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How do i remove the upper intake on a 24 valve 2003 taurus

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How do i remove the upper intake on a 24 valve 2003 taurus

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Have 2005 ford freestyle. i towed to my shop, scanner showed 2 codes,bank1 lean, bank2 lean. told me to look for vaccuum leak. found dime size hole in upper intake plennum near intake opening. also egr valve over heated and housing seperated. suspect egr valve caused intake meltdown. installed new intake and egr valve,runs but no power,very quiet out exhaust,suspect restricted exhaust. tach does not go over 3000 rpm. exhaust temp very hot at tailpipe exit. have removed exhaust system all but 2 c

Measure the exhaust back pressure. Do you have an old O2 sensor? If so just break the ends off of it so that just the tube is left sticking thru the center. Install it in one of the O2 ports and hook a vacuum/pressure guage to it. Should read les tha ... 2005 Ford Freestyle

On my daughters 97 mazda mpv it set a code P1345 CMP or SGC sensor circuit Fault .I just replaced the valve cover gaskets, I removed the upper intake to remove valve covers. I also replaced the 2 vac lines going to the rear of the intake. because they were brittle. the car ran fine for 2 days. It then just spit and sputtered and died. The car set for 2 days. I was going to tow it home, but it started thats when the ck eng light came on

Look at your cam positon sensor harness and connector. Also pull the \012sensor out and look at the tip for abnormal wear (ie: chips, breakage, \012ugliness) Check for "mouse abuse," they love eating wire insulation. \012Most likely your sensor is ... 1997 Mazda MPV

Car stalls and dies, will stay running if keep foot on gas pedal, it was ok until upper intake removed to replace spark plugs. i have installed new plug wires also, new upper intake gaskets, new iac valve. any ideas?

Sounds like a vacuum leak at the manifold. spray wd40 or simillar around manifold to check for leaks. if you find a leak, engine will flare up. ... 1998 Ford Windstar

95 mustang valve train noise.. coming from top of valve covers.. dont think its the lifters.. could it be rockers.. loose or damaged.. whats the process of removing valve cover.. do i have to take off upper intake.. and is it hard to replace or adjust the rockers.. thanks for your help.. noise i like a ticking but sounds a little different than lifters. 302 95 5.0 mustang.. thanks for your help.

Not hard and no dont need to remove intake will have to remove some things depends on which side your working on like air intake hose a wire or two might have to unbolt a/c/ if u have- could be rocker also check for dry push rod ,weak valve springs ... 1995 Ford Mustang

Cant get valve cover to come off. removed upper intake and all the bolts. it lifts up in front but will not come up in the back by the firewall. 93 rodeo v6

Well if you got all the bolts that hold it down, un do your motor mounts an just pull engine over to get it out, no big deal.... ... Isuzu Rodeo

Coolant leak upper hose how do I get clamps off ? The hose comes off the top part of the radiator. the clamps warp completely around the hose and have one hole on each side of the clamp. the clamps are solid plastic. How do I remove these clamps? 01 ford taurus dohc 24 valve. Thanks for your time

These clamsps usually need to pessesd inward tward each of the holes like a pair if pliers closing together their is a tool that could help at the parts store that looks like a pair of pliers with the ends bent forward ... 2001 Ford Taurus

90 dodge shadow 2.5 I have to replace the valve cover gasket. I just found out you have to remove the upper timeing cover to do this. I know there are two bolts on the timeing cover that are attached to the value cover. Is this all that i have to remove or are there bolts else where on the timeing cover thave to be removed to take off the upper cover

Their are three bolts the 2 on top are 13mm the thrid is on the side about halfway down the motor this one should be a 10mm if not then a 13mm. hope this helps. ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

Iac valve on my 2002 mustang gt there is an iac valve on the side of my upper intake plenum.. the hose that runs from the iac valve to the cold air intake has a hollow black box in line with the hose.. what is this box for??

... 2002 Ford Mustang

Friend called me today and hes been working on this car dont know make or model it has the ford 3.8 liter and had the upper intake off of motor and he thinks the pcv valve may have fell into the intake so he says he could not find the old when going back together with car and just bought new one so the car runs but has slight poppin noise while accelerating so what damage could this do or has it done so far and also can he just pull the upper intake back off and get it out.


Egr valve I have a real nice 94 chevy light duty 2500 series truck with a 350 engine with 83 thousand miles. The check engine light comes on and goes off at times. I was told that it was the egr valve. I replaced it and the light still comes on. Now I was told that the ports in the intake that go to the egr valve are clogged. I was told that it is typical of this truck. Is this true and if it is can the ports be un-clogged without removing the intake, etc? Thanks, Stan

What codes are stored in the PCM? If the check engine light came on then you have trouble codes. Maybe you know what I'm talking about, maybe you don't, just thought I'd ask. ... 1994 Chevrolet C2500

Timing the valves on 2vz-fe motor, haynes manual instructs: turn crank to tdc #1 cyl ex valves clearance "0", intake valves clearance.005 thru .00problem 9. My problem: both the intake and exhaust are open. what do I do ?

You are working on what is known as a four stroke engine. What this means in short form is that it takes four strokes to complete one combustion cycle. The piston goes down after combustion, then up to push out the exhaust, then down to draw in the ... Toyota Camry

I have a 98 gmc sierra 5.7L. I am trying to remove the upper intake manifold and have all the bolts removed but there is a bolt or something keeping me from removing it in the center of the manifold which you can not get to. Does the fuel module in the center of the manifold come out some way? I can rotate the upper manifold by a 1/4 turn either way.

Here is a link to your intake system, the upper intake just comes straight up and out. After all the bolts, hoses and wires are removed, the upper intake may still be difficult to remove. It is sealed to the SFI system with a large O-ring. Just ... GMC K1500

I have a 1995 Suzuki sidekick 16 valve 1.6 engine, that I am going to replace head gasket. I have removed everything except the timing belt, distributor, and head. My question is why is it that in the Haynes Manual it states that on the 16 valve engines you have to remove the camshaft and intake rocker arms. Is this correct? and why does the distributor need to come off also? both of these parts are attached to the Engine Head. I would assume that just by removing the head bolts the whole

It is known that you may not have a head gasket leak if you are not over heating not loosing fluid but you find water in the oil they have hemi heads and in between the cam valve cover is a two piece gasket and i have seen them leak when ya go th ... 1995 Suzuki Sidekick

Diagram to remove and replace valve cover gasket on 2000 toyota sienna especially the rear bank. Also how to remove intake manifold.

... 2000 Toyota Sienna

Vacuum leak I have an 05 chevy colorado 3.5 5cyl. I noticed a vacuum leak on the hose that goes from the valve cover to the intake manifold.Problem is that in order to fix the leak,the black plastic cover over the intake manifold needs to be removed or at least loosened.Any idea how this cover can be removed?

Mine is doing the same, it's your pcv receptor on the manifold. that hard plastic cover is actually part of the intake itself, if it "came off" it would cut your intake in half. that seem seals the two halfs together. you gotta pull the whole inta ... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

My 1996 Volvo 960 failed emissions testing. I was told it was an EGR VALVE. After removing the manifold plenum (the intake piece with the short rubber tubing) I saw what looked like a temp sensor on the bottom of engine block wire was disconnected. I decided to install the EGR anyway since the car has 140k on it. Questions is - I can?t find it. I removed everything from the driver?s side except a little black box to the left of the front knock sensor. Is the egr valve under there? Thanks, Red

The egr valve is to the right of the black housing (oil separator housing) there is a yellow vacuum hose attached to it. ... 1995 Volvo 960

I have a 98 gmc sierra 5.7L. I am trying to remove the upper intake manifold and have removed all the bolts wires etc... I can rotate the manifold by 1/4 turn in each direction but can not lift it off the lower intake manifold it seems like something is holding it in place in the middle of the manifold under the fuel module. I have looked for tabs to release the fuel module from the manifold but did not find anything.

For 1998 GMC Truck K1500 1/2ton \015\012Sub 4WD 5.7L SFI 8cyl, check this procedure for 5.0 and 5.7L Engines 1996-98 MODELS...The 5.0L and \015\0125.7L engines use a two-piece intake manifold design. The upper p ... GMC K1500

On the 2002 Silverado 1500 LS 4.3L, I am trying to change the intake manifold gaskets. I am stuck at removal of the fuel lines between firewall and upper intake manifold. It is very little room to work; I have the proper removal tool but it is hard.. Do you have any suggestions?

... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1998 4cyl.camry had a stuck valae due to bad gas{varnish}. removed valve cover, got valve unstuck. had to remove exhaust cam, but not the intake cam. need to reinstall and time exhaust cam. can not determine timing mark on exhaust cam. there are 3 marks 1dot, 2dots and 1dot

Simple to figure that out . the key ways are always up on camshafts. it allows for them not to fall out when assembling the engine . so use the balancer to determine tdc (top dead center on cyl one) and make sure both keys are straight up . (just loo ... 1998 Toyota Camry

There is a clattering/scraping noise coming from the engine on my S10 pickup, so we removed the accessory drive belt, but the noise continued. Next we removed the rocker covers (4.3L V-6) thinking it was a valve traing issue. All the rockers seemed to be working normally with the engine idleing but the noise seemed to coinside with the valve train frequency. Next, off came the intake thinking one of the roller lifters may be bad. But after inspecting them all, nothing appeared to be wrong with t

I have hd this problem and did exactly what u did ad itnd up being the dip stick tube got turned although mounted and was slpping the crank shaft ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Is it possible to remove the back valve cover without removing the intake manifold? If so, how. If not, what is the easiest way to do it? I want to replace the valve cover gasket that is leaking

... Chrysler Voyager

1992 sunbird 3.1L, 185,456 miles. 5 sp manual trans at 184,598 miles replaced the lifters due to #3 intake failing. Haven't had any problems since. Yesterday noticed noise coming from engine again that sounds like knocking. Starts about 1200 rpm up to 3000 rpm floating rpm. No noise under accel or decel, just under coast. Appears to be coming from under intake area. Removed both valve covers and inspected valve train. All appears normal. Any ideas that I may have missed as to noise? Don

I ended up removing the oil pan and found #3 rod bearing spun. Have emery clothed the rough spots off on the crank with super fine emery and replaced with updated rod bearing from the OEM dealer. Cleaned out oil pan and replaced oil pump as a preca ... 1990 Pontiac Sunbird

Oil leaks onto exhaust causing burning smell and smoke, also removed rubber intake tubes from intake manifold and rubber boot has about 1/2 inch of oil in it and oil is present on inlet ports of intake manifold. does cts have a pcv valve and could this be causing my problem. also small amount of oil in a mist is forming on outside surface of robber intake boot. is this just a spray from oil leak or what ?

If your having that hard a time pinpointing the leak go get some dye that can be added to the oil from a autoparts house. Then drive the car till you can see where the leak is. No engine is normal when oil is making a mess. We can guess but no way f ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

How to remove air intake plenum off a 3.8 l so I can remove rear valve cover off of a 1997 dodge grand caravan

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