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Brake lights stays on

\015 Changed brake light switch and blinker light switch unplugged brake light switch and brake lights still are on,won't go off with out pulling fuse? help\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

E-brake may be on part way
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Side lights,third brake light and dash lights come on when I press brake but no bottom brake lights. Then when I switch the lights on the side lights and third brake light stay on and when I press the brake all lights flicker slightly and stay on but still no brake lights.. Any ideas?

Sounds like a bulb is not seated properly in a socket in the back..check all the lights and groundwires too..starting with all the 4way flashers..then running lights. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am Track off light and ABS light and Sevice Vehicle Soon light stays on all the time. Sometimes the emerge light comes on.(i, P light). For the Service Vehicle light, I unscewed the fuel cap and put it back on but the service light still comes on. I even lubed the O-ring on the fuel cap. But sometimes the parking brakes comes on. Pulled on the emerge brake and put it back to norm position, still brake light stays on. Stll all thre lights stays on. Car seems

The traction control system works off of the abs system so there is a code in the abs module that needs to be pulled so you know were to start to check the system out.the service engine light is a different system all together and there is a code in ... Pontiac Grand Am

94 altima brake lights won't go off draining the battery. I disconnected the wire to the brake light switch on the pedal and the brake lights stay on. I unplugged each rear tail light assembly and the third brake light stays on. The only way to get it to go off is to pull the fuse. Any suggestions?

Check your break pedal.. I had the same problem. It wasn't the switch, it was the part of the pedal itself that presses the switch. ... 1994 Nissan Altima

Dodge caravan sport 2001 the brakes and ABS lights come on and off intermittently sometimes staying on for 30 minutes to 45 min. then goes off for a while for like an hr. then the next time it comes on again. I had brakes check by shop that replaced and repaired my brakes they said the brakes were fine practically new because they had just replaced them,also the air bag lights comes on and off like the brakes and ABS lights . THen onetime all the indicator lights lit up and stayed on for 30min.

It is your battery. Replace it and you will be good as new.\015\012It has happened to me 2x now.\015\012 ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7 Service Electric Brake System light and traction control light both stay on. Brake lights stay on and go off when i hit brakes. Brake light switch has been replaced

... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Brake light on dash stays on. Anti lock brake light stays on. Brakes have been completely replaced. What could cause the light to stay on?

... 2003 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2004 GMC Envoy XL. 2 out of 3 rear brake lights stay on when the tail lights are on. We have checked power and the power turns on/off while pressing the brake at the brake lights, but when we plug the cable into the circuit boards they stay on. We have tried 2 new circuit boards, new bulbs, checked the fuse and also put in a new brake switch. Could it be the brake switch is not adjusted right?

... Cars & Trucks

We have a Nissan maxima 1998, we have had mechanics fix out tail and brake lights 4 times...still a month later with the same issue. The lights stay on,and only the middle brake works when you press it normally. Thw other two stay on bright brake and when you press the brake one turns off while the other gets dim. Then its a whole different story if the head lights are on. The wiring must be screwy. Can you please help me figure this out we cant afford anymore $ wasted on this. Thank you!!!

Check the earth wire from the body to the battery or to the motor to the battery. It appears that an earth is not working so the current is seeking a return through other lights hence they stop working. ... Cars & Trucks

The brake light on dash stayes on all the time. the breaks and sencers check good and when you unplug wire of back of mastercylender the light still stays on. the abs light is not on,just the brake light itself.could it be the emergency brake sencer.

You're on the right track , three things that relate to the brake light, loss of pressure, fluid pressure and parking brake, go to it ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Brake light and abs light stays on after i replaced the the brake booster had to remove master cylinder to do so aftervreplacing booster brakes are fine but the aqbs and brake light stay on

Sounds like the brake fluid level sensor maybe stuck . it is in the master cylinder reservoir. if you open the cap you will see a float in there. push on it and tap the side of reservoir and it will float back up. let me know if you have any more que ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

Hi. I have a 2002 Ford Windstar. The ABS and Emergency brake lights come on often and stay on. I had the brakes checked and they are fine. It had some quirks, like the radio turning on or off by itself, tail lights staying on after the van is turned off. I replaced the battery since it checked bad and now it is worse. I have no dome lights, no brake lights, no left turn signals only a right front turn signal, the radio still turns on and off on it's own, only the right puddle lamp turns on. I h

Get a good manual with the schematics in it for starters is you are going to try to DIY. The rear light problems are from a common defective part call a REM Rear Electronics Module. Located in the right rear corner behind the jack access panel. The f ... 2002 Ford Windstar Cargo

1987 z28 Camaro brake lights. I changed the bulbs, but now the brake lights stay on when I have the lights on. Brake lights don't work when the lights are off. Any help out there?

... Cars & Trucks

1988 plymouth voyager mini van brake warning light stays on. topped off fluid- brake light stayed on. Pedal no longer as "squishy", no signs of brake leak at wheels. Brake master cylinder or brake booster repair needed? 108K miles last brake job was rear only 1 year and 6500 miles ago.

... Plymouth Voyager

The abs, brake, and tc lights stay on and brakes are spongey until pumped. this happened suddenly while i was driving. there was a warning beep just before the abs light came on and after I had shut it off and cranked it up the next morning, all three lights stayed on along with the spongey brakes.

... 1999 Land Rover Range Rover

2002 Jeep liberty sport. Brake light fuse burnt and son replaced it on the road. Was burnt again when he arrived home. Found the shorted wire and repaired. Replaced fuse and brake lights stay on all the time. Replaced the BL switch and no change. Even with the switch unplugged the brake lights stay on. Only way to turn them off is to pull the fuse. ?

... 2002 Jeep Liberty

Hi, my abs, traction, and brake light have been staying on upon starting my car, I've recently had problems with my brake sensor switch, which causing my brake lights to stay on, and i had to disconnect the battery everytime I stopped my car, so now these other lights are starting to come on, could it be something with my battery? I would really appreciate any information.

Unless you are experiencing any other problems(ie., car stalling or constantly losing all your radio memory, then no it wouldn't have anything to do with the battery.It would not hurt however to re-inspect the battery cable ends and just make sure th ... Buick LeSabre

After shuting off my 1997 Subaru Impreza, the brake lights stay on and drain the battery. The brake light switch at the brake pedal had a melted plastic plunger which closed the swith and allowed the lights to stay on. I replaced the switch with a new one and it melted too. There is a short somewhere up stream that I can't find. Anyone had this problem? Thanks for your time.

If the switch keeps melting, the heavy draw is down steam, not up steam.The most likely is too bright of bulbs in the brake light sockets in back.You can replace them with LED bulbs for only a little bit more, and it would probably stop t ... 1997 Subaru Impreza

The brake lights on my car stay on even when you aren't in the car. It's like the brake pedal isn't staying up and is dropping just enough to trigger the lights to come on at random times or stay on after your foot is off the brake pedal and the car is turned off. Help? How do I fix this?

Assuming there is nothing wrong with the Brakes, and that the Brake Pedal does not have the "play" you describe:\015\012There is a Push Brake Light Switch located up behind the Brake Pedal Arm. It is a Push actuated with a Plunger bei ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

1984 chevy 1500 driver side brake and signal light not working. Parking light works but is too bright. volt metre shows a ticking the same readings as the passenger side until a bulb is inserted then shows nothing. recently problem got worse. signal light indicator on dash for right hand signal stays on when lights are turned on and brake lights and signals don't work at all. was going back to normal after a drive down the road but now stays like that. -Other things that might be help

Sounds like a short, no way of knowing fwhare for sure till You run a tester the lenght of the wire. ... Chevrolet 1500

More detail about brake light problem, vehicle 2001 Vauxhall Corsa, when side lights or heads as well, centre rear brake light starts by staying on for about 3 seconds then it flashes for 5 seconds with a slight change in the brightness of the o/s rear light after this lights stay on as normal if you switch off and try again they are normal until you leave them for a while to cool down then they will flash again.

... Cars & Trucks

1992 GMC Safari Convertion Van, Brake light on the dash stays on after starting. Has power brakes with ABS, I stoped suddenly to avoid an animal in the road, I applied the brakes very hard, now the light is staying on ! I have replaced both front and back brakes and rear brake wheel cylinders recently and cleaned the sencers for the ABS at the rear axles. No change. How and what do I check next ? Thanks, Mark

Check also ur hydrovacc for vaccum leak ... 1992 GMC Safari

Brake light on dashboard lights up RED. Stays on a few seconds then fades then lights up again. The red light on the dashboard reads BRAKE so I'm calling it a brake light not sure what it is known as. Do I have a brake problem, a switch problem, or is it an indicator that my actual Brake light is abour to go out? thanks

First check your brake fluid..it most likely is low...ONLY add BRAKE FLUID in it NOTHING else...if it is low there is Only 2 reasons for it...one reason is you have a brake leakage..get it looked at...second is you need new brake pads or shoes ... 2003 Ford Focus

Brake lights come on when I turn on headlights & taillights When all other lights are off, the brake lights function correctly: turning on and off with the brake pedal When the parking lights or headlights are on, the brake lights go on and stay on. when you apply the brake pedal, there is no change

Hi Michael\012it sounds like someone fit the wrong bulbs.\012make sure that your side/brake light bulbs have DOUBLE element\0125 / 21 watt.\012Good luck ... 1999 Mazda 626

Brake lights stay on all the time . Checked brake pedal switch and it closes and opens as per reading on ohm metter, brake lights continue to stay on even when I short out brake switch connector.

This is the diagram. If you disconnect the switch, do they stay on? If so, you have another circuit feeding it (i.e. new radio or alarm installed maybe?)\015\012 ... 1995 Nissan Altima

Elecrical recently the brake lights and plate lights in the back and 2 lights in the front of my car stay on, there permently ON! before this happened the center brake light stay on, so i didnt use it. but now there all on. any help will be welcomed. thanks: Jonathan

Check the wires were you radio gose make sure that they are ran right ... 1990 Toyota Camry
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