. Do i need to get the original ford part to make my truck work properly, or can than be something else causing my truck to burn out the fuel pump?

Did you change the two (2) strainers found on the fuel pump?? Also, has the fuel filter been changed in the last 60,000 miles. ... 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Blowing fuse In the black box under hood there is a 20 amp fuse labeled ECM B. I was told it is tied to the fuel pump and computer. Earlier this summer it kept blowing the fuse, I would replace it and be on my way. Afew days later it would blow again, so I ask one of your experts what it could be. I was told it was a short in the fuel pump itself. I put it off for awhile knowing it was a big job. Got tired of blowing fuses so Finally I changed the pump. All went well and I have driven the truck

What your going to have to do is first locate a wirin diagram on your vehicle. You need to look at the schematics and find out exactly what is controlled on that circuit. Once you know what is all on that circuit you can than start to check your wire ... 1999 GMC Sonoma

Wont start 99 bmw z3 coupe it started when i let car sit for a month battery completey dead of course i tried a jump box then my truck wouldnt jump off replaced battery ,car turns over but will not start after poping the hood smoke arised from computer had a 1 brown wire burn up where computer is the computer also burned a transister on it as well belive too be going to the fuel pump took too bmw they replaced computer but couldnt fix car had it for 2 months been 2, 3 mechanics nobody sems too k

DME relay is faulty, its seperate from the ecu and was most likely fried when the ecu went........did anyone try to run an on board diagnostic code pull? ... 2001 BMW Z3

2 weeks ago had tune-up done, replace the fuel filter, car still not running right, had the throtle body sensor replace on Wed. and on yesterday replace the fuel pump, truck will turn over but not start, at time seems like it want to but doesn't...at one time it actually started but it lasted for only bout 3 seconds...what can I do next?

I would go down and talk to the Tuneup place. They can have it towed in or send a Mechanic over to fix it. If you live in an area where Mechanics have to be Certified, you can usually Download a Complaint form.\015\012\015\012Give the o ... 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

Can someone please give some input on my 6.0 troubles. F Power stroke , 6.0 2005 truck had a misfire, replaced set of 8 injectors . after completing replacements of injectors., Injectors pulse rating but ringing will not start, Replaced high pressure oil pump seals, STC connector , and plugs and IP sensor seals. I checked the white 2 amp fuse located in left engine compartment . Everything seems to be fine but the truck will not start, Fuel pressure on crank, 44psi Oil pressure on crank abov

The 6.5 and 6.6 diesel engines has electronic control pump.more likely the need diagnostic equiopment to reset injection pump timing before engine will start. ... Cars & Trucks

I have FORD F-250 96 Model Truck Engine is 5.8 When I started my car early morning, Engine is running Ok but after while when the engine become warm , the power of the engine become low and when I remove my leg from accelerator engine get vibration and black smoke come out form Exhaust. Some mechanic inform me that it is Fuel Pump problem , I replaced both of them but the problem still the same, now he is asking me to replace the fuel injection lines & fuel Injectors . Please feed me back I

No, no changing fuel lines. You have a fouling injector. \015\012Too much unburned fuel smoke is white\015\012Too much brned fuel is black smoke Take it to a diesel mechanic that knows the 5,6's goodLuck Ned ... 1996 Ford F250 Crew Cab

The 25 amp fuse fore instruments brakes the car stops,and when i replace it the car starts but its imposible to turn it off , and also have some problem with the fuel pump, we tryed to change the relay fore the pump but it dosent help.please try to help me!

It has to be the key switch is bad Its acuacly called the ignition switch its not the lock cylinder that you put the key in That goes into the ignition switch And this not an easy thing to replace But its the olny part that could cause you not to tur ... Chevrolet Silverado

I have replaced the fuel pump twice and after driving the car and it sits for two three hours it no longer starts. Could this be caused by too many amps going to the fuel pump fuse and causing it to short out?

If it runs down the highway good, on a fair distance, I wouldn't suspect fuel pump. Can you hear the pump cycle if you turn key just to on position, not start, when this happens? When it's first thing in the morning and engine cool, and been sitting ... 1991 Plymouth Acclaim

My car just cranks, the fuel pump was not running, so i checked the fuse it was blown. so i bet on the bottom of tank then replaced fuse, turn key on still no pump running, so checked fuse blown again, did this one more time replaced fuse turned key on this time fuse did not blow but still fuel pump not running, replaced fuel pump and filter and checked fuel shut off switch turn key and car just cranks, fuse is not blown??

It should be at #5 of the power distribution box located under the dash on the passenger side near the AC dryer. You may also want to check the wires and ports while at it for any short circuit which may have caused your fuse to go out. ... Ford Expedition

Are there two fuel pumps on 2006 passat? I had repair work on my car at the dealer twice within a 10 ten days. During the initial repair I was told that I needed to have the fuel pumped replaced which is located in the back of the car. Then when I had to take it back because the engine light came back on & they're saying that there was a second fuel pump that needed to be replaced. (which is located in the front) I do know that there's a high pressure pump in the front of the car. I think they'r

Alot of modern cars do have two fuel pumps, I cannot be sure of yours. \015\012\015\012What I would do is call another VW dealership and ask them. ... 2006 Volkswagen Passat

Fuel Pump I don't know much about cars at all, but recently my fuel pump went bad on me and I found someone to replace it. Next thing I know he calls and says the entire exhaust system is rusted and can't replace my fuel pump. I was wanting to know, how true is this? Can I have my fuel pump replaced without my exhaust being there or will I have to get the exhaust system taken care of first before the pump is replaced? When my fuel pump was working, I never noticed anything else wrong with the ca

Exhaust has to come down in order to remove fuel tank to replace the fuel pump. ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

I recently filled up the gas tank, started the car and drove home(about a mile). My wife got in 15 minutes later and the car would not start. I did find a 15 amp fuse burned out labeled fuel pump. I replaced this fuse and the car still will not start.

You can try a few things:\012\012Remove the gas cap to relieve the fuel pressure and replace\012Pump the gas repeatedly to force any air out of the fuel lines\012Prim ... 2006 Saturn ION

2007 PT Cruiser Limited edition 6 Cylinder. I just had the Cam Shaft Sensor and bar replaced in the car 6 months ago, then 3 months ago I had the fuel pump replaced and they also cleaned the engine an

... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 2003 Galant, and recently replaced the engine and also the fuel pump. The car ran great for 2 weeks, but 3 days ago, the car quit in the driveway. I couldn't hear the fuel pump activating, and replaced the pump again. I can now hear the pump when I attempt to start the car, but it will not start. I checked the plugs and they were dry. I also checked the spark, and it is getting great spark. Would the mass air flow sensor cause the car to nnot run at all? I hate to buy the part and not f

Yes a Mass Air flow can keep a car from starting, And I do agree with you about not wanting to buy parts not needed that tends to get pricey. You said you are getting great spark, you sound very mechanicaly inclined so I would suggest spraying just a ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2002 Chevy cavalier that I just replaced the fuel pump on! After replacing the fuel pump, the car starts and runs fine! However this car created a mind of its own through its repair and will not shut off when the key is put to the off position! Any suggestions? When I pull the fuel pump relay it shuts off immediately and I have switched relays to make sure the fuel pump relay is not sticking to on!

Interesting.You have something that is keeping the fuel pump relay engaged other than the computer. The computer is supposed to ground the relay.Or the computer is acting up.The only thing in the gas tank is the pump and the sending unit ... Cars & Trucks

I recently had a fuel pump replaced on my murano in Nevada. While I was fueling the vehicle in Wolcott IA, I noticed fuel leaking from the bottom of the vehicle. I moved the car to tha parkking area and after a few phone calls to the shop that had repaired the car, I gained access to the fuel pump. The lock ring which holds the pump in the tank cme a loose causing an opening iat the top of the tank. After several hours of trying to replace the lock ring, I installed the pump without the rubbe

Yes it could be true if the mechanic needed an helping hand and felt he should call on another mechanic specialised in a different area from his to handle it.1. Fuel pump issues are handled basically by an auto-electrician.2. ... 2003 Nissan Murano

I have a 1989 pontiac 600 LE, 2.8 liter. I accidently let the car run out of gas. After that it wouldnt start, we replaced the fuel pump already and the car still wont start, I think i have burnt the Fuel Pump Relay Switch and I have already bought the replacement but I dont know where the old one is to replace it. Where is the Fuel Pump Relay switch. Ive already taken my dash apart.

Fuel pump relay is under the hood,,usually on the passenger side on top of the inner fender. ... 1989 Pontiac 6000

Was getting onto highway and car just stalled. Got the car towed home checked the t-belt and checked good. I shot some starter fluid into throttle body and car just sputtered a little. I pulled the back seat out to listen for fuel pump to turn on with when key is turned. It hummed for just a fraction of second. Replaced the fuel filter and pump still wont do a full prime. Unhooked harness checked for voltage and there is constant 11 volts when key is on. Replaced fuel pump. Still no start. Conne

It sounds like you may have a bad crank sensor.Before you replace it I would test it first.Any electrical part can be tested for proper operation.I would let a service station test the sensor and replace it if it is bad.Im sorry I don't ... 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 2005 mitsubishi galant 3.8L V6. The car has 48,000 miles on it andi have only owned it since Feb of this year. The past few months i have had nothing but problems with this car and had a few different mechanics look at it to diagnosis what was wrong, but yet nothing has been fixed. I replaced my fuel pump, fuel pump relay fuses, egr valve, O2 sensor. The car will not start after replacing all these things and yes i had my fuel pump tested, it works fine. I had a diagnosis done a month

I hope this helps. I had a problem on a couple of different Mitsubishi's where the battery went dead and all the major components were good. No warning lights came on. Check the fuse block . Not the standard fuses but the specialty fuses, the block ... 2005 Mitsubishi Galant

Fuel problem !986 Ford Ranger with 2.9 engine,Truck will not start,no electricity any where on the fuel system,replace module,mapp sensor,new fuel pumps,it has low and high pressure pumps,replaced fuel relay. Everything is firing like it should.You can hotwire the fuel system anywhere you want to and the pumps will work,but truck still will not start.Any ideals. PS Already changed computers.

On the negitive battery cable there is also a small black wire this is you fuel ground make sure this had a good connection the the negitive side of the battery. ... 2006 Ford Ranger

I have a 2002 Chevy Express 3500 box truck. I have replaced my fuel pump the last 5 years. Whenever the weather heats up my fuel pump begins to struggle. The hotter it gets in the day my truck will begin to lose power and eventually die. If I let it cool down for a while I can start it back up. If I add gas to even a 3/4 of a tank it seems to help. Something seems to be overheating and causing my fuel pump to choke out. When I replace the pump it will run fine until the first hot day of spring t

Check fuel pressure in the engine compartment. I would suspect it is low and might be due to check valve/vent overflow/over pressure to tank going prematurely due to a leak.\015\012\015\012Fuel Filter may be an issue if its full of moist ... Chevrolet Express

95' Honda Civic 1.6 liter, will crank but wont stay running. Distributer, rotar, wires and plugs, fuel Filter and fuel pump have been replaced. We have been able to get the car running on occassions after replacing something and using carb/choke cleaner into the fuel intake. Once running the car runs great, this is why we do not suspect injectors. We call it a night and next day we go to start car, nothing! Will crank but won't catch. Not sure where the fuse for fuel pump is located. Not sur

I have a 95 honda civic and it will crank but not start, ive heard they have a common fuel pump relay problem so i bought a new 1 and also a new fuel pump but yet still the car will not start. we i turn the key the fuel pump does not engage and am st ... 1995 Honda Civic
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