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How to change out cv joint on a 2000pontiac montana

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How to change out cv joint on a 2000pontiac montana

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I have a 2003 pontiac montana. The driver side window would roll down fine using the power switch. But rolling it up is a problem. It rolls up crooked and is slow. Had to grab the glass by my hand and help. I took it to a garage and we replaced the slider for the glass, the old one looked loose at the joints that swivel. The new mechanism worked fine for about 2 months and is now acting the same as the old one. Slow and crooked rise. We did not change the motor, just the track hardware. Any ide

Sounds like your regulator is not aligned correctly and not riveted \015\012in all the needed places. It could also be that your door metal has a \015\012crack in it, and when the window raises to a certain level, the metal in\015\012 the door can't ... 2003 Pontiac Montana

How to change lower ball joint on 2001 pontiac montana

... 2001 Pontiac Montana

I have a 1994 Ford Bronco Xlt with a 302 V8 Automatic.. When the truck was on a lift the front passenger side wheel had alot of negative camber I believe.. The wheel was slanted like this . The stearing wheel is on a slant when the truck is going straight, and when taking off the front end shakes alot.. I believe it is the ball joints.. My question is how do I change all ball joints? Or detwrmine if it is just upper ball joints or lower.. Also while changing them should the steering wheel be s

To check the joints jack the wheel off the ground by the lower control arm and putting one hand on the top of the wheel and the other on the bottom try moving the wheel in and out. If you can then one or both ball joints are bad. Have someone move th ... Cars & Trucks

Trans problem I have a 95 ford thunderbird. I have just changed the fluid in the trans, front wheel bearings and the u joints tryin to figure out where this vibration is common from. When the car hits bout 40 a vibration comes in not crazy bad but bad. Starts to balance out bout 60 to65 and then gets worse from there on our. Not quite sure. When I took the drive shaft out to change the u joints I noticed that the tail shaft had a lot of slop in it is their a bearin back there that I could change

I don't know what you mean that your shaft has a lot of slop. But the driveshaft has to move up and down with varying road conditions. When you took out the driveshaft did you mark it. The driveshaft is balanced and needs to be put back in the same w ... Ford Cars & Trucks

When changing the upper an lower ball joints do i really need to change the control arm or can i just change the ball joint

Its all one peice ... 1999 Ford Expedition

How do you change a cv joint on a 1992 dodge caravan? The right cv joint is out. Do we need to replace the right axel or can we just change the cv joint?

You need to replace the whole right side axle shaft. Take the ball-joint loose and the axle nut. Pull the shaft from the hub assembly and then pull it from the transmission ... Dodge Caravan

U-joint changing I need exact directions on how to change the u-joints on a 2500 dodge ram 4x4

\015\012\015\012Operation: Most universal joints are held in place with a combination of pressed fit with a snap ring and either a bearing plate, bearing strap or ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

How do I change the universal joint in a 2005 sorento. The drive shaft pops when teh car goes into gear. I was told it was the uni Joint. I am wondering how to change it. I know it has to be pressed on but how do I remove the drive shaft etc....thanks

The drive shaft is fastened with just four bolts, you need to remove those bolts using a spanner or socket wrench so you could pulldown the shaft and you need to mark the shaft end where it was originally matched up because the shaft is perfectly bal ... 2005 Kia Sorento

What's involved in changing a cv joint in a 2000 Rav 4? I have very good mechanical abilities & have changed cv joints before (about 10 years ago)

Easy enough job really, jack car up, put axel stand under. remove wheel - remove hub nut, remove pinch bolt - prise open the pinch bolt part (sorry cant rem name) pop out the hub from the lower arm. Remove CV join from drive shaft. Usually a tap will ... 2000 Toyota RAV4

2000 mountaineer i know the upper and lower ball joints are bad also the sway bar links.can i change just the ball joints or do i have to change the whole control arm with them Thanks Rob

Try Autozone or Oreillys for the parts. If they list them you can do just the ball joints. I had the same story with my 2002 Mercury. The dealer parts guys told me the "A" arms were 1 piece with the joint; yet the shop manager in the same dealersh ... 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

I have an 07 gmc sierra 3500 hd. I get a vibration in the floor only when Im in four high and aplying power. Nothing in two wheel drive. My local dealer changed all my u joints my front drive shaft, cv joints and even swapped out the entire front diff. The problem still remains and doesnt change with different tires or rims. Any ideas?

Transfer case, probably. could be anything. ... 2006 GMC Sierra

I had my toyota carina cv joint change. after the cv joint change the speedometer does not work and the abs light haas come on My main worry is the speedometer which is not working. I assume it has a sensor where is this sensor locsted

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How hard is it to change the ball joints on 89 f250 4x4 does the ball joints press in or have clios and what basic tools do i need and what is the time to change both sides upper and lower

It's a bit of a job especially if you live in the north where road salt is a factor. You have to remove the brake calipers, then lock-out, then the hub, (special tool required). Then the spindle, which is usually rusted in and can be a bugger. Discon ... 1989 Ford F 250

I need to know if I should change the cvg joint on the drive line when I change the ujoint. How do I tell which Universal joint is bad.

Block both sides of the wheels to prevent forward OR backward movement, then put the truck in neutral, get under it, twist the drive shaft both ways, push it up, down, sideways and back and forth. If you still can't tell, replace 'em both. They've bo ... 1990 Ford F150

I have a 95 Jeep grand Cherokee that I have just installed new CV joint shafts and all 4 front ball joints on. When test driving it, it goes down the road straight just fine and seems to take normal turns fine as well. When I make a tight turn (all the way to the lock) either left or right, the right front wheel locks up skidding and squealing on the road (it did the same thing before changing the CV joints but I assumed it was doing it because the joints were shot) Im lost as to the cause of t

Hi,You need to check your top and bottom lateral arm bush's which connect to the front diff. and the chassis.If any of these are worn excessively then this will cause this problem.Also you have a lateral bar running acro ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I recently got a 1993 Lincoln TC that has been sitting for almost 2 years and has 150,000+ miles. So far I've changed the spark plugs and wires, oil change, changed the PCV valve,replaced air filter, replaced fuel filter, radiator flush, and greased the joints. Is there anything else I cold do to help my car purr? I was thinking of having the transmition fluid changed because i get a small **** when switching into 3rd gear.

Hi I'm litoshop if the car is runnig good and it's worth fixing and you think it's a good investment then at 150000 miles the timimg chain is on the maintance list and another thing you should do is get your brake fluid flushed and flush out the hole ... 1993 Lincoln Town Car

Have recently had changed both the front wheel ball joints on my Discovery II '99, now I have ABS, TC & hill descent warn lights on dash. Is this connected? They had to hammer the ball joints

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CV JOINTS Just wanting to know if Impreza parts can go into a Legacy, like can I put Impreza cv joints into a Legacy???and how would I know if it's the boots that need replacing or the cv joints? Don't know bugger all about cars but I have changed the alternator myself and would rather give it a shot myself before paying someone, any feedback would be most appreciated. Cheers, Monique

The CV joint can be the same, but not sure because you don't mention the year of the cars ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

A friend serviced my 2000 3.3 dodge grand caravan. He changed the power steering pump, and the CV joint. When we went to start the car the dash lights came on, but no start. ( no click no nothing). We changed the ignition switch and tumbler, nothing, we changed the starter motor, and when we went to start the car, still nothing, we tried jumping the battery and now the tach needle went all the way over and is stuck at 7K Rpm. We disconected the battery and the needle is still stuck.The car STILL

This sounds like a bad connection at the battery terminals.or at the engine.with all the clicking noises that what indicates to me that the van is losing voltage check the voltage at the starter relay on the starter.also check for a bad ground.If thi ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1994 ck 1500 1/2 ton pickup, V6, 99,000 k miles, original owner. Between 50 and 60 mph the car vibrates. I feel it through the back of the seat and up through the gear shift on the manual 5 speed transmission. I have (over four years): changed the distributor cap and plug wiring: changed the tires balanced the tires (multiple times) changed the U joints on the drive shaft (twice) I notice that the vibration stops when I disengage the clutch and the vibration is less in cold weather a

Hello Konrad.Vibrations can be tough for diagnosis, especially when trying to help without driving it personally.If this vibration is high pitched and has a drone to it a driveshaft balance is a suspect source of the problem. ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

I am trying to change out the cv joints and axel on my 1995 Chevy Lumina. The inner spline and metal housing will not come off. Do I need to remove the housing that is bolted directly onto the side of the transmission to do this? The replacement axel is one piece with the cv joints on either end. The factory housing on the inner joint section is not round like the new one, but shaped rather like a 3 leaf clover. It's mounted onto another aluminum cover bolted directly to the main motor/transmiss

You do not need to remove the housing, and no need to drain the fluid unless you want to change it. You will need a pry bar to get the inner joint unhooked from the trans. If you notice on the new shaft there is a little circlip near the end of the ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

U-joints and axil repairs,i replaced the front axil drivers side with a 4wheeler axil instead of changeing the u-joint now the passager u-joint is broken did i do it wrong.

As your Jeep has four wheel drive, I don't understand what you mean by a "4wheeler axle",What was the difference between the one you had and the one you installed? If you installed it and it is working, I don't see how it could cause the ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I'm stationed in england and have both of my Cv joint boots purging grease if I'm going to order and change both alf CV shafts what other parts would I need to order to change as well. Also what is a AR arm and how do you change it?

You may want to change the wheel bearings while you are in there because they are pretty easy and you will be half way to removing them while changing the shafts plus they are a common problem. The A arms or the lower control arms are the arms that t ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

Growling noise from front of my taurus while driving, it also makes a whining noise when i steer hard left. i had the right front wheel bearing changed but the noise's are still there. also the inner cv joint on right front is pretty loose like i can wobble it with my hand-could this be the source of my noise's? i was told that the inner cv joint has lots of play. but this much? also left inner cv joint i can just barely move it. could left wheel bearing sound like this and if so can the sound t

Cv joints will usually pop when they are worn out. I would suspect that its the powersteering, check the pumps fluid level and the tension on the belt.\015\012good luck dont forget to rate ... 1997 Ford Taurus
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