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96 Saab 2.5liter Turbo 4cylinder..It cuts of everytime it warms up..it doesn't over heat just cuts out while I'm driving or sitting there when it warms up it shuts down...I replace a Cam senso

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96 Saab 2.5liter Turbo 4cylinder..It cuts of everytime it warms up..it doesn't over heat just cuts out while I'm driving or sitting there when it warms up it shuts down...I replace a Cam senso

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I will be driving and my engine would cut off and when I would try to start it, it would not start up and also if I drive and then shut it off and leave it for awhile , and try to start it, it would not start up, but sometimes if I let it sit for a few hours it would start right. some people said it might be my cam sensor. 2000 Dakota 4 X 4 4.7 engine, Thanks, Kurt

Try seein if Fuel filter is eva bin replaced & then loan a known good Battery as in testing 12volts, not a tad less,Turnin ova motor dont mean has rite voltage for Computer.M ... 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

I have a 1990 Olds Ciera, with 111,000 miles. I was driving, the car started to chug, I pulled over, then it shut-down, I tried to turn it on and it wouldn't kick over, I let it sit for a minute, turned it on, it started up, I continued to drive and it started to chugg again and then it shut off again, turned it on and it was driveable. Following day I warmed the car up to go to work, it started and was fine, about 5 mins into the drive it died, wouldn't start, had to have it towed, got it hom

Did you change the fuel filter? ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 88 chevy c1500 with a v8 engine rebuilt a couple years ago. Its cold natured so I have to warm it up if it sits any longer than 45 minutes or so. The problem is when I do start driving it hesitates, sometimes backfires but then clears up after driving a while unless I try to go uphill to fast and then it hesitates and loses speed. It hasn't cut off yet but has come close. When I stop at red lights it starts to shake and idle down and then back up like its gonna cut out. I replaced the p

... 1988 Chevrolet K1500

Reduced engine power warming came on yesterday, after driving in extreme cold temps, idled rough and the. started back up fine after sitting a few minutes. Drive today, in cold temps again, and drove fine until tonight. Same warning came on and also some trac control indicator? Idled and drove very rough. Will have it towed to dealer tomorrow, but any thoughts on this tonight? 2008 Pontiac G6. Also had a few issues w power cutting out totally once last winter and again this winter. Had a remot

Well...my ball park guess on this is just a tune up. The engine light is usually showing a misfire. If the plugs are bad then the cylinder is not igniting the fuel and it is flooding out. With what is here this makes sense to me. Let me know what i ... Cars & Trucks

My jeep shut off while driving or sitting at stops signs.. But it dosent happen all the time depends on how much i drivr that day if it more when i go out the next day it dosent want to start and then i will n cuts off while driving for a while... What the problem?

Clean out the throttle body. Most often, the idle air valve is what people tend to be told to go and replace. Now true, this may improve this poor performance and shutting off for a while, but until you wipe the inside of this throttle body c ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2004 Nissan Titan 4x4 SE will crank, but will not start. Using some ether in the air box will cause some sputtering but will not start the engine. The engine problem occured while driving. The engine was warmed up, There is 3/4 of a tank of gas, and the weather was dry and cold. The engine cut off during a turn. I was able to restart and drive another 1/2 mile before the engine sputtered and shut down again. This time the engine would not restart. There are no engine codes showing on the OBD

Well first of all, who ever gave you the idea of using ether to start your Titan should be strung up to the rafters and shot with frozen paint balls. Using ether to try to start this vehicle can lead to the heads separating from the block. Do not tel ... 2004 Nissan Titan

I just bought a farm fresh neon. It started right up after sitting for about a year. As it warmed up the top radiator hose was collapsing. now it seems fine but when I shut down i get water boiling in the resevoir after driving. It aslo stutters at speed and at times rpm does not drop when I push in on clutch. The car runs great, no smoke and is a hoot to drive even with 205k. I just washed out all the mouse and rat droppings under the hood and now it doesn't want to start. It was starti

Unfortunately, if your coolant overflow tank is bubbling, that generally means that the head gasket is blown. The air or boiling in your overflow tank is from the heat in the head that seeps into the water jackets forcing air bubbles into your coolin ... 1997 Dodge Neon

My 1997 Toyota 4 Runner V6 2WD is cutting off when I am in Drive or Reverse. Sometimes if left in Park for a few minutes it will do it as well. When I crank it up, i put it in nuetral rev the engine some and then put it in gear hitting the gas right away to prevent it from shutting off. It is not bogging down it just shuts off. The only code it is giving is numerous misfires on pretty much all 6 cylinders. I have replaced plugs, wires, coil packs, TPS sensor, CAM sensor, MAF sensor, vacuum lines

The code I am concerned with is the random cylinder misfire code you said it has, that is more than likely a possible lean fuel condition, what must be done is to have the engine hooked up to a fuel pressure monitor and watch the fuel pressure when t ... Cars & Trucks

My 3.2 dual overhead cam 1999 intrepid runs great when it is running. while driving on a street or highway or just sitting at a light it will die. after sitting 30 seconds to 3 hours it will start again & it might run 1 minute or 30 minutes. it can be cold or warmed up.

... Dodge Intrepid

92 accord ex coupe after driving for a awhile the tach. starts to flutter then the engine shut off or if youre driving an down shift an accelerate hard it starts too shutter an cuts off then you let it sit for 10 -15 min. it will crank again an go

... Honda Accord

91 chevy lumina when motor gets warm and you let off the gas motor surges, then when you stop it sometimes cuts off. also when you put into reverse or drive it motor shuts off sometimes.

I suggest check for vacuum leak and test fuel pressure. ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina

2000 ford taurus and my check engine light is on. When it sits overnight once i crank in the morning it jerks and sometimes cut off. once it runs and warm up then it drives fine

The check engine light means there is a problem and the car's diagnostic system has provided a trouble shooting code which can be used to determine what to fix on your car.\015\012\015\012You can find the code, usually for free, by going ... 1998 Toyota Camry

I have a 97 gmc with a 350 vortech. the van will run very rough, idleing up and down when first started. temperature doesnt matter. van could be warmed up or cold and it doesnt matter. it may take several minutes before it clears up. then while driving it seems to out of the blue cut out and start missing and feel like its running on 5 cylinders. if i shut down and restart right away it will smooth out and run normal after a mile or so

... 1997 GMC Savana

My 1990 dodge v8 318 d150 truck voltage guage is jumping back and forth engine idles fine but somtimes dies after sitting a while.. also seems to cut out going down the road after its warmed up truck just shuts off.cranks right back up ??? where do i start?

... Dodge D150

I have a 2006 chrysler 300 that shuts off while i'm driving. the cam sensor was change and the throttle body replaced and it still cuts off. Help?

... Plymouth Neon

What should the temp gauge in my 2005 911 C2S read in "normal" operation? The engine seems to start and run beautifully, but I have noticed that the temp gauge inside the car shows the engine warming up to read "80"...and then the gauge just seems to sit at that reading no matter what I do - more or less aggressive driving, the temperature on the day, etc etc etc. The fan never seems to run after i shut the engine off, which makes me think it isn't running too hot, but the way the temp gauge nee

They are designed not to fluctuate with engine temp and are kept stable once operating temp is reached. only if the temp exceeds a set mark will the needle rise to indicate overheating, ... 2009 Porsche 911


Thanks will try ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1991 Buick Park Avenue that I just changed the coil pack on. It is six cylinders. I was driving and the car just shut off with no warning. Everything continued to work on car except the engine would no longer turn over when I tried to restart it. After getting it pushed off the road and allowing it to sit it started again, I drove for a couple of blcks and again without any warning it just cut off and it will not start, it wont turn over. I think something could be wrong with the bunch

If it won't turn over then what you are saying is the starter is not turning the engine over. You should clean all three of the battery cable connectors and replace bolts. If it turns over with and will not crank up and run reply, I will give you tha ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

97 nissan 4x4 kingcab 4cyl 5 spd manual When outside temperatures are warm to hot engine will cut-out, not die and idle smoothly around 1K rpm after about an hour or so of driving. Acts like it is not getting any fuel. When you give it gas, it sorta chugs and then returns to 1K smooth-as-silk idle speed when you take your foot off the gas. Shutting the engine off for at least 15-30 sec. clears whatever the problem is. It can occur again in as little as 5 minutes or not at all for days, even mon

Try the distubutor cap it may have a hair line crack when the engine get warms up it expands and trow off idle. ... Nissan King Cab

1998 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 -- After running for 30 minutes, the car starts and runs rough. Driving up to temperature it runs fine. After sitting for 15 minutes or so, when starting it runs rough and will shut off, but after revving the engine it will smooth out. Have changed the cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor and recently replaced the spark plugs. It stills runs rough. Had it checked at Autozone and says there is a misfire or O2 sensor.

You need to replace the o2 sensor. did they specify which bank? it should have said bank 1 or bank2 is your check engine light it should be. the crankshaft sensor most likely was'nt bad or else the motor would'nt start. running rough may have been ... 1998 Dodge Intrepid

1994 dodge intrepid would cut off while driving,no sputter ,engine just stops, no check engin light,but the cruise control light would come on. let it sit 10-15 mins and would start back up, have been looking through your web site and have done everything , others with this problem have had, replaced crank sensors ,cam sensor, fuel pump and filter, fuel pump relay ads relay,fuel pressure regulator and pcm now car wont start at all. it turns over , but wont start.

Do a compression check, if you have lost compression on 2 or more cylinders try replacing the timing belt. If the compression is good across all cylinders and you have an alarm installed by pass the alarm by removing the in line fuse from the power ... Dodge Intrepid

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo was not firing but now after replacing PCM and crankshaft and cam sensors and checked all fuses and relays it is getting correct amount voltage and will crank but while driving down the road about .5 miles it stalls, shuts off and wont crank till sits for a while and after tampering under the hood with various wires.

Chk the battery ground cable, Remove and clean. Then chk your charging system at the battery. Should charge between 13.6 and 14.2v If it is charging above 14.2 your alt is barely charging, The further below 13.6 the more amps the alt is putting ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

99 Altima GXE new radiator, new thermostat, new temp sensor, recent oil change. My car will idle fine and temp stays steady but when i drive it around the corner the temp gauge spikes and starts to shut off. like it was over heating. engine will not even been warm to the touch and fan cuts on. what could be the problem.

... 1999 Nissan Altima

1994 caravan will not shift out of 2cnd when cold drive it around in 2cnd warm up shut off let sit 15 min then restart everything works fine 3.0 mtr

Check transmission fluid and filter. ... 1994 Dodge Caravan
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