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You gave us no info at all,no vehicle,year,engine?

Did you check for fuel at motor,spark while cranking
& the timing belt-- if you have one?
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Car won't start when I turn the key to start the #10 fuse engine relay pops I checked every thing down to the fuel pump and every thing is fine the few times I got it started I took it around the block and the fuse poped again and car stalled I took out the starter fuse and put the #10engine relay back in and turned the key to start to my suprise it didn't blow out then attempted to put the starter fuse in and immediately the #10 engine relay fuse blew out I repeated it again and the same thing

I had a similar problem where the battery was ok \012but there was no sound from the starter and also there no lights on in \012the dash when the key was turned. Checked the fuse and checked wire \012from the fuse back to the ignition switch. ... 2000 Dodge Neon

2002 sierra with a 5.3l engine. Once started the idle is not steady almost want to shut off. If I press on the gas pedal it does.not want to take it and it start to here a poping. Sound from the engine like a backfire. The batery icon on the cluster flashes some time but the alternator is charging but not at a steady voltage.it goes from 13 to 14 v and the light dim.

\012HelloThe\012Engine and Automatic Transmission (not applicable to manual\012transmissions) in this vehicles drive train are fully\012electronically controlled by a computer called the PCM and TCM (Power\012Train Control Module, ... Cars & Trucks

Engine shaking I want to buy this 2003 saturn vue but i started it up and poped the hood and the engine was shaking kind of badly? what could that be a sign of?? PLZ HELP

Sitting for long time a car can build up condensation(moisture) on wires and fuel system and make it "MIss" or shake this usually goes away after engine comes to operatating temperature if it's shaking so bad it looks ... Saturn Vue

My friend just recently got a 1991 Acura Legend and the other day decided to do an engine shampoo. But when the job was done the car had difficulty starting and when it did it idols badly and shuts off if you try to drive it off! When we poped the hood while it was idoling we noticed one of the ignition coil packs(the one that goes over the spark plugs), was shorting out. Please if anyone has gone through this tell us that the engine isn't ruined. And please tell us any other info on if water mi

The engine is not ruined you just need to dry the ignition parts out. ... 1991 Acura Legend

The other day I tried to crank my 1984 camaro z28 it turns over but wont start. I recently put new headers and exhaust on and accidently broke a small sensor on the passenger side of the engine block below the headers. would this cause this problem. when i started it it poped and then cut off. like it was flooded.

It could be that you keep cranking it and flooding the block.This was your crankshaft sensor replace the sensor very cheap bring it with you to the parts store and they will give you a new one then your set to go. ... 2005 Volvo S40


You gave us no info at all,no vehicle,year,engine?Did you check for fuel at motor,spark while cranking & the timing belt-- if you have one? ... Cars & Trucks

My 1999 honda accord is jerkin at times and also has a hard time picking up speed. my check engine ligth has been on for a while and everytime the car start to **** the light flashes. ohh and a few months ago i was driving and heard a bang under the hood it was my spark plug that poped out could that have something to do with it.

Did the spark plug POP and fly out or did it just unscrew itself and worked until loose and then was loose enough to be blown out during a compression stroke? being attached to the spark plug wires helps keep from unscrewing...so im a little nervous. ... 1999 Honda Accord

My rodeo started shooting steam out i filled it with coolant and during my 1 mile trip home water was pouring out from underneath,i poped hood,cap was on but steam was coming from below engine,help

Hi there,Hopefully there is a hole in one of the hoses (least expensive).No matter what, you need to find the source of the leak. A flashlight will be useful.When the engine is cool, pour water in the radiator. Y ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

Ok I have a 97 audi a4 I just got a new water pump put in 3 weeks ago and started to see alot of coolant on the ground up by the radiator.... The othere night I got home from work and smoke/ steam was comeing from the engine so I got out the car poped the hood and saw that the expantion tank was Pissing out coolant from the bottom.... What does this mean..... Also before the car stared ti leak I flushed out the heater core because the heat was not working. The heat works now. Also I got the wate

Have to have a shop answer your questionsI would say you have a new issueExpansion tank leaks or some other issue hopefullynot a head gasketSort of new car for a heater core problem ... Cars & Trucks

Hi my cheak engine light finallly came on on my 2004 jeep cherokee last night the stero part got really hot and poped the cd out and the screen said hot.Then it started chugging kind of shaking and got no power.What could that be

If check engine light came on likely it will leave a readable code. (you can have this read at most larger parts stores free) Once you determine what the code means you can go after what system has failed.CD overheating may be related if an ov ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Timing Chain I think the timing chain is either broke or slipped off because, the car is running rough. It has like a clanking sound when you start it up and the car shakes bad and makes like a poping noise from the engine. Any advise at all would be appreciated.

Stop running it untill you get the chain fixed you will know when it breaks or slips as the motor will not run at all and will bend the valves this will require the motor to come apart and basicley be rebuilt -jeff ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

My car keeps poping out of first and secong gear. and today it started to act like the engine was going to drop out when I slowed down to stop.

Yea that is not good. It is more than likely your transmission is just slipping. And you will need a new transmission. ... 1992 Nissan Maxima

Started ... it shut right off... restarted let sit and warm up some... drove it about 12 miles... it seemed to have no power... filled up with gas... drove back and check engine light came on... still no power and seemed to have a poping are backfire sound... parked and turned off car... please help!

The problem is with the spark plug or in the starter . Otherwise the area you are living in may be causing this problem as the engine gets damaged during start up. ... 1996 Cadillac Eldorado

87 ford f150 302 v8 engine shakes some at idle like a vac leak, give it a few rpms and you can feel a miss but take it down the road an put it to the floor it does fine, under light throttle pressure when it shifts it starts to shake or shudder some, give it some gas and I can hear a poping back sound from somewhere what should I be looking for?

... 1987 Ford F 150

Engine cuts out immediately after starting,wont even at least rough idle before engine cuts out. Sometimes you have to go through hard starting before the engine starts then cuts out. It doesnt happen when the engine is cold only happens when the engine is hot when re starting. What I do is wait for the engine to cool a bit after that no problem starting. The car does not experience rough idling but I am afraid one day the engine might just die while sitting in traffic. Some say it could be the

... Ford Focus

2007 Scion tC engine starts ok, but after a few minutes the engines just stops. It appears the engine is not getting fuel. When the engine starts to die and I press On the gas pedal it does not good, again it appears the engine is not getting fuel. If you try to restart the engine it will start, but then quit. If you let the engine Let it set for a while, then it will start back up and run a few minutes quit and the symptoms start all over again.

I suggtes check the fuel pressure in the line; check spark and coils. Any fault code its possible stored in the PCM, scanned to know what code in there. ... 2006 Scion tC

Hard Starting I have a 1989 Ford F 450 Super Duty 7.3 L DSL. The engine will not start when cranking after it is has sat for a while and the engine is cold. However, if you shoot three shots of engine starting fluid before cranking, it will then start. I am waiting for the glow plug liht to go off, indicating that the plugs are hot. I will not start on it's own, it always requires a couple shots of engine starting fluid. What can be the problem? I am not that familar with Diesel engines, If anyo

First thing i would check is if your glow plugs are actually any good. next i would check your injectors, then the injector pump make sure it's got the needed pressure. change the fuel filter and reprime the system. if the problem still occurs then l ... 1999 Ford Super Duty F 450

My 2000 Jimmy won't start, I can hear the fuel pump running and then shutting off before I attempt to start the engine. I also hear it running while I attemp to start the engine. The engine won't start until I put a little gas onto the butterfly in the intake. It may take several attempts before the engine continues to run. If you shutoff the engine, then restart it, it starts but don't wait 3 minutes or it won't start. Any Ideas?

The pump is working normally the reason it stops before you start the engine is it has built up enough preasure and cuts out. When you turn over the engine it starts up again as the preasure goes down when the carburator open's. The pump only helps t ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

4g94 motor,in the morning when start the engine , i fond it up normal un stable like work with 2 spark plugs, start to move about 5 min. then stop the car after 20 min start the engine again after movin g the car and stop still the engine runing i heard lioke boming sound and alot of white smoking from the engine .when opened to see what happened in the engine i found afire under the engine after stopping fire one day later i start the engine the engine is normal, i would like to know what is th

... Cars & Trucks

Truck starts intermittently, when ignition key is turned engine clicks but fails to start. After several attempts the engine will start. After driving approx 10 miles the engine is turned off and the key is re-tried. The engine starts right up. After truck has sat from 1-2 hours when the key is turned it fails to start. The ignition switch and battery have been replaced and the started relay has been checked. What is the underlying cause of the intermittent starting?

If the engine just only clicks ( but not cranking over ), the starter itself maybe the main cause. \015\012\015\012Ignition switch and starting relay check out fine. You have already replaced the battery which would rule out the weak cranking a ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have this problem for quite a bit. The idling speed when engine started cold is between 700-800 rpm. As the engine gets hotted idling rpm increase to almost 1000rpm. If idling is adjusted back, the rpm is starts low (engine vibration felt) at cold start and most of the times engine can not start. When gas pedal is pressed the engine stalls and sounds the engine is choking. My vehicle is a 1994 Nissan van with 2L engine. Am not sure if it similar to Sentra or Altima but it is carbureted.

There appears to be a thermal movement of choke mechanism that comes about once vehicle is warmed up. Check the chock connections, hot water pipe and linkages tight or clear.\015\012gazakat ... Nissan Sentra

Idling Problem - Altis 2002 The engine doesn't start properly especially when cold. Normally, the engine idle goes up to heat up the engine but mine don't anymore. It will start, and then goes dead. Upon multiple attempts, and when the engine has heated up a bit, the idle goes up for a sec or two and then goes bak to low idling (super low as if it's gonna go dead again). The engine doesnt start properly even when it's hot When you start the engine, it takes a long time for the engine to star

Check coolant temp sensor ORRRRRRRR clean the throttle body ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

I have a Golf 3, suddenly the engine won't start. The mechanic said its brainbox damage. I changed it, then the car engine started, after sometimes, i switched off the engine. I tried again to start it, it won't start again, then we swapped another brainbox from another golf 3, and it starts the engine but the brainbox got heated. So what we found out was the brainbox got over heated when the engine is turned on. What is the cause and the solution please. Thanx

... Cars & Trucks

Hi installed remote start remote , engine starts every time no problems, but when engine is cold starts and run for 3 seconds then switches off... the only way i can remote starts is by warming the engine first ,,alarm has 3 type of engine start ,voltage noise temperature, tried all but with the same problem when engine is cold .anyone out there have a clue . thanks . Alarm type EAGLE Master E8.

It should have to be on temp but it bad ... 2001 Toyota Celica

My 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid didn't start this morning! I turned the key, and everything went off. I could hear the electric engine trying to start, but that was it. The fuel engine never started. The lights and dashboard went back on, with the "Engine" indicator on. It sounds as if the main battery was OK, but the electric engine battery is dead!? Is the electric engine supposed to start the fuel engine?

The aux battery is bad its uder the hood the generator does start the gas engine but you left the dome light on or something like that it will not turn on or switch to ready mode ... 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
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