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Volvo s40 2006. Car sometimes goes dead when accelerating. I can just put the car in neutral and it immediately starts back up. Happens about once every week.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Volvo s40 2006. Car sometimes goes dead when accelerating. I can just put the car in neutral and it immediately starts back up. Happens about once every week.

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1999 Honda Odysessy engine suddenly stops when driving. After pulling over and putting in park, it starts immediately. Then in runs well until it happens again. This is a very sproadic problem. It happened about once a month starting in March but now seems to happen about every week. It has 169,000 miles on it and is driven daily anywhere from 25 to 50 miles. Otherwise the car runs well, idles smoothly and has adequate pickup.

Consult your local service center, however check first the electrical wiring connection for any lose contact specially the sockets, battery terminals, and etc. what are the warning lights come-up? check maybe your anti theft is malfunctioning. check ... 2006 Honda Odyssey

Car has been jumping while im going down the road like it is a bumpy road but its not for about 3 weeks. Belt broke on the car about a week ago replaced it. Driving on a gravel road yesterday the car kept shutting off over and over all the way back home. Put water in the car because it seemed to be hot even though the gauge in the car didnt say it was it started back after an hour and drove fine around the block for about 5 minutes then started shutting off on every bump. Changed all the spark p

Coolant on the spark plugs is a classic indication of a failed cylinder head gasket. No point in doing any further analysis 'till you get that squared away. When you replace the head gaskets, it's always advisable to have the heads checked for crac ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

Car won't start when I turn the key to start the #10 fuse engine relay pops I checked every thing down to the fuel pump and every thing is fine the few times I got it started I took it around the block and the fuse poped again and car stalled I took out the starter fuse and put the #10engine relay back in and turned the key to start to my suprise it didn't blow out then attempted to put the starter fuse in and immediately the #10 engine relay fuse blew out I repeated it again and the same thing

I had a similar problem where the battery was ok \012but there was no sound from the starter and also there no lights on in \012the dash when the key was turned. Checked the fuse and checked wire \012from the fuse back to the ignition switch. ... 2000 Dodge Neon

When i went back to car in the parking lot, i could not put the key in the ignition switch to start the car. icame back with the vother vkey and still icould not put the key in the ignition to start the car. also previous to this happening the check gas cap green light would appear on dash instrument panel. a while later in a matter of a few days to weeks the check engine light would appear along with this also when the codes were reset it would go off for a while then the check gas cap followed

You mentioned in your question description" I could not put the key in the ignition switch to start the car" so by this do you want to say and explain that key is not getting inserted in the ignition switch or you mean to say that key is gettin ... Cadillac DeVille

My car will start and then after a minute or two of running, the car will idle down and cut off but I can start it right up again and still get the same results. Whenever I put it into gear to drive it shakes and hesitates while I am driving and then cuts off whenever I have to stop at a light. It always starts back up but keeps cutting off. my car cuts off after i start it and put it in drive. it just started this this week happened only twice. other than that it runs great to be 7 years old

Sounds like a possible clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump. The system provides and initial extra pressure to pressurize the system then pump pressure drops to normal. If pressure is low or filter clogged decreasing available volume the symptoms you ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

Hi, This morning I tried to start my 2001 Lexus es300-nothing, no cranking. A few of the dash lights flashed on briefly. I left the car alone for a couple of hours, went out and tried to figure it out. The lights were brighter and when I put the car into neutral, all of the dash lights came on. I put the car back into park and it started immediately. I let the car run for 45 minutes, turned it off and it instantly restarted. I did this several times. About 3 hours later, I tried to start the car

Ok this should work, I think that you disconnected the battery terminals when you clean the corrosion correct? If you did then TOYOTA/LEXUS will tend to blow the BATTERY MAIN FUSE. Its located in main fuse box in the hood It ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

On my granddaughter's 2003 - I ran driver's side, electrical seat back, drove the car up the driveway, and parked it. About a week later I tried to start the car but battery was dead. A brand-new, 3-year battery was put in this car in January, 2010 and my granddaughter drove this car to WY (from IN) and back returning just less than a week before this (moving seat) happened so battery should have been fully charged. When I tried to jumper her battery, I got very large spark when making last c

I think you have a short in the seat motor. Doublecheck circuit breaker for electric seats. It has a reset button on it. Perhaps it has tripped. If yes, need to find short in seat. ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

We have a pt cruiser, a week a go did not start, not even a click, battery good. had it towed to shop. they could not find anything wrong, started every time for them. we drove it for a week,then the same thing happened. had it towed to another shop. same thing, started every time. the dyno found nothing wrong. they said they can put in a new starter for $530.00 but they don't know if that's the problem. we're afaid to use the car.

Common symptoms of a bad starter is fine starting when it's cold, hard starting when it's a little warm, and no starting when it's hot. The hotter the starter gets, the more power needed for it to crank. If you are experiencing these symptoms, the ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2000 Volkswagen Passat will not start, the power windows nor the sunroof will work. A couple of weeks ago this happened and I opened the box under the hood where the computer is. There I found a 40 amp relay that had popped up. I pushed it back down and the car started and everything worked. A few days later, the car wouldn't start again. This time the relay just wouldn't work. I put a new relay in and it worked fine for a few days, then died again. A week later I decided to try the old relay an


I have an 99 Intrigue Oldsmobile. It's taken a few times turning the key to get the car started. This happened 3-4 times over the past week. I thought maybe bad gas, but put a fresh tank in and it still happened. Then yesterday, I was doing some in the city driving and my temp gauge almost got to the the "red" area. Once I got back on the Highway, the temp went back to normal. Today, I was driving 55 and all of a sudden my tach went to 0, my water light came on and my car shut off. I coa

... Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 92 honda accord automatic 4cyl. I had problems in the past where i would stop to get gas or cigs whatever and turn my car off and i would get in my car and it would not start let it sit 10 min then it was fine only happened twice this week i let my friend use it did same thing to him i drove it once and brought it back home and now it wont start i let it sit for a day it started up then i shut it off now it wont start again every great once in a while it will if i get lucky can you help

Main relay. Done hundreds of the especially if the vehicle has over 200K on them. Which by the way for this car its just getting broken in. main relay is under dash driver side . A little bit of a pain to reach but all in all an easy fix. ... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

I have a 2003 Saturn Ion. Over the last two year I have had an intermittent problem with the car not starting. I'll stop at a store come back out within ten minutes and the car engine will not turn over. If I wait for about ten minutes and try again the car will turn on. It usually only happens every 3 or 4 month but over the last 2 weeks I have had it happen 3 times. I am now getting a warning that says "Service Engine". I have not changed the battery in the car since it was new. Is this a batt

Brad, I too have the same vehicle with the same problem, however I don't think its a battery or alternator problem. I thought those were it at first too however after getting both checked that was not the case. My friends and family who have ex ... 2003 Saturn ION

2000 mitsubishi Diamante,one week after a new axle was installed,the first thing to happen was...When the car was started and after warm-up,once put into Drive,gear indicator light on the dashboard would flash(like a sequential turn signal)fron neutral to drive,and the vehicle would barely move.After disconnecting the battery to Reset the computer.the car went into gear and ran normally..This morning i started the car,Pushed the button down on the gearshift knob,and the vehicle will not even com

By the sound of your problem your vehicle has an electronic automatic gear box but correct me if I am wrong..Now this can be caused due to a faulty electronic part but I cannot guarantee this.It may need a diagnostic tool hook up to the car to read t ... 2000 Mitsubishi Diamante

I own a 1982 Volvo 245 DL. Two months ago I replaced the timing belt because it had broken. A few days after getting it back, it started to lose all power in third gear and start jumping momentarily. i switched into neutral and the problem corrected itself. Nothing happened until a week ago, the same problem occured except the car didn't correct itself and it jumped rapidly and then died. It wouldn't start back up for about 15 minutes, and when it finally did it died once again. Again, i couldn'

First,change the air filter(should be changed EVERY 2 years)then use redexe/wynns injector cleaner (1 can to 1/2 tank) volvo's dont like dirty fuel AT ALL.after doing the above if the problem still shows get it on an exhaust anilyzer,that will tell y ... Volvo 240

1998 Nissan Altima ...sometimes the engine races for no apparent reason. We were pulling into a parking lot...all of a sudden the engine started racing...first we hit the brake, and could barely hold the car back...then we put the car in neutral. The engine kept racing. We stopped the car and turned it off. Later, when we started it up again, we had no such recurrence. This has happened a couple of times in the last couple years. We've had a mechanic look at it, but he could not figure it

Yes,with several makes of car with fuel injection,use a can of redexe/wynns(1 can to 1/2 tank) to clean the fuel lines/injectors of residue.worked for me,but it is also a symptom of several other maladies. ... 1998 Nissan Altima

Honda tin can sounding rattling from rear when first starting vehicle and in drive. At a light, if I put it in neutral, it stops, but when I put it back in drive it starts back up. Once the car warms

... 1998 Honda Civic

Hi,i am driving holden vectra 2.2l, everytime i start the car check engine comes on, and i need to tighten the petrol cap to make it off or sometimes unscrew the petrol cap and screwed it again it happens every time i start the car , i replaced the exhaust sensor few weeks back...please give me any suggestion to fix this issue...

Evap canister purge valve, or purge valve solenoid. ... Cars & Trucks

I have two problems with my 2003 Sunfire: 1) the rear driver side blinker light keeps blowing out. I've replaced the bulb 4 times in two weeks. My second problem is that every 4 weeks, my car will cut off on me while driving. I can immediately start it back up but it will cut off a few more times. Then out of nowhere it will drive as if nothing is wrong with it. I do have gas in the car and I keep the oil changes completed. I have taken it to several places that use that handheld tester

Make sure the bulb can't shake at all, in my experience that's the biggest cause of frequent tail light bulb failures. Does the exhaust come out under that bulb? If it's loud, that could fatigue the filament too. Stiff suspension can also be hard on ... 2003 Pontiac Sunfire

Parked my 2004 Windstar and came back 2 hours later. The car started normally but when I put it in reverse nothing happened. No matter what gear I put it in, the car just acted like it was in neutral. Any Thoughts. Don


I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am V6. The first problem I had is when I would put in park and say run into the store it would just die (only happened a couple of times) and I didn't think much of it. I then drove to work, car ran fine and then when I was ready to leave work it wouldn't start or even turn over. I had it towed to a local mechanic and it was the neutral safety switch. After that was replaced the car ran fine for another week when I started to leave work it would turn over but not

HI! It's definitely a PCM (powertrain control module) issue. The PCM has connectivity on all electrical current that runs inside the car including the engine and transmission. If the PCM is faulty everything fails. You will need to have it replaced. ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

I bought a 2003 mazda6 3.0 liter v6 with 69000 miles combo auto/man trans. about every 2 weeks or so I'm driving down the road and the trans seems to go into neutral on it's own. the engine revs up with the accelarator but I dont go anywhere. I turn the car off,wait a few minutes turn the car back on and then I'm able to drive off. my mechanic said it was the throttle body so they replaced it. it was good for another couple weeks and now it's happened again. Any ideas?

You may need to change the shift sensor. It may be defective. Have a tranny shop check it out if your not able to locate it. Good luck! ... 2003 Mazda Mazda6

Few days back my car gear got stuck in drive, I can change the gears from P to R to D and to N. However car only moved forward regardless of the gear I put. Meaning to say car moved forward in R and N. Today when I checked after changing to R, car drives in reverse direction, Neutral also works fine. The problem is when I change the gears, car does not move and when I press the gas pedal rpm goes to 3 to 4 thousand and car starts moving with a huge ****. This happens both reverse and drive gears

Hello, my name is Ben. This sounds to me like you have a problem with the linkage going from the shifter to the transmission. Most likely where the shift cable connects to the transmission shift lever at the transmission end. There is a plastic gromm ... Mazda 626

Few days back my car gear got stuck in drive I can change the gears from P to R to D and to N. However car only moved forward regardless of the gear I put. Meaning to say car moved forward in R and N. Today when I checked after changing to R car drives in reverse direction Neutral also works fine. The problem is when I change the gears car does not move and when I press the gas pedal rpm goes to 3 to 4 thousand and car starts moving with a huge jerk. This happens both reverse and drive gears. An

First check the gear box oil level if its low top it up,,,,if this dont fix it you have a gear box problem ... Cars & Trucks

I have a Falcon FG ute. Some times after trying to start the car (in park) it wont start. The battery is ok and you can faintly here a quiet starting sequence trying (i think almost like a electric fuel pump engaging). Leave it for a few minuits and come back and it starts. Dealer could find no fault. It happens maybe every 15 times it is started. Also sometimes the drive train engages when put into drive with a woring clunk. Again the dealer can find no fault.

... Ford Fairmont
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