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I have Nissan X-trail 2004 2.2 dci, every now and again there is a noise in the cabin from the pasenger side for about 20 some times 30 seconds like someone has turned a hoover on its quite strange? any ideas please

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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I have Nissan X-trail 2004 2.2 dci, every now and again there is a noise in the cabin from the pasenger side for about 20 some times 30 seconds like someone has turned a hoover on its quite strange? any ideas please

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While driving the car (2000) Lincoln town car) has total power loss engine turns off all electrical turn off like someone turns off the key but will only do it for 1 or 2 seconds and gos back to running fine please help

Loss battery cabel ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 93 honda accored and for the past 4 or 5 days it has been having a hard time to start up and turn over when i try to start it...and now this morning i go nd try to leave in it...now it wont turn over at all...sounds like it wants to turn over but it just wont make it...i toped it off with oil nd trans fluid yesterday and i have nooo idea if that would make it act funnie but im in need of some kind of advice or at least a few places to start to look and check...PLEASE SOMEONE HELP MEEEE!

Okay, first of all u will need to have ur spark plugs checked if it is not startin but then again how long has it been since u had a oil change ? pluse it was a good idea to put in trans fluid and oil that may help alittle ... 1993 Honda Accord

My Hyundai Matrix car is not starting. When I turn the key to start the car it tumbles, but won't start the engine. I know that it is not the battery because we took the same battery and installed it into our second Matrix car, and that car is starting perfectly. We have been told by a friend that very likely the immobiliser needs to be reset. Can someone please tell me what the procedure is to reset the immobiliser and where it is located. Please advise any help will be highly appreciated.

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Practically everyday i hear a sound like a little marble is rolling around behind my steering wheel. The dealership can never hear it...any idea what it may be? it typically happens after the car has been parked and turned off for a while and i get in, start the car and wait for a second or so...but it also happens while driving, mostly speeds below 45 mph, but on flat and hilly roads. please help!!!

Sounds like a bolt may have come off or something, check to see if there are any recalls due to steering columns ... 2008 Lexus IS 250

Roof problem I have a 2003 New Beetle and every time I stop and then take off a loud buzzer sounds for about 15 seconds. At the same time there is a light sensor that displays and flashes a lowered top, unstead of showing the outdoor temperature like it should. When I turn the car off, this sensor goes away and the temperature reappears. Someone please help! Is there some kind of sensor that I don't know about. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hello,rn I have purchased a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 36,000 genuine miles on the clock; it drives like a dream, but it is very sluggish to start. when I turn the key it would turn all day long without any signs of firing, when I turn the key a second time it is with the same result, when I turn the key a third time it fires right away and runs like a dream.when I switch off and try to restart, I have to go through the same procedure even on a warm engine.Any Ideas? I have owned eight Je

Hi. Check first if the battery is working fine. Testthe battery using a volt meter. it should read out 12 volts. Check the terminal also if both are intact. if everything is ok. Then next to check is your starter. check all wires if everything is in ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Foel problem 1 changed fuel pump 2 added fuel to tank 3 turned ignition on off several time then started car but having to hold pedal right down 4 car started and ran a couple of times then noting 5 assumed it was flooded could smell fuel 6 next morning turn ignition wait 5 seconds turn to start position it starts for a split second like its notgetting fuel repeated this several times and still nothing 7 ANY IDEAS ANYBODYwoild appreciate the help

When you smelt fuel, It was flooded. Your best bet would be to replace the spark plugs. Gas will foul them out, just like oil. ... 2000 Honda Civic

I have a 2009 cobalt lt. When I turn the ignition switch, it acts like the battery is dead and it barely turns over. So, I figured I'd step on the gas a bit to help it out and surprisingly it starts but when it starts the dash gauges stay down for a few seconds then they flicker for a few seconds then the go to normal after about a minute. The rpm gauge doesnt immediately go in sync with the engine either until its been running for a bit. Once it's started the at runs as it should. Any ideas on

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93 new yorker salon 3.3 was just sitting at idle car stalled so i wnet to start it up and it ran for like 5 seconds and stalled again now it just turns over i was not getting spark injector pulse or power to the fuel pump also my check engine light does not come on anymore as i start like most of the instrument lights do now it dont changed ecm computer and still just turns over the computer i changed is the one located inside drivers fender beside battery can someone plz help i did not see any

You need to check all the fuses in the power distribution box near the battery. Look for a large maxi-fuse that has blown. If your car has fusible links rather than maxi-fuses, they should be checked also. The ecm will also have a fuse for power to ... 1993 Chrysler New Yorker

My 2003 Honda Civic is losing power. Only happens periodically everything cuts out for split second when driving. For instance when I turn on the headlights all of the dash lights and radio cut out for a split second. also it wont start periodically like it has completely lost power, but if you let it sit for a few minutes it starts up fine like nothing happened (have to reinsert radio code everytime this happens). Please help!!

... 2003 Honda Civic

Your Question: i have a 94 chrysler concorde with a 3.5 automatic trans and i changed the trans 3 times this week and it still has the same problem. when i put it in drive it goes in first gear like its supposed to and the second and then....neutral. then it goes right into limp mode and that is 2nd gear and then it stays like that till i turn the car off and then back on again. can you please tell me what that could be please. i do not want to put another trans in this car again. i changed th

Did you try whit onother trany module. ... Chrysler Conquest

I need your help PLEASE: I have a 1991 GMC Sonoma Truck It is running off the battery I thought it was the alternator so I took it out and took it to be tested, it was fine. If I turn on the lights the buzzer goes off like I have the door open but the door is closed and as soon as I turn on the key (w or w/0 the lights on) the 20A IGN/GAU fuse blows. So I dont have any idea what is wrong. Also none of the gages work.Can anyone give me some ideas on what to check now? I'm very tired of breaking d

Sounds like you have a wire hooked up wrong some wires are crossed. Check your wire harness under the dash or by the batt/alt for bare wires that are contacting. ... 1991 GMC Sonoma

My 2004 ford expedition check engine light is on,and reading bank 1 and 2 changed them and it still is idling rough,so someone suggested to change the idle control sensor what a waste of $103 anything else i am overlooking please help cant drive with both feet at a red light forever,another problem is when i go to start the car it takes a couple of seconds to turn ova(not the sound that a bad starter would make,but the sound when you normally start a vehicle but turns over a couple seconds later

What are the codes? Try disconnecting the battery for 1/2 hour. Then reconnect so the engine computer can relearn the strategy and the changes of parts you made. It will run rough for 10 miles or so. ... 2004 Ford Expedition

When i am turning my wheel, my jeep liberty renegade is making a grinding noise in the rear end. Not when i am just driving straight..it happens after i have stopped then start to turn. (left or right) it is louder when i am making a sharp turn...(like when i am in a fast food drive thru) also if i am in reverse and start turning the wheel while backing up. can someone please help me?

... 2003 Jeep Liberty

Help Please my Audi a4 2.0 petrol b6 model over heated on the way home from work broken pipe connector at back of engine fixed this now it wont fire up it turns over then fire for 2-3 seconds and sounds like a diesel i changed the spark plugs and cleaned the air flow meter also when it starts there is a lot of steam out of exaust can any one help please please

You have blown a head gasket due to getting it to hot.Replace head gasket and have the head checked for cracks and distortion. ... 2005 Audi A6

My Pontiac G5 2007 SE has factory remote start. The option for remote start is turned to on in the DCIM menu. And yes I've tried turning the key to the run position and back to off twice to reset the timer lockout on the remote start. When I try and use the remote start. The engine will turn over and fire up... For about two seconds. Then it automatically kills the engine. Any ideas. Please help!!!

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I have a 2003 Seibring Convertible Limited (V6) (VIN 1C3EL65R93N558156) and a problems that not even chrysler has been able to diagnos! After the car warms up a bit, at all engine speeds feels like someone reaches over and turns the ignition off, after about 1/2 second the engine turns back on. ALso at idle the problem persists save for the engine turning back on, the car will shut off. The diagnostic computers at chrysler do not pick up anything wrong and nothing wrong with the fuel system (

Before you spend any more money remove and clean any ground connections yu can find, there are quite a few, my guess is that you have one that is just barely making contact and losing touch just enough that the engine vibration allows it to contact a ... 2003 Chrysler Sebring

I drive 03 Acura MDX, when car go straight and brake, it ok. But when i turn L or R, vehicle seem to be stop, grinding sound appear, like ABS opperate, triangle light on, 30 second later, VSA on, no check engine on, then no more happen untill i turn off engine. It happen again if i start engine and drive. It just happen when make turn R or L and 1 time. Dealer recomment steering angel sensor. Please show me how to replace and reset and i need any special tool to replace steering angle sensor?

... 2004 Acura MDX

Stumbling/hot no-start problem. When '88 735i gets warm it won't start until engine cools down(20-25 minutes?) Engine turns over but wont run, it acts like the timing is off(piffs and sputters and acts like its flooded?) After it cools down, it'll start but runs rough like it's got a couple fouled plugs!? Any ideas? I need some help PLEASE!!!! Thank You, Scott

Hello Scott. Begin by changing all of the plugs, and the fuel filter. Regarding the fact that it won't start when hot, look in the yellow pages under autoelectric shops. These shops have the diagnostic tools to check out your car's systems to see ... BMW X7 Series

Hi I just bought a second hand kia cerato 1.6 hatchback 2006 and the engine light has come on when I start the car it like shakes and when I am at traffic lights it like shudder as well I only bought the car and I am very upset that someone sold it to me like that can you please help me I don't have much money left to spend on the car now I didn't expect any problems so soon I am now scared to drive the car the light sometimes stays on or it sometimes flashes I phoned up the man who sold me it b

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Did you change any tires? if the circumference of the tires are more than 1 inch difference from each this will cause the 4wd to try to engage because it sees a difference in wheel speed ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

This will sound like a strange question, but please bear with me. Will turning the steering wheel lock to lock while stationary with the car in drive put some strain on the torque converter and possibly damage it. Could it somehow mess up the computer settings? Someone told me this, but i did not think steering had anything to do with the powertrain. I know that when you turn the wheel stationary you can hear a little strain on the brakes but i did not think that was hurting anything. I know it

No, it has nothing to do with it. And the sound you hear is not the brakes it is the power steering pump, and no you aren't hurting it either as long as it has the proper amount of fluid in it. ... 2009 Honda CR-V

Transmission issues This will sound like a strange question, but please bear with me. Will turning the steering wheel lock to lock while stationary with the car in drive put some strain on the torque converter and possibly damage it. Someone told me this, but i did not think steering had anything to do with the powertrain. I know that when you turn the wheel stationary you can hear a little strain on the brakes but i did not think that was hurting anything. I know it can harm the steering and ti

Turning or putting "strain" on the steering WILL NOT have any effect or damage to the torque convertor. However, sitting stationary for log periods of time with the vehicle in gear can cause damge on the torque convertor over time. ... 2008 Ford Fusion

Hello. My 2001 PT cruiser with manual transmission keeps stalling..it doesn't Idol without stalling .About a month ago I had a new clutch installed but everything was fine until now.What is normal idol rpm for the car?it's almost like I wish I could turn a screw just like older vehicles to bring up the idol.when my foot is on the gas in neutral, I can maintain idol but once I let off it just stalls.. Can someone please help me troubleshoot my problem.. Thank y

Sounds like the automatic idle speed motor has gone bad and needs replaced ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser
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