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How do I get the dust cover off my right rear wheel on my Volvo XC70 2004?

\015 My right rear parking brake broke apart and trashed e-brake components. Even the dust cover is partially mangled. I have it almost all apart. I have 3 of the 4 bolts off which hold the piece on which prevents me from getting my dust cover off. The last bolt is not accessible without taking a LOT more stuff apart. Do I need to do that? How can I find out what to take apart and, more importantly, how to put it back together?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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How do I get the dust cover off my right rear wheel on my Volvo XC70 2004?

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Drained break fluid and pedal goes to floor, i have a 95 dodge neon i also have Bleed all the wheels starting with the rear pass side it is normally the furthest from the master cyl then the other rear then front pass then driver front. Bleed until clean fluid is coming from wheel cylinders. Still nothing I noticed that there is a air tube right next to the master cylinder and it does get better when i take the cover off but then it goes right back to normal when i put it back on any suggesti

On a Neon you do the passenger side rear, then drivers side front, then drivers side rear and then passenger side front. ... 1995 Dodge Neon

I have a 2000 all-wheel-drive, the rear drive shaft is broken. I can't find the manual that covers Chrysler all-wheel-drive, it looks like the ABS monitor in it, and something from the transmission mounted above it. I want to know how to take this a down, so I can get the right one from a scrap yard. Thank you

It's possible that you can find this information in autozone.com (free register):Caravan, Grand Voyager, Town and Country, Voyager, 2000-2004 - Repair GuideRear Drive Line Module - Removal &Installation\015\012\015\012\015\0 ... Chrysler Town and Country

2007 mazda 3 hatchback, 53000 miles. when hit bumps, patched potholes,even the dots that divide lanes, with right rear wheel ONLY. the rear end will jump out to the right, tires will actually slide momentarily. If pavement is wet I can get a small drift going if Im on a left turn when my right tires hit the bumps. when wheel is hopping really bad due to high speed or bigger bumps, rattle or clank is heard from right rear. right rear passes the "bounce" test but my first impression is st

... 2007 Mazda Speed 3 Hatchback

I have a 94 cavalier rs and i put a rear wheel cylinder in it and i started to bleed the brakes and i bled the right rear and it bled fine then i went to the side where i put the wheel cylinder in and it bled not much fluid at all so i went to the right front and it didnt push out much fluid at all either so i went to the driver side front and it bled real good like the right rear but make brake pedal still goes to the floor and i cant get the left rear and the front left to bleed really much of

Well sounds like its still full of air youll have to gravity bleed it. if you can leave your car on a steep hill overnight with the rear end up then bleed it the do the same make your front end sit high up overnight then bleed it. air bubbles always ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

2005 Volvo XC70 right rear parking light. How can I get to it to replace?

Open the hatch and there should be a couple screws. Remove those screws and youre going to have to kind of work it loose. Take your time as to not break the tabs that hold it in place. ... Cars & Trucks

The rear suspension is down on my 1999 Ford Expedition - Eddie Bauer. The cause: while out in the woods I came across a small dip (front right) which caused the back left wheel to lift off the ground. sequence of actions: While the back left wheel was off the ground, the suspension system caused the rear to pump up to the max height. I placed a small rock (4" tall) under the left rear wheeland and the Expedition backed out easily. The rear was still at max height. Upon getting

You have a seal that has not seated correctly or been damaged on one of the Shocks or an air line that has been pinched when the rear end lowered. To isolate which side is bad remove the air supply from each side in on the rear end and test them one ... 1999 Ford Expedition

2005 honda crv cdti.noticed rear offside wheel getting very hot.hum from rear after a few miles.knocking noise from rear on tight right hand circle hum gets louder above 50 mph.noise from rear sounds like cvj problems,however knocking noise is definately from rear.THANKS

... 2005 Honda CR-V

Hi I have Suzuki cultus cresent 1997. It have noice comming from the right rear wheel when driving. The machanic checked this afternoon and he said it is a wheel bearing. Can I get a rear wheel bearing number from you please?

More details about your car is needed. For this nr we need more details: Car year, How much KW hawe engine, ... 1996 Suzuki Swift

I have a 2006 S40 Volvo that has just clicked over on 100,000 miles. It had never been to anyone other than the dealer for service but since it was out of warranty I took it to a local business that I am familiar with. They replaced a front wheel bearing but that didn't fix the problem and now they think it may be the rear wheel bearing on that same side but they have informed me that they can't get a rear wheel bearing because it is a dealer item? The noise is loudest at about 40-50 mph.

Looks like the rear bearing might be available in the aftermarket. If you have a local NAPA that would be your best bet.As far as diagnosing a wheel bearing it is not that hard to figure out but sometimes they can be a little tricky. I'm ... 2006 Volvo S40

I have a replacement rear bumper/fender (the plastic shell) for my '93 190e 2.0, but its different to the original - the right dimensions, but its one piece that fits right around from one wheel arch to the other. Problem is there;s 3 pieces to the original - main piece across the back (easily removed) and smaller sections just behind the wheels on each side. The brackets on the new shell are right where these two are sitting. So what I'm stuck with is, how to get these off safely, and, if I d

You will be able to change the bumer and get it back on safely, take care with it, andyou will be able to do it. remember your onyl huan, if you cant do it. sell the shell. bye ... Mercedes-Benz 190-Class

I have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 4x2 auto trans.Just recently ive noticed a vibration coming in at about 52-55 mph seems to be from the rear axle also combined with this is sound akin to having a flat spot on the tire like a pitter patter at wheel speed, not only this there is clungking sound coming from the right rear wheel when taking a tight left hand turn.Ive checked diff fluid level, wheel nuts etc, a friend says it could be a UJ on its way out,any ideas.the truck has only covered 27000 miles.

Since the problem happens louder as you apply weight to a given wheel I would suspect you have a bad wheel bearing. Having a thump type sound on every revolution is an indicator that its wheel related. Also I have seen the steel tread seperate in a ... 2007 Dodge Ram Truck


I hav e a 2001 Windstar And I thought my problem was in the rear also but the sound was echoing from the front. It so happened that the Front caliper bracket was loose. ... 2001 Ford Windstar

The rear wheel on my 1996 plymouth voyager will not come off. The parking brakes are off. I tried pulling it off with a wheel puller. The top of the drum is releasing fine, but the bottom of the hub is being held by something. Both left and right rear wheels are getting the same results. I even unhooked the parking brake cable to give it maximun slack. Has anyone got a possible solution. Thanks

There are cut outs on the back of the drums were you can adjust the star adjuster with a brake spoon or straight blade screwdriver. Sounds like you adjusters are out forcing the drums to get hung up. ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

After having changed the rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders, and bled them the pedal was good. Then the pedal was going to the floor slowly so I had to pump the brakes to get enough stopping power. Changed the master cylinder and tried bleeding the brakes. The bleeding order on the instructions for the new master was left front, right rear, right front, left rear. Not much fluid was coming out of the bleeders. Pedal was not firming up. After starting the engine, the pedal went to the floor onc

It sounds that you have done a pretty good job at this point. Remember that the brake adjustment will dictate the amount of brake pedal. Recheck to make sure the right brake linings were used. Recheck to make sure the brakes on the rear are adjust ... Honda Civic

1994 toyota corolla i replaced a bad wheel cylinder and am having problems getting air frm right front and left rear. left front and right rear bled fine and are working properly

Answered ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2009 Hyundai sonata GL 2.2 L and I get this high pitched screeching sound (that sounds like it's coming from the rear end) that started happening when I would turn my wheel to the right. Not just a small turn like 90 degree turn at first. Now I'm starting to hear it louder and it happens when I turn to the left and to the right and I barley have to move the steering wheel at all. I do need a serpentine belt bc mine is worn down. I'm replacing soon I just don't think I can do it myself b

... 2009 Hyundai Sonata

The left rear brake caliper on my 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII doesn't get as much pressure as the other 3 wheels which makes the car pull to the right when you put on the brakes.I have replaced the rotors, pads, calipers and hoses on all 4 wheels but still have the problem. Is there a pressure equalizer valve & if so where is it. This problem started suddenly. Brakes worked fine one day and started pulling right the next. If I hit the brakes hard it doesn't do it as bad as when I brake lightly. I di

... Lincoln Mark VIII

I need a free 1987 Caravan steering column diagram so I can determine why it's wiggling and tighten it so it's safe. the steering wheel is very loose and where I need to get in to tighten whatever is loose is under the cover that has the gears handle and the turn signal handle - which is also turning left and right as I use it. This started this week and it's not safe. I need to know how to get into the column just below the steering wheel and any suggestions as to what to look for and do afte

Rather than take a crash course on how to rebuild a\015\012steering colum. I recomend checking at the local\015\012salvage yards for a used one. To repair your colum\015\012properly you would have to remove it anyway. Also\015 ... 1987 Dodge Caravan

Hi I have a 1995 Dodge Stratus that I have a problem with the right rear wheel getting hot and omitting a strong burning odour after driving it for a few miles. I took it to a mechanic and he felt it was my emergency brake sticking, why he thought this to be the solution as after he applied the emergency brake on & off the right wheel would not turn freely with the emergency brake off it would drag a bit when turned. After he adjusted it, it seemed to correct the problem. But after I had been d

Had same problem after replacing everything in brakes drum cylinders hardware i found that the brake lines to wheel cylinder were old looked fine but were weak and collapsed not letting fluid escape from wheel cylinder after replacing them no mo ... 1996 Dodge Stratus

2005 Toyota Echo... I have been having this problem for awhile but it is getting worse now that it is getting warm. While turning right mostly it makes a clucky grinding noise. I have had someone turn the steering wheel while I listened and it sounds like it is coming for under a plastic covered area(large hose sized) behind the wheel. Could you tell me if this is where it really could be coming from what that piece is called and if it can be done at home and if it will be expensive

IF your unit has POWER steering, it might be low on fluid, check this first. taking off the cap on the power steering unit itself,,,fill it with correct power steering fluid, IF it continues to make this noise, you might need to replace it?? ... 2005 Toyota ECHO

I ve broken 2 lugs off right rear wheel i removed tire wheel and brake cover tried to pull wheel with wheel puller it is not moving am i proceeding correctly or do i need a bigger hammer

Why are you trying to pull the ( wheel ) . If you need to replace the 2 broken lugs then all you need to do id hammer them back thru the ( wheel ) and go get 2 new ones that match those broken ones and hammer them back in from the back side of the ( ... 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva

Right rear wheel bearing noise 1988 volvo bertone

It could be drive shaft joint. the car is rear wheel drive with independant suspension. I do not think there is a bearing there. It may also be the brakes need replacing. ... 1988 Volvo 780

I have a 1994 chevy 1500 2WD truck that I leave it parked at a ranch for several weeks in between uses. When I put truck in drive after sitting for a few weeks, the rear left wheel will not turn. Right side wheel turns fine. I have to put it in reverse and lightly apply gas and then put it in drive again and it usually frees up. After getting it broke loose the last time and drove it for aboput a day, I got around to pulling off wheel and looked at brakes - no leaking brake cylinder, brake co

Hi,This problem won't be your diff, it will be the brakes, even though you don't apply the emergency brake now, the problem is with the foot brake.I would say that the brake shoes are not returning properly and when you stop to park the t ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

Can't get the right, rear tail light cover off, on my 91' Trooper

The whole lamp comes out and the bulb is change from the back side. ... 1991 Isuzu Trooper
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