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Toyota Prado 2006 TRJ 120 a/c light flashing and stops cooling. After about 10-15 min wait can be reset but falshes again and stops cooling. Tried the remedies suggested in various forums, eg changing a/c relay. Checking for overfilled fluid but did not help. I am at my wits end having to survive in humid 34deg plus temperatures without a/c. Can anybody suggest what else to do?? Thanks: JJ

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Toyota Prado 2006 TRJ 120 a/c light flashing and stops cooling. After about 10-15 min wait can be reset but falshes again and stops cooling. Tried the remedies suggested in various forums, eg changing a/c relay. Checking for overfilled fluid but did not help. I am at my wits end having to survive in humid 34deg plus temperatures without a/c. Can anybody suggest what else to do?? Thanks: JJ

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My brakes on my 1995 Toyota Corolla are spongey. If you sit at a stop light for any length of time my brake pedal just drops down under my foot almost all the way to the floor. I have had a new master cylinder installed, but that did not stop the problem. I am not leaking brake fluid anywhere and I do not need brakes. I am at my wits end. No one seems to be able to find the problem.

You need to blead the breaks starting at the rear pass side and work forward who ever installed the master cylinder did not do it bring it back to them and make them do it ... 1995 Toyota Corolla

1998 Ford E350 van w/ 5.4 and ABS. Rebuilding as I go. rotor and pads look very good I was told that the rear brakes were fine by the front end mechanic last week. I do have pulsing on the brake pedal so I think the rotors and drums need to be checked and maybe turned. When applying the brake at high speed the van shutters (trueing rotor will fix I think) On a trip this weekend and had to stop quick and shuttered bad. Later the ABS light came on. Fluid up, no sponge in the pedal. Any ideas why t

Dont bother skimming the rotors,fit new,A,its cheaper in the long run.B,if skimming works,the thinner rotors will buckle quicker. ... Ford E-350

1992 2.4L mighty-max pickup won't start checked MFI & ECM( they are ok) not getting GAS. using starter fluid starts for a second won't stay running. at wits end, got any suggestions?

... 1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

The vehicle stopped running after driving about 80 miles, actually, the vehicle's trans. stopped moving the car, i stopped and saw trans. fluid loss from underneath, auto transmission was low, the car would only move in reverse. checked the filter, it looked plugged and the fluid was dirty, did not smell burnt, and the shaft seals are not leaking, the leak seems to be at the torque converter, what can I check? 1999 Ford Taurus w/ v-6 engine and AX4N metric overdrive auto transmission.

The front pump seal is what is leaking,the torque converter is where the seal seals against.The engine,or transmission will have to be removed to replace the seal. ... Ford Taurus

A volvo dealer is charging $525+for the followingcheck front and rear brakes, balance and ratate tires, checkpcv system,power steering fluid, transmission fluid,, check for leaks, and to of all fluids as necessary, check exterior lighting, exhoust, steering and suspension components, check hoses, battery, lubricatesteering stops, trunk and hood hinges and latches. Remove and clean throttle body and replace gasket, replace engine air filter and fuel filter. Replace brake fluids. replace spark plu

Hello. Yes, that is expensive and rather illusive also. i.e. replacing spark plugs and serpentine belt "if necessary". First of all join AAA, the auto club, which is cheap and great insurance should u ever have a break down. Then, find a nondeale ... Volvo S80

Got some gas at Kroger,engin off;; had driven less than 5 miles made one stop,engin off;; a mile later loss power,check engin lite on, it started after a minute;; two miles on did it again;; got to store and turned off (30 minutes stop) started working like new no check engin lite since just had oil chng and fluids check and fill.  plugs and wires 1 year new (not cheap either platnum deals) plugs checked ok what gives. i started it this AM no check engin lite. drove around block,,,,like new

I have been buying kroger's gas for like 2 years. Had no problem till last week. Apparently we have been using their regular which is E85 15%gas and 85% ethananal. Took it to the dealership and was told it was bad gas. they said it didnt even look li ... 1995 Chrysler Concorde

Brake pads are good and plenty of brake fluid. Doesn't stop good and causes abs to kick on. If not brake problem is it abs? 1996 cheyanne 1/2 tn 4x4. Noticed mostly at stop signs and bottom of driveway. Just doesn't want to stop. The pedal goes down then the abs starts vibrating until it stops. Checked all the obvious,brake pads, and brake fluid.

There was a recall on these. The wheel bearing sensors for the abs malfunction and cause a lot of funny stopping. I pulled the fuse out of mine "No ABS Now" but stops fine....like the old days ... 1996 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Engine check light came on checked fluids all is fine. Next day check voltage and battery. cleaned connections check light stayed off.Took for drive now rough idle and stops running at stop sign

You need to have the codes checked,Autozone will do it for free. ... 2001 Toyota Tundra

My problem is my radiator started leeking fluid yesterday after i really pushed the car to get to work on time. I got under the car and tittend the two bolts i saw the fluid leeken out of. The leek stopped for the most part but its still leeken alittle. The temp of the engine reads around 200 to 210. Is this normal or should i get it checked out? Also after i tightend the bolts i checked the fluids and both were full to the top. I thought this was weird cause it lost a good puddle of fluid. if y

If you have coolant leaking past a bolt, remove the bolt and put silicone gasket maker on the threads and put it back in and tighten it up. The temps you mentioned are normal but after removing and sealing the bolt threads make sure the system is ful ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 jeep grand cherokee leaking transmission fluid. It's not gushing out, just barely dripping when stopped and the tranny fluid level seems fine when checked (hot). It seems to be coming from the rear side of the pan around where it meets the transfer case. I'm thinking it's the gasket but just wanted some input. Also, the fluid looks fine (pink) and doesn't smell burnt. Also, if it is the seal is it okay to keep driving it for a while as long as I'm checking the fluid level periodically?

Clean off entire area near where you suspect the leak is coming from, then look carefully to locate it. Try slightly tightening any bolts near the leak area after it's located If at the pan gasket do not overtighten or you will crush the gasket and i ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

No fluid to rear brakes on a 1992 Lincoln Continental.  Rear brakes stopped working. Pulled rear wheels and found surface rust on disks. Raised car, spun tire and push brake pedal found no friction scenerio at the wheel. Tried to bleed rear calipers, found dry brake lines, no fluid from bleeder valve at all. I checked master cylinder fluid level, found to be full. Guess I need to try to find a proportioning valve. Maybe I'll try to check the lines from the master cylinder. Any suggestions would

Check at the proportioning valve--some have a pin that sticks out from the side, when bleeding the brakes try to push that pin back in. But first check to see why this happened--fluid leak to rear wheels, brake hoses cracked and air getting into the ... 1992 Lincoln Continental

When i turn my steering wheel it makes an awful whinning sound. The first time this happened i put Lucas stop leak power steering fluid in and it stopped. that was mayb a month ago, and now it's doing it again. I put checked the power steering fluid it was low so i put more in again and now the noise doesnt stop. Do i need a new power steering pump or is it something else that i need?

You have a leak somewhere.. If filling the pump does not stop the noise then the pump is going bad. Be sure the leak is at the pump before you change the pump or else the new pump might go bad as well from being low on fluid. Its lik ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Transmission My 2000 Ranger 4X4 (85000 easy miles) has developed a clanging sound when slowing down to stop. It doesn't happen all the time. I'm guessing it's coming from the transmission (automatic) as it down shifts. I have checked the transmission fluid which was at it's proper level. The fluid dosen't smell burnt and looks ok. From stop to 50mph the transmission shifts properly and seems normal. Its only when slowing to a stop. Any ideas? Thank you

... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I lost pressure in my clutch. I checked the fluid and it was nearly empty. I filled it back up, pumped the clutch until it had pressure but the clutch lost pressure again; I did not have enough fluid in it. I finally got it full after filling it and pushing in my clutch several times. I can drive my car now and the clutch seems to work fine except when I am in first gear while stopped at a stop sign. The clutch seems to loose pressure then. I cannot see any fluid that has leaked out under the ma

Check the slave cylinder for leaks ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

Where is the transmission fluid check ? my 2002 jaguar xtype is hesitating when I begin to go speed up, ie from a stop light. Im trying to check the transmission fluid but cant find the dip stick for it.

VERIFY PROPER PLUG IS REMOVED FOR LEVEL CHECK.Because of the similarity to other plugs and fasteners on the transmission, the potential for loosening an incorrect fastener, instead of the level plug, exists. There is a risk for interna ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

My suv 2002 4x4 cadillac escalade when im in say bumber to bumber traffic everytime i hit the accelerator off an on off an on i here a clunk and when stopped if i switch gears back and fourth between reverse and drive to check it out i here the clunk and when i slow down to stop i also feel that clunk when truck gears down. in my garage i left it in park chalked the wheel and just slide underneath an disconnect the driveshaft from the rear end turned the rear end piece no movement. i left drive

Hi!! \015\012This seems to be a common problem on GM SUV's you usually get the *thump* somewhere between the time of releasing the brake pedal and hitting the gas pedal, so you could essentially be not in motion ... 2002 Cadillac Escalade


Doesn't sound like transmission fluid in my experience if transmission fluid is low your gears will slip or not work at all, sound to me your spark plugs or bad gas or something in that order. ... Saturn SL2

My 1993 Dakota Club cab Mangnum 3.9 V6 has been leaking antifreeze. Mechanic said the fan clutch was bad & replaced it 9/6/10, but they could not find a leak in the radiator or reservoir(which were both empty)...checked fluids 10/2 & both radiator & reservoir are bone dry again....mechanic now says there's a hairline crack in the "water" lines that run through the timing cover(?) & it's blowing out fluid through that crack. They also want to check the timing chain when pulling the front end dow

The price seems really high. I have the 3.9 and if the timing cover is cracked you would be getting coolant in the oil. And 135,000 miles on a timing chainis low, it still has many years left. I think I would try another mechanic. good luck ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

I was driving on the interstate when my oil light started going on and off intermittantly. I stopped to check fluid level and it was fine. No leaks under car. Started driving again and light came on permanently. Fluid again checked full and no leaks. Didn't hear knocking either

Your oil pump is loosing power, this light is going on when you have driven for long periods or in high temperature, the hot oil looses viscosity and gets thinner, try changing the oil with a high mile one (cars/trucks with more than 100,000mi) or ad ... 2003 Dodge Durango

My check engine light comes on and warning bell will sound periodically when coming to a stop. When this happens, I notice my oil pressure gauge will drop all the way to or past the L then immediatly return to normal. There is no engine knocking to be heard at start up or when this occurs; all fluids are full. Also, stop lamp light randomly flashes and the alarm sounds. All bulbs are working when I check them.

Sound as bad connection, inspect battery terminals and grounds, also inspect ignition switch connector for bad contact and burned out pins, if so need to replace switch and repair connector, did not stated what year or eng. size ... Dodge Ram 1500

Brake failure. I had my all four of my break pads and roters replaced on my 2001 SE7. It ran fine for about 5,000 miles. Then it began to not stop. If i crank it up and pump the breaks pressure builds in the lines and it will stop. But not as it should. This process before I can drive takes about 20 min. I checked for fluid leaks and found none and fluid is at appropriate levels. What could be causing this?

Start by breeding brakes possible air in lines--or master cylinder is failing ... Land Rover Discovery

2001 Nissan Xterra Horn stopped working. Purchased new one and it too, does not work. Checked fuse under the hood and it's okay. What about the Fuse Link? Does that need to be replaced and if so, how? Not sure where the switch or relay is located as indicated by repair manual as potential items that need to be checked. I used a circuit tester by touching one end to the positive post of the car battery and the other end to the horn but it did not go off (which made me think the horn was bad) but

You should check fuse #32 (15amp) to make sure that it is good. then you should check the horn relay. Remove the relay and check for power source on two of the terminals (terminals 1 and 5). Press the horn button and you should have a ground on one t ... Nissan Xterra

Hi, I have a 2001 Buick. We just replaced the front tires. Shortly after that we noticed the car vibrates at around 45 to MPH, after we get past this mph the vibration stops. It is not worse when we turn corners or change lanes. We just spent $2,000. on front end to correct the problem, we were told, but this has not helped. The mechanic double checked the front end and everything is tight. He also checked the tires, one was slightly off balance but not enough to cause problem, he still correcte

Let me see know at 45 miles per hour a vehicle usually shifts gears into the highest gear so could it be the torque converter hanging up and not shifting quick enough or maybe its the U joints. Have the transmission fluid checked for proper level and ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

Last night, my power steering suddenly stopped working while I was driving. I checked the levels, and they are within the min-max, although it looks dark/dirty compared to the new fluid I was going to add. Would dirty PS fluid cause the system to suddenly stop working, or is it possibly another problem? At the same moment, the emergency brake light came on and stayed on, even though the brake was not set at the time. Thx.

It could be the belt, if you stick your finger in the power steering fluid rub ut between your fingers. Look for metal grinds, if their there then you need to get it looked at (replaced). ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo
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