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How do I get the air out of my breaks? When I press down on my breaks to stop it gives of this hissing air sound like the tire air machine you use at the gas station to put air in your tires, so I'

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What is the make and model? sounds like a bad master cylinder
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How do I get the air out of my breaks? When I press down on my breaks to stop it gives of this hissing air sound like the tire air machine you use at the gas station to put air in your tires, so I'

What is the make and model? sounds like a bad master cylinder ... Cars & Trucks

My 98 pontiac sunfire is burning gas, what's the average gas mileage for these cars, anybody? I put brand new tires on it, don't beat it, not heavy on the pettle, Is this normal gas mi for this type of car , if not , what could it be? .. . .Oxygen sensor? this car is breaking me. Or am I just used to my old blue smokin Honda prelude? help?

Check sparkplugs,fuel filter,use fuel injector cleaner with fill-ups and have intake flushed. ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

I just bought a used 94 bravada, the woman told me that the air intake sensor thing was not the right one, that it was from a 2000 4.3 astro van and that it needed a tune up bad.I drove the vehicle about 600 miles and then ran real low on gas and had it parked for about 4 days in the cold rain.I went to start today and will not start.I do hear the fuel pump from the tank it is humming fine.I also went to the station and got two gallons of gas and put in.While trying to start I ran the battery do

"as of yet I have not located any fuel rail"\012\012You can see one at this link: \012\012http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fuel_rail.JPG\012\012Yours may look slightly different but you should be able to recognize it.\0 ... Oldsmobile Bravada

I have a very bad wobble which seems to be coming from the rear end.I think my tires are just really bad and the belts have seperated,but I also need a break job.I bought car used and no history I have put 40000 on it with no problems,just oil changes,I am in between jobs so little money,which should I do to fix problem tires or brakes,I do not have money for both ,,but the wobble starts on take off and disappears when the gas is eased off and you reach your cruiseing speed minimal wobble almost

... 2005 Volkswagen Touareg

Gas? i have a 2000 ford excursion. we normally used gas at the chevron station but decided to use another gas station instead. my excursion was doing fine yesterday, but when we used it today, it seems to be missing or holding back when i pressed the gas pedal. Have you also heard if anyone can pressure wash or steam wash the engine?

Pressure washing wouldent be the bet thing for your engine you dont want water getting into your harnesses but go to your local auto parts store that carrys Lucas and go buy some Lucas injector cleaner it should make a diffrence \015\012and if ... 2000 Ford Excursion

I have a 2008 Nissan Maxima. When you are putting gas in it at the gas station it acts like it is either clogged up or it is building pressure and sends the gas back out of the filler tube onto the ground. You can pump the gas real slow or use a gas can that flows slow and it will take the gas, but if you try and use the full pressure behind the nozzles at a gas station it will not take the gas. I had a mechanic look at all the vent hoses and he said that there was nothing blocking them. What ar

Its still a filler neck problem, most probably the vent tube is disconnected, causing the fuel to foam and blow back, remove it to inspect it ... Nissan Maxima

Weather has been below normal and when I start off the steering wheel shakes. Periodically during a trip (usually lower speeds) it shakes. Stopped at gas station a week ago and they put air in fromt right tire and temporarily seemed to resolve the problem. Guess that wheel should be checked ? (I'm an 84 yr. old senile woman.)

One tire with lower pressure will often make the car pull to one side but not usually shake.I definitely would have both front tires checked for broken belts that can cause the tire to warp, usually causing a visible bulge or bend in the tire. ... Toyota Corolla

Hi my name is Gabriel and I'm having a really big problem my lady is due with our first baby this aug 23 and my car just broke down 3 days ago. We were driving up a hill on a hot day two hour trip. As we were driving the day was really hot so I had the ac on while driving. After a while the car started to shake a lil and the temp went up a lil so I pulled over at a gas station and added water oil and air to the tires. Everything good we went back on the road and after about 10 mins after I turne

... Cars & Trucks

2004 Jetta sedan, 1.8 TDI, about 38000 miles, manual transmission. Always use premium gas (91 octane or above) from name-brand stations. Last serviced in Oct 2010 -- oil change, new tires, new brakes (discs and rotors replaced; calipers not replaced). Today (1/3/11) the MIL light came on for the first time. It stays on steadily when I'm idling or traveling at 25 mph or less; blinks when I'm going over 30 mph. Also, the car shudders in low gears and sometimes even at higher speeds (45 mph and

You use premium gas in a TDI? Run that by me again? A TDI is a diesel engine car. What don't I understand here? I'm not being a smart __s but this just does not make sense. If you have put gasoline in a TDI, DO NOT DRIVE IT. Tow it to a dealer. ... Volkswagen Jetta

In my Nissan Sentra 1.8, 2005 model car, when I go to gas station to fill gas, even after filling two to three liters of gas, the gas nozzle stops as if the gas tank is full. Sometimes while filling the gas, the gas overflows even if the gas tank is empty and can take 25 liters more in the tank. At the gas station when I open the gas tank lid to fill the gas, I listen a noise of air ( gas wapour) coming out of the tank. To fill my gas tank fully, the gas nozzle stops every two liters and to fill

... 2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8

I have an 03 nissan maxima i bought it used @ 88k miles now its @ 117k and when i accererate hard it doesnt seem to pull but when i get up off of the gas it starts pulling again as a get off the gas....what could it be.... i havent changed the fuel flter since i had the car and i have been doing regular oil changs on schedule new air filters too ....and i use 93 gas if i use any other gas i can hear the engine strain when i accelerate. This only happens when the engine has been running for a lon

Sounds like it needs a tune up ... 2003 Nissan Maxima

After driving say 10 miles with the air cond on the engine pauses,the check engine light comes on and the engine will not rev past idle. Hit the gas and it will only idle. Turn air off and 15 minutes later the car works fine just don't use the air. Its a 98 with 2.4 4speed auto. The check engine light goes out after a while as long as you don't use the air.

I would have someone check the computer for trouble codes next. ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Why would there be oil in my cold air intake in my Blackwood? It runs but barely and extremely rough idle. I thought I got some very dirty gas from a gas can my husband used to put gas in it after he changed the oil.We put a new massflow sensor in it and found oil in the air intake area. Also, the pcv valve was loose? Any help would be welcome and much appreciated. Thanks ..... I so love my truck!!! Diana S. Nebraska

When oil is found in the intake it is most likely the pcv is malfunctioning. You say it is loose. The rubber it is seated in may be bad now that it has oil on it. You should replace the pcv and the rubber that it is seated in. If the problem continue ... 2002 Lincoln Blackwood

My 2001 Nissan Frontier pickup 2-wheel drive 6-cylinder is using an unusal amount of gas. The previous owner installed a cold air intake air filter. I have done a complete tuneup. What could be causing this gas usuage.

You need to do and scan of the ecm and see if the o2 sensors are working they tend to get lazy in there signals they feed the ecm when they get more that 100k on them ? try this first hope this helps ... 2001 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

I left my 2005 mustang perfectly fine on the parking lot at my work, it was only with low fuel, whe I come back and start my car, something weard happen, ligthts on gauges turn on, the light of parking breakes, engine, also the computer mark low on oil, break fluid, I went to the next gas station put gas on it, and tha gaudget is not working,the oil gauget is not working neither. Im freak out.

Dealer only computer glitch ,2005?? chances are its using encrypted software ... 2005 Ford Mustang

Manual calls for 30 lbs air in tires . Can I use 32 lbs of air in the tires? 2007 Honda Civic DX-G

Check the Sidewalls of your Tires for the Maximum Air Pressure, and try to not exceed that. ... 2007 Honda Civic GX NGV Sedan

86, 1.6 liter, VW Golf, gas engine, 55KW, German Spec Car, Car mileage went from 24 to 5 MPG, I changed oil, oil filter, air filter, filled the tires to proper air pressure, changed the spark plugs and millege returned. I also placed a bottle of Gumout Carb cleaner in the gas tank. Now the car runs fine cold, when it warms up it hesitates at 40-60 KPH and kinda get stuck at that speed. It also seems to miss every 5-10 seconds but other than that runs fine. I also changed the fuel filter to

Check you're catalytic converter, Dont know how fast 40-60 KPH is but if it is near 40 miles per hour and has no power up hill that would be the first thing I would check. second would be Fuel pump... Hope this helps ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

1990 Nissan Sentra 4-speed, will not idle unless you give it a little gas. Been doing this for the last 8 months (I know, but had too many other things to do). Have to use hand brake at stops so that I can use gas peddle and clutch. On a down hill or up hill makes things interesting. Engine runs like a top (no missing and plenty of pick up) when not at idle. I was told that at this age the hoses can creak and leak air and mess up the idle. Which line should I start with? Had new sparks put in

... 1990 Nissan Sentra

For the last to weeks i have been hearing this vibrating noise when im on the gas. once i step on the breaks its stops. yesterday i was driving on the highway, it was like my back tire was locking probly breaks but the noise was like loud grinding as the back tire begins to move, i pulled over immediately. i did smell a little burning smell befor this happened.

Have your rear wheel cylenders checked ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

What air pressure do I use for Hyundai Accent SE 2009-tires 205/45/16? Door says 32psi tires say 44 max psi? Yellow low pressure light went on and i put air in, it went off, p.s. Just bought the car w/19K miles on it.

... Hyundai Accent

2002 yukon denali XL ac doesn't blow cold air. when ac is on a very loud rattling noise occurs under the hood, if i let off gas it will go away, the noise. when i press back on gas it sometimes stays away. It used to blow cold air with the noise now it doesn"t.

You are going to need an a/c compressor, the clutches are gone. ... 2002 GMC Yukon Denali

My 1999 Ford Expedition got problem of rear Air Suspension. After 4 months of no use of my car, battery is drained out, tires are flat. I inflate my tires and replaced a new battery. When started running, i notice air suspension at the rear isn't working. I already drived almost a 100 km but still the system doesn't fix itself. No error messageon the dashboard. Please help. thank you

... 1999 Ford Expedition

I own a 1998 Olds Intrigue...Intermittenly you will smell a fresh gas smell and a hissing noise right by the back tires? What is this? The noise sounds like say you were letting air out of the tires without of course letting the air out.

Ask local mechanic to have a look sounhds like a perished pipe on teh filler neck into the tank ... Oldsmobile Intrigue

I was wondering....what type of Gasoline should I be using for my 2003 Lexus GS 300? I've been putting Plus and V-Power in Shell gas station....no Gulf.....no Irving.....and no Sunoco. Also, what are the top 3 leading (and good lol) gasoline station I can use so my Lexus doesn't go through hell and back?

Hi.There is no official chart for gasoline or fuel types. Brands make their claims according to market strategies, and consumer forums are often greatly discordant, depending on users preferences.Concerning V-power, this gasol ... Lexus GS 300

I just bought a used 2002 Saturn L300 and after driving it home, noticed a strong gas smell. It seems better if I use the recirc air, but still has a strong gas smell inside and out.

... 2002 Saturn L-Series
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