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Can i buy master cylinder an slave cylinder from supercheap auto.

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Can i buy master cylinder an slave cylinder from supercheap auto.

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I have a 91 toyota mr2 which need to change the clutch line from clutch master cylinder to slave cylinder. Where can i get the aftermarket parts? or i can just replace the rusty part, but where can i get the connector that connect to slave cylinder? (i brought the wrong connector from local auto shop, 1/4 SAE standard, i should get Matrix)

I hate this particular project. Yes, you need metric ends at least. The problem of course is that auto parts stores don't carry long lines with metric ends. I ended up getting a "pipe flaring tool" so that I could put my own metric ends on the sta ... 1991 Toyota MR2

Clutch yes it has leaked into the car and the carpet has clutch fluid on it. I just need to know if it would be my master cylinder or my slave cylinder and how to fix it. I'm a do it yourself kinda guy and plan to tackle this problem. I just need to know where to start and what I should be buying and where.

I have had the same problem it sounds like, I bought a Master cylinder for about 50 bucks, easily a 30-40 min job, just a few bolts and a pin behind the clutch pedal. The real problem looked like where the cylinder rod comes through the firewall it ... 1987 Toyota Supra

2001 mercury cougar, master cylinder ran dry because slave cylinder below is leaking at the firewall. I filled the master cylinder and tried bleeding the clutch at the transmission until fluid stream consistent. I still have no clutch. There is a rubber hose that runs from the bottom of the master cylinder to the firewall (in to slave cylinder), immediately below that is where it's leaking from (slave cylinder out). The clutch was working fine prior to the leak. Do I need to replace the c

No, you don't need to replace the clutch itself.\012Don't be surprised if the slave cylinder replacement doesn't fix it.\012Could be the master cylinder. ... 2001 Mercury Cougar

04 cavalier clutch not returning just replaced the master cylinder once I replaced the master cylinder pumped it up had some pedal then when I tried to bleed the system lost pedal back to the floor any suggestions: Hoping its not the slave cylinder cause some idiot at GM put it in the bell housing. And any way possible it could be the line from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder piece that goes in the slave has a spring and a little plastic plunger with a rubber o-ring

... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo in which the clutch pedal went to the floor & stayed there. Upon inspection, the clutch master cylinder was empty on fluid. I filled the reservoir & bleed the clutch master slave cylinder with no luck. After the car had sat for a couple day's I noticed a leak coming from the slave cylinder. I replaced the slave cylinder & bleed the air from the line, now my problem is that the clutch feels more like the brake petal then a clutch. The petal builds pressure but never goes

... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

Are the brake master cylinder and the clutch slave cylinder interconnect in some way? I'm told that the slave cylinder get its fluid from the master cylinder.

The brake system and the clutch master cylinder have the same fluid tank, look at the brake master cylinder fluid tank, on the right hand side about half way up is a hose that goes over to the clutch master cylinder, if fluid level is not above this ... 1995 Ford Escort

The clutch in my 1995 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD with 5.0 will not fully disengage. I cannot get the truck in or out of gear. I beleive this is my slave cylinder but i wanted to make sure its not a problem with the clutch master cylinder before i spend the money on a new part. The master cylinder has plenty of fluid in the resevoir. Do I just need to go ahead and replace the slave cylinder/

While the car is parked /switched off are you able to slip in the gears easily ? if so the fault is as you have confirmed of the clutch not able to disengage the transmission drive when the engine starts.\015\012Now to confirm if this is the sl ... GMC Sierra 1500

The clutch pedal sticks to the floor and does not come back up. We changed the Master Cylinder and it's still doing the same thing. I think it might be the Slave Cylinder but im not sure...how do i check or know if the Slave Cylinder is my problem, because i replaced the Master Cylinder and still have the same problem. Thanks!

Check the slave if its leaking fluid. take off the bellows boot. if fluid leaks out, its bad. Pressure from the system usually pushes the pedal back up unless you dont have all the air bled out of the system. ... 1992 Nissan Pickup

Hi there i have a 98 vw golf which i have changed the clutch master cylinder and the slave cylinder ive pumped the oil back into the system from the nipple on the slave cylinder until the oil came up into the brake master cylinder my problem is that the clutch peddle is hard like the brake peddle can anyone help me with this problem

I would start by draining the oil out and replacing it with brake fluid added into the reservoir and drained down and out the nipple. then i would bleed the system, going to need a helper for this procedure, look on youtube to see someone bleeding a ... 1998 Volkswagen Golf

Replace master cylinder on 93 honda accord clutch pedal snaps to floor and sticks when i try to bleed the new master cylinder i get no fluid out the slave cylinder bleeder even after pumping alot i cracked the inlet pipe fitting open and i get fluid running out there but put back and still got nothing out the bleeder is the slave cylinder gone or is there another problem here? Thank you for any help

You dont tell me why you replaced the master,but i would say the slave needs replaced.the reason the fluid is not bleeding is because the fluid is not getting past the seals in the slave, ie slave cyclinder piston is siezed try removing it and replac ... Honda Accord

Where is the slave cylinder located for an 03 sunfire and is it possible to just change the master clutch cylinder instead of both the slave and master clutch cylinders to solve the no pressure issue?

... 2003 Pontiac Sunfire

2001 Honda Accord. I am having clutch problems. I changed the master and slave cylinders 2 years ago and it worked fine. About 3 weeks ago it started acting up again and I changed the slave cylinder. It worked for about 3 weeks now its back in the shop. They are changing the master cylinder, but I am upset that these parts would need replacing after only 2 years. Could there be another problem? Am I being taken?

Master and Slave cylinder will not require often replacements\012until they replaced it with some cheap ones. With new master and slave, you\012still need to bleed the system to make sure there is not any air bubbles present\012in the system that mig ... Cars & Trucks

On solution #1 dec 2008 I would like to know where i could get the adjustable clutch master rod between the master cylinder and the clutch pedal. He mentioned it could be purchased on line but did not say where. My clutch pedal does not come back to its stop even with the brake pedal. The slave cylinder is new the old one was corroded. It appears the slave cylinder was replaced and I bled the line but could not get enough travel to releace the clutch. Looking at the clutch pedal travel I tried t

After reading this I have to ask if parts are origional why do they not work properly. My first suggestion is that bleading not done effectively. If air is present in line,slave cylender etc. then it would not have travel needed or master cylinder is ... 1984 Pontiac Fiero

2002 ponitac grand am. Replaced slave and master cylinder. Pedal still stuck to the floor. No fluid going to slave cylinder through master cylinder. Whats wrong?

... Pontiac Grand Am

I have changed the clutch master cylinder and the slave cylinder, but still don't have pedal, we have bleed the lines and checked for leaks, no leaks were found. The new slave cylinder doesn't seem to be engaging, Is it possible that the new slave cylinder is bad or is something else the problem if so, what can it be?

Thn the problem is the clutch master cylinder, it should build up pressure, ok try out this, remove the pipe which is going to the slave cylinder either from the clutch master cylinder or at the clutch slave cylinder and get someone to pump the pedal ... 1997 Acura CL

Clutch problem My clutch quit working, did not have any previous problems. Got off the interstate and clutch would not work. Replace clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder, still clutch will not engage. Does the arm that the slave cylinder pushes, come off if slave cylinder goes out? It is a five speed. I have a full pedal and tension like before.

I would bleed the system again . make you get strong pressure. if that dose not work check throw out bear fork. it sittes on a ball stud good luck later ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

I Have replaced the Clutch, slave and master cylinder's, and yes I bought them at the dealership and the slave and master cylinders were pre bled at the factory just like the repair manual calls for. After instalation i still have no clutch what else can I try?

Hi, right now if your sure the cylinders are new and working then these are going to be ok.If the clutch pedal goes to the floor and stays their then this indicates air in the system.If the clutch was fitted properly and the t ... 1995 Pontiac Firebird

94 jeep cj 2.5L engine 5 speed. I can not get the jeep in to any gear when engine is running. But engine off i can put it in gear and start the engine and off I go. When I stop the jeep and have it in N. I can not put it in any gear again ? could this be the Slave or master clutch cylinder. And can a slave or master cylinder work some times ok and then not work ? Cheers Bob Vancouver BC Canada

Yes the clutch is the problem, master and slave should always be replaced together. ... Jeep Wrangler

2000 Nissan Maxima Se with a manual transmission 135K miles original owner. Rear engine seal leaking. Mechanic has suggested that since he has to separate the engine and the transmission he should replace the clutch and it's components. I had the master and slave cylinders replaced about a year ago. He is suggesting replacing all components. Is it necessary to replace the master and slave cylinder as well since I had those recently replaced? The seal itself is about $40.00 but the labor involved

You should not have to replace the master or slave cylinder with a rear main seal but if the clutch has alot of miles on it you should have that done with the seal because you will be paying for almost all of the labor with the seal. ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I have a Hyundai Coupe 1999 1.6i 16v 5 speed manual that will not go into gear. It has had a new clutch set (inc pressure plate flywheel etc) new clutch slave cylinder and new gear box, nothing has worked. The master cyliner has been inspected and seems fine. When the slave cylinder is bled to release the pressure, the car will engage gears for a small time, then the clutch will not disengage and so not allow me to select gears. Upon inspection, the slave cylinder is not returning to its nutral

No leaks anywhere? It sounds like it is sucking air in the system. ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

My clutch pedal wont spring back once i've released it. I've replaced the clutch, clutch fork & clips, throw-out bearing, clutch master cylinder, and even a slave cylinder. On top of all that, i've also bled my lines ALOT. I bought another master cylinder thinking the original one I had purchased was defective...but still no luck. Any ideas??

A clutch pedal not springing back is almost always an indication that there is air in the system. Bleeding out a clutch is a tedious endeavor to say the least.\015\012I suggest you open up the bleeder screw & gravity bleed the clutch.(This ... Toyota Celica

I need help changing out the master cylinder in my '94 toyota 4x4 pickup truck. It is a 5speed, i have already changed out the slave cylinder and installed the master cylinder but i still can not get the clutch to engage.

Did you bleed the system?? you must bleed the system from the clutch slave. if this has been done, I need more info!! How does the clutch pedal feel, is the clutch slave engaging at all?? ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

I have a 2007 Santa Fe 2.2crdi manual, after approx half an hour of continous driving the cutch pedal starts to loose pressure and eventually sticks to the floor when pressed. I have replaced the master cylinder first but still the same and then a pressure valve which a hyundai garage said to change which is mounted into the master cylinder. I have also changed all the fluid, fully bled the system with dot 4 fluid and there is no trace of a leek at the clutch slave cylinder and fluid level is

Got me this one thats for sure ,firstly check the bell housing bolts in case its loose and separating ,yes i have had this before now,but i would suspect that the parts you fitted could be defective and in all honesty i would need to have a drive to ... Hyundai Santa Fe

A new clutch, slave cylinder, and clutch master cylinder were all installed but when i push the clutch pedal down it still doesnt engage the clutch all the way, it acts like it is getting a little pressure but not enough to engage it all the way, the adjusting rod on the master cylinder is out all the way, i dont know what to do now?

Have you checked that the slave cylinder is attached firmly where it's supposed to be? Have you refilled the bowl of the master cylinder with braking fluid? And finally have you bled the circuit thoroughly after that? ... 1994 Eagle Talon
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