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05 Colorado p0117 code,engine running slow at idle, also a p0017 code

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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05 Colorado p0117 code,engine running slow at idle, also a p0017 code

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1999 ford E150 starts and runs fine, after warm up at idle, rpms varry. will stall at stops but starts and runs fine at high idle and on highway. Trouble codes are 02s bank 1 and bank 2, both lean. also evap large leak. egr keeps coming up but have replaced and still getting code. fuel cap has also been replaced. o2 sensors were replaced with used ones and still geting code, yes i know they were used, i didnt put them in my son did. Need help, my son is handicaped and has to rely on this vehicle

I had same problems w/ my 99 Chateau 5.4L. EGR-Ensure port into intake and pipe from exhaust are clear using low pressure compressed air. Pull vacuum on EGR diaphram and ensure it opens and closes smoothly. If this checks out then problem is probabl ... 1999 Ford Econoline

While driving 2ooo silhouette van, the rpm gauge goes erratic and the change engine oil light comes on, followed by battery light, then it feels like transmision slips or en gine stalls and comes back on very fast, creating a thump feel. This can happen at any speed and any condition. I have noticed it on highway and slow driving. Seems to happen after it gets warmed. It has also stalled a couple times. No engine codes have popped up.It idles and runs good except for the "severe hesitation" It a

Sounds like your alternator is about to go out, not feeding enough currant to the electrical components that need it, i.e. ECM , ESM..and so on.you may want to have that checked or replaced.always a good idea to replace the battery when r ... 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Intermittent problem: 1992 Buick Lesabre engine stops running when I slow down to stop. Will restart but will die unless I give it gas for Higher idle. Has died when at speed also (70mph. Service engine soon light has come on but I don't have equipment to read code

Unplug torque converter clutch it is on front side of trans usually square the vehicle does not need this to operate and it will stop stahling ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2006 Pont. Montana SV6...I am getting the code P0496. What do I need to do? Also when I try to start the van, if I dont use the accelerator, it wont start and stay running. Lately when I get fuel, if I leave it running, it will start surging in the idle and die. My check engine light has also just came on about 1 week ago, so I let Advance check my codes and they said it pulled up P0496. HELP

... 2006 Pontiac Montana SV6

I have a 1998 dodge ram 4x4 with a 5.9, engine has been idleing rough, it idles fine for about 30 seconds then runs rough, almost to stalling, also the gas mileage is like 3 miles to the gallon. i had it hooked up to a computer and the codes were PO171 a maf sensor (i know, no maf sensor and PO720 speed sensor, my question is, not having a maf sensor, what could be setting off that code causing my engine to run rough?

If the speed sensor code is coming up change it. the sensor went out on my truck and it would die when i was slowing down and hit the clutch to downshift ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

92 cadillac 4 door 4.9 engine 256 k, basically won't run right. Won't keep timing , goes around corner and konks out. Won't start some times , only to start and won't even run in idle, in idles engines runs rough, backfires and speeds up and slows down by it self. Mechanic checked all grounds and computer would not give any codes or just blank. So he replaced computer and used same prongs from old computer to new one , just as book calls for. Still car won't run right , Mechanic says car doe

Check the distributor. See if the shaft bushings are loose. ... Cadillac DeVille


OK, so is it still setting the codes? Or has that gone away with the transmission harness repair? The idle is controlled by the Idle Air Control (IAC) solenoid. Ford has had a lot of trouble with these. However, the symptom is usually low idle spe ... 1995 Ford Thunderbird

I have 96 Avalon with these exact symptoms. Car starts and runs good until it warms up....like after running highway speeds and then slowing down to traffic lights, then Car idles really really rough. Almost like it wants to stall. I did tap on top of the EGR valve and it comes back to regular idle.....but then drive around the block and it is rough idle again. I also tapped the valve(is this the vsv) that has a vacuum pipe leading to the EGR sensor & it comes back to regular idle on saying this

... 2000 Toyota Camry

I have a 2008 malibu Lt. i getting the trouble codes p1516,2101 and 2176 on the dis play it says idle speed control the tac motor ckt range. tac syetem idle position not learned. and it does this when i try to crank the engine it has a delay sometimes and whe this happen the codes pop up. the engine starter will not crank over but if i just hold the key on start the srarter do not spend over right away it delays. it also say the traction control code is pending. when i clear the code it runs ok

Check the help link mentioned below:---Click the link :----Diagnostic error code P0121,P0505,P1000,P2101,P2104,\012P2110,P2135,P2106 ?\012\012 ... 2008 Chevrolet Malibu

My 1999s10 4.3 liter v6 is displaying a p0303 code wich is a misfire in the # 3 cylinder.ive replaced the plugs, cap rotor, wires& fuel filter.ive also replaced the fuel injection assembly w/ an mfi conversion.i have good spark to all cylinders, including #3.vaves & springs seem to be in working order.the truck will start & run but the miss is very obvious from idle to acceleration.ive cleared the code from the comuter a dozen times but after about a minute of running, the p0303 code pops back u

Did you find out what the problem is? I have the same problem. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have a 94 gmc jimmy. you can hear the fuel pump running at idle over engine. jimmy runs fine until gets hot. about 40 min of interstate driving engine will seem to lose most of its power. can simply pull over or if on slow back street put into neutral turn key off and wait ten sec and it will run fine once again for 15-20min. replaced ignition control module, map sensor and exhaust O2 sensor. after replacing those reset trouble codes. only showing now code 44 oxygen sensor lean exhaust. any id

Chek filters for fuel on frame and in tank ... 1994 GMC Jimmy

Idle control system rpm low code p0506 also codep0106 MAP/BARO CKT range perf and code p1400 Engine idles about 200 rpm low but runs fine off idle

... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext

Getting codes p0151, p0131, p0171, p0174 truck runs fine when first started in morning if I stop at store or anything and turn motor off when I restart the truck it tries to idle but usualy dies then I restart and if it keeps idleing i have to feather the throttle to get it to rev. after it revs smoothely it runs fine again till shut off and restarted. also if I am driving down the road and accelrate real fast and hars it will sputter and run bad till I turn it off and let it set for a little wh

... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Idle probs hi. i have a 92 honda prelude and it has a very high idle when first starting the car, in gear idle drops and stalls (its auto),while driving i have to keep the revs up and also while driving it cuts in and out almost like the feeling when you are running out of fuel so it doesnt completely die just cuts in and out. the car showed the coolent temp sensor code so it was replaced but didnt solve the problem also a new fuel pump was put in and all fuel lines cleaned out but no such luck

Check your idle control valve. You might have to replace it, 80-90 bucks new. Or see if there is an air leak from the intake manifold. had the same problem. ... 1992 Honda Prelude

My 1999s10 4.3 liter v6 is displaying a p0303 code wich is a misfire in the # 3 cylinder.ive replaced the plugs, cap rotor, wires& fuel filter.ive also replaced the fuel injection assembly w/ an mfi conversion.i have good spark to all cylinders, including #3.vaves & springs seem to be in working order.the truck will start & run but the miss is very obvious from idle to acceleration.ive cleared the code from the comuter a dozen times but after about a minute of running, the p0303 code pops back u

Have you checked the compression on the engine? ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

1997 cadillac deville- misfires on cylinder #1 when cold and starting up, and also when hot and left off for a few minutes, and then restarted. Runs rough for 15 seconds or so, and then the problem goes away, except an occasional service engine soon light hard code saying misfire on cylinder #1. Spark Plugs, Wires, and a coil pack for cylinder 3 and 8 was replaced already to address missing in the cylinders 3 and 8. Also, the #2 O2 sensor replaced because the code for slow oscillation came up, p

It sure is. If a plug is truly wet, the energy for the spark will travel through the moisture, rather than across the gap. The fuel air mixture flowing into and out of the cylinder serves to ventilate the cylinder, drying the plug. Plus ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

2004 pontiac grand prix over heating in traffic and idling. Also have a temperature code that says running to cool for operation. That lcode has been there for a while changed the temperature sensor and did not change anything still have code. Are there more then one temperature sensor on this car? If so where? Temperature used to never get above the middle red mark on the gauge now goes up to 2 notches below red line if I do not get it moving or shut down. also need to know with ac on where sh

... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT1

I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with 6.0 V8 engine that is idling rough. On dianostics it showed cylinder 2 misfire. Plugs, wires, fuel filter, and #2 cylinder coil pack have been replaced. Truck is still rough while at an idle and no codes show up on dianostics now. Any ideas where to go next? Also, truck runs worse after it has cooled off like overnight or after not running for 2 hours or more.

Sounds like coolant is getting into the combustion , i would start with no2 cyl , its a place to start, could also be a leaking injector, ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I have a 1996 camaro, 3.8. Have really been having alot of problems, idle seems low, i get a code P300 ( random misfire) and a Cam shaft sensor code, I replaced the cam sensor 2 times, changed the plugs and wires, Changed the PCM, also fixed and replaced vaccum lines, Replaced wires that was damaged from the harness to the Cam sensor, We ran injector cleaner in last tank of gas, Our idle is running about 8-900 rpm with it going up and down at cold start. I guess my question is how do i get rid o

You can disconnect the battery for about 2 min and that should clear any codes that are stored in in it or take it to autozone or someplace that will erase the codes for you i hope this helps ... 1996 Chevrolet Camaro

Idle issuse Im having issues with a 1995 ford explorer with the 4.0. The engine runs rough at an idle and does not have the proper power at speeds. I have replace the coil pack and have greater spark on cyl 1 3 5. With the old coil pack it had greater spark on cly 2 4 6. I have also changed the cam shaft sensor and the ecm. I run a code reader on it and it still points to the camshaft sensor.

You need to clear the codes from the ECM, and re-run diagnostic code. If you still have codes\015\012Check your grounds. If you still have power issues, re-check your wiring or firing order. If you have spark only on 2-4-6, where is your 1 - ... 1995 Ford Explorer

My 2000 Mitsubishi Galant starts hard and idles rough. Sometimes it almost dies when just starting in the morning or randomly when I'm going slow in a parking lot. It also acts like it's not getting a steady flow of fuel when it's going up and down hills. It kind of chugs. The check engine light is on constantly now. It used to turn off and on. It also sounds kind of like a unlubricated gear or belt or something when idling. It usually runs a lot smoother in neutral at stop signs.

Hi there,\015\012\015\012Your vehicle's computer will reveal the problem/s, if you're willing to access it.\015\012\015\012You can do this by locating the Datalink connector (found under the dash, above your knee) which looks ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

My 2001 ford escort zx2 has a vacumn leak in the pvc elbow it also was kicking back an engine lean code. it runs but idle runs like it is trying to die when stopped. i've replaced the 02 sensor, plugs, wires, water pump, serpentine belt. and it still kicks on engine light. what else could it be? i have also used cleaner and cleaned the master air flow sensor.

For sure its the pcv elbows and hose.\015\012you can only get the part from the dealer and they do not sell the elbows seperatly.you will need to get the whole hose.\015\012they are 30 dollars from the dealer .you get the tube with new el ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

I bought this car and it seemed to run ok. I had to replace the oil pump seal , so I changed the timming belt. The timing belt seems to be 1/2 tooth off. I have checked it and rechecked it. Also I discovered the ISC was unpluged. I pluged it in and the car idles around 2000 rpm, and the idle speed goes up and down. With the ISC unpluged, it was throwing a ISC code, but with it pluged in ,it is only throwing a tps code I thought the Isc motor and valve were bad, but would a bad TPS cause it to i

Hi the IISC the TPS can both cause erratic and fast idling, also air leaks, the Volume Air Flow sensor to name a couple of other causes, as the code points to the TPS i would be inclined to trust the code, i would want to get the timing right but tha ... Toyota Camry

1994 Toyota Tercel, Low power at lower rpms up to about 3k I'm guessing seeing as how I have no tach; picks up a bit after 3k rpms. Also runs rough at idle after it warms up. Cel code 25, I have replaced O2 sensor; problem still persists.I would describe the lack of power as a stumble or hesitation, is manual transmission, also the temp gage does'nt show it but it almost seems to be running hot.

If the ignitioin system is ok and not in need of replacing, I would venture that your catalytic converter is plugged. Had similar issues with a Chevy and that was it, when you drive for a few minutes, then pop the hood, will your exhaust manifold fla ... Toyota Tercel
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