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Instrument on a vauxhall combo - looks like a choke but isnt?

\015 Just boaght a Vauxhall combi van and there is an instrument on the drivers right hand side that pulls out like a choke with a red dot on the end! Can anyone tell me what this is for?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Instrument on a vauxhall combo - looks like a choke but isnt?

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Power steering i checked the pressure hose looks fine the belts are fine it turns a hole lot better when the car is on the ground and on rather than off so it is not the pump, belt, or the hose what else can be wrong that is making the steering like that it isnt to hard and it isnt harder the full ratatoin like easy in some places and harder in others thanks

Did you burp the system by removing the cap and turning the wheel from lock to lock, back and forth? You could use a turkey baster to pull some of the fluid out of the reservoir to make it easier, then top it back off. I hate to say it, but if none ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

2001 montero sport 3.0 automatic. the car start and run fine and normal but during driving on idle (like looking to park the car) sometimes the rpm will go down and it look like is going to die, first it will shake,or choked, vibrate and rpm will go below 500 and then it kick in to normal. the same thing when you are on the stop light waiting for the green light but not all the time maybe 5 out of ten you stop. the car has no check engine light or any warning or yellow, red light. sometime the

What most likely is going on is your engine is equipped with an idle control valve, what this valve does is allowes air to bypass the throttle plate in the intake manifold, when the engine is ... Mitsubishi Montero Sport

My 2004 ford expedition xlt sound like is choking for air when i start the engine is ok but when i start moving start making noises i think is the pcv but i dont know where it is i check on top of the engine but dont know how it looks like i try looking for a diagram but cant find it..

Could be a bad coil or bad cat . Is there a loss of power or is the check engine light on ?Is it making a hissing sound ? If it is then it sounds like a bad cat ... 2004 Ford Expedition

I cannot find the combo flasher anywhere! Looked everywhere under the steering column, took off knee guard and everything. All I can see is the relay, which I replaced but it didnt solve my problem (hazards work, turn signals do not.) Where EXACTLY is this combo flasher & what does it look like?

Have you tried the multifunction switch as i think this could be your problem ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

My 1994 toyota tercel is stuck on the throttle i can drive but sems like choke is stuck on when i go under hood and depress not sure looks like a plunger it idles but when let go high revs like throttle is stuck

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Car choking My car is starting to chug and choke, through out all the gears! the little yellow light (looks like a tap kind of)on the dash flahes from time to time but noot all the time! Any ideas??? (i just said golf at the bottom coz it didnt give me an ibiza option)

That light is your low oil light and that will not only cause your car to choke but will also kill your motor have your oil changed or refilled soon! ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

I have a vauxhall vectra 2002 Ls . On the dash a warning light as come on .. I don't have manual for the car . The symbol looks like a orange circle a bit like this (0) .. Plz any help would be gr8 . Thx

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Truck is hard starting,I know it dosnt have a choke but its almost like the choke isnt working.

Idle air control sensor or Throttle position sensor come to mind, check for codes and code history. Your fuel delivery system calibration is part of what dictates you air fuel ratio (choke). ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Just picked up an 86 El Camino with no turn signal or hazard flashers. When installing flashers they just fall out. I pulled the fuse block and there isnt anything running to either flasher. Would like to see what the back of working fuse block looks like so I can purchase and install proper wiring. Fuse diagram only shows the front view.

... 1986 Chevrolet El Camino

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT (4.0 EFI 2WD) and it needs a new instrument panel...but I like how the 2002 Explorer Sport Trac panel looks like (you know the white one). If I put the 02 panel in my truck, will it work???

The connectors are identical including the wire colors and inputs,and they are not programmable so it should work. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Instrument panel hi... i just bought a 1997 mr2. whenever i take it a little faster than normal road speed... an orange light comes on in my instrument panel that looks like a transmission.... however, whenever i check the gauges before i start the engine... there are two different transmission lights... one is in red with i think a plywheel attached... while the one that comes on is an orange light with without the plywheel pic... what does it indicate?

These Lights are Telling you that the Transmission and FlyWheel are Either Damaged or are Getting Hot Or Both. I would get the Tranny and Flywheel Checked out before it gets Worse. This could result in a Tranny Rebuild or a New Flywheel. Please Rate ... 1994 Toyota MR2

Where is the fuel reset button on my 2004 chev aveo? My car just stalled for no reason. it felt like my engine fell out of my car and then stalled. So my dad took a look at it and thought maybe I might need to press the restart button for my fuel. I try starting it but it sounds like to fuel just isnt getting through.

There is no fuel reset button. No way to tell why it stalled unless you can determine you are getting spark. If you are then it could be a fuel pump issue but its just a guess without testing first. You wont be able to do anything. Sorry to tell yo ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

1999 Mercury Cougar with automatic transmission, car was running fine, then it wanted to shift while driving, and the speedometer dropped to 0, with jerky motions. Same thing 3 years ago and dealer said they replaced the instrument cluster for $700. Doing research, doesn't look like that could have been the problem. Can you tell me what to look for? Possible speed sensor or transmission range sensor?

ONe thing to check is that your throttle position sensor (TPS) is working as it should and that the electrical connections to it are clean and tight and that wires associated with it are intact. When your TPS starts misbehaving by sending the wrong ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

My wifes 2007 VW Beetles radio isnt working, I have looked at the fuse box diagram but none of the pictures look like a radio.

The sound system fuse is No. 42 on the 2007 beetle. ... 2007 Volkswagen Beetle

Ok i have a 93 ford f-150 i was driving it came to a stop sign and checked my phone. went to take off and it wouldnt go. got out had like a quart of fluid on the ground. i refilled it to see if i had a broken line or anything. its not leaking now. the fluid that came out of it looks like it came from the front seal or torque converter area. when i try to take off now it wont do anythin until it reaches a certain rpm. and still isnt solid. did my torque converter go out??? i can fix or repair jus

Have u checked the oil level ... 1993 Ford F150 SuperCab

Hi. i have a misibushi lancer elagance 1.6 auto. just lateley it has started playing up when i cold start it.. the first morning start, it runs bad like its fireing on 3 cylinders and like the choke isnt working. then when it warm its fine. through the day its fine with the ocasional time that again if its been standing it starts then cuts out, then on the second start its fine again.. any help would be very appreciated..

Might be a dirty IAC idle air control valve. When starting up and it is struggling to idle does the car have a tendency to cut out if for example you turn the front wheels or put a foot on the brakes. If so, this looks like an IAC problem. General ... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

Driving down the road fine and the truck started to miss.... then no power, when i look down, there was a service light in the lower right side of the instrument panel that looks like a lighting bolt ...... I was told to clean the throttle body. so i removed it cleaned it and placed it back on the engine.... removed the battery cable and waited 5 minutes and replace thecable ..... but when i started the truck nothing had changed.... any ideas

That car has electronic throttle response on it ,what it simply means though is that it does not have a cable operated throttle system on it ,and that light indicates there was a malfunction in the system momentarily enough to cause that light to com ... 2008 Dodge Ram 2500

My brother in law just changed my belt in my ford windstar. My air conditioning isnt working now, it only blows cold air from the windshield area fans, not in the front. Where is my air conditioning located under my hood? Is there a hose to look for incase he disconnected it? Is there something else to look for? I also noticed my interior clock was wrong, like my battery had been disconnected but he hadnt messed with the battery.

I've been working on the same problem today. I plugged the 2 vacum lines behind the rightmost control switch, the one for the rear and viola I get air out of the front. Went to the junk yard and got a replacement control panel. That didn't help. So f ... 1998 Ford Windstar

Chrysler 300 My car not long ago would shake and the engine light would come on. I had a tune up and it seemed to stop. After looking at this website, it looks like it was the 02 sensor. This morning, I tried to crank it up and it turned over but never engaged. I tried again. A small circular red light (that is not identified in the manual) on the instrument panal came on and it will do nothing. The red light comes on each time I tried. Also, the remote key will not work. Which is odd. Is the re

You are correct on the security light, it is the VTA (vehicle theft alarm). I am at a loss for the culprit part though, and their are so many diagnostic tests that could be run. Even a malfunction in the key FOB could cause it. If you have anot ... 2006 Chrysler 300

2001chrysler town and country. Looks like BCM not working. Could be instrument cluster.

... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

An orange warning light has come up on my vauxhall car it looks like a mini helicopter with an electrical symbal in the center

THe orange helicopter light sounds like your engine management light if so them u need to take it to a mechanic who will need to slug it into his computer to see what your problem is hope this helps ... Vauxhall Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 ford focus, and i need to add freon. But, the owners manual doesn't say where to add it. I even looked, and there isnt anything obvious under the hood like the blue cap on my cavalier. Can anyone help?

This is really a fix for a shop, but what you are looking for is a fitting that looks like the air valve on a tire... but be careful, there is also a similar fitting on your fuel rail. The fitting you are looking for should be on the A/C line near yo ... 2004 Ford Focus

Instrument panel light that looks like a battery is on and stays lit

Check your alternator ... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

I bought my truck new( '01 dodge ram 1500 ext. cab SLT 4x4) in didn't come with a manual and i can't locate the fuel filter. HELP!!! the reason i am looking for it is because when i crank the truck up it'll run for a second or two the shuts of like its being choked what could it be??

The fuel filter is part of the fuel pump module and is not serviced separately. check your fuel pressure . sounds as if maybe pump is going bad ... Dodge Ram 1500
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