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92 saab turbo 900 radiator fan will not Turn off when car is off. I checked fuses and replaced the relay and still blows. What can this be

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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92 saab turbo 900 radiator fan will not Turn off when car is off. I checked fuses and replaced the relay and still blows. What can this be

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My car just cranks, the fuel pump was not running, so i checked the fuse it was blown. so i bet on the bottom of tank then replaced fuse, turn key on still no pump running, so checked fuse blown again, did this one more time replaced fuse turned key on this time fuse did not blow but still fuel pump not running, replaced fuel pump and filter and checked fuel shut off switch turn key and car just cranks, fuse is not blown??

It should be at #5 of the power distribution box located under the dash on the passenger side near the AC dryer. You may also want to check the wires and ports while at it for any short circuit which may have caused your fuse to go out. ... Ford Expedition

Running hot 2002 pontiac aztec....my car is still running hot. i have changed the the therostat and radiator cap, flushed radiator,ect sensor,checked relays and fuses. why does may radiator fans only come on if my heater (inside) is on and blowing full blast. if my heater fans are not on the car gets hot

Sounds like Clutch in your fan\015\012\015\012 The coolant level is right on, no hoses are leaking and the accessory belt is intact. You start the engine, let it idle and make a visual inspection. There's no sign of belt slippage.\ ... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

Ac problem had compressor tested today and has full freon. ac fuse is good and so is the relay..It all started with the ac fuse blowing about three weeks ago. mechanic replaced fuse and it blew again. Replaced relay and over sized the fuse from 7.5 to a 10. worked fine and blew cold till today when compressor went out again. Checked fuse and this time it did not blow.had relay checked and it is still good. had compressor checked and it is full. Mechanic says it must be an electrical problem...wh

Jump the low or high pressure switchs this switchs are located on the a/c lines of tje compresor not run check power to the compresor if you have power maybe the compressor is gone \012check the a/c control pannel to and take a second opinion befor ... 2006 Kia Sedona

2005 beetle ac was blowing warm air, found one of the cooling fans on the radiator to be bad so replaced both. now 30 amp fuse in fuse block on top of battery blows when ac is turned on. we bypassed the fuse block and wired a 30 amp inline fuse in, still happens. we found with the car off we replace the fuse and if we turn the car on with the ac in the on position it wont blow the fuse, if we then turn the ac off and back on not letting the fans come to a complete stop it wont blow, but if the f

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My car is a 90 and the Fuses started to blow for the fuel pump. Replaced the fuel pump, filter, fuse, then checked all the wiring up to and including the injector plug then replaced the injector plug as well. Drove the car ten minutes and all was well until I let off the fuel and the fuses started blowing again. Checked all the wiring again and still seems fine from front to back. Can anyone save my sanity???

Did u follow the wire from the tank even check the plug there if the car drove fine for ten mins then u must of went over the short some where get a cheap multimeter turn the key on and go from there check everything oh and umm take a deep breath im ... Pontiac Sunbird

2000 vw passat. water damage, replaced ccm. fuse 14 keeps blowing. checked wiring harness in drivers door. checked gas and trunk switches. checked sunroof and dome light shortages. fuse still blows and car will not start. dont know where else to look. been at it for a week now and i am so frustrated.

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I got a 92 acura integra it won't start I check the timing belt an the car is on time. I replace the main relay and it still won't start. it seems that I'm not getting any sparks in the fuel and I replace he ECU as well. I check all the fuse and they are all good. The only thing that I notice in the vehicle is that the check engine light will not turn off. not even for a second usually my car turns the light off.

The check engine light means there is a permenant code, what you need to do is get a scanner and check it. also could be a crank position sensor. But I would get the check engine light checked first. And the car will most likely have to go to a sh ... 1992 Acura Integra Hatchback

My 1997 dodge neon sohc auto check engine light is on with engine code p1491(open or shorted condition dectected in the radiator fan relay circuit) fan runs all the time with key on or off. replaced fan relay. fan now doesn't come on at any time even when the engine is hot. have also replaced temperature sending unit in head and replaced PCM on car still no results engine light still on.

First, the easy way is to just bypass the relays all together. Install a switch on the inside of the car like you would fog lights. This will solve the problem of replacing thing after thing and wasting money. Just a $7.00 fix. After doing that ... 1998 Dodge Neon

I just had the radiator fan relay replaced today because the fan would not shut off when I turned engine off. I had to pull fuse to stop fan.I Stopped for gas on way home from shop. When I restarted car, the check engine light was on? I checked under the hood when I got home in garage and It appears that the radiator fan is not working? Any idea what is going on? The new relay failed? The repair shop was closed shortly after I pick up vehicle so I can't report the problem until morning.

It sounds as if there might be a burned fuse. instead of replacing the rad fan relay i suppose they should have looked further. I'd be willing to bet they would find a faulty fan which in turn is taking out ur fuse or relay. With a faulty fan, it ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have check all the fuses I can think of and just replaced the headlight relay fuse and I still have no headlight. A friend of mine jump started my car the other day and touched the jumper cables together while they were still hooked to my car. Don't know if that did anything, but after that I have no headlights or radio, and only one brake light.

I would replace the bulbs wich dont work and take the radio out and see if there is a fuse behind there as there usually is as this could of blown causing the radio not to work. ... Plymouth Sundance

My celica used to start with no problems starting before. now all the sudden the car will not even attempt tostart. ive replace the wires to 8.5 replaced all fuses checked all relays, checked with a power tester and all were powered up. i have a brand new battery and still nothing . its a manual transmission so i tried push starting it and still nothing wont even try im lost i know it has to be electrical but where

Double check all engine grounds ... 1990 Toyota Celica

Car came in overheating, fan working then. Replaced water pump, thermostat. Roadtested car and still overheats after about 20 minutes of driving. Elec. cooling fan does not come on unless turn on the a/c. Replaced cooling temp switch, radiator fan switch, fan clutch, and also the resistor pack. Need to know if there are 2 relays for the electric cooling fan and where they are located at. The engine code is Awm, also is there 2 fuses for the relay also appricate any help here. We also hooked up a

Tech Bulletin from Nov 9 2004.....Engine Coolant Temp Sensor issue....\015\012\015\012It is 13 pages.....if you email me at [email protected], I ca ... 2004 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2001 Chevy Impala. The automatic door locks suddenly stopped working. They should lock/unlock all the door when you push the door lock button as well as automatically lock all doors when you put the car in motion. I checked the fuse and it's good but replaced it with the spare just in case...., but still doesn't work. I called the dealership and asked if there was another fuse or relay that needs to be replaced -- and you quested it. They said to ''bring the car in so we can take a look

Wire harnes problem i suspect. Or just one lock refusing to work. just lubricate clean and move all a couple of times. If no succes go to shop and strategically drop your problem to prevent $$$ shop order Usualy starts driver side, most used and dirt ... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

My A/C blower will only work on lower speeds and wont blow on high speed. I checked the relay for the blower and it ohmed out good, and I swapped the A/C relay with the fuel pump relay to ensure is wasnt the relay. Power is getting to the relay but its not system voltage. Would I need to check the BCM if the car has one, or replace the fuse block in the cabin?

Check the blower motor to see if it is getting power,and check the blower control switch,andd it1s connector. ... 2000 Saturn SL

Here is the scenario...I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am V6. I was driving down the road and pushed on the gas, the car started slowing down and I pulled off the road. The car then stalled out. No dummy (warning) lights came on except for the oil and battery light. I checked the oil it was less than 1/2 qt low (I added oil) the car will crank over with no problem, but it is as if it is not getting any gas. I checked the Fuel Relay fuse (its fine), I then replaced the fuel filter, but the car still

I would have the fuel pressure checked before buying a new fuel pump. Check the fuel pump for 12 volts too! If it is getting 12 volts, and no fuel pressure, replace the pump. If there is no 12 volts, check the relay, and fuse. ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

93 dodge caravan - fan was not coming on and the air conditioner will not come on. replaced fan, radiator, coolant sensor and thermastat. Checked all relay's i could find, checked all the fuses in the fuse box. still fan and air conditioner will not come on. Any ideas about what else the problem can be? (people tell me there is a fuse somewhere under the hood, but i cannot find one anywhere!) thanks

The fan is protected by a fusible link. Follow the power wire from the fan backward until you find the fusible link. It will feel mushy if it is blown. ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

A friend tried to jump start and hooked battery up backwards , it blew several fuses . they have been replaced . Everything works but bolws the 15 amp ignition fuse when turned to the run postion with the key . We have checked the alt and starter by disconnecting them and taking them out of the electrical circut and it still blows the fuse . The starter relay has also been replaced

I would start within the ignition itself in the steering column also try disconnecting the ignition coils wiring.The short could be ANYWHERE.Toyota generally runs the ignition, battery, ECM and ignition coil off of the ignition fuse. The ECM controls ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

Just brought 2000 chevrolet venture van have fuel pump isseu but not pump i checked fuse box someone have a small black wire connected to fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay that blow so i replace both fuses took black wire off car wounld'nt start put black wire back car started but now battery goes dead while sitting overnight have to jump start it what can be problem?

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2002 CLK 320 convertible - Son installed battery in wrong - Burned up alternator, blow fuse on radio and amp. A week later radiator fan doesn't cut off. I replaced alternator and radio fuses. Purchased service CD from Mercedes. It tells me how to check out fan system but doesn't tell me were the fan relay is located. I purchased on line shop manual for one month and it says the relay is next to battery. I also looked up part and go picture of fan relay so I know what to look for. Also get messag

ABS--BAS\015\012\015\012\015\012Most likely cause is the 'stop lamp switch'\015\012\015\012\015\012It is a electric switch located on the brake pedal inside the car, about half way up on the brake pedal.\015\012\015\012\015\01 ... Mercedes-Benz CLK

No heat in car, burnt fuse, replaced fuse and popped again. Disconnected blower and resister, replaced relay and still fuse is blowing where do I start searching for the short.

The best way to do this is to replace the fuse with a circuit breaker of the same value temporarly for trouble shooting pourpose. remove your climate controll panel and look for traces of a short such as burt wires, terminal or contacts ( which are ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

Low beam headlights will not work.the fuse keeps blowing so I replaced bulbs with new ones and checked relay and it was fine. also replaced light switch with a new one and replaced fuse. it still blew. dont know whats left to do except think its a short somewhere or the contacts need cleaned somewhere. What else is left. I dont have day time running lamps.

... 2005 Hyundai Elantra


Have you checked for fuel at the engine and also at the cylinders? If your getting voltage to a nw pump while cranking the starter, there's no reason why it shouldn't be moving fuel. Disconnect the ... Saturn SC1

I have a 98 k3500 and the 20 amp fuse keeps blowing when I push the brake pedal...I've replaced the relay under the hood the boards and bulbs in the tail lights and the brake light switch but it still is blowing the fuse and don't no why???? I checked the harness from the engine compartment to the lights and all the wires look good and don't have any indications of what would cause it to fail need help plz?????

... 1998 Chevrolet K3500

My horn quit working and the fuse was blown so I took it to a garage to have it checked out, they said i needed a new horn but when they replaced it it still will not work and will still blow a fuse every time you you put one in, The mechanic now tell me that the horn button is stuck. The car has a air bag and would be qoite expensive to go into it, My is a 1997 Ford escourt, I would appreciate your thoughts

Check the horn relay ... Ford Escort
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