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My 1998 chrysler over heats and wont heat the interior of car

\015 I have 1998 crysler concorde w a 2.7L V6. It dumped most of the coolant out and has been giving me problems ever since. I have replaced the thermostat, and replace radiator due to a crack in plastic reservior. It over heats and the heater doesnt work properly. can you help me? Is it thewaterpump?\015
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Answers :

Water Pump or Head gasket
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My 1998 chrysler over heats and wont heat the interior of car

Water Pump or Head gasket ... Cars & Trucks

99, chrysler ,300m..1 month ago changed timing belt , water pump , and upper air intake.now as i was driving oil light comes on and car dies..car will crank , but wont start. Car was not over heating n was riding like normal.

Check the timing belt!! may have been put on to loose or to tight, ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

1983 riviera ran great 80k miles was driving it and turned on heat whole car shut down and still have lits and some interior lamps but no dash lights no electrical at all. and car wont start found burnt 20amp fuse in electrical spot and changed it still no spark or action in any of the starting compnites

The mechanic should check the entire electrical parts of the car .Because of electrical problem , check the wires , the fuses , the ignition switch , the alternator solenoid,the ignition coil ,the battery , the distributor assembly , the spark plug ... Buick Riviera

An odd problem: Signal light and interior fan (vent & heating system) on my 1989 Pony Escort wont work unless I have the ignition switch on and jumpstart the car. I now have got into the practice of starting the car then, while driving, taking the key out and reinserting, then put in gear and jump start it. All while driving. It is dangerous practice (since the steering wheel can get locked and the breaks are not boosted). So I will really appreciate any help here. Thanks.

Replace the igintion starter switch, these where recalled by Ford for this very problem ... 1987 Ford Escort

Cant get the heat to work.thers a thermostat,heater core blower works,but the heat wont come inside the car. 1990 chrysler new yorker six cylinder

How about the vacume shut off valve in the heater hose or on the manifold? ... 1990 Chrysler New Yorker

2002 chrysler 300m the car wont start. the lights, heat, radio comes on.

... 2002 Chrysler 300M

MY 2000 CHRYSLER cirrus wont start if i leave the car idling with the heat on. It will start after i let it sit for at least an hour. Lately it will only start with a jump

Sounds like your alternator isn't charging your battery. Most auto parts stores will test your charging system for free. ... 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

I have a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus 2.5 L V6 automatic. I was driving and suddenly it just stopped shifting past what I think is 3rd gear. I can go from 0 to 35 with the RPMs at 3000 but after 35 it wont shift anymore. At one point the car wold no longer accelerate which was at about 50 MPH but as soon as I slowed down to about 40 it kicked into gear. This is the first time this has happened but prior to this there were a few occasions when it had a little trouble switching into 2nd I think it was.

An engine that hesitates, stumbles or misfires when accelerating or when\015\012 it is under load is an engine that is either sucking too much air, not \015\012getting enough fuel or misfiring. If the Check EngineLight comes on,\015\012 you may ... Chrysler Cirrus

Car problems my jetta is over heating and the ac works some times and the heater works some times and some times the light temp light flasses at me when the car is not low on water or overheating and some times the car will over heat and the light will not come on or the fans and some times the radiator fans are on and the car still over heats and the heater for the most part wont work ive changed the thermostat and the temp sensor and flushed the fluids

Bad water pump? But with the AC not working all the time I'm not sure. Does the fan always turn on when you turn on the AC? You might want to take off a hose and make sure the T-stat is really opening up and the coolant is being pumped. Just don' ... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Car radio, power locks, interior lights do not work. Headlights will only come on if car is started. Everything worked fine until aftermarket cd player installation was attempted. RCA jack looking thing for radio touched metal and interior lights went out. Replaced the one blown fuse, power locks started working with car on and headlights work with car on, but radio and interior lights still don't work. 04 Chrysler Sebring.

... 2004 Chrysler Sebring Limited

I have a 99SL-2 Saturn with 90,000 miles on it. Its auto transmission and I have had no problems with my car since I have owned it. I bought it when it had 80,000 miles on it. I have only had to replace the water pump. I have two things that are going on with my car and both have been getting considerably worse as time goes on. First the temp gage will move as it normally would and the car blows HOT heat and after awhile the temp gage moves down to C and wont move and the car still blows heat bu

You need to replace your Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (ECTS). This is what tell the PCM how hot the coolant is. This is giving you the rough and hard starting. The factory one is plastic and will crack over the years. You can go to Autozone or your Sat ... 1999 Saturn SL

I have a 2006 dodge grand caravan, when the car is in driveway idling the car wont heat up but as soon as you start driving the car, the car heats up normally. Should i replace the thermostat or is it something else?

The reason for replacing the thermostat is improper cooling - not heating. The purpose of the thermostat is to shut off the flow of coolant through the engine allowing the temperature to build. When it reaches the temperature it wants the thermosta ... 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

Hyundai sonata 2000 gls. v6. HAs no EGR. Emission test, first try, HC(0) CO (0) nox 1033 mechanic said my engine seems hot (there was also heat out of vents blowing out. I cleaned my maf sensor and put on high octane gas and fuel cleaner drove for a week and retested. ssecond try HC(0) CO (0) nox 1250. failed agian. I changed my mass airflow from anotehr car and change my 3 front spark plugs myself not the three at back. Car seemed to be running better and engine definitely cooler no mor

... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

Over heated car, cracked head? car wont start! added water car still wont start when you crank it, the car sounds terrible help!!!

This will not cover cracked heads:\012\012If your engine is overheating, Try this procedure:\012\012\011Dirt and debris can get lodged in the radiator air flow paths. This can block the ra ... 2003 Kia Spectra

I have a 2000 Honda Civic, when the car is in Highway running, the car wont heat up. But after that if I get stuck in traffic for 10-15 minutes, the car heats up. It is interesting, if at this time I put the gear into Park or Neutral and press on gas to increase the RPM, the coolant temperature gauge comes down fast. Any comment would be highly appreciated.

First, check the coolant level in the radiator,not in the recovery jar (when the engine is cold only!) don't open the radiator cap when hot!! if the coolant is low, locate & repair the leak ... 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

Car wont turn off engine stays running heat lights etc...but when press down brakes the engine shut off when i turn ignition off...but i first recieved this issue when my car was overheating and i put the heat on full blast very hot then the climate control started blinking and after that the car would not shut off. i took to the dealer today and they couldnt find the problem

Your car is possessed, maybe but it sounds like your ecu (computer) may be at fault. Can't remember if this model had a bcm or body control module. Ex. I was working on a 98 cadillac 6 months old at the time. I opened the door with the key off mind y ... 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

2002 Chrysler town and country LX V6 3.3 Ok so I flushed everything and know the car dos not over heat so that?s good As far as the heat there is little heat coming out from the left vent by the stirring will and that?s it everywhere ells cold even in the back while the car is running I pulled the hose that going in the heater core and there is very little water coming out it?s like there is not enough pressure or something, but if I put the water hose in the radiator cap and let the water r

The heatercore will need to be replaced.Also check that the flaps and actuator that adjusts the flaps in the venting are moving and are not stuck or faulty ... Chrysler Town and Country

The ECL and check engine light come on everytime the car starts. that is if it starts. In the heat or just randomly the car wont start. it will crank but wont start.the only time the car does start is when the ECL and check engine lights come on. this usually happens during the day. also, at night the computer keeps the right headlight from working and the brights from working. when i flick the brights on the lights go out. This problem even messes up the LCD screen in the center of gauge cluste

WHAT YEAR AND TYPE? ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Car wont start. we have power to the battery and when we first open the doors we have interior lights, but when we try and start the car the lights go out and the car wont start. Doesnt make any noise at all.

Check the battery terminals this is a common problem when the battery is not properlly tight or it has much corrosion on it.\015\012Make sure the terminals are clean and very tight and try it again. ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

The steering column is loose so when out of position my car wont start....now the car just wont start no matter what....what is the problem... the car is an 1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue..

Pull the steering wheel, then off with the clip ( you must compress the spring) under the black plastic is the turn signal assembly ( you have to actually turn the signal LF/RT to gain access to the screws). once thats out of the way, tighten the 4 ... 1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

HEAT my heat wont kick on in my car...a/c blows fine beautifully...but it wont switch to heat...the thermostat was just replaced...do you have any DYI fixes

The heater matrix must be fu**ed ... 1996 Oldsmobile LSS

I have a 90 chrysler new yorker landau-had the car a few months-last 2 days the car has died on us.gas tank is full car wont start and if it does wont stay running long enough to get anywhere.battery has been checked and that doesnt seem to be the issue have been told by other ppl it might be a clogged fuel filter or such?

The fuel filter for 1990 new yorkeris located underneath mid body on the passenger side of car. The starter relay for just to know is located behind the front end of the battery in the fender well. Once you remove the battery you will see it. ... 1990 Chrysler New Yorker


Wow ... Ok this is a bad thing.. I pray you just blew the main fuse which is located under the hood in close to the fuse panel.. Its a bolted fuse with at least 80 amps.. Look for it.. And if the fuse is good ,, you damaged the cars ecu commonly call ... Lexus LS 430

Hi I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring. I reversed my car out of the driveway, put it in drive to drive forward.... I then put my foot on the brake because I was waiting for my son to get in the car. While doing that I thought I had put my car in park but it was still in drive & I turned the car off. Then I realized what I had done & I put the car back in park & tried to start my car & it wouldnt start. Can u please help me. Please let me know why my car wont start any more.

You might have triggered that crash sensor. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

I have a subaru legacy L 1993 model car. The car wont start in hot weather. It doesn't make any sound. In cold weather or shade area, no problem. When the car also gets heated during motion (trave

... Cars & Trucks
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