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How to replace the fuel filter on a 2007 honda accord

\015 Trash in the gas tank\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Honda Misses. Have a 1995 Honda Accord 2.2, 4 cylinder (non-v-tek) 5 speed manual. Started missing under power, idle OK. Replaced Igniter, distributor cap and rotor, fuel filter, cleaned the EGR ports and valve, new spark plugs, wires, coil wire and coil. No change. No change when EGR disconnected and vacuum plugged. No vacuum leaks. Miss appears random cylinders. All the above looked needed, fuel filter was nearly plugged, EGR ports were plugged, spark plug wires appeared original equipmen

Pin point the dead hole and check that injector. ... 1995 Honda Accord

93 honda accord, interminte fuel pump comes on a few times then won't come on again for hours. I have already ready replaced PGM relay, the fuel pump was replaced 4 months ago. just change the fuel filter yesterday. Please what do I do now? Thank-you Erin

We droped the gas tank, and found that the ground wire was not making a good connection. We re-attatched the wire and it has worked fine ever since. ... 1993 Honda Accord

1992 Honda Accord we are trying to fix for son. Been sitting 6 years. Tries to start but won't turn over. Have replaced main relay. Will run a few seconds if we spray starting fluid in intake. Also changed fuel filter. Gas gauge not showing any fuel even though we put in 5 gal. fresh gas.After trying to crank we loosened fuel line and does not seem to be any fuel going to injecters. Can't hear fuel pump, but wondering if there is a fuse or separate relay for fuel pump etc. before we tackle fuel

Hi\015\012\015\012There are quite a few potential causes of this in a car that has been sitting up for 6 years. These can range from a problem with the cars ignition switch to a bad coil (faulty coil will cause fuel pump not to operate on ... Honda Accord

Timing belt? my mothers 97 honda accord is having issues again. its been worked on by 3 different places and many parts have been replaced but still the car sits dead in front of our house. after $1000 worth of work no one can give her a reason as to why the work they did didnt work. she has had curtis ryan honda run diagnostics general muffler replaced a valve cover gasket spark plugs and wires oil changes fuel filters and injector cleanings. the last guy was a private mechanic and after

The timing system in a large part is the key operation of the motor, if neither mechanic did't go through the daunting work of replacing the timing belt its prrobably the timing belt or something in the timing system.by it being a 97 and with the mil ... 1997 Honda Accord

1991 Honda Accord starting problem Well the car will not start period it turns over and over and over but does not try to start. First thought the car did not have spark so replaced the cap rotor and coil still believed no spark so replaced the distributor (for the magnetic pickups) and then the ignition module got a proper spark tester and found to have spark but still does not try to start felt there was fuel but did check to see if there was fuel at the filter and there was then changed the

Turn the ignition on to the ON position if the check engine light goes out within 5 seconds then it is not the computer or the pfi relay if it stays on then you probably have a bad PFI relay located under the dash.or computer but most likely the rel ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 1994 honda accord. It will start and cut off as soon as it starts, it will not start again unless i turn switch off antry it again. This may go on twenty times before it decides to run or it may start up and run fine on the first try. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump relay, and fuel pressure regulator. Any ideas?

Cold start injector? ... 1994 Honda Accord

On my 1994 honda accord ex. I have replaced the distributor,wires, spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel relay and the fuel pump. The car will turn over and try to start, but still will not run, nor idle. I can push the gas to the floor when trying to start and still nothing. Any ideas of what might be wrong?


I have a 1991 honda accord dx and its turning over but wont start. i replaced the fuel pump and i checked the spark plaugs . u can hear the pump running but its not getting fuel to the filter. what could be wrong? someone told me it was the fuel realy but where is that at?

It's the main relay. After it cost me over $1,500.00 changing the ignition switch and the starter by advices of two mecs. See the link: http://techauto.awar ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a92 honda accord ex 2.2 that gives me a code 43 fuel system. I have replaced the angle sensor,fule regulaterand fuel filter,i have checked fuel pump pressure and it checks 46psi.The problem is while driving the engine will stall and if i let off on the accellirator and step down the engine will pick back up, but after a short distance stall again.Also it dosen't have good throttle responce.

It can be problem with fuel pump, how old is the fuel pump.If its very old, get it replaced.But the psi which you mentioned, is perfect.Many a times the fuel pump is weak, so it starts normally when cool, but when it gets warm, it expands and loose i ... 1991 Honda Accord

89 honda accord with computerized fuel injection. Running rough while idleing and worst idling in gear. 4 cylinder.could pull the 2 middle plug wires off and no change in motor performance.pull 1 of the outside ones and car stalls. Switched the outside ones with the inners and had same problembut other way aroundso I replaced them 2 with new ones and now the same problem with the new ones. Also changed the fuel filter and reset the computer. Can't figure it out. Help please! Thank You.

... 1985 Honda Accord

I have a 93 honda accord and if i start it up after it sits for a long time its runs fine for a while and then it shut off i have to wait a few mins and it starts back up I've replaced the spark plugs fuel filter and fuel pump thinking that it would solve the problem what could be causing this problem?

Check or replace your main relay, sit under dash on drives side, that relay also control's your fuel pump and many other things. ... 1993 Honda Accord

I have a 93 honda accord tuat is sputtering. It rarerly sputters on the interstate. Only in neighbor hood driving. I have replaced the valve cover gasket, sparkplugs/wires, fuel filter, air filter, and added gas treatment. My exhaust has also started becoming louder. Any ideas what to try next?

An exhaust on a vehicle is made up of several different sections that transport used combustion gasses from the vehicle's engine to the back or side of the vehicle. The pipes incorporate several silencers (mufflers) to reduce noise. If you notice a s ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1987 honda accord LX carburated. i have had to change the fuel pump 6 times in the last 8 years. I have replaced the primary and secondary fuel filters twice and cant figure out what can b causing this problem?

Trash in the fuel tank ... 1987 Honda Accord

My 94 honda accord i just had the tank replaced. when i get 2 about 1/4 tank it starts 2 cut out, like it's out of fuel. i removed the fuel pump and there;'s no hose or filter on the end of the intake line. is that missing hose the problem? and if so, once fixed will the gauge read to empty( with empty idiot light)?

Hi, it's very strange to hear that your fuel pump has no fuel filter which can lead to the damage of the car engine because of the dirts going into it. You have to fix the fuel filter and the hose immediately because the hose will help in reading the ... 1994 Honda Accord

My honda will not start it sounds like it will turn over and start but it just doesnt. I have replaced the rotor, distributor cap, spark plugs, plug wires, and fuel filter, I have inspected the main relay and the fuel pump they seem ok according to my test from the car repair manual.what could it be?

First, remember you need spark and gas. Do you have both? Run a fuel pressure test. Then run a spark test. If you have both. next do a compression test for each cylinder. Too low? You need a new engine. Just right? Go to next step...\015\012 ... 1994 Honda Accord

My car, 97 Honda Accord, will just die while driving down the road. All panel lights are out, but the heater/ac will blow. Then it will start after a couple tries. I have replaced the fuel filter, thinking it was fuel, but now I am thinking it is electrical. What do you think?

Maybe the "main relay" ... 1997 Honda Accord

My honda accord died while driving, and will not start, tried replacing fuel filter, there is fuel pressure and it cranks over but will not start

What you're describing could be a broken timing belt. To check the timing belt, if there is not a visual inspection hole, you will need to take off the timing belt cover or the valve cover. The other possibility is a ignition/spark proble ... 1991 Honda Accord

Replacing fuel filter honda accord 2006

... Cars & Trucks

How to replace fuel filter on a 92 honda accord

... Honda Accord

Hi, 2005 Honda Accord CDI has developed slow acceleration, 'hot plug' light flashing. Replaced fuel filter, no joy.

... Honda Accord

How do I get to the fuel filters on my 1988 Honda Accord to replace them with new ones

... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

I have a 97 honda crv with 100k on it ive replaced cap rotor plugs wires cat conver. injectors and fuel filter. i have 0 power going up hill and even less with ac on. im talkin 3mph at 2000 rpm. could it be the mas air sensor

Check the fuel pump pressure maybe u need to replace. ... Honda CR-V

How replace fuel filter - 1995 Honda Accord

Sometimes there are 2 fuel filters, one by the tank, and 1 in the engine compartment. ... 1995 Honda Accord

1992 Honda Accord fuel filter replacement in cold temperatures, should my motor be relatively warm?

NO, it dosen't matter. ... Honda Accord

I have a 91 honda accord lx starts fine runs good for 15 mins than loses power than check engine light comes on than runs okay i changed fuel filter spark plugs dis cap rotor ran code it was 43 so i am replaceing o2 senor to night any ideas ??? car has 145000 miles on it

It may be the O2 sensor. I know it's not the fuel filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, Vehicle Speed Sensor, Dis. cap, or TCM. ... 1991 Honda Accord
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