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The car will stall out out of no ware it could be wormed up after a long drive and it will stall out of no ware and won it dose the chick engine light comes on what do I do

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Have a look at this. This might just be your fix.
First, you need a code reader, to see what is the problem, the code reader or scanner will tell you which sensor is at fault
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The car will stall out out of no ware it could be wormed up after a long drive and it will stall out of no ware and won it dose the chick engine light comes on what do I do

Have a look at this. This might just be your fix. ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Galant, Stalling at lights and whenever comes to a complete stop. Check engine light came on. Took to shop and they said it read a code 4. Runs fine as long as I'm giving it gas, have to give it gas to completely turn over sometimes, but not all the time. I suspect and EGR valve problem. Mechanic says the car won't start at all now, even though I drove it to the shop myself. HELP!!!

Check the Crankshaft Position Sensor. This causes this exact effect. ... Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2002 Jaguar x-type 3.0 with 42000 miles that has a check engine light that comes on. Ocassionally when or usually when I sit at a red light too long or just let my car run at idle, a yellow light comes on as well stating cruise unavailable. If I try to accelerate rapdily when this light is on the car chuggs and seems like it won't shift. if I drive modestly for about a mile the light goes off and I can resume driving normally. Right where the exhaust comes off the engine underneath it i

Hi\015\012\015\012In regard to water/condensation this is a good sign genrally if coming from the exhaust it means the engine is good, you get this a lot on new cars but normally by them miles it has stopped, but if you have looked after ... Jaguar X-Type

2003 acura rsx. Can be going down the road and rpms will dramatically drop and check engine light comes on and within 2 seconds rpms go back up to where they were and check engine light goes back off. Also if I'm in sport shift the gear light on the dash goes off for those few seconds then comes back on. It's almost like the car is going to stall out, which it does if I'm sitting at a long stop light or still in traffic.

... Cars & Trucks

My Buick lasabre's engine was missing and light blue smoke coming out of tail-pipe. Now it won't start engine will turn over cut out and stall. Check engine light flashing, airbag light on and security light when problem started. Any help would be appreciated

This link will help with the security light. Read the whole page carefully. The info is good and depending on your year, there might be a solution for you. ... Buick LeSabre

I have a 1989 lincoln town car it stalls alot and will not stay running. When the car is left to idle the car develops a very rough idle and stalls. If the car is left to set for a week or 2 it doesn't do this. The check engine light comes on but will not stay on long enough. When I took it to the Ford dealership they cant get a code because the light will not stay on long enough please help. I love these town cars from the 80's but they just have too many problems.

The first thing that i would replace is the O2 sensors. along with the fuel filter. then i would replace is the maf and/or map sensor. and/or vacuum leaks, pcv, remove the upper intake manifold and inspect all of the passage ways. if they are dirty, ... 1988 Lincoln Town Car

My 1989 ford ranger keeps stalling. I just put a new engine in it and it keeps stalling. when it stalls, the check engine light comes on. sometimes when i feel it start to stall i can hit the gas really fast and it will start again. if that doesn't work then i have pull the key out and restart it. it won't restart unless i pull out the key.

Sounds like the EVC is screwed up to me. Did you change the computer with the engine? ... 1989 Ford Ranger

I own a 1994 Ford Probe SE i have lots of smoke come out of the tailpipe when i first start the car then it clears out after abut 5 mins and sometimes it wil stall at a stop sign or light like when i come to a stop but only if im sitting at it for long and was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a new engine for it and what kind of engine can i use been told i can u mx-6 & 626 engines but i wannna know what i can put in first i hope someone can help me i love this car put too much into it

I have the same problem, I blows white smoke, but I have no loss of power when I floor it , nor overheating. I replaced the headgasket but still smoking. ... Ford Probe

Car starts to lose power, traction control light comes on, engine light comes on, then the car stalls and won't start right away, got to wait a few minutes.

... 2009 Chevrolet Impala LS

My Mitsubishi Chariot 1998 snapped timing belt, we've managed to sort it out but now i get an engine warning ligt on the dash if it idles for about than 30secs, then it loses power, i'd have to switch the engine off for a short then start it again, the light won't come on as long as i don't idle it for long, stationary. They put it on the diagnostics machine it gave us 92 ETV MTR FB code, what does this mean?

... Mitsubishi Passenger

I'm hot My air condition won't charge and my check engine light comes on after about 10 minutes of driving doesn't matter if I am going fast or slow. My engine also stays hot for a very long time after I shut the truck off. Feels like heat is coming through the floor boards.

Anyone ever teach you to check the levels ?? ... 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

While the engine is running, the engine will stall and all ignition lights come on won't re-start until about 10-15 minutes after the stall

Diesel? If so sounds like a cam sensor. This was recall so you may get it fixed for free. ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

I have a 2006 H3 hummer and all of a sudden my check engine light comes on and car throttle drops to 50, very low and stalls at a light. The stab/system/tractionsystemfailure lights appeared then the egine stalled. It starts right back up but continue's to stall at low throttle and loses power steering and power brakes. We had the oil changed and every since then the check engine light would come on and off periodicaly. Technichnician says it was just a start up glitch. HELP PLEASE?? Car ran

Closes bet its a bad alternator, bad battery or loose connections, last 2 options throtle needs to reprogram,bad as well. ... 2006 Hummer H3

After driving about 3 to 5 mile when there has been alot of rain the engine starts running real rough spitting and sputtering--if you floor it it takes off as long as you keep it floored--doesn't stall out when stopped---engine light comes on also--I changed out coil pak didn't help

Engine light could be from the spitting and sputtering, sounds to me like maybe bad spark plug wires, possible an ecm issue, what kinda code is it giving you when the engine light comes on? ... Plymouth Voyager

I have a 1994 Chevy Cavalier (3.3 V6) that stalls when engine gets warm. Everything cuts out and after waiting a few minutes it fires right up. At no time does the check engine light come on so a OBD1 decoder won't read anything. Does any one have a suggestion?

Check spark plugs\015\012Check Wires\015\012Check distributor cap (even a hairline crack would cause this)\015\012Fuel pump make sure the pump is working properly.\015\012\015\012Without visual inspection of your car its ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Caprice boggs 92 caprice keeps trying to stall out at stops. have put in neutral and rev up engine and slap into drive to keep from dying out. won't go go faster than 10 mph with pedal floored.check engine light comes on and it just seems to bogg out with a ruff idle only code was 43 and i changed the knock sensor. still boggs

I had similar problems with my 91 caprice. As a last ditch effort I changed the oxygen sensor. That fixed it instantly. The old sensor did not throw a code... GO FIGURE!! And at $20, it's a fix that won't break the bank. Just be warned, my old O ... 1992 Chevrolet Caprice

Electrical problems Hasards and turn signals sometimes start ok then slow down or stop, sometimes won't start immediately but few seconds later... Main lights sometime come on starting the engine, sometimes no Engine sometimes stall at idle or low speed...

Have a load test done on the battery for failing cell and have the output of the alternator checked as if the battery is faulty then the alternator has trouble supplying enough current to run every thing electrical ... 1999 Buick Regal

My 95 YJ won't start. It turns over good but will not fire till fuel relay has stopped clicking and CEL is on. This can take a fairly long time, depending on how cold the engine is. I normally turn the key to the on position and then wait. After several minutes, the relay can be heard clicking, the CEL light will come on and the engine will then start. Is this an ignition problem, ECU problem or what?? Thanks

Your engine computer is bad. Either you need to open it up and replace the three power caps or you need to get a new computer. The computer is not sending current to the relays. That's what's causing the delayed check engine light on your jeep. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

The check engine light with lightning bolt will come on and car will stall and not start back up for about 30 min after I tried to get engine codes but the scan tool will not connect I checked all fuses are good but it just won't power the scanner what do I do

Do your radiator fans come on full speed? If so you are losing communication with your engine control unit! Same with the scanner, it links with the diagnostic interface which is integrated in the instrument panel. These are on the driveline CAN-bus! ... 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle

Check engine light comes on and the engine runs rough at 3000 rpm or less the car tries to stall out when stopped or attempting to go when stopped it won't idle at a constant rpm just replaced the main computer today

I had this problem with my 1995 eclipse a friend of mine told me to put performance spark plugs in it. ... Mitsubishi 3000GT

1992 Ford f-150 stalling. Happens after cold start about 4 min. in to driving. The engine light turns on than when you let off the gas that press on it again the rpms drop. If I come to a stop and the light is on I have to ease into the gas so It won't die. 185,000 on original engiene

Go to Autozone or Oreillys for a free scan. It could be the TPS(throttle position sensor) but the scan will identify the problem. ... Ford F-150

My 97 taurus takes a long time to start sometimes not until engine cools down after driven. obd2 codes 443 174 171 keep showing up then engine light comes on then sputters and stalls can anyone tell me what to fix i already did plugs wires and coil also changed starter 5 times?

P171 and 174 is running lean that means you have either no fuel pressure, bad fuel pump, cloged fuel filter and somethimes vacum leak on your intake manifold gasket.\015\012443 indicates EGR valve solenoid malfunction. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Engine stalling My dodge aries is a 1988 with about 55,000 miles on it. It has been running great til the last few days. Now it will crank up ok, but then dies. And as long as it is moving it is ok till you have to stop then it dies again. The engine light has been coming on to. What can I do to fix it?

Hello doncoth...very low mileage for an 88 aries and i doubt that anything serious is going on.In 88 these engines were carbureted, not fuel injected & majority of the stalling problems were fuel system related on these cars, like a ... 1988 Dodge Aries

My son's 1999 Dodge Durango 4x4 5.9 engine stalls at random times. He has been driving 70 miles per hour and the NO BUSS light comes on and everything goes dead. No power steering, no power brakes nothing. Would like to know how to fix the problem. He has a long trip to college and don't want to have him killed when the engine stops on the highway.

Hello, I have had a similar problem if it is only stalling when it is very hot outside it is probably the coolant temp sensor, it's located on the left front top side of the intake manifold and is very easy to swap out plus it's relatively inexpensiv ... 1999 Dodge Durango

96 grand prix is surging and stalling. I have replaced the fuel pump within the last year, the EGR, the IAC, had the throttle body cleaned, and new plugs and wires. The check engine light comes and goes but mostly stays on. As long as I keep my foot on the gas at red lights and keep the tach at 1000 rpms or higher it keeps running. I'm eating through a tank of gas like crazy.

Get a free code at AutoZone or some other place. It could be one of the many sensor problems. Especially the idler sensor or Map, Maf, and on from there. ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix
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