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Eurovan transmission My transmission has the code: CWG, can I install one from the same year but with a dufferent code DNE? They apparently are the same.

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Eurovan transmission My transmission has the code: CWG, can I install one from the same year but with a dufferent code DNE? They apparently are the same.

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My 2002 Dodge Neon ES wont shift out of first gear and speedometer isnt working, all other gauges work fine though. check engine light came on and i parked it immediately. two codes came up, one for TCM and one undefined. all the trans fluid came out? im planning on getting it to a shop soon but was wondering if it would just be the TCM that needs to be replaced or the whole transmission? I read that 2002 was the first year Dodge started using computer-run transmissions and there had been lots

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My 1996 jeep grand cherokee is in limp mode. Aamco said I needed new transmission. Put in a used one but it is still in limp mode. Only codes are two tranny solenoid and an O2 sensor. I think I blew the solenoids driving the new used tranny in limp mode. Where to start? one suggested a new control module but 96 split year has an all together module for five hundred dollars. seems a lot to just try it? Where should we start?

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Car starts fine idles rough dies soon as u give it gas replaced fuel filter crankshaft positioning sensor wires running from coil to sensor are not touching and are not broken replaced plug wires and plugs was sitting for 3 years it is not throwing a check engine or service code it is a 1990 oldsmobile cutlass supreme with a 3.1 v6 automatic transmission the caris a t code ran fine one time round the block shut it off and started running rough again and will not take gas

If it sat for 3 years the fuel may be in pretty tough shape. If he gasoline smells like a can of old varnish or turpentine then it may have gummed up either the fuel pump, injectors or both. I would start by testing the fuel pressure with a gauge fir ... 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I get a strange sound when I accelarate my caravan. It sounds as if its choppy like squeak squeak squeak, its not too loud but is clearly audible. The sound is apparent only while accelarating and settles down when its gains speed. The sound appears momentarily when I pump the gas (high rev) but again settles down when the accelaration settles. Also there is no such sound when its idling. It does give any codes as well. One mechanic tells me that it could be the transmission pump and he'll have

... 2006 Dodge Caravan SE

I have a 91 Honda Accord LX , my car stalled out on me and gave me a code 15. ive been researching the problem and i know it cant be the distributor because i replaced it with a aftermarket one 7 months and ago and i know the main relay is good because i hear the relay click and that was replaced about a year ago. I am not to sure if its a transmission problem. my D4 light doesnt work. so i dont know if its flashing and my "S" light isnt flashing. also my car does have a bit of a poor up shift a

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Problems with a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport shifting properly: I've replaced my plugs, sensors and the alternator twice in less than one year. The Montero blows white smoke when accelerating. Smoke can also be seen blowing out of the wheel well of the passenger side. When driving between 10-15 minutes at 4K RPMS the Montero will finally shift. I took our vehicle to O'Reillys to see which codes would be flagged and the only thing that came back was the transmission circuit. When I took our vehi

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Transmission you can start the car pull out run throught the gears one time and it will shift just fine. stop and pull out it will not **** out of low. [ not 2nd rpms to get to 20 mph is pushing it ] the service engine soon lights i pulled the code it says transmission modgel. I changed it . same thing . i thought i may have got a bad one so I changed it again. still it will run throught the gears one time and thats it code still reads transmission mogel

No code tells you to replace any paticuliar part. ... Cars & Trucks

Transmission Filter My son changed the transmission fluid in my car and was going to replace the transmission filter. Apparently there are two separate types of filters for this model, but he could find neither one in my car. He found where the metal was stamped for the "oil filter looking" one to go, but it had not been cut out. When he dropped the pan to access the other one, there was not one there either. He is a very good mechanic but this has him scratching his head. Any ideas on this?

Hello why he cant find it where the transmission screen is its probaly in the cover thats mounted sideways on the side of the transmission drivers side goodluck please rate ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

We were told by our Toyota dealer that our 2002 Prius battery failed and needed replacement ($3000). They then said the new one was leaking, caused by some electronics in the transmission. Next they said they replaced the transmission with a new one at no additional charge and said all is well. However, the $3000 bill only says that they replaced the transmission with a used one, nothing about the battery and verbally said the "new" battery has a one year warranty-- what gives?

Go back and gat it in wrighting as soon as you can ... 2002 Toyota Prius

Hi. We are looking for a used transmission for a 2001 Olds Aurora and have noticed we need an ID code of DCB, DDB or DGB. We gave the VIN to a dealer, and he came back with a code of MN3. We said that wasn?t one of the choices, then he came back with a 1DCB. So, we are wondering if a DDB transmission can be used in place of a DCB one. A mechanic told us that probably the only difference is the gear ratio? Thanks.

The trans will work, the diff may be a subtle as the way it shifts and at what speeds, it can also be gear ratio's, but you most likely will not notice any real difference in everyday driving, so if the prioce is right and the trans fluid in the used ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

I have an F-350 Ford 2001...lost transmission after 4 years 80,000 miles...new one replaced at Ford Dealership at the cost of 4200.00. Now at 60,000 miles and almost four years, in two weeks,on this one...it has begun to leak at the front of the transmission. No problem with gears as of yet...but just noticed the leak. Do you have any suggestions?

Where is the leak? If its from the front of the pan just replace the gasket and refill the trans. If its coming from the front oil seal you must remove the transmission to replace the seal. Lucas makes a transmission sealer/conditioner that we have h ... Ford Ranger

My transmission went out in my 2002 chevy impala. me and my dad took out the engine and transmission so we could save some money. we looked around town at some transmission shops and one of them said you have to have some code from the computer on the car and the only way to get that code is to have everything hooked back up. and he said because we dont have the code its going to make the price of the rebuild to go from $500 to $1600 but yet i can go down to the local junk yard and find a used o

Yup, they want mo money,,Hey man try a few diferant trans shops everyone is not greedy. which city and state you from? Iv been on craigslist and seen tranny guys doing them for 700 that way I got a guy here who does mine for 600 ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

Code P1700 I have a CVT control system code P1700 and Controller Area Network (CAN) communication line code U1001. I have been advised that the dealer may be the only one with a scan tool to get into the transmission to check for transmission codes. There is a TSB (NTB06-009A) FOR CAN communication codes U1000 and/or U1010 for ground issues.

... 2003 Nissan Murano

Have a transmission code P1750 on 1998 Mitsi Ecplise Spyder GS . I had the transmission rebuilt about a year ago,the check engine light came on and I had it diagnosed .The mechanic checked it out and said it was a code P1750 . I looked at similar prblems with this code and most people say this is a solenoid box assembly problem . What is code P 1750,what is the fix and what is a ballpark amount to fix this ? Thank You for your responses !

P1750 is a Manufacturer Control Transmission. i work at advance auto parts and we get these codes in from time to time. what i tell people is alot of times it is infact your solenoid box assemble is going. what that does is to tell your transmission ... 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab pickup. Last year when winter came I got the check engine code P1281. I replaced the thermostat and fixed the problem. Now, its getting cold again and I get the same code. I know how to fix the problem, but my question is why do I keep getting thermostat problems? Could it be my radiator needs flushing out? I bought the thermo last year at a local Auto Zone. But I would suspect it to last more than ONE YEAR!!

Yes, the radiator might have a lot of crime in it. it would be best to do a complete engine and radiator flush to clean debris from entire system. then refill with anti-freeze. the best thermostat for a vehicle is a super stat if you can find one, ... Dodge Ram 1500

1999 Lexus RX300. Does not shift into overdrive. Code PO330, knock sensor, (engine does knock). Does ECM stop O/D do to this code or just set timing back? Transmission does shift into O/D on the rare occation. Fuel filter replaced. Spark plugs replaced. Fuel pressure 48 psi, volume good. TPS & Mass both replaced. Transmission serviced about a year ago and was told that the fluid was the correct type for Lexus. Type 4. Scanner shows no O/D solinod shift, weather the transmission s

A knock sensor code has nothing to do with OD engagement, most likely the OD solenoid is sticking or the OD is magnetic clutch is defective inside the transmission torque converter, any Trans shop will road test and give u a preliminary diagnosis fo ... 1999 Lexus RX 300

P0420 p0171 From last one year i had p0420 code , its came when i got water in spark plugs and my car got some miss fires , after few days that code came . now one day i saw that my car's air hose creaked , so i replaced it right way . after few day i found when my car start in the morning time and i go to few traffic lights in idle conditions it not runs gud but after some time like 10 mints it good and after that no problem at all now it have p0420 and p0171 code . p0171 came later i ju

P0420 (emission) possibe o2 sensor, bad catalitic converter, exhaust leak, cool temp sensor, misfire etc...P0171 = too lean (not get enough fuel) poss cause air flow sensor which is normally on the air intake tube this can also cause the other fault. ... 2000 Mazda Protege

Renault scenic 2001 2.0 auto. throttle potentiometer fault code coming upm no acceleration and revving high. replaced faulty unit with new one. o.k form 3 weeks. same problem started. erase the code o.k for 1 or 2 days and then starts again. also transmission when you stop completely after about 3 or 4 seconds it jolts. bit of a bang on gearchanges. code for transmission is speed turbine and cant erase it please can someone help me

... 2001 Renault Sportwagon

I've had transmission overhaul kit performed Oct 2007 on 2001 Cad Deville: incl upper/lower valve body w/solenoids,imput carrier, converter @ 77K miles. My check engine light came on a wk ago at 91K miles 3yrs later. Went to parts store and veh coded at P0741. Return to transmission shop to be told that teardown is needed to find the problem and the code was rest. Went to Dealer for diagnostic workup and was told of only one code P0507 w/no check engine ligh ont. I was told of no history

Yes they are all right, i suspect that this vehicle uses encrypted software for the gearbox computer and this is the reason for the different codes ,i never use a code reader as on europeon cars they just show cannot connect to vehicle ,i use a voltm ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

Transmission slipping Been driving a 79 Cordoba (v8 auto) around 80 miles daily several years and now it drives fine for maybe 2 miles before loosing all power from transmission (both forward and reverse). Transmission has been serviced regularly with last service less than a year ago. Fluid looks and smells clean and is not low (or high). One other note, I can turn the engine off and restart and go again for a short distance. Thanks for your help!

... 1979 Chrysler Cordoba

I have a 2002 pontiac grand prix v6 with 152k, i just bought the car and the service engine soon light is on. I brought it to the transmission shop and its for a p1811 and p1887 codes. One being a long shift adapt code and the other a torque converter clutch code. I was told that i could replace those two parts but because the high mileage on the vehichle it may not work. And ide be better off having my transmission rebuilt which will cost 1800 dollars. I cant afford that! What do i do?please he

I bought 2003 grnd prix 134000 for $2500.00, other car die cost to fix $3500.00 ... Cars & Trucks

1998 ford expedition. had transmission replaced 2 years ago error code 0705 and vehicle would only move in reverse and 1st gear. Replaced transmission range sensor..error code gone but will not upshif

... 1998 Ford Expedition

2000 chevy s-10 2.2L automatic with a P1870 code? I know its a transmission code but which one is it in the transmission?

P-1870 means "Transmission component slipping". \015\012 A very common problem with these transmissions which sets a P-1870 is 2\015\012 valves in the valve body, the TCC regulator and isolator valves. The \015\012 ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 2005 Automatic Toyota Corolla. In late December 2009, the check engine light came on with error code PO741. I took it to the Toyota dealership and they replaced the Engine Control Module and sent me on my way. Less than one month later, January 2010, the check engine came on again with the same error code. I took it back to the same Toyota dealership, where the tech insisted the transmission had the wrong transmission fluid (Dextron fluid instead of Type T4). This is complete b

... 2005 Toyota Corolla
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