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Constant tapping sound in my Lexus IS200 engine

\015 Recently changed the oil and oil filter. Tapping sound returned after 2 days. Please help!!!\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Constant tapping sound in my Lexus IS200 engine

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Ticking sound This morning while the car was cold, started it up. Then went to the store and all of a sudden hearing a ticking sound. Sounds like engine has no oil. But I did check and there is oil 3/4 full, I check the transmission oil, that's fine, brake fluid and thats fine, even the water in the the plastic container is normal position. The ticking sounds like a tap, tap, tap or tick tick tick. It happens when the engine is hot or running. When being parked it's quiet. Any suggestion(s). I h

Hi try getting a service done make sure they use genuine toyota oil and filters\015\012\015\012cheers\015\012mark ... 2000 Toyota Celica

Hello, I have a Subaru Forester 2005, 2.0 lt with 90,100 mi. Recently we clean the radiator, changed the coolant and aligned wheels. Suddenly when the engine gets warm and the car is running it begins to sound tap tap tap tap... The sound stops when I release the accelerator pedal. The engine temperature is normal and it has the usual power. What could be the cause of this problem?

It sounds like you are low on engine oil and or a bad oil pump. ... 2005 Subaru Forester

Tapping sound in the engine started 2 days ago. The sound comes and goes at startup (not always present at startup), and disappears on deacceleration. Engine oil is OK. Temp doesn't register above normal. Anybody have any idea what this is? My neighbor says it's a rod, but I had a rod go years ago on a Ford, and this doesn't sound like that. This is the second engine in the car, and this engine had a vacumn seal issue from the time I received it. (but shipping it back to CA would have cost

Usually caused by a failed hydraulic lifter. You can verify by removing the valve cover and finding a valve with excess clearance. The lifter/adjuster should be replaced ASAP to avoid damage to the cam lobe. If you would like instructions on repla ... 1993 Subaru Loyale

Problem 1 - while driving yesterday, tapped brakes & rpm/speed/lights/radio went dead yet the engine kept running. tapped again, same. eventually, would not return (as if i'd turned off). drove home, coasted into driveway. what would be things to check? btw, heard a clicking in a part to the upper right of engine when hood is up. clicking gone w/ full powered battery. problem 2 - making whirring sound w/ rpm. mechanic tested by taking off serpentine, sound gone, replaced tension wheel & put belt

Make sure the alternator is getting charge to the battery,if it is not,look for a fuse blown,or bad connection.Run a new wire on the back of the alternator,to the battery positive terminal.It is the large wire on the alternator,leave the one that is ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

Light tapping driver side valve cover in rear area 1973 chevy small block corvette engine. when engine rives up the tapping gets a little louder, the tapping is light, not a deep knocking sound.

How many miles on the engine? I would also check for pushrod wear. My '73 had this problem and I replaced 3 of the pushrods as they had wear on all the tops. Be sure to check you oil return ports to make sure you are getting proper upper end lubricat ... 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

There is a chirping sound on my 2007 Lexus ES350 that is coming from the passenger side if the engine; we have replaced the serpentine belt, tensioners and the water pump, but the chirping sound remains--the sound is intermittent and appears to quiet when the engine revs....

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Ford windstar clicking sound from heater a/c , ignition on, engine running or not,sound changes when temperature control is moved ,quieter on heat, clicking is constant , does not change speed, sound does not come from engine side of firewall deep in the heater ,suspect valve that allows hot water to heater core, when control moved to heat it does not respond, is there an easy way to access this component

Its the blend door take out the radio and its th white box about 3" by 3 " and has about a 2 or 3" post on the back a few screws $40 somtehing ... 2002 Ford Windstar Cargo

Just had rear brakes replaced, also new part for up and down window action. And general maintenance(fluids, belts, oil, etc.) When I got car back, the engine seemed rougher and now has a tapping sound apparently coming from motor. Also at times a kind of 'brushing sound.' Shop owner said the noise was definitly from inside engine and that it would be fairly expensive to go into the engine to track it down. He also said it might be serious or if I didn't mind the noise the car might do just fi

Hello there Matt Thank you for the chat could you pleas do me a favor and go back to the caht session and give me a rate for the session so i can continue to help others like your selfBest regards Michael ... 1993 Nissan Altima

96 Eclipse 2.0 non-turbo Engine has a tapping sound that sounds like its coming from the top of the engine. The sound is loud enough to make it difficult to tell where its coming from. I took the valve cover off and everything looks good. No cracked rockers or anything else unusual. I cranked it over while it was off and didn't hear anything. There was some oil in the plug hole of cyl 1.?Compression checks good.

Most likely cause is a hydralic tappet. Mits are well know for top end noise. Note we are talking about a tapping or clicking sound not a knock. You can try using an engine flush product if the noise is getting bad and then changing your oil. Gen ... 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hello, This is the problem i am having. my 2001 chrysler sebring ran low on oil for some unknown reason and the oil light was coming on. Shortly after the engine started to have a knocking sound to it. kind of like a rattleing. I then put 4 quarts of oil in and made sure it was at the correct level. i know a little about cars so i know that it isnt valve tapping. it sounds the same but its alot louder of a knocking sound. instead of a tapping sound.do you have any suggestions

I think your engine may be junk now. its a good idea to check oil on any vehicle daily as suggested in any vehicle owner manual. the piston rings could be worn out causing it to use oil or a bad head gasket, or maybe u have a oil leak you dont know a ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Oil light came on and there was a moaning tapping noise....... then the check engine light came on... then there was only a slight tapping sound... i added a qt of oil and tried to drive the car home and the engine stopped. the commputor check on the engine said the crank angle sensor was bad along with the egnition sensor. If it is only sensors where did the noise come from?

Was the oil low before you added any? What computer check? You went to a shop to have it scanned? Have the code issues repaired first then move on to the noise issues. Not a very new car I hope your not the original owner because you should not hav ... 1998 Ford Taurus

I have a slight rattling noise that appears to be coming from the passenger side of the engine in my 2008 Dodge Avenger...sound gets louder if the ac is on. Also if i have a constant speed and take my foot off the gas, the engine make a high pitch sound, similar to a jet engine shutting down. Hope you can help...thanks in advance

... 2008 Dodge Avenger

The engine was making a tapping noise and then the tapping became a loud knocking noise, then it sounded like something broke. Now the engine wont turn over to start. Could it be a broken rod or piston? The engine didnt overheat nor did the oil light come on.

... 1997 Kia Sportage

Jaguar s type 2.7 diesel engine fault constant tapping noise & missfiring

... 2007 Jaguar S-Type 2.7D

Jaguar s type 2.7 diesel engine fault constant tapping noise & missfiring

... 2007 Jaguar S-Type 2.7D

Tapping sound from engine and oil smells like gas

To tell you the truth your oil smells like gas because it has been sitting too long with out moving within 3 day of unstarted motors all do that but your tapping noise did you check if your have enough oil maybe one of your lifters are going bad you ... 1989 Mazda 323

2003 nissan altima 2.5- I just completed my engine swap DIY and now im having a tapping sound in the engine. Ive changed out the thurmostats- No temprature issue, not the exaust, Idle is even, Sound i

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What causes tappings in my toyota corolla 5a engine top half, when it is cold starts there is a tappings sound that develop in the engine

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What causes tappings in my toyota corolla 5a engine top half, when it is cold starts there is a tappings sound that develop in the engine

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I have a 2001 mercury cougar v-6 127000 miles that suddenly developed a tapping sound. It sounds like it is coming from the top of the engine. It is quiet at idle and increases with the rpms. I take very good care of my cproblem with these engines?ars. Is this a common problem? Could this be a bad knock sensor?

Probably a sticking valve lifter. Try putting a cup of transmission oil in the engine crank case, or any off the shelf product that is made for said problem. If it doesn't stop, you will have to get it looked at and repaired. It will eventually cause ... 2001 Mercury Cougar

Ticking noise I have a 2007 chevy cobalt (recently bought - used). After I shut off the engine, there is a continuous ticking sound under the car (by the engine part) lasting 3-4 mins. I brought it in for inspection and I was told it was the exhaust cooling down, as the metal expands, it makes the ticking sound, and it is normal. My car does this all the time and it is frustrating. I didn't notice the ticking on the first day i got the car, but now it is constant. Is there anything that can be d

It is part of the waste gate just above the gas tank. It periodically checks for leaks and pressurizes and releases. Gives a ticking noise when it does this. Not a problem and GM is aware of this and said its normal on our cars. ... 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

Have engine tap. startes after warm up, and gets louder takes bout 5 min to hear tap . at first engine sounds like champ. its a 454 96' 2500 gmc suberban

Can be lifter going bad,rocker arm loose (once oil warms and thins out) can also be a minor exhaust gasket leak ... 1996 GMC Suburban

Tapping sound i have 98 saturn sl1 1.9l sohc and my car is making an awfull tapping sound in the engine.like the faster i rev the engine the faster the noise gets and louder too. Im thinking it might be the valves sticking or timing chain. i dont know please help?

Valves Yeah. Put Some Valve Cleaner In Your Gas You Can Buy It At Pretty Much Any Auto Parts Store For About $5.00 If This Doesnt Fix It You May Need A Valve Adjustment. A Valve Adjustment If Done Yourself Will Take A Repair Manual, Feele ... 1998 Saturn SL

Slammed on brakes now engine is making loud tapping sound and have litttle acceleration when I press the gas pedal Sounds like machine gun in the engine

I literally just had this happen to my grand prix. Almost smoked a deer and its making a loud knock, Have you figured out the problem? ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier
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