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I have a renault scenic mpv the heater is only blowing cold air an the temp gauge is not moving

\015 My heater has just started blowing cold air only and the temp gauge on the dash is not moving its at the bottom all the time\015
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I have a renault scenic mpv the heater is only blowing cold air an the temp gauge is not moving

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Renault scenic r reg driving along the temp gauge goes up then comes back down & the heater is only blowing out cold air

It sounds like you have air in the cooling system and it needs bleeding out ... 2000 Renault 181

Cooling System Temp gauge doesn't move and heater blows cold air and when I accelerate the gauge goes up and it starts to blow hot air. I'm not losing any water and coolant looks good as well as the oil so i've ruled out the head gasket. possibly the thermostat?

No you have air trapped in the cooling system, rasie the front of the car up as high as you can get it, fill the coolant bottlre to the top and run the engine for about 15 minutes at a high idle, let it cool down, it should purge itself of air once i ... 1995 Ford Escort

I have 2000 and my heater sop working my first sympton was while driving at hig way stop blowing hot air and gauge go all the way to cold side nex day i repl thermostat and i road test car same condition then i flush cooling system recheck not ok but on hig way speed temperatyre get about 120 degrees when i drove on strets on stop and go conditions gauge gos to cold side and temp inside coming from outlets is only 90 degrees while nedle on gauge move cold and hot while accelerate my engine is

Is there circulation through the heater core? the inlet and outlet pipe from the heater core on the under the hood on the firewall should both be hot, if one is hot and the other cold then the core is plugged, if the core does get hot th ... Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2003 alero with the v-6 what happened was driving down the road the heater works fine. then all of a sudden it was blowing cold air and the temp gauge started climbing. it started blowing how air again and the gauge went down. I changed the thermostat and everything was fine for about 2 week. the other day it did it again for about 10 seconds it blew cold air, temp gauge stated climbing and it blew hot again and then the gauge went down. the air coming out of the heater seems to get hot

... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

After running for 20 minutes or more , the heater continues to blow cold air , the temp gauge climbs until the fan comes on. the heater then begins to blow hot air, after a few seconds, it goes back to blowing cold..the temp gauge continuously goes up, then drops...and the air changes from hot to cold. is this a heater core or a thermostat

Hello: Check the coolant level, fill up the reservoir and run truck, if reservoir shows low again fill it back up. If reservoir was low/empty the check for leaks. Do this before you replace thermostat. The heater core would not create this kind o ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Heater blows cold air. After the truck gets warm if I turn the heat on and off and move the temp control lever from hot to cold and back up to hot it work. Today I noticed the temp gauge went to 215+ before the stat opened.

I believe your thermostat is beginning to fail, although the truck really isn't all that old. Still, it is 5 years old, and has been through many heat cycles, so I would change the thermostat. Change--drain completely and replace--the anti-freeze a ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

My 1995 chevy camaro is blowing cold air the temp gauge only move

Maybe a blockage or thermostat is in backwards ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

My 92 dodge dakota blows cold air only. My temp gauge does not move at all. stays at "C" the whole time. My windows did not fog up but it sure was cold in there.

First check the level of your coolant and if that is proper then i would replace the thermostat its probably wide open \015\012\015\012hope this helps ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

I have a 96 Town and Country 3.8. The heater started to blow cold air and the temp gauge was not at normal operating temp. (Usualy is about halfway between hot and cold). I have changed the thermostat and it worked fine for a few days then back to cold air from the heater and the temp gauge is reading below normal as well. I think the new thermostat is stuck open again. I did not find any trash in the system. The radiator has about 30K mi on it too. The Radiator cap is about a year or two old. W

Could be bad thermostat, but unusual. If the engine isnt getting warm enough, thats where I would start. ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2001 Town and Country's engine will stay cold when moving, which makes the heater blow cold air. when it idles, (at a stop light, etc.) the engine will warm up causing warm air to blow in the cabin. But, as soon as you start moving again, engine temp indicator drops back to cold and the air cools off as well. Please help me.

Vacuum line cracked or lose ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

2000 isuzu rodeo, ac blows outside air temp, i tried to recharge. when i connected unit the gauge read 70 psi. i let out psi to 50. put the charge in and it took 90% of can and read 55 psi. it still blows outside temp air. (if the temp is on hot and while running switch to cold ac, i get a brief 1/2 second spurt of cold air) which unit might be bad; compressor or condenser?


Just driving a little way down thr road my temp gauge will redline and start blowing cold air. If i continue to drive I lose power. I will turn it off and wait for a bit. The temp gauge will drop but as i idle the cold air returns and the needle rises again. I have blad the system for air and changed the thermostat

3.4 liter?Sounds like you may have a head gasket that has gone bad. with the engine cold remove the radiator cap and start the engine. If there is a constant peculation of small bubble coming out of the radiator and the smell like gas or ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

1995 buick park ave. 3800 series II. After letting the car reach full temp I turn on the heat and it is nice and warm for about 30 seconds, then I hear the sound of the air change, and the display flashes for another 30 seconds or so, and cold air comes out. The temp display stops flashing and displays an accurate outside temp, but cold air continues to blow out. I can shut the car off and start it again and get warm air for 30 seconds again. Does not matter if I move it to floor, vent ect.

Hello: The air mix door/temp door actuator has stripped gears and the force of the air by the blower motor is pushing the door to the Air Conditioning position. If you will remove the glove box and the panel under the dash and start th ... 1992 Buick Park Avenue

2005 tahoe will not blow air in the front when at idle or setting still. Setting still you can run 2000 rpm still will not blow. When you start moving about 20 mph it will blow but only 1 speed (about mid speed) no matter what you set the controls on. Slow down to stop and it stops blowing. The temp control works so if you set it on 60 degrees it blows cold on 75 it is warmer. If you turn teh heat on it blows hot but only when moving and you can not control the fan speed. Rear air works fi

... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

1994 chevy s10 blazer the temp gauge dosent move and the heater only blows luke warm air it has coolant in it and the heater core was replaced last winter and has had no issues till a couple days ago

May need to replace thermastat. that senses the temp. maybe start with that ... Chevrolet S 10

Temp. gauge wont go up at all and heater blows cold air

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

My 99 daewoo nubira heater is not blowing hot air its only blowing cold air temp gauge is reading miiddle of the gauge is that normal for gauge to read at .

... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

Air conditioning My ac blows pretty cool air for the most part. It just will not pull the cab temp down to an acceptable level even on Max AC with fan on high. Upon occasion, it will stop blowing cold all together for a few minutes. It will then blow cold again. I have a cheap gauge and put it on to check the leve of r123a, but it shows it to be at the max range or just a fuzz above that. Any help here?


No heat in 2000 cavalier blows cold air and temperature gauge is not moving off of cold

Could be a thermostat problem or your heater core! ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

The Rear heat/ac controls quit working. It does not blow any air. Also, my heater only works if the temperature gauge is on max. Anything less than the max temp, it blows cold air; however when it is on the max temp, it is so hot it will sweat one out of the vehicle. We were trying to look for a manual to figure out what was wrong so that it can be fixed. Thank you

You more than likely have either a bad blower motor or blower motor resistor in the rear. \015\012The tempurature control resistor/relay or the motor for the flap is probably burnt in the front. It controls a flap that changes the mixture of ho ... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

I have a 1996 Ford Explorer, the temp gauge goes up just a little bit above normal that is when I smell antifreeze and I get a little bit fogged up and film on window then it goes back down to normal. And it all clears up and is okay for the moment, antifreeze fluid is fine the overflow is fine nothing on the ground. I have hot air blowing with the temp control knob when it is on cold and hot. No cold air coming in... Hummm not sure the problem please help. Is it a thermostate or heater core

You should look under the dash on the passenger side to see if there is any evidence of antifreeze on the bottom of the heater plenium. What usually starts as a small leak in the interior of the plenium will eventually lead to the heater core leakin ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I have a 1996 Honda Accord. The heater blows out luke warm air in cold weather and I have recently noticed that when I drive down the interstate the temp gauge drops to cold and it blows cooler air through the vents. Is this a thermostat problem?

Yes that means the thermostat is stuck open or you are low on coolant, check level first. ... 1996 Honda Accord

Heater blows cool air. temp. gauge stays on cold and when on defrost the ac light comes on and blows cold air. Any ideas or solutions?

Heart core is plugged or more thremostae is stuck in the opened position. the A/C will always come on during defrost that is how it works on all cars. ... 2002 Kia Spectra

Hello, I have a problem with a heat, mechanic replaced thermostate, water pump, radiator, also blowed air out heater core. But problem still there. It gives me cold air, water gauge moves a little from cold toward hot, then drops down ( several times) then it goes to middle and I get hot air and again can drop to cold. Seems mechanic changed everything. Does anyone knows what might be causing this... Thank you

Mightbe defective thermostat ... 2000 Ford Escort
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