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I need to check the fault codes on a 1995 Eagle Summit

\015 The check engine is on and my OBD 2 scanner does not read the codes on anOBD 1 plug.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I need to check the fault codes on a 1995 Eagle Summit

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I have a Chevy cavalier 2003 the check engine light came on and when i scanned it i got a code of p44o the freeze frame data indicated it was an evaporation emission fault i need direction as to what system to check for the fault codes solution

This indicates that a part of the EVAP control system is no longer fuctioning correctly. The EVAP system consists of many parts, including (but not limited to) the gas cap ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

I need a little help with a P1211 fault code in a 2002 7.3 Powerstroke engine. I drive down the road, and the check engine light comes on. The engine loses power then the smoke pours out. I pull off to the side of the road and shut the engine down and wait about two minutes. Then I restart the engine, the fault code disappears for about ten minutes or when I go above two thousand rpms. When I came back to the shop where I work I put the scan tool on it. The fault code came across with a P1211.A

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Hi,My engine light came on this afternoon while driving, Im not sure what is the problem, I've check over the internet and managed to get the fault code P1685... then done. Im using both original grey set of key from Voyager. Since I do not see other fault and it only shows one code,do I need to get it to Chrysler Main dealer and have it diagnose for 120? I experiencing 2 unrelated fault while driving: 1) One month ago, when I started the car, and Push to D,the automatic gear will not rev

Code PO1685 means invalid SKIM key (Sentry Key Immobilizer Module), and refers to a problem with the ignition key or the module itself. Take your vehicle to your local Chrysler dealer for repair. ... Chrysler Voyager

94 Dakota 3.9 4WD Speedometer, odometer and OD not working. Does the speed sensor on the transfer case run these or does the one on the rear axle? Check engine light on and it gives a fault code 15. Would the fault code need to be cleared in order for a fix to work?

The VSS needs to be checked and replaced.VSS means the Vehicle Speed Sensor.\015\012Also the error code 15 is indicating this fault of speed sensor.\015\012·15 - No vehicle speed signal. No vehicle distanc ... 1994 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

1999 chevy tahoe. check engine light. needed smog for dmv registration renewal. fault code P1345. what is needed to get it to pass smog check?

The vehicle need to be timed.If you had a intake done this should have been done at that time.you will need a scan tool to time this vehicle as there is no timing marks and the computer uses the cam sensor in the Distributor to time the vehicle.IT is ... Chevrolet Tahoe

Fault code 42 for toyota corona premio. need to know cause for engine check and over drive blink togather but goes off after restart. one mechanic told it is fault no 42. i need to know more details and actual cause of this problem and how to track and repair

... 1995 Toyota Camry

Hello, i need some advice on my Jaguar X Type SE 2.5. I recently was away for 3 months and my car was left idle for this time. When i returned the battery was flat so i jump started it. The check engine light has been on since. Where can i get the codes checked for this and then would be my next move for getting it sorted when i find out the fault diagnosis code. Thanks for any help.


Engine stalls driving down the road or on take off. Had code 42. electronic spark tining. E S T circiut fault. Cleared codes and installed a fuel pressure gauge. On test drive the motor, (3.1 EFI) still stalls and dies. Fuel pressure is 38 to 42. No logged codes. Dead headed fuel return and it's 62. Tried another Ign. module with coil pack's, Same problem. Ohm checked the crank sensor and it's 1041 ohms. Act's like it's running out of fuel. 185000 miles. Need a G M diagnostic tree for code 42 to

Trouble Code 42 indicates that there may be a malfunction in the \015\012Electronic Spark Timing (EST) system. During cranking, the timing is \015\012controlled by the ignition module and the ECM grounds the EST line. It \015\012expects to see no act ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina

What code reader do i need for 95 eagle summit

If you do some internet research you can find the process to use an analog volt meter to get the codes.You connect the meter to 2 of the 16 pins in the connector.www.troublecodes.net is one source for the info. ... Eagle Summit

Audi a3 1.6 BFQ p1639 code.replaced throttle body and pedal,unplug pedal and no fault code until plugged back in,is it ecu?i have checked wiring but need pin out schematics

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I need to find out how to check engine fault codes on a 1998 cj mitsubishi colt

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I have a 1999 Honda accord ulev 2.3 4 cylinders. I have check engine code P1167 AF sensor heater system fault. What I need to do and what part I need to buy and change? Thank you!

You need to change the oxygen sensor. ... 1999 Honda Accord

Have ford focus 2004 zts with 118000 miles. check engine light comes on. fault code po-420 (bank 1 efficiancy below limit) shows up. Took it to the ford dealer for repair- they replaced top o2 sensor- said that should fix problem. It didn't, chk engine light back on. Now they want me to replace a $1600.00 exaust part (not including labor) an there is no guarantee that it will make my check engine light stay off. Need this car to pass emissions test but am running out of money. What should I do!

... 2004 Ford Focus

I have 2 problems on a 2005 Stype 1) Warning messahe 'Parkbrake fault' is permanently on, have has a mechanic check the wheels and all are moving freely. Am told I need to get it diagnostics 'recalibrated' Have tried resetting by disconnectoing thebattey overnight which does not cure the probelm 2) The SRS (airbag) systems is displaying a fault. It looks like code 36 which I am told is centre rear seat belt errors?

You need to have both reset with specific reset tools. Faults can be cleared w/ OBII reset tool but SRS has to be done by dealer or specialty shop because it's a safety issue and the tool is REALLY EXPENSIVE ... 2005 Jaguar S-Type

I have a 1994 roadmaster, got the trans rebuilt and still won't shift properly. Hard shifts from whatever gear it takes off in to the next gear when first started, afterwards shifts easier, however it never gets into first gear and starts off in 2nd or 3rd gear. Trans man said he's check 4 times and pulls a code 84 from the computer. He says the computer needs to be reflashed, buick dealer says the code (84) is a 2-3 shift solenoid circuit fault. At any rate it doesn't work well and is eating lo

... 1994 Buick Roadmaster

Gotta check engine light on. Had a friend check it out with the computer thing..came up fault code p1491 radiator fan relay control circuit. Need a price on the part.

You will need to call a dealer for a price for they fluxuate across the country as you may know\015\012\015\012 Also you did not post any information on what vehicle this pertains too which is needed as well ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Sequoia Limited SR5 4x4 transmition hard to shift. Please help. What can I do or what do I need to do? Truck has over 200,000 miles wihtout a transmition fluid change. I have added about 1/2 court of fluid in to transmittion. Still struggles to shift or excelerate and shifts hard. Called the Dealer and asked if I should change the fluid completely and they said NO since it has not been changed regularly every 30,000 miles. They needed to check the control module for fault codes.

... 2003 Toyota Sequoia

Hello ! As I bought my VW Golf Mk4 (model 2003) 1.6 FSI 16v few months ago, I have just realised there are some problems that need to be solved. First of all, the engine light came on and after computer check it turned to be NOx sensor fault (error codes 17441 and 17443). Although I would like to get it replaced with a new one, I have no money at the moment and have to delay it for a while. Will I face any additional problems if I keep driving my car ? Besides the NOx sensor fault, it works just

17443 Nox signal implausible, 17441 Nox sensor Signal too low, check the latest software versionis running on the engine ecu. the Nox sensor is located to the rear of the cat and has a control box bolted to t ... 2003 Volkswagen Golf

2006 Avalon Limited with 40,500 miles. Like new. Seatbelt was closed in the driver side door and batter was drained. I charged the battery and everything seemed ok. The following fault codes are now displayed: P0441, 0445 and 0456. Dealership says the charcoal canister needs to be replaced. Is it normal for the VSC light to show when the check engine light is on? I understand that the fuel line leak can be as simple as a loose cap or the canister may need to be replaced. My main concern

Yea VSC lite will come on when ever a check engine lite is On, the codes you mentioned are certainly a EVAP codes, make sure your gas cap is a factory and inspect seal surface and contac surface on filler neck for rust clean if any,also check all hos ... 2007 Toyota Avalon

I have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country with almost 100,000 miles. The check engine light came on about 2 months ago and the code said the O2 sensors needed to be replaced. About a month later, the check engine light came on and the code said the catalytic converter needed to be replaced. Now a month later again, the check engine light came on, the exhaust smells rotten, we are getting about 1/2 the miles per gallon and the code says to check the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Does this all make sense?

There are no codes that say replace O2 sensors,or remove converter,Thats just somebody's guessing,When it says O2 sensor that tells the mechanic to look for trouble in that area,wiring or faulty readings,And there are four O2 sensors. ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Engine stop while running, check engine indicator is on using autoboss v30 diagnostic computer 6 fault was found fault code 11 description aps fault code 46 description inj adj v fault code 27 description aps2 fault code 31 description can comm. fault code 52 dseciption vgt cont.prs. fault code 51 description egp pos.snsr

... 2000 Mitsubishi Montero

I have a 2003 Cavalier, check eng lt. fault code's 741 TTC not on , and 1860 electrical circuit, have had the tcc and manifold psi switch replaced by trans shop. They say the problem is with the car not the transmission, maybe emissions. need help so I don't get soaked for more t/s dollars!!!! Thanks dan

... Chevrolet Cavalier

On my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse with the V6 engine, the check engine light came on. The codes from the auto zone readout tool indicated two errors. One was the O2 sensor was at fault and the other was an intake manifold tuning solenoid. I replaced the O2 sensor but the light is still on. Do you know what part needs replacing to take care of the solenoid problem? And also where the solenoid is located.

... Mitsubishi Eclipse

My maf is dropping the signal while im driving and even a start up sometimes. (can drop to 0 , then back up).. I have replaced the maf 4 times , and checked the wires. could I need a new pcm, or are there other issues I would have if it was the pcm. Also my light is on, with the maf code. It runs like **** one min. and then its fine the next.

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