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Common problems of an isuzu alterra 2005 model

\015 Common engine problems\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Common problems of an isuzu alterra 2005 model

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Hi Sir Sean Reisdorf, we are having problems with our Isuzu Giga, with its computer box, and Air Governor, we need all the manuals of this model, Year : 1997 engine : 6WA1 Turbo Charge model : Isuzu Giga Made in Japan. Do you happen to have a 1997 6WA1 ISUZU manual?

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My transmission went out on my 02 Isuzu- Is this a common problem with Isuzu's? Also if I pay for a new one is there a chance it will soon go out again? Do you know where I could find a transmissi

Try www. car-part.com ... 2002 Isuzu Axiom


Have you checked the cooling fans to make sure they are coming on when they are supposed too? ... Nissan Pulsar

I have a ford transit 1994 model. Is there a cylinder head problem that is common? We have recently fitted a reconditioned engine 1996 model and have had a cylinder head problem.

... 1994 Ford Tempo

I have a 2000 cadillac catera and I'm worried that if I spend a fortune to get all of the problems fixed, more problems will appear. My problems seems to be common with this model because when I looked it up, I found that I'm not the only one. My speedo stopped working and my dash is lit up like a christmas tree. The lights that are on are: check engine, abs and tc. I'm hearing that all of these problems are related to the ebtcm (electronic brake traction control module) If so, is this expensive

It's the ebtcm module you have to change, it''s fairly expensive ... 2000 Cadillac Catera

I have the same problems as the the below post, can someone tell me if this a gearbox problem? Will replacing the gearbox fix the problem? Problem: i have a 1996 subaru liberty auto AWD sedan. when i go around tight corners slowly like parking the car its almost as if the gearbox is binding up... to the point that i think ive got the brakes on. so im just wandering if anyone know iif this is a common fault in this particular model or am i up for some big bucks. thanks all imput is greatly a

Hello,Thanks for using FixYa.If you have LSD for your tranny, I suggest that you try to replace the LSD first. The LSD controls Slip, hence the name Limited slip differential. This will be cheaper than replacing the entire tra ... 1996 Subaru Legacy

I have XG 300 2001 Model which is no longer starting due to replacement of engine set, when I ask to know the problem my mechanic said it is the ECU that is faulty and that it should be replaced with new one but the car was running fine before engine started developing problems. I live in Nigeria and the parts of this car is not common not even in Hyundai Centre. I want know if the ECU could cause such problem ( of not starting) and if yes which way can you help procure good one, method of p

There is a way to test the ecu to see if it's working properly. Go to a different mechanic and ask them to test the ecu.It is also possible that the icm ( ignition control module) is faulty. When an engine is changed out, especially with a used engin ... Hyundai XG300

I've got hyundai accent 2000 model 1.3 and it is missing. but this problem is not all the time i have changed the spark plugs but still the same. do you no of any common problems because have spoke 2 a few people who have got the same problem with the same car

If it skips just sometimes, then it could be the spark plug wires, if you change the plugs then its good to change the wires. Also take a timing light and connect to each of the wires one at a time, and rev the engine. Watch to see if the light sk ... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

I have an Isuzu KB 250D double cab - 1995 model. When the vehicle starts from cold status it does not retain idling speed and then loses power and cuts out. Even by setting the idling speed manually does not help as the problem still persists. However, when the vehicle is warm or later in the day , there is no problem provided the vehicle is allowed to warm up properly. The main problem is first thing in the morning after it has been standing all night. What would cause this and how do I fix it?

... Isuzu i-280

I am a Qualified mechanic, I have a problem with my brothers car, he lives far from me so I cannot guess the issue as its not a car I am familiar with. Chrysler Voyager UK model 2.5 Diesel turbo CRD 2003 Model. Was told by a dealer it was a fuel rail fault, cost to repair 1300 how common is this on this car for the fuel rail to fail? Is it more likely a faulty injector or maybe a injector seal? what is the setup up on this rail ? any info from a good chrysler expert would be appreciated. We kn

... Chrysler Voyager

Problem with 2007 Ford Focus. Battery regularly runs down because digital display screen stays illuminated on dashboard console even when engine has been disengaged and powered off. May be linked to faulty key fob. Dealers have said that ignition has built in key which must be replaced with ordinary key barrel and key. Have you ever heard of this problem before? Is it common in this model? Is it a manufacturing fault?

Check your fuses, and Test your alternator and battery. (most parts store dose this free of charge) ... 2006 Ford Focus

Can somebody explain please what is " limp mode " that seems to be a common problem on older vito's ?? is the problem specific to one particular model ?? whats the best way of fixing it apart from a box of matches ?? many thanks. dave

Limp mode is what some vehicle computers go into when there is a problem with the engine or transmission which, if traveling at regular acceleration and speeds, may cause further damage. So, in "limp mode", the vehicle can get around, just not very ... Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

My isuzu dmax 4x4 manual (year model 2004) have a problem . . . "CHECK 4WD" warning light is always on. isuzu service shop tells me that the 4wd module and actuator needs to be replaced upon analyzing it with TECH 2 device. Is there anything that i could do aside from replacing it? the price is too costly!

If the tech 2 device is indicating the code for 4wd module then it has to be replaced.Get the module and its connections checked before going to replace the module.If the module connections are getting short or loose then getting the connections repa ... Isuzu Pickup

Strange problem I have a bmw 328 E36 model,now the problem whit it is,that when it is cold it run like a horse powerfull as it should be.But,when it gets hot at normal running temp it ideal normaly but if i should turn the stearing weel(p/s) the engen just dies it dosnt struggel the needel just drops to 0 this also happens when i am driving,when im stepping on the clutch it dies evrything is in good condishon and electronicly 100%.Im thinking it could be heatseize on the pisstions but mabe anyon

Maybe it is a ,air regulator ... 1997 BMW 328

I use a 2000 model Isuzu Trooper Limited Edition. MILs indicate 'check trans' and 'check engine' on my dashboard. Scanning reported Code P1870. My experience is sluggish up-shift from 1-2 and refusal to engage gear 4 on long distance drives or sustained high speed driving. Can you please tell me what could be possibly wrong and how to fix it; the Isuzu is recommended to use Dexron III but I am using Dexron II, could this be responsible for the problem? Please help me, somebody. Humphrey.

... Isuzu Trooper

Hi I have an 01 Jeep Wrangler with several issues. The biggest one is that the check engine light comes on and stay on for weeks at a time (much more often in cold and wet temperatures, it blinks while I drive on the highway also). The code is reading an emmisions problem and I have already had all basic work done to it to try to fix it (ie new filters, oil, gas caps,etc). Is this a common problem with this make and model? The second issue is that the Jeep shakes when I reach speeds between 6

Elizabeth700:\015\012\015\012Most likely a small evaporative leak will be from the gas cap. Replace the cap, then leave your battery unhooked for about a half hour to clear the code.\015\012\015\012I find I have to replace my ... 2001 Jeep Wrangler

I was told I need to replace my TPS in my 204 pathfinder. Is this a common problem in this model and make of Nissans? Could there be another issue that would make the mechanic think that this is the problem and misdiagnose. What does it typically cost to replace the TPS. Thanks

TPS Sensors issues, are common on all vehicles.\015\012Yes, you could misdiagnose anything, on todays high tech vehicles,if you don't know the components,how they work and how they function in a system. If the sensor wasn't tested at all,you ne ... 2004 Nissan Pathfinder

The front brakes on my suzuki vitara (1998) keep seizing for no apparent reason, checked calipers, pistons, fluid, all good. can anyone help. I.E is there a common problem with the brakes on this model. this problem has just started to happen over last 2 weeks.

Change th flexible hoses.They are breaking down inside effectively creating a non return valve so when you brake the fluid cannot release. ... 1999 Suzuki Vitara

Dear, I have Honda Civic 2000 model (VTI Oriel) in Pakistan , Rpm are not stable in running Rpm are up and down, on higher side upto 2000 rpm and lower side 100 - 0 rpm, during stop on signals engine off. Please resolve my this problem and suggest and send me the solution for this problem. Thanking you Regards Qureshi

Hallo colonial cousin check the engine breather pipes before you start doing anything else ... 2000 Honda Civic

1999 Isuzu Amigo (two door model) Problem: The master switch panel operates the driver door window down, but not up. Is this typically a problem with the switch unit, or is there a remote relay involved. I took the membrane switch unit apart and cleaned it. No change. I was able to get the window up by applying power directly to the motor power connector. Note: I am a trained electro-mechanical technician. Any history on what fails with this master PCB type switch assembly? I do not have a powe

... Isuzu Amigo

Just bought a one owner 1991 Saturn SC - great condition. Need assistance with problem - fuel guage only goes down to 1/2 tank and then car is out of gas. If we put 6.5 gal of gas in, guage is back to full and car runs great. Replaced fuel filter thinking it was blocked but that didn't change anything. Is there a tank or fuel pump problem common to this model? Any suggestions?

Well I would think that the tank's sender unit, or the gauge is bad. As the tank has to be dropped to get at the sender, your easiest bet is the gauge. Look on ebay, most likely have to get the whole cluster, for a few bucks. Look on youtube for inst ... 1991 Saturn SC

1996 ford engine races between 2 & 3000 rpms dies or idles roughly for a minute then dies. LX model duratech 24 valve 3.0 litre. It also seems like I have absolutely no vacuum on the top side of my engine. Throttle body is clean. Also hear loud hissing sound never noticed it before but wasn't listening.Also blower motor burned out a couple of weeks ago but don't think they are related unless problem is electrical. This is a common problem with the taurus my ex had a 94 did same thing. Any hekp w

... Ford Taurus

Starting Problem I have a Hyundai Accent ( around 2000 model ). The motor kicks over but it won't start. Seems either fuel or spark problem. Is there a common fault. Regards, Kevan.

Do not i will say it again do not spray starter fluid in to the breather as you will destroy your mass air flow sensor. check or change your crank sensor and your cam sensor.. i have had the same problem and it took me like 3 months to find that out. ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

2002 Toyota Echo Check Engine light (malfunction indicator lamp) came on while driving. Gas tank cap was on tight (a loose cap could trigger the light). Fluid levels are proper. I realize this light could indicate a myriad of problems but I was wondering if there was a common problem for my particular model.

You should get the problem code ran at a shop or auto parts store. My moms 2003 Toyota Echo check engine light came on and it had a slight misfire, I replaced all the sparkplugs about $20 and no check light. \015\012\015\012Hope this was ... Toyota ECHO
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