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How can i clear c25d2, error code on benz e500

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How can i clear c25d2, error code on benz e500

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How can i clear this error codes C25D2 C225C C2131?

... 2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

CEL on; no error codes.. I havent tried hooking up a obd code checker. The problem I'm having is a hesitating idle. Every time I rev the engine a little is seems as if im running on 3 cylinders or something. Work done: - replaced plugs + wires - replaced pcv valve- repositioned distributor to see if it was misaligned. - egr is good; checked and ok- iacv cleaned and resealed with gasket maker. Should I clean the fuel rail and injectors? I did clear ecu and disconnect battery to clear error code b

Check compressions ,,,,could be dodgy valve seats ,wouldnt be the first time i have seen all this changed ,then vehicle comes to me and badly burnt valve seats are what i find ,new gasket and regrind of the valves and the vehicle leaves me driving li ... 1992 Honda Accord

I want to know the meaning of error code 0077. because my nissan caravan was good before i switched off. then i started the engine and started to smoke and engine light on. i had put the diagnosis teaster and showed me error code 0077 and 0043. i cleared them and remained 0077 and if you clear again the code goes off and soon come back when i depress the accelerator pedal.

The error concerns the intake valve timing control solenoid (VTC). If you have the 16v transverse engine the solenoid is located on the left of the engine at the back of the cylinder head: look at the four injectors at the rear of the cylinder head ... Nissan Z

1995 Cadillac ETC has hard shift (all gears work) error code P076, clear error code and code P76 returns immediately. Change ECM and code P076 is fixed, but after driving the care a short distance error P086(current) appears and car shifts hard. Local transmission shop says transmission is okay, and believes problem is electrical. Would a transmission flush possible help?

Yes change fluid. if that dosnt work buy new shift solinoids. and replace them. also check all the wiring from transmission to pcm and from conector to solinoids when u take the pan off. just disconect the solinoids. and use a digital multimeter innv ... 1995 Cadillac Eldorado

Have error code p1407, on a 95 mustang V6, replaced the DPFE, cleared code. Code returned, replaced the EGR and the EGR Vac. Reg., cleared code and code has returned. Need Help to get a permament fix for this?

Hello! There are only two other reasons for this code...The vacuum line to the EGR is open, split or kinked...I would suggest changing the line...Lastly, the EGR system is plugged...Buy a can of Sea-Foam ($9)...And follow directions...It's an excelle ... Ford Mustang

Truck is running rough no power after 50 miles. 02 rich and lean error codes, ignition short error code. After checking codes not clearing them re-ran diagnostic and gives code 111 all conditions normal and lost all the others could the computer be bad ?

Yes, computer COULD be bad... but it sounds to me like your fuel filter is clogged.\015\012After pulling on it for some time, it is unable to provide adequate fuel to the engine - so the engine runs lean.... and if you step on the gas hard, the ... 1994 Ford F150 Styleside Supercab

I have a volvo 850 which wont start. i am not getting any spark from the coil.i have replaced the coil several times but the prtoblem has persisted. I took my CPM and Crank shaft sensor and tested them on another car and they worked perfectly.on My OBD i initially got the code for Memory loss and CPM. After clearing the codes the CPM error did not clear. What could be the problem ? Could it be that my CPM IS FAULTY despite working on another vehicle. I am baffled . Can someone help?

.memory loss can happen. take the batter off negative lead. then turn the key in the ignition. this w ... 1994 Volvo 850

How do you clear a CD changer error code on a 1998 Ford Taurus radio? The radio displays DJ (probably for disc jam). There are no CDs in the changer. I cannot get the CD player to power-up because of the error code. rad

Take the face off and there will be a little reset button in a small hole you may need a pin or similar but that should fix it had this exact problem last week and that fixed it ... 1998 Ford Taurus

My climate control on my 1989 Cadillac Deville would only work on econ. Mechanic chnaged out my AC system and it wioked fine. Now the diagnostic reads low refrigerant (codes F46 and F47) but mechanic says it is charges. I can clear the error codes and the AUTO climate control works for a few days but then it gies back o to onbly working on ECON. I have cleared it several times and it works again. Mechanic has changed the rekay switch and still same problem. Any ideas?

... 1989 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

My Lexus has the error code P0402. The car runs fine with not hesitation problems. If I clear the error code the light stays off for approx 300 miles and then comes on again. I saw the post that it may be the Vaccum Switching Valve, but did not find a listing for the part at Advance Auto Parts. Is this a dealer only item?

... 1996 Lexus ES 300

I bought a innova 3100 obd2 reader. it scanned a p1753 code which is a transmission error for the throttle body valve. have tried to erase code but scanner wont clear it. any ideas as to why it wont clear it.

... Dodge Ram 3500

After receiving the error code p0036, (Heated o2 sensor 1 Bank 1) I replaced my o2 sensor, Cleared the computer and drove it for a day in a half.... Then the Check Engine Light came on again. After checking the code for that problem it came up P0046 The OTHER o2 SENSOR, (Heated o2 sensor 1 Bank 2) so I thought that maybe when one goes bad, they both go bad... So after replacing the SECOND O2 Sensor I again cleared the computer. Again after driving it for a day and a half the **** check Eng

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Can any one tell me where to find error codes for my SX4 2008 crossover, the code was B1504 and the tech told me they not allowed to give me any info on codes, they can only clear the codes and if there is problems it will be fixed.

This should be under waranty and you should get something in writing just incase problem comes back after waranty expires,this code is for the sunload sensor, this is for the a/c system and detects sun heat amounts to make ac colder when needed, this ... 2008 Suzuki SX4

PO336 code My wife drives a 98 malibu LS 3.1 V6. Last week the check engine light came on and showed a PO336 error code. I had the crankshaft position sensor and the harmonic balancer replace. The code was then cleared. The check engine light came back on after just a few minutes. What else could cause this code?

Cam Sensor ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

I am getting a code p0340 cps system error. I have replaced cam sensor, crank sensor and alternator. The problem only happens on startup. I can clear the code and first start up does not come back. second startup it comes back. I had the head rebuilt and reinstalled it. rnthe vehicle appears to run okay. No miss codes being thrown.

... 2003 Lincoln Aviator


Redoing an AC system is trick business, the system must first be evacuated by a vacuum pump to remove all air before the refrigerant can go in and the pressure switch will not allow the compressor to come on or it will short cycle. Assumi ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

Have an error code p0440 on my 98 sonoma found a horrible leak in the intake-air tube all degraded replaced it and cleared the code and it is now back same code any other options?

The P0440 means Evaporative Emission Control System, hope it can help you.___________-digi ... 1998 GMC Sonoma

Error Code reported IAC part, AZ suggested to take off the part and clean out the carbon, They cleared code and we cleaned part. No code this time but the rpms continue to fluctuate while driving the car, 1000 to 1500 rpms When pulling a hill the accelerator tends to bog down so you must let off the peddle The car idles well when in park. Any thoughts on this Civics new behavior?

I would replace the idle control motor....(.IAC).... ... 1997 Honda Civic

Mercedes Benz A Class error code 0722 - Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz A Class Maisto 118 Red

... Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz A Class Maisto 118 Red

I have an error code of 53 on my 93 suburban. checking the voltage at the battery while running is 14.4 volts same voltage at the pcm checking and fixing every little possible thing related has not helped. already checked all connections, starter, alternator and charging system. clearing the codes and not starting the truck at all still gives me a code 53.. is my pcm in need of replacement or i have i missed something.? nutz

The 14.4 is high but not unusually so. \015\012The code may have been produced by glitch or a failing regulator or a corroded connector.\015\012That higher voltage shouldn't remain that high once the battery is charged.\015\012A charged battery shoul ... 1993 Chevrolet Suburban

Error code p0740 cleared code with scaner drove car about 8 mi. and code came back.

... Kia Sephia

I'm receiving an Error code po441, I took it to the dealer who replaced the EGR valve and reset the engine light and cleared codes a week ago, now my engine light just came back on with same code

Some dealer you got there\015\012\015\012PO441-EVAP System --Incorrect Purge Flow\015\012\015\012They may have found an EGR Valve issue,\015\012but they certainly blew off the EVAP Code\015\012\015\012I would ... Chrysler Town & Country

How do I clear the error code on my radio

... 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Clearing airbag error code ford

... Ford Fairmont
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